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  1. cmbthumper

    Ear Plug Recomendations

    ^^ Agreed and I did as well.
  2. cmbthumper

    Ear Plug Recomendations

    ^^^^ Thanks for the replies. Hate foamies but haven't used them in years so i will give them another go.
  3. cmbthumper

    Ear Plug Recomendations

    Rode street only yesterday and it was literally the loudest ride i have ever had. I have used the below but thinking of trying out those custom ear plugs from Big Ear. Who uses what? Or should i repeat that again cause you didn't hear me. Who uses what? My Helmet: AGV K6 Arai Defiant-Regent X ** Retired this one a few years ago Ear Plugs i have used: Ear Peace NoNoise Radian DIY molded Generic High Fidelity type
  4. cmbthumper

    525 Seat - Asking the 525 gurus

    Stock EXC and Seat Concepts EXC with the Valdez. Stock with the MXC. As mentioned it is just a gap thing. I hated the Fugly gap so i shelved the MXC tank for a Clarke.
  5. cmbthumper

    Fire Sale Part 1: 2015 KTM 500

    Wheel/Hub MFG? Miles on the setup? Cush? Tires? Pics for cor combo, condition etc?
  6. cmbthumper

    1997 KTM300E/XC $2500 OBO ( a big OBO)

    IF that was CA Street legal i doubt it would have gotten this far. At least that is what my bank account says
  7. cmbthumper

    Ramona 8/14/23

    I'll gladly join in. On Lusardi i got to the transition from pavement to dirt and took a water break or so I thought. I already went through 3L of water and learned the hard way long ago that even on a traveled road to turn around. I simply do not go anywhere without water, the ability to make found water drinkable or the ability to make fire. Probably more.fun story than Jeeps or Tesla's. Ha Ha
  8. cmbthumper

    Ramona 8/14/23

    I barely do web forums. No Social Media for me. Very cool "Conversations" when i pulled up. I'll be more nosey next time. No shame in admitting even if i didn't pull over to take a wiss you would have passed me regardless. I am no longer that type of rider. Getting roosted is part of the fun.
  9. Went up to the pines for a quick morning ride to beat the heat and bunch of riders already at the top.
  10. Ill.take the Trail 125 THAT day so you don't feel so bad.
  11. I'm a total wuss or way to smart to ride even in the evening heat. I'll admit the Wuss part. When it cools down a little bit more my TW200 loves that road and will be chasing the sunset. Enzo at Suspension 101 is doing some suspension work on my TW Killer project that will make an appearance likely at the end of summer. That will be in rotation for chasing the sunsets.
  12. cmbthumper

    Yamaha TW200 by cmbthumper

  13. cmbthumper

    KTM Rally fairing, mount and low fender

    Curious what MY light this is from so an upgrade to LED can be done?
  14. cmbthumper

    2023 Honda Trail 125 by cmbthumper

    Damn small cc bikes are addicting. Will be doing the suspension and luggage but that is about it. Sooooo fun though.

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