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  1. tntmo

    Las Vegas ideas ?

    I guess so. I get mine!
  2. tntmo

    Las Vegas ideas ?

    I like the neon graveyard idea. Also the machine gun thing, but it’s probably $100 for 2 minutes of fun…like getting a lady of the night. 😂
  3. tntmo

    Las Vegas ideas ?

    That sounds like something that I would do, but my friend is not into anything vehicle related. I have heard there is a place to drive bulldozers and excavators and such out there as well. Vegas has everything!
  4. tntmo

    Las Vegas ideas ?

    Thanks, those were some of things I was considering. I don't think he's the "gentleman's club" kind of guy but you just never know. I just looked up Stratosphere online, it appears they are still open for thrill rides.
  5. tntmo

    Las Vegas ideas ?

    I will tease him about that, he has very particular musical preferences and I’m certain that she isn’t on his favorites list.
  6. tntmo

    Las Vegas ideas ?

    I suggested that but I don’t think he’s interested.
  7. tntmo

    Las Vegas ideas ?

    My buddy is going to Vegas for the first time in his life, he doesn’t get out much and probably hasn’t done many road trips. He invited me along, I was probably not his first choice but whatever! It will be mid August. There is some nerd convention thing he is going for, it’s the first night. Then we are staying an additional day, leaving on the morning of the third day. Where are your favorite places to stop on the drive up there? I usually do Baker for the giant thermometer, Primm for the roller coaster. What about things you like to do besides gambling? I suggested the Mob Museum to him, he’s excited about that. We’re staying near Fremont Street so that’s covered. He probably wants a picture with the Vegas sign. Thanks!
  8. tntmo

    1981 Honda CBX with only 3 miles??!!

    Was a fast bike for the day. I guess still pretty quick!
  9. tntmo

    1981 Honda CBX with only 3 miles??!!

    I should have linked each individual auction so that we could see the final sale prices. I'm sure they sold for big money. I have never ridden a CBX or any of the 80's turbo bikes. Happy to have another 80's bike in my stable for a little while now with my 1980 XS1100 Special project.
  10. tntmo

    Rally in the gorge

    I had no idea what this was, so here's a link. It looks really fun, I just got an invite to go camping up near Tahoe around that time frame, will see what works out for me. https://soundrider.com/rally/
  11. tntmo

    Iron Butt Rally

    That’s worth riding for! So the two stroke KTM and the new Pan America finished the ride, just didn’t have enough points to be considered rally finishers. And a BMW had a final drive failure. I am ready for the 250cc and under rally anytime, let’s do it!
  12. tntmo

    Iron Butt Rally

    https://ironbutt.com/ibr2021/Final_Standings.html Well it looks like if you want to win the Iron Butt Rally, you need to ride a Suzuki Hayabusa. Lots of BMW, Honda and Yamaha bikes in the top 20 with a Triumph and HD mixed in. The lone KTM in the field (the two stroke 300) is listed as DNF as well as the Harley Pan America. No updates to say why.
  13. It looks too nice to ride!
  14. There's a guy wanting to sell one (2001 KDX200) on the Facebook group "SoCal Dirt Bike Group"