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  1. tntmo

    Two incredible museums I just visited

    I’m pretty jealous, both are high on my list.
  2. I haven't seen this rig yet, searching now.
  3. It looks smaller and easier to maneuver off road than a BMW GS!
  4. tntmo

    Resistance was futile...

    Two thingies to put in air? Tubliss!
  5. No-Mar Classic tire changer, includes mount/demount bar, Yellow Thing bead holder and 8 drop in concrete anchors so you can set up a couple mount locations. $350
  6. tntmo

    KLR650 persistent issue, help!

    If you have an air compressor, you can easily check if the slide/diaphragm is installed correctly and working right. Use an air nozzle and put about 10-20 psi in the port at the top backside of the carb. The slide should rise, when you release the pressure it should drop. I usually try to slowly modulate the air pressure to see if it goes up smoothly.
  7. Had a last minute invite to ride up to the towers out there yesterday. It’s so colorful right now, the flowers are looking good!
  8. tntmo

    KLR650 persistent issue, help!

    Sometimes we overlook the simple stuff, I know it's bitten me a few times. Once I was working on a DRZ400 that seemed sluggish, did a bunch of stuff before I checked the oil and found it way overfilled (the vacuum petcock failed and filled the crankcase with gasoline).
  9. tntmo

    KLR650 persistent issue, help!

    I suggest getting the milk crate, it’s mandatory! I’ve had some new Chinese parts that worked flawlessly and other stuff was out of spec right out of the box. Seems like your compression numbers are good, low compression would cause more starting issues than higher rpm problems. Sounds like an electrical problem, having a buddy with a good running KLR and moving parts around would be ideal to see if the issue moves from bike to bike. Some of the parts are not easy to test, CDI for instance. Good riddle to solve here, keep posting up. I’m always interested in finding the solution.
  10. tntmo

    KLR650 persistent issue, help!

    The new parts....OEM or the cheapest Chinese shi...stuff? New stator, but did you test/replace the voltage regulator? What numbers are "lower end of good" compression? Have you done a leak down test? Valve clearance check? What color is your milk crate?
  11. I wanted to go, but had to be home to sell off some stuff so I can buy more stuff. Glad you guys got out there, sounds like y'all had a good time. Raining today, so maybe it's time for a midweek ride with some moisture in the dirt?
  12. tntmo

    Plastic tank restoration - any advice

    Vintage Honda Refresh! Making My1985 Honda XR350R A Bit Nicer - #SuperEasySuperFast https://youtu.be/FlYLJ07412Y
  13. tntmo

    Plastic tank restoration - any advice

    Lots of elbow grease and several beers. I removed the tank, took the brackets and petcock off, washed it and removed the old decals with a heat gun and scraper. Filled up a large plastic tub with water and started sanding it with wet/dry sandpaper. I only had 400/600/1000 grit, should have got something a bit more abrasive to start but the 400 worked. After sanding, I used some polishing compound on a dual action polisher with a foam pad. Followed that up with PlastX polish. Applied the new graphics. It looks better in the photo than in person, but it's a huge improvement and I'm happy. Didn't want to do much more because I was concerned about putting too much stress on the old tank. I usually use 303 protectant stuff, guess I will apply some after a week or so. Want to ensure the new decals stay put.

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