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  1. Zubb, we were talking about a BBQ, each individual would have to bring something, to help with weight. Tom was talking about bringing his little charcoal grill and charcoal. I by no means know anything about fire restrictions, but when I go on BLM website, it shows some good info. BLM Fire Restriction Map BLM Seasonal Fire Restrictions Did not see any fire rings up there. You missed a good ride Zubb.
  2. Great write up! I was worried with overcast all day noone would show up. I had my friend send me a pic of his MTB ride up there, and he was above the clouds. Sure enough, that's what we experienced, it was AWESOME! So good group of guys! Dhiller and I had a great ride up, you ride very good. Fog was dense on way up in spots, was blinding in some corners. Made it above cloud cover and I took out my phone and was like a tourist. Is it an easy fireroad ride, yes. However who cares when beauty of it at the top. We are blessed where we live and have opportunities of being able to do things like this, and enjoy the view. Can't decide if I want to do this again for next two weeks straight or just one more in two weeks, I want the June gloom view again. Was nice to have brew and get to meet new people to me.
  3. Sorry Zubb, didn't see this till now. Regarding Dog Junction, it doesn't matter to me. I was going to ask everyone at Pio Pico if there is a specific SDAR one everyone goes to. That's where I want to go to. You change your mind, cruise out.
  4. Sweet! See you guys that are going at 7:15pm at Pio Pico. Remember single lane road, being used both ways. Caution around corners. It looks like it'll be around 62 degrees at Pio Pico, so you may want to bring an Enduro/Adventure jacket/ Sweatshirt for the top, as I'm sure it's cold. Let's have a good ride, and I'll see you guys at Pio Pico. Greg
  5. Seeing if anyone wants to go. Day after Father's Day, go ride a bike enjoy the view and have a brew. Bring any food you want to eat, I may get a burrito or pizza slice. Sunset is at 7:58pm. Here's two option's. 1. Meet at Pio Pico at 7:15pm 2. Meet at Doghouse Junction at 7:45pm
  6. Paul anytime! You did great, was bragging about you at party I went to later that day. Bp619 for sure, have to get together and go for a ride.
  7. So was super jonesing to ride dirt bikes. Wanted to get a ride in and no friends wanted to go. Posted on here, but had no confirmed. So I thought it’d be a solo ride today, but thought better go to place I said to meet. Sure enough there’s someone there Paul aka Bushwacker. 71 years old and still ripping! Hope to be ripping like that in 25 years from now. Having someone like that changes the dynamics of the ride and pumps you up. Super glad to meet Paul, and look forward to riding with him in the future. I had a blast.
  8. Yeah always down to ride. Let me know. Been Jonesing a Baja ride either RSV ST or Tecate to Sawmill and back.
  9. I will be riding Sunday. Meet at 0900 in front east end of High Tech High School. KSU @ 0910 . Intermediate/Expert ride, terrain maybe difficult if we ride the single track/explore. Usually about 40-50 mile loop from starting from High Tech High. If anyone is interested let me know on this thread, or PM me. Since this is a group ride I'm posting on a forum, this will be a "no drop" ride. If someone has a mechanical/ problem we all help/wait, before proceeding.
  10. luna

    Devil's Creek

    TYoo good to be true for me, have to work. Hopefully another time. Have fun, Greg
  11. luna

    Devil's Creek

    I was thinking of going on this ride, if I can get out of work tomorrow. Just have a couple of question's. How many miles between gas stops? I have a KTM 500 with stock tank, I didn't put my desert tank on yet. Total ride distance. Do you bring radios to talk to each other, if so what channel. Thanks Greg
  12. Went out there last week, entered from the prison side. Roads seemed fresh D/G and smooth. Some of D/G is still loose on top, just in case your ripping it to the top, some of corners are loose. Just an FYI.
  13. That looks awesome! Been wanting to hit up Jamul area try something new. Nice pics.
  14. I'm game, I'll PM you my cell #. Greg
  15. Nice meeting you Kenny, look forward to riding with you in the future. Greg