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  1. SoCalMule

    Headin' North!

    Good job! That's what keeps me coming to the site. Thanks Randy
  2. Welcome Moto_rhp! Glad you found the site; there are some really great / welcoming people here! See you on the trail. Best regards, Mark
  3. SoCalMule

    AMA Hall of Famer Spotlight

    That is a fond memory from all the way back to when I was a 7th grader at Wilson Jr. High jumping my Stingray over trash cans!
  4. SoCalMule

    Maxxis Tire Markings?

    Kind of a been there done that experience. https://www.thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1338279-maxxis-desert-it-rear-tire-directional/
  5. I'm always so impressed with what you guys do on the XL bikes! Impressed!
  6. SoCalMule

    SDAR get together with KTMrad 04/06/22

    Won't be able to make it this time. Have fun!
  7. SoCalMule

    Daily pics of good times

    What a great ride! Groomed to perfection!
  8. SoCalMule

    Daily pics of good times

    What a fun post! Thanks Chris.
  9. The Chain and the Exhaust are located on the wrong side of that Costa Rican Honda 250!!! 🤣
  10. SoCalMule

    Daily pics of good times

    Paul likes bright colors! 🤣
  11. SoCalMule

    Daily pics of good times

    Here are a few more SDAR fun times.
  12. I passed along the information to my friend. I believe that the area in question is just over the border in Mexico though. I'll update when/if he updates me back. Might be some "secret squirrel" stuff going on. 😎

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