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  1. What/Where does this mean?
  2. USFS closed the 3 small trails by me and while it sucks i get it. Not in the mood to go to the desert either. I have washed my bike 3x, cleaned 4 air filters, chain, sprokets, new ECU, new Handlebars, risers, HB position, Lever angle change, grips, seat, tank bag(s). pegs, oil change, cleaned my gear, changed camera mounts on my helmet. edited ride video's etc etc. I am flippin bored for sure. Stay safe everyone
  3. My last ride about a month ago in Orosco Valley ALL the gates were closed including the horse gates. Sucks to take an hour to gear up and not be able to play in the dirt. Pop suckered me into a Spur of the moment ride today in Orosco Valley. Entered from the Lake Dixon gate which was open and went up to the Glider Port/Pines. Windy AF so only took in the views for a few minutes. Lot's of runners, hikers, Jeeps, 2wd van and about 20 Asian tourists at the top taking pics. Saw no dirt bikes till we headed down around 11am then bumped into two (looked like KTM 350's) then two more at the bottom and two more at the old dump. ALL Gates were open and surprised the first one was as well coming into the valley. Going to try that next weekend. Anyway, is this were we would post "Sightenings" to see if they were members and would want to ride some other time?
  4. cmbthumper

    New member from Poway

    Welcome. Hope to join you on a ride in the future.
  5. Yeah my apologies on the short notice. Was a bust as both gates were closed so just ran Black Canyon for a bit and went home shortly thereafter. An hour ride is better than no ride any day of the week. We did see guys going through the Horse Gate part but I didn't want to get busted just yet. Planning a desert day trip maybe next weekend.
  6. Long story short is i had surgery and was released by the Doc on Friday. I can ride "cautiously" and haven't ridden since just after Fathers day. I will be twisting the throttle this morning with my Dad and it has been so long it will be like ridding a 100cc, slow and boring. Leaving my house at 10am and can meet at the 2nd gate in Orosco Valley 10:15am-ish if anyone wants to join. Plan to attempt the Pines if the gate is open and possibly do Lusardi (3rd Gate) if i can. Will make a better organized time and meeting place in the future.
  7. My doctors won't release me until Thanksgiving weekend otherwise I would join. Ride safe and have fun all. The "Hero" dirt should be nice.
  8. cmbthumper

    New SDAR Member from Ramona, CA

    Thanks and agreed. Way way beyond my skill level but hey why not. Will be putting on my Kenda DT and Shinko 216 with Tubliss in a few weeks. Recovering from surgery so haven't ridden since my Farthers Day ride but hope to around Turkey day. PM me your info and we will get the local guys together. Thank you. For some reason just started getting notifications but glad i am now. As i mentioned above i have been down for a bit but look out for a lot of invites from me and me joining rides. As a SDAR noob i will occasionally goof up until the rules sink in and totally understand the explanation. I appreciate that.
  9. cmbthumper

    Big Bear Tomorrow 9/6

    Wait a minute. You two passed each other and then realized "He is by himself" and neither turned around to go ride back to the dude for a friendly chat? Well at least you now kinda know each other for future ride plans. While I do it, riding alone sucks and I've chased guys down just to shake a fellow riders hand.
  10. oooh a new place to ride without Enviro dorks complaining. Just dirt bike guys maintaining a trail for now and future generations. Congrats on the purchase.
  11. cmbthumper

    Big Bear Tomorrow 9/6

    Wish I could but curious, do you camp, hotel or house/cabin rental?
  12. cmbthumper

    Just a heads up on Crawdaddy

    Wow. Sorry to read about your crash. Having broke and bruised many a rib, it sucks to have to go through that pain and man does it last months and months. One thing is for sure though is that they heal and you just become a Smarter rider afterwards. I hope you heal quickly. 9 out of every 10 rides is with my 73yo dad. Enjoy every second you can.
  13. #3 is the most fun and mix of street and dirt. Don't have one but could be done easily on a 1190 size bike.
  14. Hate, Hate, Hate guys or girls like this. Being a social media D-bag, just get the Long-Lat of where the photos were taken and charge him the full $5k for every 1ft he was in the wrong.
  15. Lusardi (Gate 2 on right side) is also a nice quick up and back but no view. If your not "Feeling it" for rocky terrain, the fast paced flow of Lusardi is fun. I am sure it will never happen but 1st gate on the left was a nice place to ride and explore