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  1. Oracle


    Chris (DFL), Delorme is now owned by Gramin. That article is old and obsolete. If you are interested in purchasing one, I recommend Garmin Mini. It's small, cheap(er), easy to use, and can be blue toothed to your phone for easy of use. $300 range but can find them for less if you wait for a deal.
  2. Oracle


    I was the first person to CID after he crashed. Since we were only about 3 miles outside of Christmas Tree circle in Borrego I was pretty sure I'd have decent coverage. I checked my phone and had 4 bars so called 911 instead of using my Garmin Mini. It's always better to call 911 if you can versus using the Garmin. The Garmin would just add another party, and slow response times down, since they would have to contact the same dispatch center I got by calling 911 directly. So always try 911 first and then Garmin as a backup. I'm pretty sure everyone in our regular group has one.
  3. Oracle


    Sure. Text me.
  4. Oracle


    Now that we know you are going to live, the priority now is to heal up and start prepping for a kick ass Spring ride. LB
  5. Oracle

    COBDR 2021

    The rack is fairly heavy. But that is a worthy trade-off for a sturdy rack; a necessity for these types of conditions. When I got home, I did find a broken weld on a support beam. The rack was still very solid. I've seen other racks fail in one spot and be totally worthless, in fact, less than worthless. The key to the extra weight is adjusting sag appropriately prior to leaving. The guys will tell you I'm always reminding them to adjust their sag. Mikey777 will tell you the consequences if you don't. Rigga carried a tent and was fully prepared. For some reason he loves sleeping out in the open...even in sub 30 degree weather. As far as jackets, yes, having a water proof jacket is a must. And coming up with a layering system that works for you is a must. I've tried many different options and have a closet full of riding gear to prove it. I have it figured out for me now. If I need to shed the jacket, I have an extra set of rok straps that are set up on my rear bag to strap the jacket down. Works well for me.
  6. Oracle

    COBDR 2021

    Yes, sir. Globtrottin rack with Moose bags. The rack is very sturdy. PMB is running one as well. http://www.globetrottin.com/Luggage-Rack-System-for-2017-thru-2019-KTM-250-500--Pannier-Rack-version-_p_101.html
  7. Longer than that. Last SIGNIFICANT rainfall was March, 2020.
  8. Oracle

    AZBDR 2021

    Only a 3 hour ride to Utah from where you are. Enjoy.
  9. Oracle

    AZBDR 2021

    Clearly he has not passed LB school of tube changes...🤣
  10. Oracle

    AZBDR 2021

    I traded texts with him this morning. Sent him some more tracks. Cinders is close to residential so he should be fine. I suspect his has coverage in that area. But keep us posted if he sends you another Spot message, Tom.
  11. Oracle

    AZBDR Camping Locations

    I suspect the area north of Mogollon Rim has some bear activity but not enough for me to worry about at the time. I felt really comfortable primitive camping there and just left everything outside my tent. I like your idea of looping around the north rim through Mesquite. I might have some tracks that could get you back to the Hoover Damn area from Mesquite??? I have not ridden them yet but I downloaded them about a year ago in preparation for doing that section sometime soon. Text me at 760-703-6877 if you are interested and I'll text them to you. LB
  12. Oracle

    AZBDR Camping Locations

    Hey Goofy, here's a quick breakdown on our ride: We left San Diego and slabbed to Sierra Vista the first day. Stayed in a hotel that night, unsure of the name. But it was close to the start. Day 2 we camped near the top of Pioneer Pass. It's a forest service area with several good free dispersed campsites. There were bears in the area so be prepared to hang your food. Day 3 we made it past the Mogollon Rim. About halfway between the Rim and highway 40, there is lots of great camping. It's a higher elevation plateau. Once we got tired,, we basically just turned off the trail and went and camped behind some trees about 1/2 miles off the trail. Day 4 we made it all the way to Cameron. It was a triple-digit day so we got hotel rooms at the Cameron Trading Post hotel that night so we could shower and cool down. There is a decent restaurant there. Per Arnie Fry's (RIP) suggestion, I got the Indian Fry Bread beef dip sandwich. Not great, but pretty good. Day 5 we made it all the way to Utan and started slabbing back toward Flagstaff. We ended up in a forest service campground in the Prescott area off the 95 that night. Day 6 we slabbed home. It's a good ride. I plan on doing it again, except next time I would turn around at the Grand Canyon and loop back on different trails. Let me know if you have any questions. LB
  13. Oracle

    AZBDR Camping Locations

    CID, Mikey777, and I did it a couple years ago. Let me pull out my map and get back to you.
  14. Oracle

    Look Ma, I'm famous

    Congrats, Kelly. There's a couple of nice pics there. And riding with your son, well, that can't be beaten. CID, Kug, PMB, Rigger, Crawdaddy, Van, and I were in those vary spots just a couple of weeks ago too. Been thinking about doing a RR myself but damn, I've never been busier. Rubber side down, LB
  15. Oracle

    Tech Day October 23rd

    Thanks for the invite. Unfortunately, I have a memorial service to attend that day up in OC.