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  1. tntmo

    2015 Suzuki DR650 $4,600

    Nice looking bike, I saw it a while back in person and it looks like a great deal. From talking with you, I imagine you'll like the lighter bike better for what you want to do but the DR650 is a capable machine for some more 50/50 style riding.
  2. It’s my event, I’m gonna say it’s the 78th year next year unless you show up. Then we can do it your way. 😂😂
  3. Yeah, I have lots of things going on at times so even with long term planning I can’t commit. I rarely know for sure where I will be next weekend!
  4. If I’m in town I will do everything to be there.
  5. tntmo

    Corral Canyon Trail Maintenance & Toys for Tots


    I added the RSVP feature to the post.
  6. They have had coffee and donuts at the start along with hot dogs/chips/sodas for lunch at the last few I have gone to. Also some really good raffle prizes. If I’m in town I’ll be there, I’d like to see more people from the group there as well!
  7. I’ve always wanted to check one of these out, have to make it happen soon. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Yeah, I have a lot of commitments coming up between now and the end of the year so January or later is what works for me. I know of lots of places to go, just depends on how far we want to ride. I’m sure we can put something good together!
  9. I know there were a few events going on this weekend but we still had a few people show up. Six riders left the coffee shop as mentioned above. Three continued from Mesa Grande Store to Warner Springs gas station, Bob/Pauly/myself. We got our garlic chicken sausage sandwiches and headed towards camp. Justin met us at the Lost Valley Rd turn off. He had drove up and had firewood, chairs, etc. We all got to the campground and there were a few other people there but it was nice. Relaxed all evening, had some cold beverages and imbibed In whatever worked for people. Tim rolled in with his van around 9pm and we all stayed up late solving the world’s problems. Sunrise came early but everyone was in a slow pace. Coffee, pack up and clean camp. We all saw a KLR come into camp with a rider perched up. It was Chris, he mentioned trying to catch up with us. Pauly and I rode with him north up to Chihuahua Valley Rd and then peeled off for the slab home. Good time, I will try to put another one together sometime soon. Just nice to get out and relax!
  10. Saturday. If you want to swing by the campground in the morning on Sunday you’re more than welcome.
  11. Hi, since this is just a short ride from Ramona to the campsite we are meeting at the coffee shop at 2pm.
  12. Weather looks good for tomorrow with lows in the 50’s. There’s a wildfire out by Aguanga that appears to be under control. We possibly have a few people bringing trucks to the site, hopefully it works out so we have firewood. I’m calling in for food orders at the gas station in an hour or so.
  13. Justin (my fake brother @tntbromo) is going as well. @Goofy Footer Tim going? I can call the gas station tomorrow to have sausages set up if I know how many. Otherwise plan to bring food!

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