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  1. amgems

    If a fella wanted to buy some land.....

    It's going to be very tough to find a lender for vacant land. Maybe some very small banks will do it. If you have plans to build on the land then it gets easier. You can get a loan for the construction and the land.
  2. amgems

    2020 EXC - Lambda Sensor

    Zirconia....sounds like the name of a stripper.
  3. amgems

    No Toil Filter Treatment

    Had the same problem. Called No Toil. The guy (owner) explained that if it is dripping off the filter like you describe, too much has been applied. He described how to do it right. Just add a very small amount at a time. Squeeze it to distribute, add more (just a little bit), repeat, repeat, repeat..... Do this until all the foam is covered. Just covered and no more. If you squeeze the filter and it is oozing out between your fingers, that is over oiled. Or..... it could just be because it is 143 degrees in your garage. Mine too.
  4. amgems

    Just a heads up on Crawdaddy

    Tough dude. I hope you are feeling good sooner than later Chris.
  5. amgems

    Valve Check

    Check the muffler bearings for wear and be sure to adjust the power band.
  6. I drove one once. Don't know how wide it was. It was a Yamaha and had 5 speed transmission. No CV type drive. That was fun. Buy one that doesn't turn the trails into washboard. If they have that.
  7. SDAR member Doc Holliday is in an article in the SD Union today. Home section.
  8. amgems

    No Toil Filter Treatment

    According to the MSDS the No Toil cleaner is 95%-100% Sodium Carbonate. Oxy Clean has some Sodium Carbonate. This stuff is 100% Sodium Carbonate: For cleaning out the water based No Toil it works very well. Remember.....WASHING SODA....NOT BAKING SODA.
  9. amgems

    Just got a 2007 KTM450exc

    When a leak down test shows somewhere in the range of 8%-10%it's time to look at the top end. Maybe it will just need the valves worked on or maybe it will need rings or cylinder work. Maybe all of the above. After the leak down test more diagnosis is needed to determine what specifically needs to be done.
  10. Moved to Ca. In junior high from Mineola. The girls thought the NY accent was cool..... then. Now, dey don't tink nuttin is cool bout me.
  11. amgems

    Just got a 2007 KTM450exc

    With 4k miles you are probably in good shape. Keep an eye on the counter shaft splines. They can wear on those bikes if they have a lot of street miles. If you use a high pressure grease on those splines it can help prolong thier life. Great bike. I had one. Sold it with 11,000 miles on it. I see it at D37 rides now and then, still running great.
  12. Looks like you could walk on top of the marine layer clouds. Cool.
  13. I received a reply from Senator Feinstein and Representative Scott Peters on this. Feinstein's letter addressed the issue directly and said she would oppose the tariffs if possible. But it also sounded like she may not have much say in the matter. Like Bags said, the letter may have been better addressed to the executive office. Scott Peters reply was a joke. Did not address the issue at all. But, at least i got a reply, so maybe, someone looked at the letter.
  14. amgems

    2019 Ca, Or, Nv

    Looks like some good stuff. Thanks for the pics.