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  1. SoCalMule

    Life is Good

    Perfect weekend Zubb! The smiles says it all! Joe is smiling ear to ear! Thank you for this post it sure made my day!
  2. I'm not too familiar with the OHV sticker system...does the Beta X-trainer need a sticker to ride McCain?
  3. SoCalMule

    Another RFS Build

    It’s always nice to see you and RFS get a new lease on life! Good job!
  4. SoCalMule

    Why it's best to run DOT tires

    The Anza Borrego area is composed of 90% loose sand. Non DOT Soft / Intermediate rated tires ("wide open blocks") ultimately translates into rider safety due to the motorcycle's best traction capabilities. I agree if a DS rider slides out on the asphalt into the path of an oncoming vehicle (most likely the rider's fault) that the inspecting Highway Patrol person will note whether or not the DS rider's tires are DOT approved thus the insurance companies may in fact not to back their insured rider. So by all means choose a DOT tire to keep you safe with the law and the insurance companies. For me I select the best tire for the riding conditions I am currently riding, and this keeps me the safest on the dirt. I ride 90% dirt 10% slab.
  5. SoCalMule

    Happy Birthday CID

    Happy Happy Chris!
  6. SoCalMule

    Lower Profile Rear Tire

    Just an old trick that I have used for years and it works well; 1. Take your old tube, cut out the valve stem, split the tube through the middle. 2. Stuff your new HD tube inside the old split tube and add a spot of air (just a little). 3. Stuff the "tube-in-a-tube" into your new 120/90-18 Dunlop Geomax MX 33 SI tire (lasts 30-40hrs. and is the best for lots of sand, rocks without chunking , and a wee bit of slab thrown in). 4. Pull the valve stem through the rim, now add the nut. 5. Install the tire to the rim. 6. Add 12 psi air. 7. Enjoy years of riding with out ever getting a pinch flat. 8. Same thing for the front, just use the Maxxis SI fatty tire 90/100-21. *Long Nails might alter your results drastically. πŸ¦—
  7. SoCalMule

    Decisions and looking for input

    Well done my friend!
  8. SoCalMule

    Decisions and looking for input

    On a 1090 should be a lot of fun!
  9. SoCalMule

    In Recovery

    Do well Brother.
  10. SoCalMule

    2020 KTM 500 exc tuning

    Best option for when you are on a budget! https://tacomoto.co/collections/engine-management/products/smog-delete-kit?variant=31891213451367 https://tacomoto.co/collections/engine-management/products/copy-of-dobeck- https://tacomoto.co/collections/engine-management/products/o2-sensor-delete-plug ejk-electronic-jet-kit-2017-2019-husqvarna-501fe-or-2017-2019-ktm-500exc-f?variant=37879979016367 https://tacomoto.co/collections/exhaust/products/spark-arrestor-high-performance-end-cap-ktm-exc-17?variant=31425132855399 These guys will talk you through it on the phone...if you need a little help.
  11. SoCalMule

    Suspension 101 Gobbler Report

    I’m sure looking forward to our next gathering πŸ‘πŸ½
  12. SoCalMule

    Suspension 101 Gobbler Report

    Glad your happy with your new investment Dave! Pretty "trick" as the youngsters say! πŸ¦ƒ
  13. like I say, dogs are just retired millionaires. Happy BD Doc!