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  1. Maintaining access, with a quieter muffler outfitted with a sparky. That is it.
  2. A fun adventure. Great to be a part of it. Good friends, good weather, awesome bike (The Mule)! Perfect.
  3. SoCalMule

    AZ Loop

    Looked like fun Jim!
  4. SoCalMule


    Weight? What do you mean by weight?
  5. SoCalMule

    Covid - Picture contest final voting closes 5-4

    I vote for rigger Dan’ Baja is calling
  6. RIP Marty and Nancy...
  7. SoCalMule

    Suspension Sag With / Without Gear

    Your answer is in that video. πŸ˜‰
  8. SoCalMule

    Hey 2 smoke guys, what's the bike to get?

    2020 KTM 300 XC-W TPI Erzberg Rodeo edition...Pretty!
  9. SoCalMule

    KTM 525 Leaky Countershaft?

    The aluminum flakes are from the stripped out shift lever. The clutch master cylinder needs to be bled and properly adjusted. I recommend that you not install a Rekluse.
  10. SoCalMule

    KTM 525 Leaky Countershaft?

    Ditto on my 07!
  11. SoCalMule

    KKug Happy Birthday

    I thought you were turning forty? HBD!
  12. Just stay safe while out there riding; the last place you want to test your immunity skills is a hospital right now The homebound Mule
  13. Hi Greg, my wife and I were married in Hana. There is a professional photographer that I ride with that would probably like to swap stories with you. There is a friendly group in your age bracket that likes to ride out in the Anza Borrego area when allowed to. Welcome to the forum. πŸ˜€
  14. SoCalMule

    COVID - Picture Contest

    I like how your bikes are social distancing πŸ˜‰