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  1. SoCalMule

    2 stroke jetting.

    Trust stock jetting settings. Soaking jets in gun cleaning solvent over night and using a clipped wire from a large wire brush to clear holes works well, so is good gas and proper oil mixture ratios. Air box free of obstructions, air filter clean and serviced. New spark plug and good wiring.
  2. SoCalMule

    Ever seen a street legal DS ridden by a pro?

    80% the rider 19% the bike 1% the white and orange riding gear
  3. SoCalMule

    New KTM vs Husqvarna

  4. Miss you Jim, sure looks nice there.
  5. What a nice ride! Great photos. Thanks for posting. 🤗
  6. I'm watching the exit point...I'm watching the exit point...I'm
  7. SoCalMule

    Back in the saddle

    Good deal Chris!
  8. And it all started when John Penton sold his little company...
  9. Yuasa YUAM32X5B YTX5L-BS Battery $39.00 Amazon Prime free shipping. Replace mine in the 450 exc every other year just because. Starts well in cold temps! If I don't fill my water bladder to the very top...this battery is the same weight as the lithium model...go figure?
  10. E Bikes, 2T Enduro Bikes, oh my! https://auto.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/two-wheelers/motorcycles/after-husqvarna-ktm-adds-spanish-brand-gasgas-to-its-kitty/71317444
  11. Already have a third of your miles on my rebuild just months ago. Must find a way to extend these service interval hours.