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  1. Not sure of the 22' and Older Trail bikes but the 23' uses Honda CRF150 forks. The shocks are made for someone 125lbs but do great on the street. Upgrades Condition Manufacture Cost $$ RacingBros Front Fork Anti Dive System - Honda Trail 125 CT125 (ALL YEARS) 7.5N/mm fork spring: Riders above 220lbs BNIB Steady Garage $243.00 Dual spring rate progressive shocks with EGOBOOST Technology - 350-370mm in BLACK BNIB Steady Garage $210.00 Headlight Guard & Center Rack Carrier BNIB Alpha Rider $225.00 Hammerhead Designs - Honda CRF250L Forged Shift Lever Shift tip size +20mm (size 14+) PN: 11-0112-10-10 Mocked Up Hammerhead Designs $53.00 12V Dual USB Port Cigarette Lighter Socket Plug LED Voltmeter BNIB Amazon $30.00 Shinko SR244 3.00-17.50P BNIB Shinko $50.00 Total Upgrades $811.00 ** i can provided websites to these for specs if you want $500 Local pickup from Ramona, CA 92065
  2. Up for sale are my MVD Racewear Striker Supermoto Pants Black/Fluor Yellow 2XL. I wore these maybe 6x if you can even tell. Lot’s of movement and super comfortable but I just don’t ride this hard anymore. $150 local pickup in Ramona, CA 92065 MVD_PANT_SIZES.webp
  3. Up for sale are my Forma Adventure Boots Size 11 Brown. These were my 74yo dads who rode a DRZ400E before hanging up his dirt helmet. He had something on the frame that scratched the poop out of them and he used a Red ?? Sharpie to cover it up? Not sure why but can be removed with ease, I am sure. $165 local pickup in Ramona, CA 92065
  4. Bought this to throw on my KTM 525 but never got around to it and sold the bike. I know it is not the Trail Tech one and might not even be the Baja Designs one but sure looks like it. $125 picked up from Ramona
  5. Up for sale are my Alpinestars Tech 3 Enduro Boots Size 10 – EU 44.5. I have maybe 4 to 6 rides in these on my TW200 if you can even tell other than a little dust. I have Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boots which I recommend 1000% and wanted these for the “slower” bike and walking around more at stops. I have bad ankles and early neuropathy and prefer the peg feel and lack of movement of my 7’s more. $150 Local Pick up only unless you want to PM for a shipment cost from Ramona, CA 92065 PayPal Friends and Family or add the 4% to cover the Goods & Services fees.
  6. Nice fun trip. I know a guy selling a 2023 Honda Trail 125 and can give you his info if needed.
  7. cmbthumper

    Talaria at McCain

    I can understand as i too have back issues. It is one o the reasons i love my TW200 so much. Low and slow. Id like to try an e-bike one day as i read they are very addicting/ Too bad they can't be CA plated.
  8. cmbthumper

    2024 KTM TW450 - TW200 Killer

    I know right. Thank you. IMO It looked good before the Fat Tire and gets a few more points now. While i haven't had the TW in Glamis sand I've had it in deep enough to say "i really don't hate this sh*t". That is until it runs out of motor. I'll report back once i do a Ocotillo desert trip with it.
  9. cmbthumper

    2024 KTM TW450 - TW200 Killer

    I was out of breath already but the forks and shock were lowered internally 1". I've only messed with raising the forks in the triples on one bike (DRZ400) and saw no real difference but i get the concept. I have not tried it in the sand yet but will be bring it to the desert during Christmas (Yes i said it). Only sand was the edges of the road and what was washed into the turns. Not much but enough to get an idea / feel. George did a few WTF facial expressions and in the end said it will be a fun project so he was all in. The only thing i can say is the handling and front end feel is 95% the same as the TW200 and that was my only goal. I accomplished it and will play with tire pressures to get even more "TW feel."
  10. cmbthumper

    2024 KTM TW450 - TW200 Killer

    YES!! the title is fake...Well Kinda I bought a 21' Yamaha TW200 in February of 2023. After the first ride I knew it was the perfect bike for some local relaxed style of riding. It is so fun that I can say without a doubt I will only sell it when I can no longer ride. With that said my poor 2007 KTM 450 EXC has like 5hrs of ride time this year. I also have a Supermoto setup with 17” wheels and in that form, it is ridiculously fun. Two bikes in one. I thought of selling my 2007 KTM 450 EXC but the market is so bad right now I would be giving away a nearly new motorcycle that flat out works and keeps up with any of the newer bikes I ride with. I really like my KTM 450 EXC so I thought, what can I do to keep it in the rotation of TW200 one week, KTM 450 EXC the next week, rinse, and repeat. One of the big positives of the TW is the seat height. I am 6’-1” and at 31” it is like a minibike. The KTM you need a ladder to get on the thing in the stock 21/18” wheel setup. The KTM in Supermoto setup with just the 17” wheels is a lot easier to get on and got me thinking. I made a phone call to Suspension 101 who have done all my motorcycles. After telling him what i was trying to build, George and i agreed to lower the KTM 450 EXC approximately 1 inch. We discussed 2” but that was overkill for my style of riding. A stock KTM 450 EXC with a 21/18” wheel setup has roughly a 37.5” seat height. With a 1:3 suspension ratio, lowering the KTM 450 EXC 1” would yield roughly a 35” seat height. I had Dubya USA build a custom 18” front wheel consisting of a Excel Takasago, Haan Front hub and custom spoke lengths cut to match. I called Buchanan to make me spokes but with a Sun Rim it was north of $1k. I also called Woody's and of course even greater cost as they would only use a Excel Takasago A60. I like the Fat Tire idea but not that much. With the 18" wheel and a Shinko 244 Trials tire It made the seat height 34.75”. More than reasonable and close enough to a TW200 with far better suspension and a much bigger motor. The overall "Feel" of how the KTM is on the dirt and street is very very close to the TW200. I really really liked my KTM 450 before but now it is just unreal how fun it is to ride. For me i achieved my goal of making my KTM something like a TW200 and like my TW200 this KTM TW450 is definitely NOT going anywhere.
  11. cmbthumper

    Arizona Registration?

    Can i get one of those PM's?
  12. cmbthumper

    Voyager Pro GPS unit, 40% off this Friday the 13th

    Have any pics of it mounted to the 500? Where did you tap into the power? Key or Direct?
  13. Unfortunately i can't but definitely next Tuesday. I don't edit my videos so they are long but this will give you an idea of the road. Last time i went up the last mile of the road was blown out with rocks and ruts everywhere. Worse i have seen it in years. Nothing difficult just need to pay attention to your lines more.

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