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  1. tntmo

    Zenosan - Birthday

    I was just thinking of Don.....I like his style, old school is a good school. Happy Birthday buddy!
  2. tntmo

    Happy 4th of July 2020

  3. Got some out in Ramona, although they have random gates sometimes. Viejas Grade, Boulder Creek, Eagle Peak, etc. are also available.
  4. tntmo

    KDX 200 Up Date 7-2-20

    I like those bikes but never owned one. Might have to remedy that.....
  5. I like the Tiger, cool machine. Welcome to the group, see ya on the trail.
  6. tntmo

    How would you handle this?

    Did you die? No? Good adventure!
  7. Glad to see you lived to make it on another adventure.
  8. tntmo

    Montana 610T

    Hasn’t failed me yet, got where I was going and got home.
  9. tntmo

    5 Miles of Hell in Utah - Electric KTM

    Electric motorcycles are pretty cool. Obviously not to the point where you can easily ride across country on them yet, but for a commuter they are getting there. I have been lucky enough to ride one and enjoyed it. Was just a short test ride but enough to see the positive attributes of the bike.
  10. I bet my son $100 that he would finish fifth in the last race. Damn kid said we didn't shake on it. Eli Tomac raced smartly this season, not quite as flashy as previous seasons but I think he was sick of being the bridesmaid so many years in a row! Or maybe Kawasaki said to get it done or get out?
  11. He will not push for the win, but will finish strong. Second place in the championship too many times....he is willing to sacrifice the race win for the #1 plate.
  12. I got five picks right. Tomac just has to finish the race to win the championship, but crazy things can happen.
  13. I had pretty much written Roczen off after the last two races, but he looked solid in Wednesday. I hope that a couple people stay ahead of Tomac so it goes down to the last race, but all re really needs to do is finish the next two.