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  1. tntmo

    Anyone have a clutch holder tool? Ktm 530

    I have a universal one (looks kinda like a vice grips) and a pile of specific ones but none are labeled. You can borrow any/all.
  2. tntmo

    2018 WR250R for sale

    Bikes seem to be selling pretty easily lately, I sold my son's bike in about an hour for more than I figured it would sell for. Good luck with your sale!
  3. It was a good weekend, my wife hadn’t been out for about two years. The dogs had fun too!
  4. tntmo

    May be a dumb question

    I’m in a good mood, I liked all y’all’s posts!
  5. I'm going to be traveling, otherwise I would be there to help. Have donated in the past to this organization, but haven't ever joined the ride because I am not a fan of huge rides like that. If you're going to be around, please take a few hours and lend a hand. SDAR has brought all of us together, we can give back a bit!
  6. We made it safely, beautiful weather. Message for location if you want to come by.
  7. The lady and I are packing up the toy hauler and getting out to Ocotillo Wells this weekend. I believe we are leaving on Wednesday and staying at least until Saturday. Anyone else heading out there? We don’t have a specific camping spot just yet.
  8. tntmo

    Wanted: plastic gas tank

    1989 XR600R tank with a couple of small brackets, done deal. If you didn’t know it was from a different bike, likely couldn’t tell.
  9. tntmo

    Wanted: plastic gas tank

    It’s a 94. Some people run XR600 tanks or XR100. I just figured someone might have something that would work laying around. I used to have a few DR350 tanks, looks like one one work if I had any left.
  10. I just pried a XR200R off one of the highly esteemed members here, getting it ready for a buddy of mine. The tank is cracked pretty badly, I think we could try to adapt some other tank until we find a suitable replacement. Anyone have an old stock tank laying around for anything? I would think we could adapt all kinds to work for now. Let me know what you got!
  11. We’re hoping to get them out to Ocotillo Wells next weekend.
  12. Where do y'all go riding? My buddy's son(13) is just learning to ride and hanging around some kids his age, maybe even girls, might help him get more into it! 😁
  13. tntmo

    GoPro Hero 4 setup - SOLD!

    Looks like you’re late to the party, but if he changes his mind I have your contact information.
  14. I recently go a really nice deal on a GoPro package deal and don't need all of it. If someone here is interested in getting a camera setup at a reasonable price I have a GoPro Hero 4 Silver, case with a couple backs, three batteries with charger and cable, 8 GB card. $60