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  1. luna

    new gps help

    Oracle I either you "sign in" or just be a "guest" on Caltopo. Signing in I believe you can save up to 5 maps you're working on.Maps you can "export" to GPX file or have it open in GE and save it as KML file. To get the mst out of Caltopo the YouTube tutorials made it very to helpful to make tracks quicker. I save all my maps to GPX, then import all maps to Basecamp. Basecamp I still store all my tracks.
  2. luna

    new gps help

    Dan, no problem. Ask away. ADV Bum, my primary phone is my Iphone, I just leave it in my pack. For long rides like Baja, I leave my Iphone phone in "airplane mode". In Baja my cell plan covers Baja for free so , but those who's celluar plans don't, we go to OXXO and buy a prepaid SIM card if they want cellular capabilities for that trip. When I took my Kyocera to Europe I bought a prepaid SIM card for it, to have cellualar service to it. Those are options, but again my Kyocera is offline(no service plan) GPS only. So all my maps are offline. Stays on the bike always. Just need WiFi, which is everywhere, including making your phone a hotspot. I see why motorcyclist pick "Rugged Smartphone" for their GPS weatherproof, dustproof, shockproof, etc. Why I didn't use an old iphone. Google "Rugged Smartphone" And to stay on subject, IMO we should start a new thread regarding which app to use, it's like an oil thread or tire thread. Everyone has opinions on that,myself included, I will give my top few choices in that thread.
  3. luna

    new gps help

    This is right up my alley. I haven't used my Garmin Montana in over a year since converting. There is no comparison, the smartphone is where it's at. Can make routes from your phone in minutes, instead of on a computer, Store offline Satellite maps. I use Kyocera Dura Force Pro Verizon edition. Verizon has 1GB more memory, and the better screen(sapphire). Smartphone and accessories all can be had for around $100. Here is what I use. Kyrocera Dura Force Pro Verizon Can be had for under a $100. Verizon model is the best. Silicone Cell Phone holder Tried Ram Mounts, by far silicone mount best, lower to handlebars and stays on. Magnetic Micro USB Charging Cable In case you're mobbing single tracks, branch pulls on cord, no worries its magnetic, easy to plug back USB Motorcycle Charge Kit USB plug from battery Finally to make tracks, my favorite by far is Caltopo I also use GE, but been using Caltopo as my primary. I do save every gps file I have still in Basecamp. Finally if you decide on smartphone, you'll have to choose an app. Plenty of good ones out there.
  4. luna

    Local Area

    Camping this weekend in Superstition, sounds like a fun ride.
  5. luna

    Greetings from Chula Vista

    Welcome Frank! Good guy right here. Awesome family. Everyone I have ridden with here on this board is awesome. Great bunch of people, you'll like this forum. You'll have fun on group rides. You ever need help on anything or question's please hit me up, your boys helped my boy, so will always appreciate that. Greg
  6. luna

    New KTM vs Husqvarna

    For only couple hundred dollar savings, always go with newest model. 1K+ savings,then start looking at older model. Husky/KTM pick your color. I've ridden both, both excellent. This 2019 KTM 500 from Motoworld has a low asking price I saw in Cycletrader, have to see though what OTD is with all the fees they add on. https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2019-KTM-500-EXC-F-5007192662
  7. Good times for sure! I can't make it today, going to the lake with the family. Have fun out there.
  8. Otay River Valley ride tomorrow 9/14 meet at 8:30am and return around 10:30am-11am. Beat the heat ride. Just hitting the trails/hills/tracks/explore in there for a quick ride. Small Bike Only, Intermediate+ Ride. Meeting at High Tech High School East front parking lot. https://goo.gl/maps/mjHfkpXHvhp5grkY8
  9. Sucks to always hear of new fences being put up, but hey still best places in world to ride is Baja. Food looks amazing.
  10. Have fun! I'm riding Piutes Peak area this weekend with a fairly large group. Leaving today, never been riding up there so super jazzed to hit the trails there.
  11. I'm in if it's cool to meet you when you go up Pio Pico side assuming, that's the route you're going after Honey Spring's Rd. I can be there at 9:30am and just wait for you guys. Riding the 500, it's all I got. lol I'll PM you. Greg
  12. luna

    What size tank?

    I think you're making my point, if your not going to fill up all the time, have the ergo's of smaller tank, and be comfortable on motorcycle for the ride. Takes about 20-30 minutes to change a tank out. Put the correct one on for the riding situation that day/trip. I guess we'll agree to disagree.
  13. luna

    What size tank?

    No way would I put a 6 gallon tank on there especially if you ride single trails or sand washes. With gas weighing roughly 6.3lbs x 6 gallons = 37.8lbs will handle terribly. Plus more tiring. Anyways you'd take a break for food, buddies getting gas, or rest before running out of gas. I would go with comfortable ergo's run 2.9 tank. Different folk's different strokes. Comes down to your riding style and terrain.
  14. luna

    Bridgestone Battlecross E50

    I'm a total Bridgestone guy due to motocross background. Would like to try it. Tires wear out, so would like first hand knowledge. To me X30 front/X40 rear, super solid setup. Current setup (Also happen to be D.O.T. tires) which I don't care. Fr: GT 216AA Fatty, great tire all around tire. It needs high psi as sidewalls flex for my type of riding. I run min. 15psi. Rr: Kenda Parker DT. Shocked methis tire. Absolutely love this 6ply tire. Great desert/Baja/Southwest tire. Due to 6 ply can run low psi. Predictable from new to worn. Going to Kennedy Meadows soon, so I'll be reinstalling my GT333N rear I put 70 miles on, see how that performs.
  15. Was a little worried when no one confirmed it'd be a solo mission, but Oracle was correct a couple people showed up. It was my friend Alf and Bubbagums who left from Pio Pico. Met CowboyMike who was at the top when we arrived. There's new gate fences blocking the road I wanted to take to lower end of Pio Pico campground, so we headed on the road east from Pio Pico about 3/4 mile, and entered at a gate. Haven't been on that trail in 10 years, and was super overgrown road. With the rain and weeds, there was some hidden trenches to look at for. Seems like some of main fire roads got skip loader to smooth out roads, which just created silt. Anyways was good to double the mileage, and do first half of off road trails before hitting super smooth Otay Mtn Truck Trail road from east entrance. Stoked to meet new people, was good to get a ride in. Till the next time.