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  1. tntmo

    Another RFS Build

    I don’t know for sure which caused what, but the cam follower / rocker arm bearing failed and the adjustment lock nut got loose. The lock nut eventually got moved onto the cam chain, put a healthy scratch in the cam cover and fortunately stuck down by the ignition coil trigger. The needle bearings from the cam follower were in the top of the valve train area and stuck on the flywheel and in that general vicinity.
  2. The scooter could do it! Enjoy the ride buddy, you might have some obstacles (that you probably already know about) to get from Marron Valley Rd to the Hwy. Shouldn’t be too difficult.
  3. tntmo


    Well we don’t really know how this one works yet, so it’s probably best not to worry about it until we do. 😀
  4. tntmo


    But if BMW had it, you would likely be singing it's praises! 🤣🤣
  5. tntmo


    I know who you were referring to. In my reply I stated that the people working in the industry are hopefully as into different aspects of motorcycling as the people who they are marketing them to. I also have no data to support my opinion!
  6. tntmo


    I don't know about that. I know lots of people who have a Harley in the garage right next to their dirt bikes. Sure, there are diehard "HD only" types out there but I know people who are like that with their KTM's, BMW's, etc. I would like to believe that if you're in the motorcycle industry you are interested in more than one segment of the market. Maybe I'm wrong. Ask my wife, she would know for sure...
  7. tntmo


    It seems that half the people online want to hate this bike just because it's made by Harley Davidson, saying that it leaks oil, it's a big pig with no power and is old technology without even reading anything about it. The other half is divided into a few other major groups: People saying that it can't go where a 250 pound 500cc dirt bike with lights and a plate can go. It's too expensive compared to a KLR650. The new mid-sized ADV bikes are lighter and cheaper. It's not made in Japan, Germany or Austria, so it's no good. And the few people who say that it's good to have another player in the game, hopefully it meets expectations and also helps push the other manufacturers to continue to improve their lineups over the coming years. I hope to get a test ride on one some time soon. I think that I am in the last group of people, even though I don't plan to buy one anytime soon.
  8. tntmo

    Wanted: XR400R stock exhaust

    That’s the older style exhaust baffle. The later models had a much smaller outlet size. I know that you can still purchase the newer one, uncertain about the older ones.
  9. Our mutual friend (Paul) really enjoyed riding with you. He hasn't stopped talking about the snow ride!
  10. tntmo

    KDX 200 COMPLETE 2/16/21

    It's too nice to use it, you'll be sad if it gets dirty or scratched! Awesome job.
  11. tntmo

    Chapmoto Tire Blowout

    Those could make decent supermoto tires....
  12. Near Lemon Grove. Message me
  13. I have a set of 17/21 tires that are old but serviceable if needed for this bike. Also have valve shims if you need to swap some out.
  14. tntmo

    Bike rack homemade

    My buddy has been wanting to make one of these, could you post some close pictures or details?
  15. tntmo

    Decisions and looking for input

    Wow, great looking machine. I like the mid sized ADV machines, you can feel more comfortable getting in more remote locations than the liter+ bikes and you can cover more distance than the under 500cc bikes. Looking forward to seeing your adventures on it.