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  1. Yeah, the helicoil is starting to come out. The adjustment bolt is actually broken, not stripped. Anyway, a new helicoil will likely work but I know a timesert will be better.
  2. tntmo

    Bike Tech - Maintenance Day Sat Aug 24

    I think I’m going to do an oil change, got a little riding coming up.
  3. It's a special bolt, otherwise we would have many options like that.
  4. tntmo

    Tire suggestions

    I wish Rotella made tires.
  5. A riding buddy in Ramona has a stripped out chain adjuster on his CBR1100XX Blackbird, it looks like it has been helicoiled in the past. I suggested upgrading to TimeSert, but before we buy an $80 kit I thought I'd see if anyone has one we can borrow and then supply burritos or beer or replacement parts or all of the above. Thanks.
  6. tntmo

    Just a heads up on Crawdaddy

    Eight ribs has to be tough, I can't imagine....only ever bruised them but I hear it's pretty awful. Heal up, you can watch all of us ride in the meantime.
  7. tntmo

    Just one bolt

    It's crazy how something so small can cause such a big problem. I'm working on a project bike right now that has a mystery problem and I'm considering that it's a CDI/ECU issue but I should probably go through all the grounds first. Maybe I will post up about it later. What jetting did you end up going with?
  8. Well it’s probably about 90% cheaper. Nice KTM for sure, I don’t have enough talent to spend that much money.
  9. tntmo

    Valve Check

    And while you're there, get 50 feet of flight line.
  10. Will see. It’s not likely, but plans change.
  11. tntmo

    Valve Check

    Rotella, no need to ever check anything.
  12. I haven’t gone on any of their rides yet, let us know how it goes.
  13. 33165 Temecula Pkwy Temecula, CA 92592-9141 5:45pm Details WOW! Hump Day #100! Join Us on August 7, 2019 We are planning a BBQ at Oak Grove Camp Ground after a quick loop up High Point Truck Trail and Palomar Divide. We will have hot dogs, burgers and a few raffle prizes. Everyone that attends gets a free "HUMP DAY #1 HUNDRED" decal! Even if you don't ride, feel free to meet us at Oak Grove Campground at 7:15 for dinner and raffle. PLEASE RSVP!!! I NEED TO KNOW HOW MUCH FOOD TO BRING! Casual, "Unorganized" ride up to Palomar Divide via High Point Road. Big bike focused, however open to all bikes and riders. Meet at the Mobil on 79S (Temecula Parkway) and Butterfield Stage Road. Street Legal Bikes Only. This ride is about 50/50 dirt Street. We will finish in the dark. Kickstands up at 5:45 PM CALL OR TEXT JESSE IF YOU ARE RUNNING LATE. 4357050439 Beginner/Intermediate Pace. PLEASE RSVP!!! I NEED TO KNOW HOW MUCH FOOD TO BRING!
  14. Flying Monkey Adventure Riders on Facebook
  15. I’m looking at some new tires for the Kymco scooter, they make an off road-ish tread in the sizes I need....