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  1. https://photos.app.goo.gl/YCCB7XpKMHVv2c2q9 Thanks to Dave for taking us all out there. This was truly a bucket list ride for me and Jon. Sal had been there quite a few times and still had a blast. I tasted DV dirt “a few” times, but no harm done to bike or rider.
  2. Dammit, Jimbo, you’ve done it again. That was just beautiful. And who do I gotta break out now? The Who!
  3. Devil’s Road Trailer This looks like it’s gonna be a really good film. You might recognize some of the people in the documentary’s trailer. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n129NLe6gNE&fbclid=IwAR1SBwW2VytzA-LUDmi-fp_a9b47xGx-o0mfCU-aVld6QK8enOPWxa8hCbs
  4. Ah, Jimbo, I’m not riding near as much as I’d like to! I’ve been reading ride reports to while away the time as I dream of riding to Ushuaia. I sure do miss you SDAR folks. And hills. And any type of elevation, really...
  5. I saw this post on ADV. Guy was injured in an accident and needs help, preferably someone with Spanish language skills. His truck and trailer are in El Cajon. https://advrider.com/f/threads/help-needed-mexicali-baja-mexico.1363937/
  6. Who has a one of these my friends can temporarily use to plan an upcoming ride? I’ll have to mail him mine if we can’t locate one locally. Many of if you know Terrible Ted, recently of SouthBay Motorsports. It’ll be him and a couple others. Anyone?
  7. Dan Diego

    Trail riding in the Washington Cascades

    You got that right, Randy!
  8. Dan Diego

    Trail riding in the Washington Cascades

    Hey, Jimbo! Yeah, I sure do miss the SDAR peeps and the great SD riding opportunities. I have 4 bikes now—3 carbed—so I have to rotate the riding between them all to keep them lubed up and running well. South centeal Florida just isn’t the same as what I left. But no real complaints. Ride safe, amigo.
  9. Found this most excellent documentary on trail riding in the Washington Cascades. Pure gold!
  10. Dan Diego

    Alaska Throwback

    Prolly the best ride I ever did. And no busted ribs! Hey, you ever total up our bar tab? Musta been a doozie...
  11. You had me at tequila and cold beer!
  12. Hey, Covered in Ducatis...take a hint!
  13. Something useful, like a badass 2-smoker. A CR500 or a YZ490.