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  1. Biker Jones

    Corral Cyn 6/18

    Saturday's I'm only available late afternoon. I would welcome a Sunday morning excursion tho.
  2. Biker Jones

    Corral Cyn 6/18

    I didn't go the Corte Madera/Espinosa north loop. I went around the south end. High and dry. I also would think there is some mud on Espinosa.
  3. So, I went for a little solo ride today at Corral Cyn. Finally did the loop all the way around on Skye Valley Rd. Being by myself I didn't want to get into anything too difficult. I explored a couple of the trails that went internally. One was Bronco Peak, that had a green and blue marker, it started off easy and single track. After I crossed some exposed granite, got much more difficult. I turned around. Then I tried a trails that was marked Green and it started out single track, pretty smooth. The trail got tighter, through some tall brushes with moist ground and came to a stream. And I turned around also. It seemed starting toward hard enduro. The trails don't seem to be very well marked. Or there are a some rogue trails. I'd like to explore more with some peeps that might know there area better. I love that I can just cruise over from Pine Valley.
  4. Biker Jones

    Fun Stuff ! 54 Minutes of Erzberg Rodeo !

    Just last night I watched Full 2H 45M of Erzberg Rodeo 2023. Amazing!
  5. Biker Jones

    The Loop

    Nice! I've never been on that road. Sounds fun. Did you find the Starbucks?
  6. Sounds like fun and adventure. Keep me on the list for Sunday rides also.
  7. Biker Jones

    Favorite Piston?

    Good to know.
  8. Biker Jones

    Favorite Piston?

    Gosh, I've never had to replace these parts. Is that something I get to look forward to? And why?
  9. Biker Jones

    Blue Ridge Open

    Nice! I like that Relive thing. Looks like a lot of supercrete to get there. Did you ride or drive to the mountains?
  10. Biker Jones

    New member from Menifee.

    Welcome Bill.
  11. Hey, I resemble those descriptions!
  12. Biker Jones

    Howdy from East County

    Welcome Kenton.
  13. Biker Jones

    Adventure Bike Truth: Marketing vs Reality

    @Zubb great post! Now, I want a 1200 cc ADV, lol. THAT was great testimonial and argument for them.
  14. Biker Jones

    Adventure Bike Truth: Marketing vs Reality

    Thing is if someone want's road and fire road/dirt road adventure, that can be done on any street bike. I'd rather take a Ninja 400 on trails..er dirt roads than a KTM 1290.

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