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  1. Yeah I just got some looks from around the office floor myself
  2. Rexx Riot

    Wife's First Bike

    Yeah she can get both paws down together and she felt pretty good. Much more slight than the DRZ she's had some practice on so she felt pretty good about it. I'm not sure on figures, but the bike felt quite light. I wouldn't think any more than 300 lbs but i don't have much frame of reference on 'light bikes'....I'm used to my SV650 and my DRZ. Kick start only is something she is happy about on THIS side of a long hard day full of crashes, but we'll see how it pans out! Thanks again for the well wishes and leads guys!
  3. Rexx Riot

    Wife's First Bike

    Hey team just wanted to update. Maxi Overdrive got her first bike last night and brought it home. She is the proud owner of a 1986 yamaha tt225 that needs some TLC and work but she is excited to get dirt under her nails with me and her brother (who is a solid mechanic and will be leading the wrenching efforts on the project). It'll be a super fun project for us and the payoff will be great! Got it super duper cheap too so that is always great!
  4. Not so sure...can't generate the embed link from youtube unless you're the uploader maybe? or maybe this forum just doesn't support it cuz yeah, i'm sure there are more costs for hosting etc etc. i'm not too up on forum tech though! either way, ty for the link dude!
  5. Rexx Riot

    Wife's First Bike

    I'll keep it in mind and I'll be sure to bother you when the time comes if it's still around! Thanks again!
  6. Rexx Riot

    Wife's First Bike

    We're meeting with a few guys this week to take a look at a couple XL250s and a Dr350. I'll keep you guys posted, thanks as always! PS: during our hunt for her enduro I got a lead on a gorgeous ol Honda VF700 i might be grabbing this week too haha. Who knew?! Very exciting week for the Riot family!
  7. Rexx Riot

    Wife's First Bike

    OMG thank you guys for the leads! We've been all over offerup and cycletrader but tend to disregard CL as it is usually a needle/haystack experience for me. We both hugely appreciate the leads I'm diving in!
  8. Rexx Riot

    Wife's First Bike

    Good inputs everyone thank you. Still pending some responses on the pair of XL250s we are spying online. Did a little homework and there are plenty of cheap options for new dual carbs and carb rebuild kits etc. Suspension components available still too and plenty of part bikes laying around it seems so I'm not so hesitant about the idea of the XL250. Spotted a pair of great looking Dr350s in the meantime which I think would be perfection for her, one of 'em electric start. She's in love with the idea of a kick but having never experienced a kick starter myself I simply have nightmares thinking about kicking something to life after dropping the bike a jillion times in the heat etc...."maybe the button ain't that bad on a first bike dear". she shrugged with a "yeah okay i think you have a point". either way, we're just eager to find a good fit in good shape. Seemingly lots of things to see in the 1500-3000 range which is fun! I'll keep everyone posted on the quest for her first bike. After our hikes this weekend and the trail discoveries she is more amp'd than ever to get on 2 wheels. She is a confident driver (3 pedals and everything) and very assertive with her right foot....but she has a healthy fear of 2 wheels on this side of things having never been at the controls, especially after my first big crash a few weeks back. We'll ease her in nicely and she'll be leaving me in her wake in no time I'm sure. I'll put the options @dirt dame and @Wierdrider on the review list and get to some more homework! Thanks guys.
  9. Nah, nowhere near enough orange... I've trolled the forums long enough to know that!
  10. Rexx Riot

    Wife's First Bike

    Good notes, and wonderful offer thanks @Uncle Champ! I'll be in touch re: CRF demo for sure. The XL250 is just south of 300lbs wet and ready as i understand but I'm not sure how it wears the weight or if my wife would be able to take it by the scruff of the neck. We'll have to see if the chance to find out comes to fruition soon! We hope it does
  11. Rexx Riot

