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  1. Never rode my 07' KTM 450 EXC at night with the stock headlight. Too dangerous??
  2. Thanks for the comment. While i have not done the UV part yet, doing the old skool powder method shows it is coming from within and inch radius of the drain plug. All other areas of the motor are dry. I'm not the type to "just run it". I hate leaks, squeaks etc. My Anal OCD mind and can't help it.
  3. The Bad: · It has an oil leak I cannot locate. I put in new KTM OEM drain plug, both bottom screens all o-rings and still cannot find where it is coming from. About a teaspoon every ride. I believe it is the Engine case gasket. · Water pump seal started leaking 1.1hrs ago. I have all KTM OEM parts to fix. · Main Head Gasket started leaking on the last ride 2007 KTM 525 EXC This bike is a Ridiculously Fun Factory Plated Dual Sport and Not a Dual Registration or Grandfathered in Dirt Bike conversion 4839mi – 145.2hrs Highlights & Upgrades: Suspension 101 Forks & Shock (setup for 215lb) Shorai Lithium Battery ARC Folding Levers – Brake and Clutch KTM Power Parts Radiator Fan KTM Stock Tank Trail Tech Kickstand KTM Power Parts Clutch Slave Cylinder Guard KTM Power Parts Shark Fin Enduro Engineering Exhaust Guard 2006 KTM 525 EXC Shorty Rear Fender Sicass DOT LED Taillight Sicass Multi-Function Bar Switch F/R LED Turn Signals & Sicass LED Flasher Enduro Engineering Handguards Double Take Mirror Set up KTM Power Parts Skid Plate Powder Coated Enduro Engineering-Motion Pro Extended Throttle Cables See Pic of Modifications and Maintenance Extra Parts Not Installed: KTM Owners Manual PDF KTM Service Factory Manual PDF KTM 525 XC Tank 3.4gln – KTM OEM Desert Tank Original Exhaust Manifold (Spare) Original Exhaust (gutted) Original Front Fender Original Rear Fender Motion Pro Coolant Tank KTM OEM Front wheel (Rim has 2 cracks/bends but hub and spokes are good) All stock parts I took off included $4,800 ** located in Ramona, CA 92065 east of San Diego. ** DIRT SETUP price. Yes, it is currently setup for Supermoto and both can be had once a price is agreed upon for both Dirt and Supermoto setup If you would like further photos of anything, please PM me. Also, the GPR V1 Steering Damper will not be included but the top clamp will stay and the Seat Concepts is on my 450 but i have the original KTM one that will go with the bike
  4. cmbthumper

    New member from Poway

    Rancho Skin Your Penis
  5. Could go on forever but researching shops to feel confident on who to send my motor to. Dave Hopkins - I've e-mailed and discussed options with him. He did my 07' 450 and happy but just trying to avoid shipping it. Caflash on KTMtalk. PM'd there weeks ago but no reply. Ron Bishop - Haven't spoken to but hear his shop is darn good Mike Tripes - Tuned my 07' 450 for the PO but i stink at researching so not sure if he has his own shop or not. TKS Performance - Just received this companies info from Wierdrider (Thanks) and seeing what they are all about My 07' KTM 525 EXC Backstory (134hr - 2231mi) In the Build section i did a small build thread. It was maintained well, was solid and had low hours and miles but the PO had no idea what soap was. Turned it into a Supermoto a few months ago and began chasing an oil leak. The first leak was from the Crankcase breather. Otiker clamp solved that one. Ran it for a few miles and was wet around the Drain plug area. Needed and oil change so replaced all the o-rings on the short and long screens, filter covers and put a brand new KTM OEM drain plug and crush washer. Still leaked and while cleaning up i saw this mess. Between the head gasket and what i believe is the case gasket leaking, i want the entire motor blown apart to get new gaskets/seals everywhere. Since it will be apart i would like the bottom end checked and any bearing upgrades or other mods done, head done with valves, piston etc. Your basic rebuild.
  6. cmbthumper

    Heavy Bike Carrier

    Killer deal. Love mine with a few minor mods. Ditched the front chock holder thing, took two wheel chocks sliced them in half, took some out of the middle, welded them back together and created a channel in the bottom plate for different tire sizes. Welded a nut on the bottom of the carrier to hold them done and any bike has not moved a inch while in use. Oh and i put a magnet on the ramp to hold those hitch pins that like to disappear.
  7. cmbthumper

    1993 Jeep Cherokee xj 124k mi

    Yeah pics. I was taught it is not nice to tease
  8. cmbthumper

    XR600 - Acerbis Tank & XR's Only Fender Rack

    Don't be shy to make an offer
  9. cmbthumper

    Scott Summers Racing XR600 & XR400 Braces

    Don't be shy to make an offer
  10. cmbthumper

    Scott Summers Racing XR600 & XR400 Braces

    Agreed. Short of upside forks a brace is very close even with my limited suspension knowledge. I rode my XR600 and XR400 with and without The SRC brace and wow what a difference. My XR6 was dirt only but very comparable to my KTM 500 and 525 in rigid feel from the front. My XR4 was run with the brace in the dirt and noticed it a lot but not until I had it in Sumo form. The brace worked so well for my confidence I decided to go with the Superbrace. Just cheaper this way and for my skills/riding terrain then forking out $$ for a USD Emig conversion. Ill convert the pics to a smaller size and post them in the morning.
  11. XR600 Scott Summers Racing Sliders and Brace $175 in Ramona XR400 Scott Summers Racing Sliders and Brace ** The sliders have a few cracks that are easily repairable. $165 in Ramona XR400 Scott Summers Racing Brace $85 in Ramona ** PM for more pics as i haven't sized the rest of them for SDAR
  12. Acerbis 5.8gln Tank (Brand New in Bag) $175 in Ramona, CA XRs Only Billet Rear Fender Rack - Honda XR250R / XR350R / XR600R (Brand New) - $145 in Ramona, CA ** PM For Pics as i haven't had a chance to reduce the size for SDAR
  13. cmbthumper

    2007 KTM 525 EXC

    Thanks and now i can agree. "should of just let George do his magic since he was already that deep into the stuff." if you mean his Gobblers, per our conversation i am not ready for those just yet. I will ride it a few times and learn some more about suspension so i can understand the effect on changes i make. ** I have requested my log in info several times but no response so i can post from something other than my phone but here is the YouTube vid (hopefully). https://youtu.be/uJEK-g6twGU
  14. cmbthumper

    2007 KTM 525 EXC

    I suck at editing videos but my initial thoughts on the suspension are in the YT vid at 9:20. I went into the suspension "upgrade" thinking it was highly unsprung for my weight. After Suspension 101 got the forks and spring blow apart he checked the PN's, measured the springs and they were for a 210-220lb rider, which is me. Upon further investigation the shock had somehow lost all it's Nitrogen. I had him change all the seals, new oil, recharge the shock etc etc. Basically a maintenance refresh. So, in the end i am starting with stock forks and shock, sprung for my weight and whatever a mid valve upgrade is in the Forks. Since i have ZERO suspension experience and no reference on what a stock setup feels like all i can go off of is what i have now. It is a little over compressed and needs a little slower rebound in some sections but i am going to ride it a few times before messing with it. From before to now is night and day. I was beyond impressed with the bike overall before the suspension and really really liked my decision. Now with the suspension i LOVE this bike. A few more minor oil leaks at the Clutch cover and Breather hose to take care of but Damn this is the bike i should have bought before my KTM 500.
  15. cmbthumper

    WTB KDX200/220

    Appreciate the reply and understood. I've read about the new laws and don't mind paying a premium for a premium bike but will never pay a premium for a Red sticker bike.

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