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  1. We were so thirsty that we forgot to take the picture of full glasses of beer
  2. padu

    The latest.....

    Hello, congratulations and thank you for stepping up. I'm a CTO on a technology company and I've been involved with computers for 30+ years now, so I seriously thought about stepping up, but since I'm very new here, I didn't think it would be a good idea. The forum needs someone with many years of history of collaboration, so I'm glad to see you taking this position. I would like to offer you any technical knowledge I can contribute and assist to continue improving the site. Cheers!
  3. Sunset today is 6:44pm, so departure time is 4:44pm.
  4. I don't know about the North folks, but I feel really blessed living in the South Bay where there are so many good rides around. With that in mind, I'd like to propose a recurrent ride starting today and repeating every Wednesday afternoon. Here's the format: Meeting time: 2:15 h before official sunset for the day. Kickstands up punctually 2h before the ride. Meeting place: Otay Ranch Mall > Panera Parking Lot Route: To be decided on the day of the ride. Ideally we should be back at the mall by posted sunset time. After ride: Happy hour at Novo Brazil, also at Otay Mall for beers and laughs. Terrain: 60% to 90% dirt. This is an novice-intermediate ride. The route of the day will be decided based on overall experience level.
  5. Thanks Zubb, You da man! 😁 Can't wait to get my big red muddy
  6. Sara un piacere conoscerti!
  7. I signed up for October 30-31 in the desert (Anza-Borrego?) with Dusty. I'm seriously considering the 4 day Baja tour if there are any spots left. Have you ever done that tour? Worthwhile? I'm hoping for 80%+ or dirt and some challenging parts.
  8. I love the "color" or your GS! Too bad you lose it when you wash it. But that's only more motivation to get that color again. I thought about those rearview mirrors before, but since I use my bike for the road too, I love the blind spot detection feature, which uses some bright LEDs on the rearview mirrors. Or maybe I could make a custom LED indicator for BSD... Anyways, thanks for the hint.
  9. This is the second staging area
  10. I don't think so... I ride with Atilio, Massimone, Massimo, and a couple of other italians.
  11. I'll tell you if you promise not to tell too many people
  12. I'm going with my Italian gang. I have a KTM #77. If you see me dropping the bike around, come say high and help me pick it up will ya? We usually camp on the second staging area.
  13. Just watched this video. What do you guys think?
  14. I had my second 1-1 session with Sedlak Offroad School yesterday, which by the way, I highly recommend to anybody that wants to sharpen their skills. In my case, it's not even sharpening, it's building, since the first time I rode off-road on any bike was 2 months ago. Anyways, we went to Otay Mesa - that place is like Disneyland. I hope it never closes. I had a blast and learned a few new tricks. Not without a cost though... we were riding a steep sandy hill (more like talc - very fine dust) and I let my negative vision guide me. Instead of looking at the best path and thinking "I'm going there", I looked at the rut and kept thinking "I can't go there...". You know what happens next - the bike goes there and my street tires had no chance. Down it went and broke my rearview mirror. Ordered another one and it arrives in 2 weeks. Part of the game. But that's the thing between theory and practice. In theory, I know you have to "view positive". Forget where you can't go and focus on where you want to go, preferentially way ahead of your path. But it takes practice of ACTIVELY self policing and training path visualization. Here's the consequence: I also got a new 360 camera. I made a short test video from the session yesterday if you are interested.
  15. That's a bummer - how does that affect McCain valley and Corral Canyon areas? Does it affect at all?