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  1. cmbthumper

    Brand new T7 for sale.

    This one? https://www.advrider.com/f/threads/2023-yamaha-tenere-700.1625425/#post-47355923
  2. cmbthumper

    Yamaha TW200 by cmbthumper

    Correct from what i found so far. Yamaha Banshee Rear Shock - Direct Bolt On. Spring rate is a guess. Haven't found a good example yet but on the lookout for one. Yamaha R6 - Needs 3/4" plates welded as it is too short. The 03' is a remote reservoir and eliminates the headache of mounting a shock upside-down Yamaha V-Star - Direct Bolt On if you want a lower TW. Marvin Shaw has an option but it uses HP Nitrogen 260psi+ as it's rebound and dampening. If it needs some tweaks you need to send it back to them. but it is like $300 Most other mfg quad shocks and newer models are too long (Yamaha Raptor, Honda 450 etc). Even a good used Yamaha Banshee shock will need to be serviced due to the age. With a spring your into it for about $350-400. For now all i will do is the spring on the shock as a Cogent shock is like $800.
  3. cmbthumper

    Yamaha TW200 by cmbthumper

    Thank you. Had to look it up of course. Cool looking shield but for a bike that goes 55mph I'll put it on the bottom of the list of upgrades.
  4. cmbthumper

    Yamaha TW200 by cmbthumper

    That is why i bought it even though i have fun on anything with 2 wheels. Something to just fart around on locally and a fun errand bike. Thank you. For the $$ i really like it so far. I have nothing to compare it to though. Some QC issues like weld splatter and square edges that needed a little file work but again for the $$ i couldn't replicate it. The directions are good but being a copy of a copy the pictures sucked. The rack is designed to have the passenger pegs but I deleted mine so i made up some Aluminum spacers to take up the space. The hardware is what it is and i usually change it out but i used what came with it for now. The exhaust bolt was too short for my liking so i changed that out from a 35mm to a 40mm. All the OEM bolts i took off that weren't used i put in a plastic storage bin for spares.
  5. cmbthumper

    Yamaha TW200 by cmbthumper

    Not really a build but i will be doing some modifications from time to time. I don't have cold weather gear so i piled on what i had and probably looked like the kid from Christmas Story but finally the weather kinda broke so i had to give my TW it's first ride to see what is what. Of course, the 3 local riding area gates were closed so no dirt just street. I was able to take it on Black Canyon Road which is a maintained dirt road but it is normally like riding on marbles. I knew it would be badly damaged from the storms so i took it anyway. Only 34miles but i got the idea. All i can say is Wow i haven't had this kinda fun under 55mph on two wheels in forever. She is definitely a keeper. Mods Done So Far: Ricochet Skid Plate Tusk Rack Pelican 1450 Case i had lying around Parts Ordered after the ride: Progressive Fork Springs 11-1120 Race Tech Gold Valve Fork Cartridge Emulator #FEGV 3301 Maxima Fork Oil 15W 16 oz. Baron Performance Springs - BA-8523RD I took a video that i am editing now but will post it up on YouTube once i am done. Bad thing is that i grabbed the wrong battery so it will be a shorter one with very little of the Dirt section.
  6. cmbthumper

    Honda XR650R Project or For Parts

    This one?
  7. Yes sir. 2021. Same old story. Bought for the wife, she crashed it and said make it go away.
  8. One down (Mine) and one to go. I think i'll let him try mine before i waste any $$ on something else. He is pretty hard headed.
  9. When is the next bike swap happening? Anybody have the below i can rent or try out? My Dad gave up his Dirt riding helmet on his last ride. Comments like "Too fast, Too Tall and Things Happen Too Quickly" stuck in my head. I refuse to give up on him because he just about keeps pace with me on the street in Sumo format, on my VFR or my 1090. Kidding but he is not that far behind. Years ago I sold my him my DRZ (in the For Sale section) for $1 on Fathers Day so he couldn't back out of joining me from time to time and using his normal excuse of $$. So, i decided to give him another bike on Fathers Day but with a twist so he really can't use the words "Fast, Tall, Quickly or i don't want to slow you down or always make you feel like you have to wait for me". If we are on similar bikes then the mental part will help. What i am looking for is the below low and slow bikes. Both can be the same or a combo. One for me and One for Pops. Newer the better. I haven't ridden any of these but i know what will work for my dad. 2001-Present Yamaha TW200 ** Always wanted one of these 2017-Present Suzuki Van Van 2013-Present Yamaha XT250 2021 Honda Trail 125 Any Honda CT110 but a 1980 I have things to trade like a 01' Suzuki DRZ400E, 08' KTM 950 SE, 74' Yamaha RS100, 01' Honda VFR and if really needed my 07' KTM 450EXC.
  10. cmbthumper

