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  1. Oracle

    Had my first flat tire today.

    First flat ever? And here I've been thinking you've been riding since Hodakas were invented...
  2. So you beat your own record...good going.
  3. 4.5 years ago...unbelievable. I'm pretty sure I won the last teather ball game. I can't commit yet, but will try my best to make this one.
  4. Oracle

    2 stroke jetting.

    Pull the carb and open her up, remove the jets, and inspect them all. It could be something as easy as a clogged jet. Compare your jet sized and needle position to factory specs. Post back with the details and we'll go from there.
  5. So I got to the bottom of La Posta first. I found a nice spot to chill in the shade a wait for the group. Eventually the majority of the group showed up. When Kenny arrived he said that someone had lost a gas cap. At that point, we assumed Darren and "someone" had turned around and gone back to find it. After waiting for about 30 minutes, along with the group, I realized i was running out of time and needed to get moving since I needed to be home by a certain time. My main side kick, Mikey777, and I decided to break out and slab west on the 8 so we would have time to grab some lunch. From there we hit some more paved twisties trying to make the most of the new Shinko 705's I installed on Fury the night before. They didn't disappoint. Before I met up with the group, I had already knocked out 80 miles of twisties. Ended up with 150 miles for the day. Had a great time.
  6. Might cruise up on the 950. Would meet at the gas station if I can motivate.
  7. Putting one of my bikes up for sale. Don't be worried, I'll still have plenty left. If you have a burning desire to be an instant track warrior, this is the bike for you. Or it could be converted easily to a desert weapon with a few upgrades. This bike is in excellent condition and is ready to rip. It's got Tusk levers, Supersprox sprocket, and a Trail Tech kickstand (see, it's almost ready for the desert). This 2010 Yamaha YZ250F has been a backup bike since the day I bought it and has had minimal use. $2400 OBO
  8. Oracle

    Greetings from Chula Vista

    Sounds pretty much like the rest of us...
  9. Hard side bags do have their advantages too...
  10. Oracle

    2011 KTM 990 $7829.27

  11. Nicely done. I see on FB you got home safely EARLY this morning. Laying down the miles...I'm jealous.