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  1. amgems

    What is up with this?

    Hey Mark, I think your gonna have to take it apart to find out what's up. Some things to look for: Could be something not lined up correctly. Maybe a broken weld. Maybe the perforated tube has split or has a hole in it. That's quite a bit of packing. I think the stock mufflers use o rings to seal the caps.
  2. amgems

    Joe Hauler JH19 Model

    Edited 1st post with drawing
  3. amgems

    Joe Hauler JH19 Model

    Thanks Van, I've looked at those and also the aluminum carriers from Harbor Freight. I was concerned about the strength. Good to know yours is holding up. The price is right.
  4. amgems

    Joe Hauler JH19 Model

    Their web site is kinda messed up. It has this carrier listed on two pages and the specs are different on both pages. I tried loading the 500 on it, and it is clearly too small. The bike barely fits on it and hangs way off the right side too much. I wouldn't sell it to you to haul your bike Bags.
  5. amgems

    Coyote Canyon

    Can we say "Super Bloom" ? Nice job Jim. What editor do you use? you are very good at it.
  6. Did I do something inappropriate?
  7. amgems

    Helmet rack

    Cool, I know I have a hard time throwing helmets away. I thought about tuning them into planters. But I think they would just fall over.
  8. I screwed up. Bought this and it turns out it is too small for my bike. Please see this ad on Craigs List for the details. Price is $160 for SDAR. I don't know why it says Rancho Santa Fe. I'm in Poway This Joe Hauler is the JH19 model. Please check it out here: http://www.joehauler.com/minihaulers/minihaulers.shtmlMid-Size Single HaulerFits any Class III 2" receiver type hitchHold street and dirt bikes up to 200 lbsLonger 65" wheel railAll welded constructionWeighs 35 lbs.Comes with the home made ramp.It is in excellent conditionEZ way to transport kids bikes like: KX85, YZ85, RM85, CR85, 85SX etc. Will also carry some 100cc, 125cc, 150cc, etc. bikes https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/mpo/d/rancho-santa-fe-joe-hauler/6820403866.html
  9. This is a great place and a great group of people, and I ain't leavin'. Just interested / curious about the other groups and different locations. Thanks. (sorry 'bout side track of thread)
  10. I've seen this one: https://www.meetup.com/California-Dual-Sport-Riders/ I can't seem to find any other local dual sport Please share some of the others, Thanks.
  11. Better late than never. A little video from the ride. Having fun honing my editing skills. Still need to work on GoPro battery management skills. Captured the first half of the ride, then the battery ran out and missed the fun stuff Jim H took us on in the mud hills out towards Truckhaven. https://youtu.be/cNhb2nNQIIY
  12. We used to ride in that area millions of years ago. We used to call the whole area Tenaha (spelling is probably wrong) There were some very tough trails. I think a lot of it is now designed wilderness. We once wandered onto Pendelton and got chased by helicopters. It's been so long I don't think I could find my way out there any more. Anybody have directions? Would like to ride that area again. Gotta give the guy credit for making it on a TW. Rough trail. I haven't tried to embed. Just posted the link to YouTube.
  13. amgems

    Happy Birthday CID

    Happy birthday Chris!
  14. Great ride! Thanks Chris! Please also thank Jim H. for his fun trails. Nice dirt, and what a surprise to see Rick Johnson on Devils Slide. I'll try to get a video posted pretty soon. In the mean time here are some pics:
  15. amgems

    ABDSP ride

    Your updated B.S. micro-climate forecast: