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  1. I have a good buddy near Bisbee/Tombstone. I would be down for at least a part of this adventure if it fits in my active retirement lifestyle.
  2. tntmo

    So Happy

    Awesome, can’t go wrong with a CRF230. Happy riding.
  3. Hijack: saw many CB500X in Canada/Alaska. Most with Rally Raid upgrades. I think the Tenere 700 is probably just a bit more capable than those, mainly because it was designed as an adventure bike.
  4. tntmo


    Awesome. I get so busy sometimes that I need to retire from retirement. It's not bad.
  5. tntmo

    In Recovery

    I can stop by after Thanksgiving. Any requests....candy bars, books, porn, etc??
  6. tntmo

    Yamaha T700 info

    3-4 years from now I will be looking for a nicely equipped used one!
  7. tntmo

    Air pump

    The CO2 pump that I use also can be used as a hand pump, which I have done many times. It's not quick, but it will get the job done. I'm willing to bet the one you have pictured will also work as long as you are willing to get an arm workout. With a flat tire, you're not going anywhere so what else are you gonna do??
  8. tntmo

    New Tiger 800 rider in San Diego

    I always liked the look of the Tiger 800, hopefully it gets you where you wanna go. Welcome to the group, see ya on the trail.
  9. tntmo

    T700 Yamaha Adventure

    Well, about 2017 or so at the show. It has been for sale overseas for about a year and is set to be a 2020 model here. The Ténéré 1200 was sold overseas for two years before sold here in 2012.
  10. tntmo

    T700 Yamaha Adventure

    Any bike can be an off road bike if you try hard enough. I’m looking forward to seeing how this T7 fares. My big Ténéré is an amazing touring bike that has some off road prowess. The 700 should bring more capability off road and still be able to cover big miles.
  11. tntmo

    T700 Yamaha Adventure

    Maybe bring my 1200 by for a side by side comparison....
  12. tntmo

    T700 Yamaha Adventure

    But can I ride it??
  13. Only advice I have is, don’t go skydiving anytime soon. You’re gonna come out of this funk and will be rolling 7’s again real soon.
  14. tntmo

    In Recovery

    Oh man, I don't like hearing these stories but at least the last two have been just injuries. If there's anything I can do, please let me know. Snickers bars??
  15. Ouch! Hope you heal quickly and get back on the bike in top form.