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  1. Mitas E07 Dakar tires: Mounted a set of these for my Alaska and beyond trip in 2018. I had run a couple Heidenau K60's in the past and while I liked the miles you can get on the K60's, I didn't care for the performance. The Mitas tires were supposed to offer long wear and real world 50/50 street/dirt performance. They were not difficult to mount, but were noticeably a heavy tire. The front tire has a rib running down the center, seemed odd to me but didn't notice anything unusual as far as handling (I think they no longer make the tire like this?) The Dakar version has a thicker sidewall than the standard E07. First impressions were that they were loud. More road noise than I was used to, but I had not ran any "Big Block" style tires. Road manners were good, including wet weather. I did about 1200 miles of dirt on the trip, mostly gravel road type roads with almost half of that while raining or just after rain. The tires performed good in this environment. About 100 miles of the dirt was deep/loose gravel. It was a bit sketchy but I don't know if any tire would have worked great with a large bike loaded down with gear. I got about 10,000 miles out of the rear tire and over 17,000 from the front. Rear was replaced within wear limits, the front should have been changed earlier but I didn't die, so......
  2. tntmo

    Props to SDAR member tntmo

    Classic setup...told him I got his long dead bike running, he’s excited to ride it again. Exactly one cup of fuel in the tank! Got em!! 😂
  3. I like this one, you could have a few couplings and a few smaller pieces of PVC to fit different bikes or different situations, pack it in the bottom of your bag. Cool!
  4. tntmo

    New rider from Del Cerro

    I’m working on a DR650 right now, upgraded suspension, pumper carb, IMS tank. Got some other aftermarket parts that might be available afterwards if you want. Great bikes. Welcome to the group, see ya on the trail.
  5. tntmo

    ATC 185S or 110-any of you guys hiding one?

    That’s like gold during this post apocalyptic world!
  6. tntmo

    ATC 185S or 110-any of you guys hiding one?

    I gave one to a friend of mine probably 5-6 years ago. I bet he never did anything with it....I will check.
  7. tntmo

    Props to SDAR member tntmo

    I feel like I’m looking in on my funeral, everyone saying nice things....except I am still around to hear them! Thanks y’all, brightened my week!
  8. tntmo

    Caster Bean Oil - 5 Gallons available

    I don’t need more stuff either but I do like to look.
  9. tntmo

    Caster Bean Oil - 5 Gallons available

    Haha, I was thinking just like Ken!
  10. tntmo

    Props to SDAR member tntmo

    Well at least you didn’t say I was an out of the closet tree hugger, I wouldn’t stand for that.
  11. tntmo

    Time to retire/ride MORE

    Congrats. I’m busier than ever. Sometimes.
  12. tntmo

    Props to SDAR member tntmo

    Always happy to help, thanks for lunch and everything else. Got a great picture of me, my new profile pic?!
  13. I just bought tickets to Vegas and booked a flight less than a week ago. Grrr...
  14. I used a Bilt Explorer dry bag on my Alaska trip, it worked great and was easy to install and remove from the bike. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this stuff if it works as well.
  15. tntmo

    Any carpenters/wood workers?

    I have a biscuit jointer.