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  1. amgems

    Thread Repair Post

    Somebody posted something about thread repair the other day. I didn't get a chance to reply, and I think it got lost in the site fix. If you still need to chase / fix your threads, I have a thread repair kit. I'm in Poway and will be gone this morning, but will be back home by about noon. Let me know if I can help.
  2. Great day in the dez. Mule's B-Day, Cool temps, stiff breeze, good company, and CAKE!
  3. amgems

    MX Boot Resole and Repair

    Easily confused, but both excellent shops. I have been going to the guy in Encinitas for many years. Encinitas: http://www.factoryresole.com/ Corona del Mar: http://mxbootrepair.com/
  4. Monday or Tuesday work for me. Will there be cake, ice cream, pinata?
  5. They come street legal from the factory and are excellent bikes
  6. http://www.motobikejack.com/
  7. amgems


    Hey Bagstr See this thread https://dualsport-sd.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24973-programming-radios/ Randy sez he can program the FT-270....
  8. amgems


    Going to "shift" blame. Christian, the guy who started gpsxchange, sold the site a few years ago. The new owner is Daniel Pifko. I sent an email to him and he said he will take a look. Not sure he is maintaining the site the way Christian used to. So I will blame him, at least, until it's fixed. Not sure if i should post his email on the public forum. Send a PM if you want it. Christian is very active on ADVRider. He sent me the email for the new owner The tracks are still up loadable and downloadable, just can't view them on the Google maps at this point. DualSportmaps is working fine. Upload and download. Found this nice tutorial video for Dualsportmaps. https://youtu.be/Ol7PnuOHGxM Motobrain is the owner of Dualsportmaps and is also active on ADVRider.
  9. amgems


    Anybody used it lately? It seems the "Index on Google Maps" isn't working. Is it me?
  10. amgems

    RIP Schwinn

    Met him and talked to him a few times. A good guy. Very sad to hear he is gone.
  11. Highlight reel: https://youtu.be/7e7hFqEvbVw
  12. Great location and a great couple of shots https://www.wikiloc.com/offroading-trails/military-wash-7111147#wp-7111153 “Rake stations” were constructed to assist in accuracy training. A rake station is a four-posted tower in which observers would track the accuracy of bullets and bombs with the use of a four-tined instrument calibrated to line up the observer’s vision with the airfield. When bombs or bullets hit the ground they create dust “pick-ups,” by which an observer could gauge the accuracy of the shot with the rake. (explanation by Barbarella Fokos)
  13. If you look close at the Google map you can see some tracks wandering accross the dez. Look south east of the slab. Could these be the fossilized tank tracks?
  14. We've probably ridden by it many times.