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  1. tntmo

    JB Kwik weld vs Steel Stick

    I just looked at the JBW I have in the garage, it doesn’t have a “best by” date or anything like that on it. I’m going with: it’s good forever!
  2. tntmo

    JB Kwik weld vs Steel Stick

    I have carried around both items, used them a few times over the years. Temporary repairs that you're supposed to fix properly after the ride end up being permanent! I suppose like most anything, JB Weld has a shelf life. I wouldn't be too concerned to go beyond it a bit, but I'd bet the steel stick stuff that I'm carrying in my pack is over ten years old. I just checked the JBW website, says three year shelf life. I would have zero qualms using it for five years I suppose, maybe even more than that. I guess I will do a test with the one in my pack and purchase a new one.
  3. tntmo

    Inexpensive auxillary fuel cans

    I order stuff from there and also Wish. Low expectations, I’m never disappointed. It’s probably ok, considering the low price. Not something I would count on to cross the world but good for local travel.
  4. tntmo

    Tech Day Escondido (7-15-2023)

    If I'm around, I will stop by. If you need to do some work on your bike, it's a great time and place to get it done. Lots of "Helpers" around (people who will drink beer, watch and laugh, mostly) and it's a good chance to meet all the people in the group. Some of us even ride, occasionally.
  5. I worked on a Husaberg, but not the 70 degree one. Pretty interesting machine.
  6. tntmo

    Favorite Piston?

    If you own a KTM, yes.
  7. tntmo

    Favorite Piston?

    Yeah, best ones are the ones that you never have to see in person.
  8. tntmo

    SDAR First Aid Training

    I had three different kinds, I figured your depth ended at that point.
  9. tntmo

    SDAR First Aid Training

    I missed the BBQ chicken pizza? Now I’m sad.
  10. I never rode one of those 70 degree bikes, they were very intriguing. Obviously it's an answer to a question nobody asked because it hasn't been duplicated yet. Makes you wonder if they would still be making them today if KTM didn't murder the company? Sometimes companies will due something weird and just stick with it because it defines them (BMW airplane engine? Moto Guzzi transverse V-Twin?)
  11. Pretty good video about the Husaberg story.
  12. I have two BikeMaster European plug extension/adapters, part #15-1666. Adapts from the “powerlet” type found on BMW/Triumph/Ducati/etc to the cig lighter plug style.
  13. People will quit riding with you if they have to constantly help pick up your dirt Gold Wing….
  14. Smaller bikes…
  15. tntmo

    New member from Menifee.

    Hopefully you are enjoying the AT, lots of bigger bike riders here. Welcome to the group, see ya on the trail.

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