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  1. Oracle

    Gore-Tex is a Marketing Gimmick

    I'm one of the only riders on this planet who can't stand that guy....so I won't watch his video. But I've been wearing gortex jackets and pants for years on motorcycle rides and have had great experiences with them. LB out!
  2. Yes, that is the usual spot. It just changed names. Have fun guys.
  3. As a Sheriff's Department SAR team member, I'm familiar with this situation. Law enforcement is on top of this investigation. That's all I'm going to say on a public forum.
  4. A tent. WTH. You getting soft in your old age...🤣
  5. Oracle

    Gortex Jacket or Cordura with Rain Suit

    I prefer the Gortex gear over carrying an extra rain suit. I hate bulk and extra layers and the gortex (in my case, the older version of the Klim Carlsbad) has always worked pretty well for me riding through storms in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, California deserts, etc. And the newer Carlsbad jacket has more and better venting than the one I currently have making it an even better option. Goofy, send me a PM for info on a possible Klim discount.
  6. Oracle

    Motocross Boot fitter

    Call Sole Performance in Encinitas. They may be able to help.
  7. Oracle

    Ramona 8/14/23

    We should have been more neighborly and invited you into the converstation. Next time for sure. I'm in Ramona too so I'm sure I'll see you around more. How was Lusardi?
  8. Oracle

    Ramona 8/14/23

    That's me in the white t-shirt with my back to the camera. I passed you on the way down the hill. Hope I didn't roost you...😁
  9. I'm curious where you ran across the bear? I had a bear run out in front of me on 1N16, just west of the crossing with 1N09 a couple of years ago.
  10. Oracle

    Who Pays For A Backcountry Rescue

    Sure. First, let's be clear about one thing. Activating your Spot or Inreach, is not the same thing as activating SAR. To keep it simple, Inreach and Spot will activate a response to your emergency in the form of law enforcement and medical services, via GEOS (then forward to 911). Since Spot and Inreach know exactly where you are at, it has nothing to do with Search and Rescue (SAR). With that said, I suppose a Spot activation could turn into a SAR mission at some point if the first responders were unable to locate the person who activated their device. Now, as far as San Diego is concerned, and most other areas I'm aware of, a SAR mission will be initiated after several key members have assessed the situation and determined a SAR call-out is warranted. It will almost always start with a call to law enforcement. Usually in response to a missing person obviously (but there are other missions we handle). The reporting party will provide details to the responding officers/deputies. The deputies will advise a supervisor. The supervisor will determine if a call to the SAR coordinator is warranted. The SAR coordinator will then assess the information and make a final determination if there will be a SAR call-out, and if so, which resources. We have several different assignment groups. Not all will be sent all the time. Once SAR has been activated, team members will start showing up within about an hour anywhere in SD. The team members on the scene will start collecting pertinent information and establishing a place to set up a command post. Resources like the actual command post might take up to two hours to arrive. A supervisor will put together a search plan and start sending out teams. So, to summarize, let's say you are out in the desert and riding with a group of friends. One person goes missing. You get to the point where you need to call for help. Start by calling 911. The deputies or officers that arrive on the scene will assess the situation and make a decision on whether or not to start the SAR process. Anyone have any questions about San Diego Sheriff's Department SAR, let me know. BTW, we do have a dual sport response team, which I am a member of. I also am field certified for searches and a member of the motorized unit, which provides transportation to search teams in remote areas via 4x4 vehicles.
  11. Oracle

    Who Pays For A Backcountry Rescue

    As your local SDSO SAR member, I approve of this message.
  12. Good info. I should have thought of that before with all the rain and snow. So what route did you ride? 525 running good?
  13. Oracle

    Klim military discount

    Also applied to LE and FD. I'm a big fan of Klim. I have two full sets of adventure gear and one set of MX gear. I recently went down on the street (don't tell anyone) in my Klim Adventure gear, slid across two lanes of traffic and into a berm. Broke my thumb and banged up a couple of ribs and my hip. My Klim gear held up extremely well with just some minor scuffs on the pants and minor scuffs on the sleeve of my jacket, with a minimal amount of burn-through in the elbow area—no road rash for me. I think I'll order some more right now. To hell with the new water heater...
  14. Oracle

    Check out Black mountain right now

    Yes, they are closed.
  15. The section of the Peace trail south of Quartzite (south of the 10) is my least favorite. The section north of Quartzite is beautiful. And there are many offshoots. You could take one of those offshoots eastward over to Almo Lake, then use the main trail to head south. There are some great camping opportunities. You could then loop clockwise to Yuma and start the section between there and Quartzite as you head back north. There are many bailout points so when you get sick of all the rocks, you can jump on two lane and slab back to Quartzite.

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