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  1. amgems, I'm on Andriod OS. I use Locus Map Pro(one time $10.99), which is Android OS only. They do have a "free" version to try out. My phone is strictly "offline". Locus Map Pro, not sure on Free, does do offline satellite maps, you would have to download what is called Locus Map Tweak This gives you the ability to download Google Maps. However you're limited to 10K tiles of download a day. The more you zoom in, the more tiles you'll need to download. I downloaded, Baja from Sawmill to Border, due to so many new gates, or exploring new single tracks, wanted to be able to zoom in, and connect to another trail, or if a rider got mechanical/hurt, have bail outs. I also added an external memory card to my phone too. The guys on advrider forum are masters of GPS Apps. How I learned to do mine. Here's the link for Locus thread Tons of Locus info here This how much I can zoom in on my offline Satellite
  2. luna

    Otay rider missing search area data only

    What I'm about to post, I was asked to share on motorcycle group. The number which I got these texts from, also said to give the group his cell if you'd like to help in the search 619-322-8065 I don't know this man, but I would want people searching for me. I post to try to keep updates as I learn and we are able to search areas they are looking, especially those that know the areas. Yes some of it maybe second or third hand, bottom line we are searching to find someone who's missing. This is a motorcycle forum, so helping my fellow motorcyclist on where they could help to look. ****disclaimer my memory sucks, but I believe this is Joel's brother's cell that texted me, I forgot his name***** Here is what I got to texted me last night at 11:03pm, This what they had on new Pings yesterday. This is the text I received this morning at 9:00am. He said this is an update Ping Map with all Pings.
  3. luna

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    The post regarding where he lived was from me, I was being told this by someone at the Pio Pico while they were there. Yeah it was second, third hand. . Maybe they misunderstood that he enters by the San Ysidro/prison. That's more to get out where he would enter/return from. Anyways lets hope he's found. I was out there today looking, didn't find him. Hopefully family will post about today, where they searched, and any new info/updates they received. Awesome to see all the guys/gals searching.
  4. luna

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    Just got a call from his good friend. They are thinking he is off Otay Truck Trail between Doghouse junction and the bottom towards the prison. Sounds like there will be a lot of hikers/walkers/searchers on that Otay Mtn Truck Trail today scouring to see if he is in the bushes, camouflaged. The road from Doghouse Junction to the prison. Been told he lives in Eastlake so thinking, the route back home. If you'd like to help in there search today, he said people can call/text him. He'll let you know areas that have been covered, so don't have to search there. He would like to know, if anyone knows the gunmen/person who supposedly talked to Bob at 1pm on Saturday, by the Sycamore Entrance. Please call if you'd like to help he'll tell you where they are currently looking and already looked, and any info on the person/gunman that saw him at 1pm on Saturday. Do not call for updates, only if you can go to help only, or info on the person/gunman.
  5. luna

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    Rory good seeing you out there. ***disclaimer just passing off second hand info what a rider told us at Pio Pico base, Per the son just got the bike about a month ago, it is street legal, only rode it 4-5 times. Each time went solo. Hasn't ridden since about 8 years ago.**** I don't imagine, being on single trails, if above is true. Bummed we didn’t find him. We rode the north east side of Otay Mtn/Sycamore Canyon. When we arrived at top of hill at Mocogo Ranch around 6ish last night, the helicopter showed up and was hovering around as we were searching too. They were VERY low. A Jeep tonight at 7pm, said he talked to a solo rider on Saturday, heading north entering Sycamore Canyon. Heading towards the rock house, which I’m assuming, not fact, Mocogo Ranch. So if his photo is taken at Ridge Rd, around 12:22pm, then Jeep seeing, what could have been him at Sycamore Canyon gates. That would be north. Again Jeep said solo rider at 1pm and was talking to him, so not sure. Lot's of uncertainty. If they are asking for silence in certain areas. Maybe someone can do, Ridge Rd to Tecate Divide to Tecate gas station route, to also check there. Super highly doubt it, but be nice someone just cover those bases too. There is a ton of people looking. Offroad community is strong! Stoked to see some many people trying! Wish I could go more, and help longer, amazing all the volunteers already. Stoked they're doing grids now, so we don't cover the same stuff over and over. If you’re going to search, take your time on main roads, maybe down side of hill in the brush off just the main trail of Otay Mtn Rd, or maybe we aren’t in correct spot. I don’t know. I wish I did! Need him found ASAP.
  6. luna

