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  1. Zero Vis was the name of the game in PA and the surrounding area! Many times we had to land at Fairchild Airport (1000 ft.) due to Edez Hook (water level where the airstation is located) being socked-in! Back in the early eighties the first helicopter I flew there was the Sikorsky (HH-52A)...it had no weather radar! Glad to be here "now" many times over!
  2. Paul always has a habit of keeping folks on their toes! Braap!
  3. Thank you Bags! I was stationed at the Coast Guard Airstation in PA twice! There were so many incredible single track areas along the Olympic mountain range back in the eighties and nineties! I rode a KX250 back then! Really nice to have an unexpected blast-from-the-past! Best Regards, SCM
  4. Great video Jim! Spirited music for a spirited ride! Thanks buddy!
  5. Quinn was out in the Borrego Truckhaven area a few months ago just prior to the launch of the 790. Bagster and I had the pleasure of picking his brain on the development of this bike. I may wait a year or two for any possible "first year bugs" to be addressed; then I would sure like to pull the trigger on this bike!
  6. Looked like a fun adventure! Great pics! Thanks guys! 🐞
  7. Is this what you all mean?
  8. SoCalMule

    A New 2020 Honda CR500? This could be fun!

    Bummer! I watched a video a while back on Dirt Bike Channel of a seventy year old fella riding an old CR500 in the desert and he handled it pretty well.
  9. SoCalMule

    Chix dug me.

    This was my version in the early eighties... we regularly won on the Port Angeles WA MX track!
  10. http://dirtbikelover.com/2020-honda-announces-limited-editon-cr500/ I owned a 1981 Honda CR450. It was a four speed! (Fast, Faster, Fastest and Ludicrous Fast) Imagine a 2020 version of a CR500 that weighs 197 pounds!? I wonder if this could be a test bike for future off-road versions? Eyes stuck in the back of the head Mule
  11. SoCalMule

    XC4 fuel pumps- what I've discovered

    Oh I just love the idea of running a carburetor! Quick note on being towed: "Wrap the tow line around 3-4 times to your clutch hand. Ensuring that if the towed rider loosens his clutch-hand grip, the tow line pulls free. This allows the towed rider to release the line at any time in case of trouble."
  12. Just wanted to share a few of Paul's shots of Van and I playing. I know Paul is going to kick my butt for posting these; but hey....I like to live life on the edge! Cheers! Clean lines on Blow Sand Mule