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  1. Robert, you posted a Jpeg (picture), I'm guessing you indented to post a link? I've searched on-line for more info on this and found info on this event that shows it was scheduled for September 24th. I'm guessing it was rescheduled for some reason? Do you have a link to the current info? Thanks, O
  2. Oracle

    Geico ADV Rally, who's going?

    Mileage, time, the difficulty of terrain, and distance vary by how hard you want to work. There are teams that want to win, so they might spend 13 hours on the bike each day, hitting as many checkpoints as fast as possible. Some of the fastest teams will bring two bikes for each person, an adventure bike and a small bike. They'll hit the technical stuff one day on small bikes and the long road section on their adventure bikes the next. But of course most teams just want to cruise, hit as much as possible, and enjoy the weekend. There will be section where only advanced ADV bike riders should be doing on ADV bikes. If you just want to have fun, do some riding, not take things too seriously, and not worry about getting in a jam, I'd go with the 500.
  3. For sale, 2004 Honda CRF150F. The bike is in great shape, runs perfectly, starts easily, and is ready to go for the season. My son is moving up to a 250f this year so it's time for the next kid to have a blast on this bike. $2400 OBO. Located in Ramona. If you are serious, then private message me. Thanks.
  4. Oracle

    New to me 17 KTM 500 exc

    Wow, a 2017 with 708 miles. What a score.
  5. I'll be somewhere between Ramona and Idaho on that date. Y'all have fun.
  6. Holy moly...Keep it coming
  7. Oracle

    Help needed! 2005 ktm 250 smoker

    Worst comes to worst...there are companies that can repair some CDI's.
  8. Oracle

    Look Ma, I'm famous

    Guess I never did a ride report. Oh well...I'm off to Nevada in a couple weeks. Maybe do an RR after I get home from there...or maybe not...🤣
  9. You guys are nuts....left at 10pm and rode through the night...😵
  10. Following. I'll be riding Nevada BDR 10/19 to 10/26ish...so I'll be gone that 1st-weekend option. Possible for the 29th/30th....but since I'll just be getting home from a week trip camping off the bike, I'm probably unlikely, so don't arrange anything around me.
  11. Oracle

    Your Next Big Ride

    I led a club overnight ride for noobs a few years ago to Santa Rosa (Tom, weren't you on it?). Everyone had a blast. And quite a few learned some valuable lessons on setup, gear, luggage, etc. One guy had a yard sale of gear, sorry can't remember who it was, for about a mile down a trail because he tied everything down with bungee cords. Bungee cords don't work for what we do. We fixed him up and got back on the road and everyone had a laugh over it. God, who was it??? Anyway, these types of rides are an excellent resource for noobs to learn. I've ridden thousand and thousand of miles off road in remote areas camping off my bike and am constantly learning and changing things up. I think I have three full sets of bags, tents, gear, etc, that I went through before I got a pretty good grasp on the way I wanted to do it. Here's a pic from the top of Santa Rosa
  12. Zubb, you must be thinking of something else, because the gates Goofy inquired about are almost always open, only occasionally close for inclement weather. Goofy, if I get a chance, I'll cruise over tomorrow and check them out. My guess is that they are open.

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