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  1. Following. Can't commit yet.
  2. Kato, I have three kids that ride 18 (boy), 16 (girl), and 13 (boy). We are out there a lot. Come hook up with us any time. Send me a pm for more info.
  3. Oracle

    Free Android Apps for smart phone mileage tracking

    Android has a standard app called "my tracks". It might already be on your phne. Or like Jim said, any host of free apps like Gaia, Rever, Relive, onx....etc....
  4. Oracle


    Jim is talking about the gate at the beginning of Lusardi Truck Trail (the formal name for the trail we are talking about) at Pamo Road. This gate is often closed, but seldom LOCKED. If it is not locked, then you are free to enter. If the gate is closed, make sure you close it. If it's open, leave it open. The other gate that is half way to the 76 is ALWAYS locked. Like I said earlier, it's easy to get around, and not a big concern to do so, but you'll run into the chain link fence maybe 100 yards up the road. So feel free to explore it a bit but you'll just end up turning around and heading back down. This area is my back yard. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  5. Oracle


    To answer your question more specifically, there is a forest service gate (easy to get around) and then a private party chain link fence that completely blocks the road at about the half way point between Pamo road and the 76, so that is the turn around point from the Pamo side.
  6. Got it, thanks Mike. Looks like there is more in the area. I'd like to check out Valley of the Moons too. PMB, next week is no good for me. But soon. BTW, total elapse time to loan tracks into my phone...47 seconds. Hit download, open Gaia, click upload, click track, synch to phone....so easy...basecamp is so yesterday...
  7. Thanks all. I've never explored this area....need to get out there.
  8. Where's this so called gnarly uphill mentioned above. Pin drop would be sweet.
  9. How dare you not mention the 1090r in the group....you're fired!
  10. Oracle

    Garmin zūmo® XT anyone using this?

    About 2/3rds the way down on the left side of the page, there's a bullet point on managing tracks and routes. Maybe I'm wrong, you are definitely way ahead of me in GPS technical knowledge. https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/679804#overview
  11. Oracle

    Garmin zūmo® XT anyone using this?

    Randy, the XT is brand new. And I believe it uses both tracks and routes. It is not like the previous Zumo units. Robert, there are a couple guys on Flying Monkeys that just got these units within the last couple weeks. So far the input has been positive. I'm seriously consider one myself. Extra bright screen
  12. Yes. Here is the starting point 32.58587, -117.00187. I believe this is a public road but not 100% sure. I've ridden it a few times with no problems. There are a lot of trails off of this road that you can take over to Alta.
  13. ----, that sucks. Glad your injuries seem minor in the grand scheme of what we do. You going stick with the tubeless? Seems like a huge pain in the ass when there is a failure if you ask me.
  14. Oracle

    Paul aka Shooby

    Bummer. Sorry for the loss of your friend, Downs. RIP brother rider.