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  1. Good video, adventure comes in all sizes.
  2. That’s a nice tent at a decent price, looks very similar to the MSR Hubba Hubba that I’ve been using for years.
  3. We are about three weeks away from this. I have had a few people message me with questions, glad to help out anyone who is putting together a kit for this. I have spare tents, a few different cooking kit setups, sleeping pads and sleeping bags. All of this stuff was acquired when I got into hiking and did several sections of the Pacific Crest Trail with thoughts of through hiking it at some point (still wouldn't mind doing that!) Anyway, if you are needing something I may have it for loan or someone else may. I may even consider selling some of this stuff, as I don't know if I can convince my wife to go hiking anymore. Borrowing stuff for your first trip makes sense because you can evaluate it and decide if it works for you or if you want to go a different direction, but nobody ever convinced me of making sense. Pro Tip!! - If you keep an eye out for the REI parking lot sale, you can buy great quality backpacking gear at huge discounts. Almost all of my backpacking gear was purchased at these sales, but they only happen once or twice per year.
  4. I will likely pre-ride this event on my FZ-6, it’s a street bike….so any bike at any level is going to be welcome.
  5. tntmo

    Riding jacket purge

    Heated jacket sounds nice, put my name on it.
  6. Dates don’t work for you? We can try another one if this one works out well.
  7. I like this kind of enthusiasm for beverages. Don’t forget one for the organizer.
  8. I have sort of left the destination vague for now, have a couple options/ideas but I will say this much: This is not going to be a long day of riding, nor any sort of a challenging ride. It’s really more just about putting all the gear on the bike, getting away from home, setting it all up, using it, taking it down, packing up and making it home. Checking out other people’s setup, helping each other, BS session around camp, beverages, etc!
  9. Let’s pretty much lock it in for October 22nd-23rd. Saturday to Sunday.
  10. tntmo

    Help needed! 2005 ktm 250 smoker

    Any of them are fine if you aren’t running a shop or something. There are cheap Amazon specials that will get it done.
  11. tntmo

    Help needed! 2005 ktm 250 smoker

    I have been eyeballing those power probes for quite a while myself, found one at a pawn shop and picked it up. Yes...an amazing troubleshooting tool.

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