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  1. Rexx Riot

    New guy in Palm Springs

    Me and my DRZ live just up the mountain to your west in Idyllwild. Drop me a line sometime and help this noob earn more dirt stripes! Welcome
  2. Rexx Riot

    DRZ is Too Rich?

    Thanks for the excellent inputs gentlemen, much appreciated. I'm relieved that these minor symptoms don't seem to indicate anything to worry about. A good bit of TLC will likely go the distance. Nothing will teach me about the carb like picking it to bits. The CV carb actually feels 'sticky' if that translates...almost like it is unwilling to close or open throttle sometimes without a bit of a fuss. I'll start with a good sniff and clean and take it from there. Happy holidays guys! Anyone coming up the hill is welcome to ping me, we have a couple extra beds upstairs...
  3. Rexx Riot

    DRZ is Too Rich?

    Hey guys, I recently relocated my DRZ to our home in Idyllwild. Since getting it up the hill I've found it smellin' a bit gassy and it has become apt to stumble and stall particularly on a downshift OR when under moderate to heavy throttle going uphill....it'll kick and sputter then conk out forcing me to dump the clutch and get it back to life. I assumed this is due in part to altitude and needing to fiddle with the mixture a bit....but I'm new to carb'd bikes and wonder if I might be best served by a carb clean and tune/re-jet? Idears? Tips for a carb rookie?
  4. I don't eat meat but maybe next run is up to Alaska for crab or the bay area for a chowduh bowl? I'll roll, just need to line up all the veggie burgers between here and there haha. Great adventure. This is exactly why I wanted a dual sport. Inspiring, thanks!
  5. Soldier Field is always a good stop, as is Navy Pier but you been to Santa Monica pier you know what to expect so... Lou Malnati's for real Chi-town deep dish, and if you're jonesing for a hot beef sandwich you'll want to hit up a Portillo's! In terms of ACTUAL sites etc I got nothin'. I mean....I hear there's a bigass lake there but that's about it
  6. Rexx Riot

    Rev'It Sale

    Just wanted to spread the word that Rev'It (one of my fav brands) is having a general 15% off sale through CycleGear if anyone is looking to add more Austrian stuff to their life. Only 5 stars from me on the Excalibur Jacket and the Striker gloves I've had. By no means am I gear expert but I hugely value the quality of the pieces I've been using for over 5 years now. The first 2 years of their lives I had sold my car so was riding every day, rain or shine. To this day I still wear the Excal and the Striker gloves when I ride with no issues at all other than the touchscreen panel on my right index finger frayed and vanished. I'll be picking up a new jacket I think.... https://www.cyclegear.com/revit
  7. Great info @JMBray, thanks for the response. Eager to get more reps in on the DRZ, moreso after reading reports like this
  8. Hey @JMBray I have some bike and gear questions for you. I'm a new dual sport rider and got a lovely DRZ just a couple weeks ago. Very interested in many facets of your ride but I wanted to ask firstly about fuel range. I see the big safari tank on the black bike (yours i think?) but Deuce's seems to have a stock tank? How do you manage fuel on a ride like this? Do you each pack extra bottles/cans? Is it frustrating to ride with somebody with much shorter range than you have with that big ol cell? Secondly: those rally screens are kickass. How and where?! What tires did you each choose for an adventure like this one and what were the reasons/strategies for making the choices you did? Being in Utah heat like that, what can you recommend to the rest of us in terms of staying cool and calm etc? Water is great but is there any kit or any techniques that you feel helped you guys cope with the conditions? I rode to the office today and barely tolerated having a jacket on this morning I couldn't bear to think what another 30 degrees of beating sun would do...
  9. I'm eager to head back to the same spots and have another go at the same 15psi I was at on the day of, then lower to that 12 you recommend and feel the immediate difference. Good inputs thus far, thanks.
  10. Hey team! Being a dirt noob I have many questions (tired of me yet?). As of now I've had a single outing off the pavement east on highway 76 where I encountered some hardpack with a generous sprinkling of loose dirt/dust that made for slippery riding with the knobbies that are on the DRZ at speed (I went too fast for my first time on dirt for sure but wanted to push hard and see how much I could scare myself...stupid? Yeah, probably). I then climbed palomar mtn again in some hardpack with rocky sections and some very loose dirt sections. I found the knobbies that are on the bike now (Motoz Mountain Xtreme on the back as I recall) absolutely devoured the loose soft stuff as long as there was nothing hard lurking beneath the surface. Anyway I have not enough experience nor enough trail knowledge to know with any accuracy what kind of conditions I'll be in most often... So I'm here to ask for inputs and advice about what to expect in Southern California in general. Are there any rules about road surface and tread design? Is there a dominant preference for tread patterns when riding in Southern California? Is there enough variety in surfaces lurking out that there can't really be any hard and fast rules? Lots of mountain and desert riding are in my future living primarily in Idyllwild and I'm interested in eventually acquiring a second set of wheels (or getting good at swapping tires at home) eventually so I can have the right tools for the job on hand whether I spend a day exploring the mountain on road with my wife strapped to the back or hitting Palm Springs, sticking to trails at altitude, dropping into Cahuilla valley or indio for lots of open space riding, camping through mojave, or whatever else strikes me. I figure a decent 'take all comers' 50/50 tire would be the bread and butter (shinko 244s are cheap!) and having something more aggressive to swap to for dedicated hard riding would be best but I am unsure what to really do. Long story short: what are your inputs on tire selection for various surfaces and locations around the area? Anything I should avoid or, conversely, be sure to shoe on the DRZ at least once to try out? Is the new kid overthinking stuff again?! Any info is appreciated, and I particularly love reading the dialogue that develops and hearing more and more opinions so anything is valid and valuable to a total noob like me.
  11. Rexx Riot

