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  1. tntmo

    3 of My Friends Got the 790 Adventure R

    What a time to be alive...all these choices!
  2. The Desert Dash is more than just riding the area...it’s an event. The people, the stories, the fun together, the food. It’s like the difference between listening to your favorite artist on the radio and going to a concert. But, not everyone gets it......
  3. The adventure scooter is running well. Maybe...
  4. You’re never going to be able to deconflict with everything. I had three things going on between Friday and Saturday but could work this in....this time. Next time, maybe not. Just have to see what is happening. Thanks for trying to put this together Mike. For those out who haven’t shown up in the past, please try to make it. It’s a small sacrifice of your time for a good cause. The OHV gets funds determined by how many volunteers show up. I have seen improvements over the years at Corral Canyon, new trails. Considering how many areas are getting closed or reduced in size, it’s good to see things going our way.
  5. tntmo

    New SDAR Member from Ramona, CA

    Plated electric start XR400R? Cool rig! Welcome to the group, see ya on the trail .
  6. Looks awesome, especially having the campsite all to yourselves.
  7. I have a retirement ceremony to attend, probably not gonna make it. Have fun y’all!
  8. I might be able to pull this off. Something a fat bike (Super Tenere) should do?
  9. This bike along with the KTM 790 and now Honda is rumored to have a smaller Africa Twin in the works (850cc?) is going to have a decent middle sized ADV market.
  10. tntmo

    Chix dug me.

    We had a lot of ATC's on the farm, started with a Honda 90, then a 110, 185S, Big Red....all supposedly for "farm use" but we rarely hauled hay bales or checked the crops or livestock with them. Then a Yamaha Tri-Z showed up that had been modified for racing and was pretty abused, but still darn fast. There was no way to even try to claim that was for farm use. My dad probably still wrote it off on the taxes. Had a blast in the winter towing truck inner tubes and seeing who was crazy enough to try to hold on.
  11. tntmo

    Pannier Racks and Panniers.

    My buddy who joined me on my trip to Alaska last year (Ken P) had the Tusk cases and racks on his Africa Twin. There were no issues with the cases, although he had wished they were bigger. I would recommend SoloBox, made in the USA by a friend of a friend up in Washington State. Contact Eric. $399 per set panniers available in two sizes: 39L and 33L. Mix and match at no extra charge. $239 Top boxes 38L. Designed specifically to hold your helmet. Complete packages, including pannier, racks and quick release hardware $599. For direct personalized service, or if you’d like to place an order, please call: 360-840-7139 Learn more here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt41B44MdNKzn9YE_Ew_3FA?view_as=subscriber
  12. I just might try to spend the night before, good idea.
  13. I can probably show early, have an afternoon engagement.