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  1. cmbthumper

    Big Bear Tomorrow 9/6

    Wait a minute. You two passed each other and then realized "He is by himself" and neither turned around to go ride back to the dude for a friendly chat? Well at least you now kinda know each other for future ride plans. While I do it, riding alone sucks and I've chased guys down just to shake a fellow riders hand.
  2. oooh a new place to ride without Enviro dorks complaining. Just dirt bike guys maintaining a trail for now and future generations. Congrats on the purchase.
  3. cmbthumper

    Big Bear Tomorrow 9/6

    Wish I could but curious, do you camp, hotel or house/cabin rental?
  4. cmbthumper

    Just a heads up on Crawdaddy

    Wow. Sorry to read about your crash. Having broke and bruised many a rib, it sucks to have to go through that pain and man does it last months and months. One thing is for sure though is that they heal and you just become a Smarter rider afterwards. I hope you heal quickly. 9 out of every 10 rides is with my 73yo dad. Enjoy every second you can.
  5. #3 is the most fun and mix of street and dirt. Don't have one but could be done easily on a 1190 size bike.
  6. Hate, Hate, Hate guys or girls like this. Being a social media D-bag, just get the Long-Lat of where the photos were taken and charge him the full $5k for every 1ft he was in the wrong.
  7. Lusardi (Gate 2 on right side) is also a nice quick up and back but no view. If your not "Feeling it" for rocky terrain, the fast paced flow of Lusardi is fun. I am sure it will never happen but 1st gate on the left was a nice place to ride and explore
  8. cmbthumper

    My New Moped - 1974 Yamaha RS100

    Big Thumbs up. Like that a lot. Looks and sounds awesome. 👍
  9. cmbthumper

    My New Moped - 1974 Yamaha RS100

    Now that sounds like a lot of fun. That is a great riding shot. I was looking for a Yamaha AT1 and above but couldn't find one tin my price range that didn't need a ton of work. Will get one though. I would join that ride for sure. At this time i was looking for a "project" but those Trail 90's were also on the list. Most were basket cases that i saw and big $ when they were not. Amazing how much a CT70 is these days.
  10. Yup i am officially infected with the small cc bikes. Had to get a smoker this time. Just my test ride and will do a walk around video with more bike specific details after i reg and insure it next week. Oh man are these little bikes fun fun fun. 1974 Yamaha RS100 Test Ride
  11. cmbthumper

    My New Moped - 1970 Honda CB100

    Appreciate the comments. Beach cruiser is right. I think topped out at 51mph on flat ground. Wanted a little 150cc under moped type bike to get groceries, parts or ?? around town and have a little fun doing it. While the new stuff is appealing, I like oldies but goodies too. At 6-1" 210lbs it is now officially as fast as a moped. Probably got a few stares but I'm sure they saw the grin so it didn't matter. Fun little bike for sure. Stupid Gopro cut off again so lost most of the walk around vid. Time for a new one I guess. While other CB100's I looked at are in better shape they were also much much more $$ than I paid. Had very minor fender, exhaust, and mirror rust pitting but a couple swipes of alum foil and cleaned up to my satisfaction. The F/R turn signals have very bad pitting but still shine and blink so they will stay for now. The alum forks and other alum will just get a good clean and some mothers polish and call it good. Basically, not restoring just cleaning and riding it.
  12. cmbthumper

    My New Moped - 1970 Honda CB100

    Walk Around and first ride vids. A little tuning and clutch work but fun little bike.
  13. He He. La Jolla and Rancho Skin your Pen*s are the best
  14. cmbthumper

    My New Moped - 1970 Honda CB100

    ^^ Nice. Hope to have that kinda fun. I am r searching how to post a pic here and will do that soon.
  15. Needed a grocery getter / errand runner so I decided to get a cheap moped. Being 6-1" and 210lbs I needed more cc than just a 50cc. After some r search i ended up buying this instead. Much more "Me" than a new scoot. Picking it up on Saturday. 1971 Honda CB100 https://photos.app.goo.gl/2em7E4mTBQ2wodkb6