    Wife's First Bike

    Hey guys, I'm new to dual sports having purchased my DRZ400 from a member here at the end of the summer. The intent at the start of 2018 was 1) move to Idyllwild at least part time, 2) get a dual sport to add to the stable, 3) get a dual sport for wife's first and only bike (she is not interested in street riding, just linking trails), 4) get a good ol busted up 4x4 to keep on the mountain first two objectives met, last 2 in the works. There are deals to be had on great used machines all over the place, but her heart is into older bikes (lost boys is her fav flick and naturally an 80s enduro is her perfect vision of what a bike should be). Namely enduros from the 70s and 80s. To that end, I've got eyes on a couple different Honda XL250's from the mid 80s that seem in good shape with fair write ups. I have viewings pending with both machines. I do have some concerns with part availability and the nature of a dual carb bike in general as I'm still pretty new to 'analog fueling' a la carbs (my main bike is EFI for 7 years and the carb on the DRZ is a new beast to me, but so far so good! Got it flowing nicely after shaking the winter off it). Anyone have opinions on the XL250 of yesteryear? I know they preceded the NX then XR series and seem to be very well loved over at TT and other outlets but wanted to ask here as 1) i trust this community more in general and 2) these are native coastal so cal bikes and might have different maintenance concerns compared to a barn-bike out in the midwest etc. Any model specific details to cover during a walkaround/test ride that you guys know of? Any size concerns for a 5'4" 120lb tough chick with 0 motorcycle experience (she's been on the back of the dizzer but never at the helm)? She can tip-toe the DRZ but I'd want for her to be able to flatfoot her first bike on pavement so she can get a bit more leverage and control when dealing with uneven terrain etc. On paper the XL seems like it'd be a great fit for her but paper > realworld isn't always a simple translation. Any OTHER models you have experience with that a 30 something like me who is pretty new to motorbikes might not know of from the late 70s early 80s that she might fall in love with? I imagine a dr350 or xt225/250 would be good for her but she still prefers something older and simpler. Kick start is fine, road legal a must as we'll be accessing stuff from our home in Idyllwild sans a truck and trailer. Any and all input, feedback and convo is welcome.
  12. Rexx Riot

    First Off

    Thanks for the well wishes and support guys! I'm recovering well enough, should have a new road lid arriving by this weekend and I'm hoping to get back up and running next week. See you guys on or off road soon
  13. Lovely... ty for a good grammar joke too! Your secret spot looks gorgeous. Bottle of wine and a snack with my wife and we'd just stay there all day
  14. Rexx Riot

    First Off

    Nearing 40k miles, many sets of new rubber, several years of riding, and I've crossed over from the one type of rider to the OTHER type after my first off on pavement 2 weeks ago. Lessons were learned: 1) After pulling the sport bike out of the garage after 6+ months one should be gentle! Rider position and the bike are very different. Give yourself a few hundred miles to get back to form. 2) ATGAT: I was lucky that I was wearing my stuff. I debated leaving off leather as I didn't intend to 'ride hard' but discretion proved the better part of valour and I'll never ride without a full compliment of protection again. This is the most important lesson of the batch and this experience really drove home the importance of a sound compliment of gear. I extend this to protection for the bike as well: sliders, bash plates, bar ends, whatever suits your ride and riding. My bike is beat up but 100% functional which is great! I can replace plastics and leather jackets etc but not body parts or frames etc 3) Pay more attention to road surface, even on well travelled roads! Just a bit of silt/sand (even if not readily visible) on cold tires can become a problem 4) Don't skip leg day! Standing up a gas covered bike while injured can be difficult if you can't properly position yourself. I was able to manage getting under the bike with the help of a passerby who aided me in sliding the bike away from the wheel-side obstructions and thus allowed me to position on the saddle to stand it up, but overall fitness is important for sound riding (and speedy recovery) imo. Never know when you're gonna need to be a hulk. It was a 'violent' lowside. Left to Right S turn and went down hard when the bike KEPT leaning right, all the way over down to the pavement. In reality I was pushing brand new and still cold tires too hard (read: barely gettin' on it, but still should've given 'em more time and miles to warm and scrub up a bit. c'mon dummy, you know better!) and didn't think of the effect of nearby construction on the road surface. Still had my hands on the clipons as it happened so fast and unexpectedly and my right flank took a hard blast after getting body slammed. I bounced over onto my left hip and tumbled twice (I think) during which I had a heavy head impact and cracked my polycarb shell before gently sliding many feet off the road and out of harms way away from a single other vehicle. All in: bruised ribs, dislocated pinky finger, concussion, minor abrasions here and there but nothing severe. I consider this a positive experience. I am not happy to have been down, but I am very grateful that things didn't end up any worse. I feel exceptionally lucky and the experience has helped reinforce the reality of what it is we do. I've always been a cognizant and thoughtful rider with a great respect for the machine and the vulnerability we expose ourselves to, but this experience has helped me learn a lot more and strive to be more careful and proactive about my safety and my riding. I really just wanted to share the experience and highlight the importance of wearing gear and being mentally committed to the ride. That's now my biggest talking point for riding...in this case i could have done things differently yes and I am the one who crashed the bike. I wasn't doing anything that I hadn't done before on new and cold tires, but I still goofed it and i couldve done things differently. If i hadn't had my helmet, gloves, boots, pants, and jacket this would have been a much different 2 weeks. Long story short friends: if you don't protect yourself out here, who will? Even Rossi break bones, sometimes you HAVE to go down. Best to be prepared if you get a choice and like it or not, we ALL get a choice. Stay safe out there fam! See you guys out there!
  15. Rexx Riot

    New guy in Palm Springs

    Me and my DRZ live just up the mountain to your west in Idyllwild. Drop me a line sometime and help this noob earn more dirt stripes! Welcome

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