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  1. Honda90

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    Yes. I do all that stuff. But I can see the temptation to just take off for a spin if you live that close to a riding area. It’s like riding in your backyard.
  2. Honda90

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    The oversized tank takes the place of the shrouds.
  3. Honda90

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    Looks like he did go down on the right side. Ugh. So sad.
  4. Honda90

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    Devastating news. So sorry for his family.
  5. Honda90

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    His family asked volunteers to stage at Pio Pico Campground.
  6. Honda90

    Lark evening ride.

    Good headlight, man.
  7. Very nice. If you ever decide to part with one of your Kawies, I'm interested.
  8. This is something I have wondered about. If I have cell coverage, is dialing 911 a better/faster option than SPOT SOS?
  9. Thinking more about this. That bit about the difference speed makes in negotiating sand - my son is always telling me it will be easier if I stop holding back. But I am always thinking, "How fast do I want to be going when I finally go down." Also, would a SPOT device have worked better/faster than a cellphone in summoning help? And would you be charged for the evac/rescue if you used your own SPOT to rescue a stranger?
  10. Honda90

    Good Shoe Repair in SD Area ?

    I had my Danner's stretched and resoled at Carl's Boot Repair off Second in El Cajon. Work seems solid. Price was fair.
  11. Keep and bear arms: 1. Keep it locked away, unloaded, inoperable, inaccessible. 2. Bear. Unlock it in order to lawfully punch holes in paper at an indoor range for $30 per hour. 'Merica.
  12. Good on you for that! Wish I could have been there. To honor his life and death we should get serious about ISIS and bomb them back to the hell that spawned them. God bless our military Patriots and those who honor them.
  13. Honda90

    Single Track Etiquette and unspoken rules.

    Man-o-man I just watched a video of trail collisions. In several of them one guy would bail to the right, and the oncoming guy would just follow him. Target fixation I think. I wear hiviz always. I only ride weekdays. And I'm slow and old. Too old to fare well in a head-on.