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  1. Show up anytime Friday. Hell, show up Thursday!
  2. tntmo

    Coyote Canyon

    You’re at seven now. I need that kind of growth! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAV2JWqqaZTz4icgZC6x2Cw
  3. tntmo

    Coyote Canyon

    He's at six now. If he triples subscribers every day, that channel will explode!
  4. I'll have none of that, this scooter was proudly made in Taiwan, thank you very much! 😂
  5. Correct, the black powder rifle is considered an antique and doesn’t require transfer paperwork. I am probably going to look into browning the metal on this one.
  6. Thanks, will look into it.
  7. Y'all did some riding! Nicely done, amazing to think that there's that much snow not far from San Diego. No reason to live in the cold center of our country when you can just go visit snow for a bit and get out of it.
  8. Damn Bob, that looks nice.
  9. Thanks, I have heard of browning vs bluing. I'd really like to make that one look good, just as a tribute to my buddy's dad. He built it from a kit 30-40 years ago and said he was really into the black powder scene. He was casting lead balls, went to BP match events, had a period correct outfit, etc. I know he loved it, but hasn't been into it for a while. If it turns out nice, maybe he might want it back and I wouldn't have a problem with that.
  10. Come on by to check out the arsenal.
  11. Thanks, I had considered BBQ or engine style paint for the two shotguns. One is a bolt action JC Higgins (Sears) and the other a Winchester 1400.....neither very valuable but both could be good shooters. The black powder rifle is an old kit gun, that one I wouldn't probably shoot even though it appears to be sound. It's just too much of a PITA for me, but it would look nice cleaned up and the brass polished. It wouldn't look right painted IMHO, so that one will probably be my practice at bluing. I am fully aware of CA gun laws and follow them as required. I haven't been on CalGuns in a while, it was where I planned to ask or research these questions but I like to ask my friends/family here. I know we have a lot of people with similar interests in this group.
  12. My buddy's dad recently offered me a couple of his old shotguns and a black powder rifle, they are not in good shape and need refinishing. None of them are valuable, even in good condition the entire lot is probably worth $300-$500 but they could be good shooters or in the case of the black powder rifle, a good display. I would like to refinish the barrels and receivers but haven't ever done that. I don't want to invest too much into these guns, but would like them to look okay and stay looking decent for the near future. I know the basic process of bluing the pieces, heard of Cerakote (seems too expensive for these firearms), Duracoat, Alumahyde, even just painting them with Krylon. Anyone ever done something similar and have recommendations that won't end up costing a bunch and will be easily doable at home? It's not worth sinking $200 into the guns, they aren't sentimental to me or my buddy's dad. He was going to bring them to a gun buyback, as much as I hate to see that happen it would make more sense than investing a lot into them. I'm fine with investing some time.
  13. tntmo

    Motorcycle Fatality | Chula Vista

    A young man on a DRZ also was killed recently here in town. Be careful out there.
  14. I've had them embed before just by pasting the link I thought, guess I don't know how to do it now? Ha
  15. tntmo

    New Boot

    DR650 is a great do it all bike. Welcome to the group, see ya on the trail.