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  1. Oracle

    Helmet rack

    I like it. I have so many helmets (I've been saving them) to mount. I like this idea better than a shelf.Can we see a pic of the hangers on the wall without the helmet???
  2. And he does take diggers. Saw it with my own eye once. 🤣🤣
  3. Oracle

    Happy Birthday CID

    HBD, CID
  4. Oracle

    ABDSP ride

    Well, it really was epic...🤛
  5. Oracle

    Military Enduro Training

    LOL...I thought you were going take a nap when you came over the edge. Not sure why Jim was saying "it's flat on top"...
  6. Oracle

    Oh no, a big bike tire thread

    Anyone that is running 32 psi in their front tire while in the dirt is giving up a huge amount of handling...even more so in the sand. They are gaining, of course, a lower risk factor of getting a flat. To me, it's not worth it. So to answer your question C-daddy, I'll run 20 psi up front and 24 in the rear when off road. I'm also comfortable running those pressures on slab, as long as the distance isn't great (say connecting trails on the BDR's) or really twisty. Commuting, or just ever day street riding, I'm at 30 front 32 rear. As far as your tire question, I have not tried those so I can't provide any feedback.
  7. Oracle

    Military Enduro Training

    That was hilarious.
  8. Oracle

    ABDSP ride

    New guy always buys breakfast too, just in case you didn't know the rules.
  9. Oracle

    Remembering Afry (Arnie Fry)

    I don't know who is a better TCS (tubing changing supervisor) you, or CID...
  10. Oracle

    Remembering Afry (Arnie Fry)

    RIP, Arnie. We all miss you.
  11. Oracle

    ABDSP ride

    The third storm, coming in Monday, looks to be on the weak side. Tuesday should be epic riding conditions.