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  1. padu

    Ducati Desert X Review

    Hey, I remember those growing up! Everybody had CG125s, then a few had CB500s, but the really rich guys had Amazonas!
  2. padu

    Ducati Desert X Review

    Ha! Multipasta! I'm stealing that nickname for mine as well!
  3. padu

    Ducati Desert X Review

    I'm in love with my bike! Ryan F9 hits in the head on the "Dealer X"... 😂 I've installed auxiliary lights myself, but I still had to take it to the dealer to "activate" that feature. Same with heated grips.
  4. I take classes with everybody I interact with! 🙂
  5. padu

    Knee braces or guards?

    I use the POD K8 and it works well for me. When I ruptured my ACL and partial MCL, I was wearing a pair of Leatt knee protectors, so my opinion is always use brace, although I'm not sure if I had the braces I wouldn't have gotten hurt...
  6. Just got home. Rode from Vegas to Palm Dale on the bike (I15 traffic was amazingly fun 😡). Loaded the bike on the truck and down to San Diego. I had so much fun! I'll start to edit the video and post on a separate thread when it's ready, with the customary report. I did the easy ways. For my surprise, there were 4 Ducati Desert X's! But I claim the first DDX ever to cross the LAB2V finish line 😂 Next year I want to do the hard ways with the DDX. Call me masochist.
  7. That's a good price for me! I'll take it!
  8. I was there yesterday with Sedlak Offroad School doing a desert class (on the dirt bike though). It was my first time riding the desert properly and we had so much fun. I'm starring to understand how vast is the desert and the off-roading possibilities for us here in SoCal.
  9. There was an entire podcast by Highside Lowside (S6 E5: What Makes a Dual-Sport and Why It Matters) and I like their definition: Dual sport: a dirt bike that was given plates to run on streets legaly. Adventure: A street bike that was given some components to be dirt capable. Of course, there are plenty of examples and exceptions in between that could go either way.
  10. I love this and it kind of jives with @shutterrev system on his San Diego ADV Routes page (green, orange, red). To complement the discussion, I've been collecting routes and I've been thinking about "gamifying" this a little. Like a catalog of all San Diego trails, and if you conquer one of those, after you make a post here, you get a "badge", something like this: Independently, I've been cataloging all my GPX routes in Gaia. When I go through a certain known trail, I do some pruning and add to a "library" folder. It looks like this today: Ideas brewing...
  11. That's the thing with trails right? They are constantly changing...
  12. padu

    Fish Creek

    I will definitely take you on that! The problem is that I'm fully booked till mid-December on weekends. Maybe I should call sick during a weekday? 😉 The Desert X did amazing on the sand on my 5-day trip to Baja on stock tires and stock bar stabilizer. Since then I've switched the tires to the Motoz Rallz and some adjustable ohlins bar stabilizers. It became a sand eating machine! I did the full lower grapevine canyon ride a couple of weeks ago and the sand was deep. No problems at all, but living here in socal, we need to keep the sand skills sharp.
  13. Nice to meet you! I didn't see your crash. You were riding normally for the rest of the day. Way to endure dude! Yes, the one handed drill was super hard, but it was the one that helped the most. I did it a bit this past weekend at McCain
  14. padu

    Sat 11/12 ride

    Deal, as soon as I'm back from LAB2V

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