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    I have more intel, this is from 2 hours ago while a buddy was at the Pio Pico basecamp. Just got the bike not too long go. Has ridden maybe 4-5 times, each time solo. That is why we are not getting help from any riding buddies. ***disclaimer take this with a grain of salt, this what I've been told by a rider at Pio Pico at 11am at the basecamp. They aren't trusting the "Ping" location, so they want to look eastside of Otay Mtn again"**** I hate posting hearsay, but it's only info I got. So with that. I'll be going today to help search at 3pm from Pio Pico. Advanced Riders Only in group I'm going with. We are taking our HAM radios. Going to cover from Pio Pico Otay Mtn Trail to up to Towers then down East Otay Mtn Trail to Dulzura, then North towards Pink Gate, then heading back to Pio Pico. Covering north east side of Otay Mtn.
  7. luna

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    Does anyone know his riding buddies? Most my riding buddies know my loop. See if we can get a .GPX route from them, or anyone know his local loop he do from his house? He wasn't supposed to come home till 4:30pm, photo was taken at 12:22pm and he has half tank of gas left in that photo. Be nice while other's are searching "ping" of cell phone, other group of riders could continue the loop he would've taken from that photo to his home. Just thinking outside the box, while strong presence is at the "ping", maybe cover all bases in case his phone, accidentally fell out his camelbak. Just another thing to rule out, for peace of mind.
  8. GF Locus Map Pro or Locus Map Free Version is only for Android. Locus and California Trail Map make it super easy to install CTM on Locus APP. CTM will ask if you want to download in your Locus App. E32 APP is only for iOS. I still make my trails off Basecamp using my E32 maps off the PC, I had already purchased for my Garmin. Why you see some many Blue flags on mine. Those are Waypoints, for Y, T, Left Turn, Right Turn, etc. Try free version see if you like it if you have an android, or if your group is using GAIA or another popular APP, download any of thoses and give it a try. Most popular APPS are really good, just more learning curve in beginning of APP.
  9. You'll have to check, but this is off GAIA website. https://www.gaiagps.com/maps/offroad/usfs-mvum/ I know you can convert .pdf to .jpeg and reference to put in an APP navigational map. https://advrider.com/f/threads/converting-mvum-map-to-referenced-mvum-map.1360869/ Lot's of popular APPS are free GAIA, Locus Map, etc, just download another one on your phone try it out. No one I know uses that app. Sorry I can't help more. For all Avenza questions, your best bet is to search here. It's where I got all my info I needed on maps and APPS and how to use them.https://advrider.com/f/forums/mapping-navigation.37/
  10. I don't use Avenza . I always get my app help from here when I need more technical stuff, way more users and help https://advrider.com/f/forums/mapping-navigation.37/ If you do change apps, I recommend free version's first to see if you like it. From user OHGOOD: Avenza does a good job of displaying geo referenced PDFs. that's it. "for navigation try Gaia, motion x, etc on the iOS store... or REALLY jump to the top and get a $50 Android + locus map pro https://advrider.com/f/threads/anybody-using-avenza.1416112/
  11. The main app, my group uses is Locus Map Pro. One time $10.99 fee. I always recommend you get an app your group uses. Don't go off a forum, use one your buddies are using. That helps the learning curve tremendously if your friends can show you. Wanted to post a great app I enjoy, worth the $45 lifetime. https://www.californiatrailmap.com/ Here is my Locus Map Pro, I always ride in offline topo map mode to see the trails, this is just an example. Here it is for Baja. That topo map is downloaded off GE.
  12. luna

    Phone based gps help!

    Oracle, sorry to hear you didn't have good luck with magnetic plug, about 15 of us have it and use it with no problems. Tons of Baja ,CA, and AZ riding too. I do use the silicone mount, I posted on page 1. I'd give it another try once you get a better mount. We also don't use the RAM Phone mount, as that mount is terrible though it's a waste of money IMO. Also since most people use a Baofeng radio, that radio came with a tether. It works perfectly with the Kyocera. That's what we all use. Here's a pic of mount, and youtube last week riding AZ.
  13. luna

    Phone based gps help!

    Oracle, sorry little late, but yes, Phone would have been my next question. Glad it's working out for you.
  14. When recommending a Phone App I always recommend you run, whatever your group of friends you ride with run, eg: GAIA, LOCUS, OSMAND, LEADNAV, etc. There is a learning curve to apps, it's not plug and play. If you think it's simply buy a phone download an APP, and be one your way, not for you. For some you'll figure it out in two days, others up to two weeks. Reason it may take long is just the familiarity of an APP. APP's are made to be customized, so there's a load of tools for you to use in an APP. Those tools are intimidating at first. After you figure it out though, the advantages are tremendous.
  15. Figure for popularity of phone based GPS, can ask questions here about apps. Maybe make a new yearly Topic, as technology improves and new APP's are made.