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  1. Sounds like fun. I'll have to 25 or 6 to 4 this tho, as that is a work night for me. Maybe sometime in the future. I like night riding/driving generally. UPDATE: I guess I'm a couple days behind in my brain. Hope it was fun.
  2. Biker Jones

    Looking for Help with SDAR Website

    I, personally, would be fine with number 3. Just move on.
  3. Biker Jones

    Free Android Apps for smart phone mileage tracking

    @zubb I just downloaded Rever and gonna give 'er a shot.
  4. Biker Jones

    Looking for Help with SDAR Website

    Hey. I know a little SQL, I'm an IT "professional" and know a little about many different things. I wouldn't say I was good at SQL, but I am good at figuring things out. Do you have SQL Management Studio? I would begin there to restore/merge, unless the hosting service has some database tools. Often they do.
  5. Biker Jones

    Handy Stuff for Wiring Repairs on the Trail

    Yeah those connectors work well, excellent idea to carry some in tool kit! Regular Bic type lighter also produces enough heat in my experience. 🙂
  6. Thanks for letting me know so I don't waste time going up there. Cheers.
  7. I'm curious about going further up La Posta, on Google maps it looks like it ends also, so no loop. I also passed Cameron Truck Trail on the way home, which I remembered from reading a post here. So, now that's on my list. I want to explore all the accessible roads/trails in this area. Looks like some may even wander out into Anza Borrego area, maybe, possibly? And out to Jacumba?
  8. I rode up Pine Creek first thing when I got my XT! Had previously done it on my NC700X and partially on my MTB so I could take Nobel Canyon Trail back down.
  9. Yeah, my quadraceps were/are a bit sore, and I wanted to do something chill as a recovery. It was good. I'm really disappointed about how many "roads" are blocked for through travel. Doesn't seem to make much sense to me, especially those connections to Sunrise. 20 years ago I bet a person could go lots more places.
  10. Headed out East on Old Hwy 80 to Kitchen Creek Rd, paved road to just past Cibbots Flat Campground where it is then gated off. Someone I met there told me about the road out of Cibbots Flat Campground. It is called Fred Canyon Rd (easy trail, nice and flowy). It is blocked up to Sunrise at Thing Valley Road, so I took Thing Valley down (sketchy decent for me),. I didn't know where was going. Ended up on La Posta Truck trail, though I didn't know the name until later. Wide small gravel road winding under power lines. Took be back to Old Hwy 80. Then home. Nice day.
  11. CRFXR, Will do. I pass by that station frequently. Thank for the information.
  12. Biker Jones

    New member from Poway

    Welcome J5!
  13. Hey guys do those trails and the others in CC OHV and BV OHV have difficulty ratings at the trail heads? I didn't see any Diamond markers.

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