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  1. beniflas

    McCain Madness?

    Thanks for the updates! My crew backed out for tomorrow, so my cousin and I rode around Super today. Perfect conditions!
  2. Thinking about a McCain ride this Sunday. How are the conditions up there? Any snow on the ground? What's it like riding up there when it has snowed?
  3. beniflas

    Costco Deal - Jump Starter Pack

    Just ordered one...i have another one that I keep in the RZR. I could've used it last week in Flagstaff on a family trip....jumped in the wife's car at the hotel and "click click" was all I heard instead of the engine cranking over. And of course the first image to pop into my head was the jump starter in my RZR, in my garage about 380 miles away. 😣
  4. beniflas

    What's Open?

    Superstition is open. No plate required. Just about everything north of I-8 between Ocotillo and Dunaway Rd is open OHV.
  5. beniflas

    KKug Happy Birthday

    Feliz Cumpleaños Señor Kug!
  6. beniflas

    You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda

    They should learn pivot turns to avoid 9 point turnarounds. "They" includes me. 😟
  7. amgems, are you near Cottonwood? We camped there this summer...looked like there's a lot of places to explore in that area
  8. Good times with good people! Thanks again Mike.
  9. It also could depend on whether or not the bike is plated or OHV. If it's plated and not enrolled in SENTRI it could be construed as using non-SENTRI vehicle in SENTRI lane. A few months ago we crossed thru SENTRI with 2 OHV bikes and 1 plated (non-SENTRI) bike in bed of truck with no issues.....just saying
  10. beniflas

    Life is fragile!

    Jim, thoughts and prayers going out to his family and to you.
  11. 1 gallon Prestone bottle in an ammo dump pouch. Straps onto tool pack belt and also has a thigh strap..think drop down holster.
  12. beniflas

    Hot deal on Garmin Inreach SE+

    That is a great deal. Anyone wanna buy my Delorme so I can upgrade? ?
  13. beniflas


    tntmo, have you tried contacting SpotX tech support? Hopefully this was just a one time deal.
  14. Any SDAR guys do some 60s scrambling? Not calling you old, I ask in a respectful somewhat jealous way. I'm digging the shop art at about the 3:00 mark
  15. beniflas

    Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    Hardwired harness

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