    Hello from Kerstin and Sascha

    Hope progress is going well today guys. Sending good vibes out!
  12. Rexx Riot

    Dirt isn't Street: Helmet Questions

    Wow @TrophyHunter lovely offer. You available tomorrow (Thursday 8/2)? I can swing that way after work and give it a test-fit (i wear a 7 3/8 baseball cap and a L in my Shark street helmet though it is a bit loose for my liking these days....had it a good 4 years now though) before I swing north. I have to rush home now to get the wheels off my SV so I can get some fresh rubber mounted before the weekend. Get you a sixpack of your favorite poison whether I take it home or not, just let me know your flavor (or wine! I'm a wine guy most of the time myself anyway but whatever you like. lovely offer thanks for the generosity!). That Klim lid is highly recommended elsewhere too. Noted. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Leaning heavily towards a dirt specific helmet as I got the DRZ to ride 90% dirt anyway so I mean, yeah. When I replace my Shark I'll likely go ADV helmet so I can try one out and see how I like it for commutes and touring etc.
  13. Rexx Riot

    Dirt isn't Street: Helmet Questions

    Thanks for the inputs team! Gonna slap some more lids on and take it from there....boots, knees, and armor next....
  14. Rexx Riot

    Dirt isn't Street: Helmet Questions

    So the majority seems to weigh in for a dirt helmet with goggles (my wife think that is cooler anyway so that's a factor too in my reality haha). I dig it. I just assume that the increased ventilation makes up for increased stuff in the face and arguably limited peripheral vision. I mean yeah especially right now it is hot. I did what I'm sure amounts to an infant's trail on Saturday and would have rather had NO helmet on as opposed to making scalp soup in my shark with the visor open the whole time and sunshade down. At a glance dirt helmets all seem more or less the same. I guess it is a matter of shell shape, ventilation, and materials used. Any hard and fast "these lids suck even on a budget" that i should know about or should I just go weapons free on whatever fits best for my cash? Goggles: I don't wear glasses. Anything specific I should look out for; pros or cons?
  15. Rexx Riot

    Hello from Kerstin and Sascha

    How cool! Mrs. Riot will be jealous (I am too!). Were you both riders before you got married?