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  1. Thank you for helping the off road community, and offering this awesome opportunity to SDAR members!
  2. A while back, Rocky Mountain MC did a $500 Five Miles Of Hell challenge video series that was very fun to watch and showed that you don't need to have the latest and greatest equipment to get out there and have fun. They recently put out a new series, they are now going to enter an extreme enduro event on cheap bikes. I have been a proponent of this attitude forever and have proven it by riding places I shouldn't on bikes that I have gotten for very little money. Hope y'all enjoy watching it!
  3. tntmo

    Finding Spark CRF 450X

    Nice job! Sometimes you feel like you got lucky, but it's not luck if you are using your troubleshooting skills and your experience.
  4. I’m glad you don’t....sold it already!
  5. 2017 model Predator 8750 Watt peak power generator. Too big for my usage but great for powering your home during power outages. Runs great, has electric start but it needs a battery. Sold!
  6. tntmo

    *SOLD* Plated 1989 XR600 Project

    A bit more than my friend needs but it’s a fair deal...I will ask him what he thinks.
  7. This must be my day, not only did Mr Zubb agree with me, he also hinted that I’m intermediate level! Sunshine!
  8. Ummm, it’s a Taiwanese scooter, thank you very much! When it gets dry, I don’t feel that knobby tires give you a lot more grip. It’s kind of like marbles on glass, just slide around and have fun with it.
  9. Yeah, I know that’s a great bike but it’s more than he needs.
  10. Haha, my buddy just asked when we could get it! Thanks for thinking of us anyway.
  11. I have finally convinced one of my buddies to get into family desert season. He has traded his fifth wheel RV in for a toy hauler, picked up a TTR125 for his son (thanks DSM8) and we found a small dune buggy for his wife. He would like a trail motorcycle to ride alongside with his son. He's a street rider, with very little dirt experience so I don't anticipate him wanting to do hill climbs or sand dunes. An older XL/XR Honda around 200cc would be a good fit. Yamaha TTR 225/230/250? Old SP Suzuki, Kawasaki KDX, whatever? If you have something like this lingering in the back of the garage that needs some attention, I can help both of y'all. Missing some parts, hasn't run in years, no paperwork....we can work with you. He just wants to ride on two wheels with his son.
  12. Wow, that’s a lot of bike for the money!
  13. I picked this bike up last year to give to my brother but he has changed his mind. If you are looking for a big cruiser this fits the bill! 62,000 miles, windshield needs to be polished and the left saddlebag is cracked but she runs good and looks shiny. Sold!