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  1. cmbthumper

    Cmbthumper 08' KTM 950 SE

    I'll PM you my # I am a total noob so i couldn't say on the Mains. All info i have and researched based on my mods say 172 to 185. Carbs are still out of the bike. I still need to set the float level, put the TPS back on etc. I have a few potential buyers on Sat-Sun for some of my bikes that i have for sale so i won't get to anything this weekend more than likely.
  2. cmbthumper

    Cmbthumper 08' KTM 950 SE

    Verified with an e-mail and call to Rottweiler Tech Tanner, Factory Pro CV Carb Tuning Instructions and what i could find online. The below is what was in the carbs when i took them apart so no changes will be made until it is running. 2008 KTM 950 Super Enduro Mods: Rottweiler Intake, Rottweiler SAS Delete, Rottweiler 2 into 1 Mid-Pipe, Yoshimura Slip-on Main Front 175 Main Rear 180 Pilot F/R 45 Needle F/R Factory Pro Needle Clip F/R 3rd Fuel Screw-IMS F/R 1.0 Float Height F/R 4mm ACV Jet F/R 50 Main Idle Air Jet F/R 90 Pilot Idle Air Jet F/R 40 ASL Elevation 1452 Location Ramona, CA
  3. Thanks. It is nothing special. Just a standard single axle trailer. Only other pic i have but can get more if you want.
  4. I am terrible at pictures but grabbed these and Forgot to post them.
  5. cmbthumper

    Cmbthumper 08' KTM 950 SE

    Appreciate you asking. Carbs, jets etc got sonic cleaned for 1hr on each side last weekend. Need to set/check the floats are at 4mm, put back on the TPS (Took off for cleaning) and adjust if needed. Throw them back in the bike, double check everything and hit the start button with fingers crossed i didn't mess anything up. Then Sync the carbs with my Carb Tune and throw it the rest back together. I am slow and this is very intimidating for me so i am taking my time.
  6. He has been on pavement for 40+ years so i doubt that will happen. He has a Ducati Multi that is still in Rain mode cause it is too fast. Like you see in my video's i pull over often whether in the dirt or on the street not for him to catch up but to make sure he is still coming. He feels bad and thinks he is slow and it makes me wait for him which i tell him is 100% the opposite. I'll wait for him or anyone anytime or any length of time as long as the smiles per mile are still happening. Sand is his wort enemy. He never got the hang of it growing up riding in the desert or now. He put $1000 on a Scott's BRP damper and shoving the forks high into the triple clamp thinking it would solve his problem. Short answer is that it didn't. I've begged him countless times to reach out local riders like here in SDAR that ride almost everyday so he can tag along to get more "Seat Time" and learn by riding with other experienced riders. The answers is always "I don't want to slow anybody down".
  7. 1000% agree and i can say with certainty it will be 100000000% i will not be at that age. He is like me or vice versa. Once his mind is made up that is it so i doubt he would ride a honda monkey in the dirt. Yup 2001 DRZ400E plated in AZ Agreed. When i bought my XR400 in 2019 it was a package deal with my Dad's DRZ. I wanted him to ride with me no matter the cost. So, i gave it to him for Fathers day. He used his old AZ address and registered it there so he could ride it on the street here. For his age and skill level his does way beyond what he should do and can do IMO. He taught me to ride, race, wrench on bikes and riding with him at any time or age is beyond fun. He chased me growing up and i have no problem chasing him. I do understand giving up the riding hat though.
  8. ^^ Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately i did not take him anywhere as it was his choice to ride this area. We did it last year and he crashed just as much and we have done a lot harder rides. He could give 2 squirts about getting hurt but this time he said it was all about what you mentioned in his "depth perception and general eye sight is not so good, neither are my reflexes or stamina". He said he is simply to old for any terrain other than asphalt. At 77 yo i see no shame in that. I told him to get a new CT125 or a TW200 but he said No.
  9. Took my dad for a after Turkey Day ride. Unfortunately due to the amount of crashes my Dad had as you will see in the multipart videos he was done by the end of Rodriguez Truck Trail. He is literally done with Dirt riding and i will be selling his DRZ soon. The weather and my KTM 450 EXC were perfect all day long. I LOVE this bike expect for the Sh*T Dunlop D606 on the back.
  10. cmbthumper

    Motorcycle bumper carrier - MotoTote Sport

    Very nice carrier. Will be interesting to see how the mesh holds up. I use my Black Widow every so often for ease of use. The heaviest bike i hauled was my VFR800 from Palm desert. ZERO issues with this carrier since 2019. I hated how they swayed even with a light bike so i use a tie down from the foot peg to the truck chain holes at the received. It doesn't sway a bit and forget it is back there. Only thing i hated was the front wheel chalk thing. I bought some chinese ones cut them in half to fit in the rail and made one for behind the front and rear tire. Welded nuts on the bottom so they come on/off easily.
  11. My Dad convinced me to take a quick run down i think it is called Rodriguez Wash then UP Ori flamme on Saturday for a quick morning ride. We are going to trailer down (Easier for us) at 830am to Banner and go in at Chariot Canyon about 930-10am. This one https://dualsport-sd.com/forums/index.php?/topic/27120-oriflamme-canyon/&tab=comments#comment-261167
  12. cmbthumper

    Knee braces or guards?

    Like moto_rph i have bad knees. Since BF deals are a short timeframe, i will just give a definite YES to knee braces. I wear Mobius X8 braces if that matters.
  13. cmbthumper

    Looking for 2003 KTM

    KTM only made one bike in 03' so i am looking forward to learning what it is.
  14. Gotta have options right. Once my research is generally done my lists you can usually just throw a dart and id be happy to own it. Appreciate the offer but I would never ask to ride your T7. If i liked it i would get Lorena Bobbitt'd for spending more than i should.
  15. Any dates for the next one as i am looking for my next ride to buy. Looking at in order: Honda Africa Twin (Jesse and I are swapping bikes 1st or 2nd week in Dec) 2019-Present KTM 690 Enduro or SMR 2018-Present Husqvarna 701 Enduro or SMR Honda XR650L (Had the 250, 400, 600 x2 and 650R so i basically get what it would be like to ride) Suzuki DR650 Yamaha WR250R Honda CRF300L Suzuki DRZ400 S or SM (I have an 01' DRZE and love it but registered in AZ that expires next year and i don't live there so...) Kawasaki KLX300 or 250 Yamaha Tenere 700 (They don't exist in America so on the bottom of the list. I hope one of those Gray market ones come available someday)

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