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  1. amgems

    Plans for New Club Event & Other SDAR Stuff

    I've been in AZ about 2 1/2 years now. I've joined a few clubs here. Arizona Trail Riders, Prescott Trail Riders, and Coconino Trail Riders. There are a few things in common with these clubs that I didn't see in SDAR. They are all successful clubs with a president, secretary, treasurer, etc. Sometimes one person takes on more than one of those roles. Another thing they have is annual membership dues. Usually about $25 per year. Maybe a mandatory dues requirement to have access to the site would help? Monthly meetings with a donation jar? Just brainstorming. If you would want to talk to any of the officials in either ATR or CTR for some help, let me know. I'll do what I can to get you in touch. I'm pretty sure they would be happy to help with ideas. I'm not to active with PTR so not sure about contacts there. I just sent in $25 and I hope you can keep it going. Good luck Mimi.
  2. amgems

    Supporting Member SDAR Donations

    I donated too. But I won't post up here that i did, because I'm really humble. Thanks to those that keep it going!
  3. amgems

    Phone based offline navigation

    Thanks Jon, That is a very cool tool. Also like "Drive Mode Dashboard" app, looks like it would pretty helpful. I hadn't heard about any of these.
  4. amgems

    Plastic Razor Blades

    One of my favorite tools. Great for gasket removal. https://scraperite.com/
  5. amgems

    Free Android Apps for smart phone mileage tracking

    Any of the gps apps for android will do it. Gaia, Osmond, etc. I think most have a free version. Just turn on track recording at the start of your ride.
  6. amgems


    If it is closed, it's ok to go thru. Just be sure to close it again. If the gate is open leave it open. Some forest land is used for grazing and the gates manage that.
  7. amgems


    I wasn't trying to be funny. From what i have seen, generally, when there is a locked gate on forest service land, the land behind it is private. The forest service may have easement rights to fight fires etc. But the land owner doesn't want the general public on that road. They're are exceptions. Lots of private land here in AZ where access is permitted, as long as you don't scare the cows and close the gate. If you ride it and don't see any signs your probably fine. It's hard for private land owners to completely block the entire portion of road that runs thru thier land, so they will gate one end of it.
  8. amgems

    Programming Radios

    Here are the Rugged Radio and PCI Race Radio programmed lists PCI.pdf Rugged.pdf
  9. amgems

    Programming Radios

    If you couldn't hear the other guys it could likely be the squelch settings. The squelch settings on the cheap China radios are not very "linear". They are kinda funky. Someone told me they are like a Suzuki RM400 - either ON or OFF. There is a way to tweak the squelch, and make it useable, but I have never tried it. I've just left it at factory settings and it works ok. The other thing to look at is the antenna. Maybe try it with stock antenna and aftermarket and see if it works differently. There are some fake Nagoya antennas out there. Here is a screen shot of how I programmed my radio to work with the commonly used Rugged programmed channels, and SDAR Freq. This one is for the BF-A58 but should be the same for the UV-5R Let me know how it goes.
  10. Just read in AMA magazine the proposal to add tariffs on bikes from Europe has been dropped. Obviously because of us.
  11. amgems

    Garmin zūmo® XT anyone using this?

    Don't count out the heavy duty phone (Duraforce) as a gps unit. It is a much cheaper solution and some guys swear by it. There are a couple of big threads on this forum in this topic (GPS Stuff) all about the hardware, software, and about using them. I prefer the very rugged Garmin 610 and it's companion software Base Camp, but I do like the much larger offerings of maps from the phone based apps. Particularly GAIA. The phone just isn't designed like the purpose built Garmin unit, but is nice to have in the back pocket...for me.
  12. amgems

    Garmin zūmo® XT anyone using this?

    Garmin 610 for me. Tried the phone as gps. It is ok but not great. 610 is easier to see in sun. Phone is hard to see, and goes dim in heat. Primary is 610. Use phone as secondary aid.
  13. amgems

    That darn zipper

    That's good. I would have put it on upside down.
  14. amgems

    That darn zipper

    This is my favorite new tool. I used it to repair my back pack. I did a way better job than the seamstress did. It was so much fun to use, now I look around for stuff to fix. Very good instructions on their web site. Maybe it could be used on your zipper. http://www.speedystitcher.com/