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  1. padu

    McCain trail system and map

    Yes! I want to redo that photo when someone is actually there, so you can have a sense of scale.
  2. padu

    McCain trail system and map

    I've been there a couple times. I was just wodering about the trail numbers - if someone had the trouble to stake those to the ground, there must be a map somewhere no? Some pictures I took this weekend using the drone: https://padu.smugmug.com/Places/McCain-Valley-Camping/i-Gt7rb46/A https://padu.smugmug.com/Places/McCain-Valley-Camping/i-4T4brdn/A https://padu.smugmug.com/Places/McCain-Valley-Camping/i-Whs8tXM/A
  3. Hey guys, Not sure if this has been asked here before. Does anybody have a map of trails for McCain? The closest I've found is this area map: https://www.desertusa.com/mccain/oct_mcain2.html The trails are numbered (see below), and I wonder if there's a more detailed map with the corresponding numbers?
  4. padu

    Knee Replacement

    I'm on week 5 of recovery and physiotherapy after ACL reconstruction. They asked me to stay away from dirt bikes for at least 6 months. My surgeon doctor was Dr. Daniel Brereton. His office specializes in sports surgery. Awesome work. I highly recommend. I'm doing physiotherapy with a Brazilian friend of mine. For 20 years he was the therapist for the Brazilian Volleyball team. Dude has 5 olympic medals and currently coaches April Ross on beach volleyball. It's painful, but I feel great after only 4 weeks of recovery.
  5. I'm sure someone in our Italian group would go...
  6. padu

    Trails bike as a training tool

    That's cool! Depending on my overall state I might drive there just to watch. Thanks for the tip
  7. Since I can’t ride yet, and won’t be able for a while, I can get a bit of my fix by spending some time on the garage. I just finished installing the soft panniers on my bike. Since it’s no GS, there aren’t many options available yet. The guy from sw-motech USA told me I’m one of the first ones to receive the PRO carrier for the V4S in the US The installation didn’t go as smooth as possible, bit nothing like a few drilled holes and a trip to Lowe’s wouldn’t resolve. Here’s the video if there’s anyone else thinking about it.
  8. padu

    Trails bike as a training tool

    I know! I can’t wait! I’ll let you know when it arrives and I’ll bring it to McCain so you can test drive it.
  9. padu

    Trails bike as a training tool

    Oops, yes, trials. I could (and probably will as well) but a man gotta have some fun (and a good medical excuse to convince the wife)
  10. padu

    Trails bike as a training tool

    I saw a couple for 2-4K on facebook marketplace. I'll take mine to your house when I get it so you can try it out
  11. padu

    Trails bike as a training tool

    Awesome! I just made a deposit into an Epure Race edition (electric, but with real hydraulic clutch and idle electric engine). I spoke with the rep today and he rides Beta trials for a long time, and he totally converted to electric. It should be on my hands in January. Perfect for recovering in my back yard.
  12. While I'm recovering from my knee injury, my mind is making plans... What do you think about using a trials bike as a tool for training balance and keeping your foot on the peg for longer? Anybody here with trials experience?
  13. Thanks Zubb! Yes, my two KTMs are with friends already! Anytime