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  1. You guys cannot be replaced. I have new friends in addition to my old friends. I have to stop now.... I'm tearing up.
  2. Not yet, not yet! But.......Here is a video of a ride we did Sunday. Quality goes to hell on YouTube, but it gives an idea of the stuff out here. This is the easiest loop I have so far. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKNC3hOHPF8
  3. Now see.....This makes perfect sense. I'll send you my wife's phone number. You have a way of talking to people that is very convincing.
  4. Let me get some more tracks recorded.....
  5. Suspension is set to "comfort". I'm told that is the preferred setting for the more elderly riders. Rarely hit 3rd, mostly 1st and 2nd. Sand is rare. A guy up in Flagstaff has "the" setup for riding rocks. Will get his mods next suspension service. https://www.7kmachine.com/ He's a member of Coconino Trail Riders, as am I, based on your advice Dave. Awesome club. Thanks.
  6. Hey, I ain't forgot youz guyz. Doing more exploration around Camp Verde. This place has some very challenging trails. Lots of large embedded rocks And some steep climbs. So far I've mapped out a couple of 70ish - 80ish mile loops. Some very hard, Some easy (by AZ standards). Some pics attached from some of the hard ones. The local bike shop recommended the Sedona MX907HP as a rear tire. This thing is amazing, trials tire type traction in the rocks. I do miss riding Anza Borrego now and then. May be staying at a friends place in Ocotillo Wells in January. No dates yet. Having fun in the Zone.
  7. You should be able to get a motor vehicle use map from the forest service. Maybe online or in the office. The MVUM for Coconino can be downloaded to the GPS.
  8. Awesome. That's not that far off. All those scenarios work for me.
  9. Once we get some more stuff done on the house, I'll get more time, explore more, and then will for sure be happy to escort the Californians on some rides.
  10. It is a very nice area. I did my research before moving. Lots of riding, moderate climate for AZ. Still available for breakfast club rides with enough notice. About 6 hours from here to Kendalls.
  11. Don't remember exact numbers, but it was about the same as CA. I got two tags, one for street and one for off road. Street one was about same as CA. Off road one was something like $25. Money goes to some kind of trail fund? I just did what the lady told me to do.
  12. They called it the "Non-Soon" this year. Much lower rainfall than usual. We did get a few really cool storms though. Fun for me to watch. The big rough tough German Shepard (cough-cough) didn't care for them much. The mapping continues. Lots of work ahead. I missed a lot of turns and hidden trails that are on the maps. Next time out I'll try to find them.
  13. Recently moved to AZ. Just started exploring the area around Camp Verde. Lots of opportunities in the adjacent Prescott & Coconino National Forests. From my driveway, in one direction, Coconino NF is literally less than 1/4 mile away, Prescott NF about 2 miles. I forgot how rocky it is here in AZ. Got back into rock riding form after about a 1/2 hour. Here are some pics from my first Prescott NF 77 mile loop.
  14. You gotta quit runnin' that Walmart oil.
  15. Bummer dude. But it was a nice apology. Detonation could be a factor. Depending on the program in the ecu, these bikes can detonate when under a heavy load. Even with fresh gas. They run lean in the low desert. The last bike with the 390 kit had a "tune" in the ECU, from Travis, that allowed it to ping under heavy load. I would add some Torco octane booster and that got rid of it. Or...Maybe you are just too damn hard on that poor thing.