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  1. Cool ride, Kelly. When we talked, I didn't know the ride you were planning was in honor of your buddy Joe. My sincerest condolence for the lost of your buddy. Glad some of my input was beneficial, even though not all of it was followed...🤣 . But like I always tell my kids when we get to a section slightly above their level.... if you never try it, you'll never make it.
  2. Oracle

    Garmin inReach Mini

    Hold this for 30 minutes for me and I'll text you.
  3. Oracle

    Garmin Montana 680t won't load past 'Loading Maps'

    It's a dedicated phone for GPS only. No cell service. The apps available these days make cell phone based GPS navigating much easier to use then stand alone units...no need for Basecamp ever again. You want to upload a track to your phone. One click and it's done. Want to share tracks with friends, click on track, click share, send. Want to see what "public" tracks are in the ara you are riding...one click. Want to download satellite view for an area you are going be in....drag a box around the area and click download...bam. There are several brands of ruggedized phones that are made to military specs...water proof, heat proof, drop proof...etc...for $150. Buy Giai or Rever or any other GPS app for $25 and your life just got a lot easier. There is a full on thread about it in this forum if you want to read more.
  4. Oracle

    Garmin Montana 680t won't load past 'Loading Maps'

    How about the cable. Have you tried another? They go bad frequently. I converted from Garmin/Basecamp to a ruggedized cell phone with Gaia. Life is so much easier.
  5. Oracle

    Garmin Montana 680t won't load past 'Loading Maps'

    When you deleted the birds eye file, did you get a warning message? I vaguely remember there being an issues with deleting those files, but it's been a few years since I've wasted my time with Garmin and Basecamp. Were those files on the SDcard or the Garmin? I do what Randy suggested and then insert a brand new Sdcard, connect to basecamp, and start from scratch.
  6. Oracle


    That's one of them fancy direct injection motors, Chris. I hear they are bad ass but don't last very long...😂
  7. Oracle

    CABDR 2021

    Goofy, you are hard core. Have an awesome trip. Standing by for more...
  8. Dang, going to miss it. I'll be out on a week long ride starting the 23rd. Sorry, RAD
  9. For the record, that gate at Thing Valley is always closed. It's there to help Border Patrol secure the area as that road could be used as a bypass to get around the BP checkpoints on the 8. The gate bypass has been there for many many years and is used consistently without issues by motorcyclists/hikers/MTB. I have never seen them make an attempt to bock it, which tells me they are unconcerned with our activity. I ride it frequently and that is just my .02.
  10. Oracle

    Phone based offline navigation

    How long was the wait for the controller? What tablet? Is it ruggedized? Any issues with it in heat / rain? Thanks, buddy.
  11. Oracle

    CABDR March 13

    Rigger Dan and I got caught in a snow storm in section 3 in March 2019. We still tent camped that night and continued on the next day. It was an adventure for sure. Water proof gloves are a must on long rides. I usually carry 3 different sets of gloves, regular motox style, water proof, and cold weather. Enjoy the rest of the ride.
  12. I never said I was any good at it...🤣. Frankly, I'm impressed it came out as good as it did.
  13. Clearing my throat waiting for a proper photo credit...Then I'll give you my opinion on jackets and briskett.
  14. Following. Can't commit yet.