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  1. It was full of dirt and rust, I think it’s not a common problem but I was thinking the same as you. A drain hole was added!
  2. Option two: sell the bike to me for $500.
  3. Remove all parts/pieces/wiring harness from the area. Remove the battery and the CDI. Strip the paint and rust from the tubing. Have a competent welder patch it up.
  4. Thanks to DSM8 Dave for hosting the event and cooking up some grub, thanks for all who made the effort to show up. Always good to hang out with a bunch of degenerates to help me feel like I'm not the only one out there. Now everyone needs to go get some dirt under their wheels, see ya on the trail compadres!
  5. tntmo

    Silverbowl 750

    I just got a new addition to the stable, Honda Elite 80. I guess I could break it in...
  6. Lets get some knobby tires on it and we can decimate Otay! It's even the same color scheme as mine....
  7. Between that and the opportunity for free food and drink, we figured that was enough for you to ride across country.
  8. I can still cause problems from there, may as well put me up front to make an example of me.
  9. Nice ride report, good pictures and it appears to have been a great adventure. I have not ridden DV, really need to make it happen.
  10. tntmo

    CABDR 2021

    Suzuki does it again, now it has provenance and has increased in value. My offer has been increased to $350. Come by for a cold beer sometime!
  11. My scooter is ready
  12. tntmo

    CABDR 2021

    Look at that DR650, I’m a bit familiar with that machine! Hope it holds up well for you, I have cash here when you return.