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  1. tntmo

    Serious discussion... get in here

    Have you tried Del Taco? 😂
  2. tntmo

    Serious discussion... get in here

    It’s sort of interesting, I like the California burrito. Even though I’m not a CA native I figured it was regional. Stuff like that gets around though, there were these amazing shawarma stands in the Middle East that I loved to eat at on deployment. After a while, they started offering fries in the shawarma. I’m sure a lot of San Diego military ate at the stands, heck of an influence!
  3. Trailer registration is the only fair deal in California. I don’t remember the cost but it’s cheap and good for 10 years? I’m in Alaska for a bit, but I will take a look at your truck when I get back if you’d like.
  4. I am willing to help you take a look at the truck. As for the trailer, exactly what LB said....it’s easy to get paperwork for a trailer. I may be looking for a cheap trailer later this summer.
  5. tntmo

    RIP Schwinn

    Oh yeah, he always kept a few Nemo’s cakes aside for me! 😀
  6. tntmo

    RIP Schwinn

    The true essence of a person being “larger than life”. If you couldn’t smile around him, maybe you just couldn’t smile at all. Another good one is gone. 😢
  7. Next week, hopefully. I don’t have a ride back home yet!
  8. I’m in Alaska right now but am ready to swing out there when I get back.
  9. Just ride slow, same as riding the big bike off road. Going uphill is easier. Small tires and poor suspension makes it not ideal but it fits the topic....riding dirt bikes on the highway (not ideal) or big bikes on single track (again, not ideal) but everyone has their own way of getting where they want to go. Just ride!
  10. I did about 1500 gravel miles, so 92/8 for street/dirt ratio. 😂 Just ride, no matter how you do it. Nothing sadder than a dead battery and a clogged up fuel system. Two wheels will get you where you want to go.
  11. I rode my Ténéré 530 miles of highway last night. It’s a street bike that has some dirt capability. My Husky sees street miles as well, I like to use it as a dual sport...garage to dirt and back to the garage. It sucks on the highway though.
  12. That's the stuff! You know it's good when you see the pictures and read the write up and wish you were there.
  13. Two good videos, thanks for posting gents!
  14. I was trying to pay attention for snakes. The road is worse than when I took my scooter, doable on the big bike but some areas would be uncomfortable.