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  1. It also could depend on whether or not the bike is plated or OHV. If it's plated and not enrolled in SENTRI it could be construed as using non-SENTRI vehicle in SENTRI lane. A few months ago we crossed thru SENTRI with 2 OHV bikes and 1 plated (non-SENTRI) bike in bed of truck with no issues.....just saying
  2. beniflas

    Life is fragile!

    Jim, thoughts and prayers going out to his family and to you.
  3. 1 gallon Prestone bottle in an ammo dump pouch. Straps onto tool pack belt and also has a thigh strap..think drop down holster.
  4. beniflas

    Hot deal on Garmin Inreach SE+

    That is a great deal. Anyone wanna buy my Delorme so I can upgrade? ?
  5. beniflas


    tntmo, have you tried contacting SpotX tech support? Hopefully this was just a one time deal.
  6. beniflas


    Hmmm, must be an SDAR thing. I did a baja ride with another member that got a flat as we were leaving Tecate. Tire had about three 1-inch gashes in it. We pulled into a llantera and found a tire iron inside the tire. I'll try to dig up the pic.
  7. Any SDAR guys do some 60s scrambling? Not calling you old, I ask in a respectful somewhat jealous way. I'm digging the shop art at about the 3:00 mark
  8. beniflas

    Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    Hardwired harness
  9. beniflas

    Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    Another thing to consider about that kit is that it's hardwired for the RH5R or Kenwood radios only. They offer a harness that can accept different "jumper cables" depending on what radio you're using. This can come in handy if happen to use a different radio brand/model. All you would have to do is get the corresponding jumper cable. https://www.ruggedradios.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1104_1239&products_id=147 1st pic is the hardwired version, 2nd pic is the one that can use different jumper cables
  10. Can the Governor grant me a work reprieve? I'm finally able to get weekends off, but now I miss out on weekday rides.
  11. beniflas


    Yep, can't go wrong with MSR gear. I just ordered this pack, priced right and good reviews too https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/4538/66157/MSR-A4-Hydro-Pack?c=5538
  12. I'm running the same light at Mikey777 but I kept my stock headlight/turnsignal switch. I also added a dimmer from Baja Designs that when the headlight switch is in the low position it dims the light down to about stock headlight brightness and in the high position it shoots out full brightness.
  13. beniflas

    Looking for tire suggestions

    Kenda Parker DT. Nuff said. I always thought the Maxxis chunked off too much in harder rocky terrain