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  1. cmbthumper

    My New Moped - 1970 Honda CB100

    Appreciate the comments. Beach cruiser is right. I think topped out at 51mph on flat ground. Wanted a little 150cc under moped type bike to get groceries, parts or ?? around town and have a little fun doing it. While the new stuff is appealing, I like oldies but goodies too. At 6-1" 210lbs it is now officially as fast as a moped. Probably got a few stares but I'm sure they saw the grin so it didn't matter. Fun little bike for sure. Stupid Gopro cut off again so lost most of the walk around vid. Time for a new one I guess. While other CB100's I looked at are in better shape they were also much much more $$ than I paid. Had very minor fender, exhaust, and mirror rust pitting but a couple swipes of alum foil and cleaned up to my satisfaction. The F/R turn signals have very bad pitting but still shine and blink so they will stay for now. The alum forks and other alum will just get a good clean and some mothers polish and call it good. Basically, not restoring just cleaning and riding it.
  2. cmbthumper

    My New Moped - 1970 Honda CB100

    Walk Around and first ride vids. A little tuning and clutch work but fun little bike.
  3. He He. La Jolla and Rancho Skin your Pen*s are the best
  4. cmbthumper

    My New Moped - 1970 Honda CB100

    ^^ Nice. Hope to have that kinda fun. I am r searching how to post a pic here and will do that soon.
  5. Needed a grocery getter / errand runner so I decided to get a cheap moped. Being 6-1" and 210lbs I needed more cc than just a 50cc. After some r search i ended up buying this instead. Much more "Me" than a new scoot. Picking it up on Saturday. 1971 Honda CB100 https://photos.app.goo.gl/2em7E4mTBQ2wodkb6
  6. Which Shinko's? Getting ready for some new shoes and researching what sticks best and lasts a decent amount of time.
  7. Was it that tiny Boulder at the cement water holding tank? I can see locking the gate for vehicles because most people don't read if they just put a temp warning sign. If it is that Boulder, that's been there since at least March and a Toyota Prius could move it out of the way. Gotta think of the bobble head peeps I guess. Someday ill join n you guys.
  8. cmbthumper

    How to do one handed 360's

    Ha Ha Good one. Not gonna happen with the KTM Spaghetti stick.
  9. cmbthumper

    THIS....Just Got Delivered to My House Today !

    Now that is awesome. Will be following along.
  10. cmbthumper

    New SDAR Member from Ramona, CA

    Thanks again for the Welcome. The Thursday 06/13/2019 thread was closed for some reason and not sure where else to post You Tube vids so here is 1 of 6. FYI - I am no video editor by any means. https://dualsport-sd.com/forums/index.php?/topic/25119-thursday-06132019/ https://youtu.be/Mj7GhzsL750
  11. cmbthumper

    Thursday 06/13/2019

    Big thanks to MauleR for letting my Pops and i stage at your house. I apologized to everyone before hand on being terrible with names. Thank you (CRFL & KTM) riders. I am a noob so everything is a blast but that was very very fun. Enjoyed meeting all three of you, the ride, learning from better riders and chatting at water breaks. I am down for more riding for sure so i can learn to wheelie.
  12. cmbthumper

    New SDAR Member from Ramona, CA

    Thanks for big welcome again. Those four lights are on the XR400. Had the great idea to ride at night before daylight savings changed. Shows how long I have had it apart. Maybe by next DLS change I'll be ready. while the stock tires are good for what they are Fatty's or Maxxis are going on when Poway Powersports does my 20hr service. Yeah I just said 20hrs and I'm about 7hrs shy of that. Flipping work and dumb decisions have limited my ride time. Now it sounds like I have no choice but to join a ride or just stay home.
  13. cmbthumper

    New SDAR Member from Ramona, CA

    Ha Ha funny stuff. Noted. That was 100% my fault as I was just in the groove and wasn't thinking.
  14. cmbthumper

    New SDAR Member from Ramona, CA

    Gotcha. I assume SYTT is Santa Ysable and the slippery Black Canyon back to Ramona? Will be in on that ride for sure.
  15. cmbthumper

    New SDAR Member from Ramona, CA

    As long as you don't mind waiting for slower riders, I'll be in the audience for sure.