    Noob Clothing advice

    Your not alone. Sidi boots are notoriously bad in the toe box area. My crossfire 1 and 2's sucked, my Vertigo, ST and Mag1 all sucked in the toe box. Everywhere else were race level protections so i didn't care cause of the insane protection and comfort they provided. EVERYBODY is different from head to toe so try it on or take a gamble in it not fitting.
  11. Up for sale is my 2001 Suzuki DRZ400E Arizona Plated until November 2023 Total Hours / Miles – Unknown as it is a Enduro but then again it is a DRZ IMS 3.2 Tank Trail Tech Endurance II Stock Suspension Scotts Damper w/BRP Sub Mount Triple Clamp – Less than 100mi since installed New Steering Stem Bearings – Less than 100mi since installed Forks serviced at BRP Triple Clamp install – Less than 100mi ago SuperBrace Fork Stabilizer – Less than 100mi since installed New Fork Boots Right Radiator got squished on the last ride, so I sent it off to Myler's Radiator. They did a full service on it so it is good as new. DeVol Radiator Guards DEI Radiator Fan – Manual Control Thumper Talk Case Savers Ricochet Skid Plate Scott’s Shark Fin Rear Disc Guard Fastway Rear Cargo Rack Chinesium 2" Handlebar Risers Tusk Alum 7/8” Handlebars Chinesium Footpegs Tusk Air Filter R&D Fuel Screw Carb Sonic Cleaned and Rebuilt w/all new OEM gaskets 13 hours ago Oil Change, Spark Plug and Valve Cover Gasket 13 hours ago Valves Checked 13 hours ago Tusk Motorcycle Enduro Lighting Kit Cycra Handguards w/New Cycra shields ProTaper Clutch Adjustment Wheel Double Take Mirror Less than 200mi old Motoz Tractionator Desert HT Front Tire Less than 200mi old Motoz Tractionator Desert HT Rear Tire OEM Service Manual OEM Owners Manual Clymer Service Manual $4250 as it sits $4000 less the Scott’s Damper Located in Ramona, CA 92065 Trades Considered w/ Cash up or down: **** Anything must be CA plated **** 2001-Present Yamaha TW200 2013-Present Yamaha XT250 Honda CRF250L or Rally Honda CRF300L or Rally Honda CT125 Any year but a 1980 Honda Trail 110 - CT110 2018-Present Kawasaki KLX 250 2020-Present Kawasaki KLX 250/300 Any low and slow theme for other offers
  12. cmbthumper

    Slowpoke Shorty Joining In

    Sucker !!! Be careful of Big Rock Moto You Tube vids and the like. BRM actually does a 100% No BS video IMO. Comes from experience but lets you know as a NOOB what to expect. Wish there were more like him. Oh BTW at the next Loan your bike to another SDADV member don' t be mad if i make the first scratch on your new bike.
  13. cmbthumper

    Noob Clothing advice

    I won't buy online from anyone unless they have a return policy. Revzilla, Rocky Mountain are my go to online shops. As 350thumper says if you can try it on at a local dealer and clearance rack, even better. I like Cycle Gear. I love my Racer, Alpinestars, Dainese and Klim gloves and wear an XL. Each manufacture weather a glove, jacket, pants etc i have found all fit different based on the model so i have to try it on or gamble with used gear.
  14. IRC Tire Lessons are very good as well. I'll be the 1st to admit while standing next to an Excuse Cone is that i DO NOT practice any of the tips on either channel on any consistent basis so it sticks into my brain. I've only ridden my KTM 1090 on the street but will try dirt not that our season is fast approaching and do some of these dirt drills. I'll contact you for your training dates and maybe ask to be put on the cancellation list.
  15. cmbthumper

    Noob Clothing advice

    Thanks. Any roost protector worth wearing is way to bulky for under a jersey IMO. I tried a 4X with my setup and no bueno.

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