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  1. Hello folks! I've just completed BDR sections 1-3 and as expected from me, I got a ton of footage. I've decided to break it down into dirt road segments so the entire route is documented. I'll post some highlights as I go as well, but enjoy the full videos. For the people in the future - take these videos with a grain of salt, because as any dirt road, situation can change quickly after weather events, lack of road maintenance, or traffic. The first road of the BDR going south to north is Picacho Road. A good warmup, since it's a really easy freeway style road. Here it goes.
  2. It's L. And I bought the inserts for M as well. I will include those for free.
  3. It's too large for me. I have the original inserts and also bought thicker inserts to try to fit better, but it's too loose on the top of my head. It's lightly used and never dropped. Gray model. Comes with the clear visor and the transitions lens. I haven't thought about price yet - you know how much a new one costs and what a fair offer would be... If you don't know, the Klim Krios Pro is a top of the line adventure helmet, if not THE top helmet in the market. It has all imaginable bells and whistles, and it's the lightest one in the market.
  4. We are expecting and prepared for a lot of sand... although I read some reports on the facebook group that the feared section 1 is very tame now.
  5. 2 days to start, bike prep done, final packing underway!
  6. That's how my wife shops for my birthdays too 😂
  7. Hi all, Our BDR trip got postponed to the end of March. We got some spots that opened recently, so we have 2-3 spots open to our group. This is for INTERMEDIATE to EXPERT riders only. Group will be between 3 and 6 riders. The most important pre-requisite is a good can-do attitude. Recent riders reported that feared section 1 doesn't have deep sand anymore, and because of recent rains, dust is almost inexistent. PERFECT RIDING CONDITIONS for sections 1-3. We might not see that in a long time after now. The plan is: Mar. 24, [Friday evening] meet in Yuma Mar. 25, [Saturday] Section 1, hotel in Blythe Mar. 26, [Sunday] Section 2, 3 hotel in Primm As we get to Sahara Oasis, depending on how much daylight is available, we either continue to Primm off-road (end of section 3), or we take I-40 East to Needles Mar. 27, [Monday] Partial section 4 to Shoshone and starting to ride back to SD/LA using some segments of LAB2V route. Let me know if you'd like to join.
  8. Looks like there's a (white) gate at the entry of Palomar Divide Road on 79 and another (yellow) gate at the entry of High Point Rd. on 79 in Aguanga. Are they usually open, or closed but unlocked?
  9. Way to go Rob! I'll make sure to mark on my 2024 calendar!
  10. padu

    Advice on riding areas

    There are several ways to get into Otay Mesa area. Some more legal than others. The sad thing is that several areas within that region are being fenced and ground to build more warehouses. Hit me up and I'll show you how to enjoy that whole area. That's my backyard
  11. Thanks for the kind words. I'm not so sure she's happy with the places that I take her though 😂 I'm still keeping my multi for travels with the wife - that bike is sooo comfortable on the roads
  12. This is awesome! Love the exhaust sound of the KLR. There were people camping on the trail at 2:10?!?!? Anytime you'd like to repeat the dose let me know!
  13. I finally gained the courage to take the DDX to McCain Valley, our local meca for enduro and trials. There are hundreds of miles of single track, most of them challenging for a proper enduro machine, so I was nervous before hitting the trails. We've been riding McCain for a while, so we decided to take the more "flowy" trails. The Desert X is very capable, but is a lot wider than a proper dirt bike, so it's easy to get stuck between rocks if you're not careful. All in all, this was very rewarding. It brought my confidence level through the roof about what the bike is capable of.

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