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  1. SoCalMule

    If I had the $ .........

  2. SoCalMule

    If I had the $ .........

    I noted he used an IRC M5B on the rear. I swear by this tire on my 450 exc.
  3. At the S22 and the Fonts Point wash entry John Ravera riding his DS bike T-Boned an illegal u-turn vehicle. Was medevac’d from BS airport
  4. With all of the distractions that our current (COVID) situation provides, any "possible" distraction in/on a motor vehicle must be eliminated. Borrego has seen two serious car vs motorcycle "collisions" (not accidents) this last week; both were distracted drivers that could not clear/hold proper lane control or lane clearance prior to entering traffic. We have a lot on our minds that detract from the task at hand...operating a motor vehicle in a safe manner. My three cents. SCM
  5. Thanks Baggs👍🏽 A tywrap on the front brake works to keep the bike from rolling when working on the rear tyre.
  6. Could you show a picture for the front tire? Thanks
  7. A great day! Thanks for posting Kevin! You are an accomplished sand navigator 👍🏽
  8. Very good clear and concise information. Spend some quality time at home; not often the general population gets a chance for that. Stay out of fear. Stay centered and present. Peace, Mark
  9. Just forwarded the link to a few folks that can benefit from this new information. Thanks!
  10. SoCalMule

    Helping Others During This Madness

    Yes! We have a few older people that we are purchasing grocery items for. The California guidelines are now (3/15/20) recommending that people that are 65 years old and above should shelter in place, so this will create a new sense of community to aide people that usually are very self sufficient. Find a need and fill it.