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    love to ride in the desert and in the MT. <br />love to fish in the ocean. <br />love to dirnk Ice Cold Stone IPA

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  1. danrider

    Lots of good stuff cheep

    Sorry I am holding that for JAJA
  2. danrider

    Lots of good stuff cheep

    I see champ tomorrow, if he does not take it I will call you.
  3. danrider

    Lots of good stuff cheep

    will do
  4. I have a lot of stuff I am getting rid of because I no longer have a small bike. New Mojave Klim pants and shirt XL size 36, wore once $80 New Bridgestone HD tubs $10, tire irons the good ones $10, Giant Loop Mojave with tool bag $125, Giant Loop exhaust guard $15, Travel adventure bag, never used $50. Helmets $25 each, excellent shape Large. goggles $5 each. Chain never used $40, Leatt Neck Collar $125, Fox water backpack $10, elbow pads $10, Moose Tool Bag $10.
  5. How are you doing!  I retire from my job this March.  I should have sometime to come out and visit you in the Spring.  I sold both of my BMW's  and bought a new BMW GSA to ride and I love it.  I would like to plan a trip to come out and visit you and ride Norway.


    1. norwegian2015_2016


      Hi Dan! Didn't notice your message until now. Good to hear from you. I'm fine. Hope you and your family are doing well, also. And congratulations with your new BMW! You are most welcome to visit!  We might have snow and ice until some time in April, usually. When you talk about spring, I guess you think about some time from medio April to some time in June, since you mention spring? Some information about riding motorcycles in Norway may be found for example here: https://ridenorway.com/ . http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/country/norway/norway-on-a-shoestring , https://www.adventurebikerider.com/riding-norways-atlantic-road/ . I'm living about an hours drive from the Swedish border, so it's also possible to go visit Sweden, if you like.

      I have bikes to offer. If you want some other type, it's also possible to buy a bike for the purpose, and sell later. I guess the cheapest option with respect to travelling is to fly between LA, SD or Las Vegas and Oslo. Buying tickets between California (or Nevada) and Trondheim probably adds disproportionally much to the price of the tickets. As soon as you are in Oslo, there are always opportunities to travel where I live, for example. That is Stjørdal, less than 10 minutes drive from Trondheim airport. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Salbergvegen+12B,+7500+Stjørdal/@63.4536841,10.6630821,9.19z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x466d3e25665fcdef:0xcbaee52294af19e3!8m2!3d63.4852093!4d10.8910974

      Maybe it's cheaper to buy tickets from here, using the norwegian airline company, than from the USA. Anyway, that's something we can easily find out. I will be at a workshop in Japan that happens May 16-19. That's the only time I know that I'm out of the country.

      Roundtrips between Oslo and LA can be had for less than 350 USD some times in May, but if the dates do not fit your plans exactly, the price could also double. See for example this page: http://www.flybilligst.com/index.php?o=OSL&d=LAX&r=front_rt . http://www.norwegian.no often has the cheapest tickets, but still brand new and nice aircrafts.

      These days we are actually having thousands of your fellow countrymen here, as there is a large military exercise going on these days, called Trident Juncture https://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/157833.htm .

      It could probably be useful talking to each other. I can call whenever it suits you, using skype for business, for example.  You can also contact me on email if you like; snorre.aunet@ntnu.no

      Hope to hear from you soon.

      Best Regards,



      P.S.  I attach a couple of pictures. One is with one of my daughters on a russian 2-stroke that I own. The 2nd is from a trip a friend and myself did recently. His bike is the Suzuki. Mine is the Kawa 250R.



  6. danrider

    Alaska Throwback

    I my memory is right you bought Diego’s bike
  7. If posible I would love three. Let me know soon
  8. danrider

    Alaska Throwback

    I am putting this video up just to share a big memory! I plan on doing this trip again in the summer of 2019, this time I plan on doing some of the ride different, smaller back country roads. The planning has already begun. The only way to do this trip is camping the whole way. What do you have to say Diego? I need to plan a trip because I just had to cancle my trip for this weekend because of an IRS audit at my work ENJOY THE VIDEO! Alaska_Ride_2015_(485D408D-803B-45AD-9E5C-AF11C42F2F67).mp4
  9. Rain gear!!!, I like it JAJA
  10. danrider

    Healing Well

  11. Sleep well my friend. That is the only way to travle on a mortorcycle.
  12. Way to go brother, I wish that was open when Diego and I went.
  13. JaJa, TNTMO === me go Solo
  14. Right on! wish I was riding with you bro. It is beautiful up that way.