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  1. Lots goin' on and didn't get the time to edit this the way I would have liked too. Anyway. a pretty good collection of clips from last weeks ride with the tourists and the butterflies. https://youtu.be/rylefAb_bvI
  2. amgems


    Works for me...."beta" testing.
  3. amgems


    I'm still working this. But the laptop is acting up. New one on order. I'm thinking something like this: Ch 1 - SDAR (146.505 no PL tone) Ch 2 - SDART (146.505 with PL tone) Ch 3 - RSUP (Superstition repeater) Ch 4 - RLAG (Laguna repeater)....
  4. The attack on Paul's wall has been reported to WAPT Walls Are People Too
  5. amgems


    So, for the non radio type guys, maybe 2 simplex on 146.505. One with pl tone, one without. And a few repeaters, Laguna, palomar mt, superstition, monument peak
  6. amgems


    I'm thinking a very simple 2 channel program for non licensed. One with PL tone, one without. The licensed operators could prolly do their own. Not sure if we want to program non licensed with repeater access.
  7. amgems


    Thanks Randy ! Appreciate the help ! 100Hz it is. A good number. Easy to remember. I just wish I could remember the code to the bathroom in the mall in Borrego Springs. Paul mentioned it before, for the Baofengs, the chirp program could be loaded and locked onto UV5R's from a laptop. I have cables for the UV5R and the BF-A58. Maybe we could program two channels, one with the PL tone and one without. In case someone shows up with a radio that is not set up and can't easily be programmed. We could then just go with no tone straight simplex like we are setup now. I'm thinking about buying the 8 watt Baofeng BF-F8HP. The programming cable is the same as the UV5R. Chirp program might be different?
  8. amgems


    Will wait for Randy to confirm, but I think the set up shown is correct. On the CHIRP web site, Understanding CHIRP's columns, I found this: Tone Mode¶ This sets the mode used to transmit or receive squelch tones (or related selective calling technologies). The following explains what the options means: (None): No tone or code is transmitted, receive squelch is open or carrier-triggered. Tone: A single CTCSS tone is transmitted, receive squelch is open or carrier-triggered. The tone used is that which is set in the Tone column. TSQL: A single CTCSS tone is transmitted, receive squelch is tone-coded to the same tone. The tone used is that which is set in the ToneSql column. DTCS: A single DTCS/DCS code is transmitted, receive squelch is digitally tone-coded to the same code. The code used is that which is set in the DTCS Code column. Cross: A complex arrangement of squelch technologies is in use. See the definition of the Cross Mode column for details. Tone This sets the CTCSS tone to be transmitted if the Tone Mode is set to Tone. In Cross mode, it has additional meanings (see description of Cross Mode for more details). ToneSql This sets the CTCSS tone to be transmitted and used for receiver squelch if the Tone Mode is set to TSQL. In Cross mode it has additional meanings (see description of Cross Mode for more details). https://chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/wiki/MemoryEditorColumns Correction on the tone, not 100Mhz, it is 100Hz.
  9. Found the area. South of Blythe, NE of the Imperial Dunes, near Walters camp. Never been, looks like a cool area to explore. https://goo.gl/maps/umr4oNgEBrw
  10. amgems


    Thanks Randy, So would line #1 shown below be correct if we were to program two handhelds for pl conversations? Does the frequency of the tone matter much? I just threw in 100 Mhz.
  11. The flowers cause an increase in traffic and the butterflies decrease visibility Editor[2].mp4
  12. Way cool ride, report, and photos guys.
  13. Is there a map? I couldn't find it. Just wondering where it is geographically in Imperial County.
  14. amgems


    So the PL tone is an acronym for Paul Limiting? Just kidding. It's a pleasure to hear Paul crooning on the radio. Just looked into using a PL tone a little bit. It seems pretty simple (on the surface). Basically you set up a channel on the radios where they operate like they are talking to a repeater but without the frequency offset. Is that correct? Is there any specific frequency for the ctcss tone when doing this ? It seems to me the columns in Chirp: Tone, ToneSql, DTCS Code, DTCS Rx Code would also need to be the same on the radios being used with a PL tone??