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  1. TNT and I were talking recently about doing the 666 in Arizona....then looping back on the Mogollon Rim...I can probably pull off 5 or 6 days.
  2. Oracle

    KTM/Husky 500(ish) Questions

    10,000 miles easy with proper maintenance. I just did the top end in one of my KTM's at 12,000 miles just as preventive maintenance. It was still running strong but a little low on compression. You can buy the parts for a top end for $300 to $500, depending on aftermarket or OEM, and do it yourself. If it's a little bit beyond your ability, there are plenty of people on here, including me, that would be more than willing to assist.
  3. Yeah, I might be down for part of it as well.
  4. Oracle

    Who here rides a 350?

    My advice...don't waste your time with the 350. Just go with the 500. You've been doing enough riding now that you're ready to step up. The 500 is such a fun bike to ride in the desert...I guarantee you'll love it, or your money back.
  5. Oracle

    So Happy

    Best thing about them is he can ride it for the next 3 years and then you can sell it for the same amount you bought it for. Solid bikes.
  6. Oracle


  7. Oracle


    Mule, when you past me on Truck Haven Trail....I was spent for the day. My redemption will come...
  8. Oracle


    My wife is so sick of me asking what day of the week it is.... Mid week ride rule. Crawdaddy....2nd quarter 2020...that's closer than when you and I talked about it last. That awesome. I can't wait.
  9. Oracle


    It was awesome. Mule rips. At about the 90 mile mark, my riding went to ----. Mule showed no mercy and peppered me hard on Truck Haven trail when he passed me at about 70.
  10. Oracle


    Rad. Congrats. Retirement is awesome. Start working out now. Mid week rides are no joke. It's not just a couple old guys cruising around the desert. Mule and I got in a rock fight on Pole Line road last week with new knobbies. 🛵
  11. Oracle

    Air pump

    I carry one as a backup to my backup.
  12. Oracle

    Thimble Trail “one way” signage?

    I know it as Truck Haven Trail too. Besides the point, that is lame that they made it a one way. Completely unnecessary if you ask me.
  13. Oracle

    KTM Adventure