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  1. Oracle


    I may be interested. Shoot me some pics. I spent some time on a police version of this bike. However, it was the least favorite of the bikes I spent time on, so I'm not super thrilled about having one but for the right price...
  2. Oracle

    Lark Canyon

    Old Chinese proverb: He who attempts to ride down steep rocky hill, will get stuck and need to call helicopter for extraction
  3. Oracle

    San Felipe

    I'm not sure about leadnav, I've never used it. But I can recommend the Gaia app. There's a free version that's really not worth it but that annual subscription version is very solid. Also, if you want to tinker with tracks on the laptop, you can use Basecamp. It's a free Garmin software. Download gpx files to your computer, then upload them into basecamp.
  4. I saw on your FB post that you found the old water tank by the rail road tracks. There are some fun little washes around there but you have to find them. Good area to explore and a good area for a quick overnight camping trip.
  5. Paul's blasphemy is going to haunt me I see...
  6. Oracle

    San Felipe

    Also check out GPSies.com. I build some of my routes in it, then upload into my GPS. I think you might be able to upload the tracks you have and alter them. But beware, it is rather time consuming.
  7. Oracle

    Picked up a new leftover 19 CRF450L

    Yeah, Slaugo is our resident expert on red sleds
  8. The first time I ever met Paul...he made fun of my big box. Somethings you just never forget...
  9. Oracle

    Antenna Upgrade for Baofeng UV-5R Radio

    $30 bucks...pfft
  10. Oracle

    Antenna Upgrade for Baofeng UV-5R Radio

    I'm antenna challenged. And now I'm more confused about antennas than before this conversation started. Can anyone just say "hey, buy this (insert link) for better performance for our intended purpose"....?
  11. Who/what, the boots or the girls?
  12. I've never ridden a Honda in my life....