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  1. Without pics it never happen.
  2. I would spray WD40 or equivalent penetrating oil on the left side of the axel in the pinch bolt area and let it sit for about 15 minutes. The right side pinch bolts should be tight so the axel can't spin. From the pic the nut looks rounded so, try the vice grips fist and make sure you get a good bit on the nut and try to turn it. I can't believe you are having such a hard time with the axel nut but, things happen. Another method that I have used with great success is the use of a punch and hammer. Be careful not to damage the axel threads.
  3. Lefty loose righty tighty right? Just saying.
  4. Is the 2 10 mm pinch bolts loose on the left side?
  5. Grapevine canyon is closed. FYI
  6. Beta450

    First ride with a Recluse

    I have been using Rekluse for 10 years in 2 different bikes and I could never get them to stop creeping at idle. The Rekluse isn't perfect but I am lazy and want to enjoy the senery when I ride.
  7. Crown King is a great place to ride with alot of trails.
  8. There are several routs to take but a few sections I would take black top just to avoid canal banks. What bike would you use for the adventure?
  9. Beta450

    Race Tech Spring Rate Calculator

    I used George in the past and nothing but good things to say about him and his work but with a move to Texas and back was in 4 months I have been placed on restriction by the Warden.
  10. Beta450

    Race Tech Spring Rate Calculator

    Thank you for all of the advise. The bike that I'm looking at replacing the springs on is a 2007 KTM 525 exc. I would like to take out some of the harshness on square edges with springs for my weight before doing a revalve. So what spring brand is recommended?
  11. This is for the suspension tuners. How accurate is the Race Tech Spring Rate Calculator in determining your spring rate and should one round up or down when in between rates?
  12. Beta450

    Carb, rich or lean?

    Buying anything used I recommend pulling the card and cleaning it. Then you know what you have and go from there. A JD jet kit makes things really easy and it works great.
  13. How do the dogs like it?

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