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  1. Zubb

    Las Vegas ideas ?

    Go to a Celine Deon show.
  2. 💩 try not to step in this.
  3. Zubb

    1981 Honda CBX with only 3 miles??!!

    I rode my brother in laws when I was about 20. Scared me how fast and powerful it felt. His had the 'jammer' on it. Was beautiful.
  4. Zubb

    1981 Honda CBX with only 3 miles??!!

    Gone. Dang it.
  5. Don't you just hate it when you put your foot down but there's nothing there?
  6. Good stuff. Sounds like you managed the adventure good and proper. Two things Tom Thompson taught me about running the heavyweights. 1- if it takes 11 horsepower to get up something, give it 13. Not 50! (I found this very disappointing). 2- when in doubt. Park it. Walk it. Look for spots to find traction and regain momentum. Look it over going up and coming down. Then hit the red button and ride it. this advice takes self control. Of which I have very little. Nice finish with the boat drinks!
  7. Correct. It starts here and goes east in a clockwise direction. https://goo.gl/maps/hEH3QXAnEncpPMso9
  8. Zubb

    Let’s eat, … but where?

    Well Hot Dam there's a new fantastic place open in Pine Valley. https://www.facebook.com/PineValleyHouse/ I drug 10 bikes through there last Sunday and stumbled into it by good fortune. Probably the best burger and fries anywhere in the county. Service is absolute tops! Nica (owner) is super friendly and this isn't her first rodeo. Great place. Greatest food. Air conditioning!!!!!!! It's right next door to the Frosty Burger and across from Majors. They have live music regularly. *Note: they typically close the kitchen at 2pm until 2:30 to reset. They stayed open for us though as we arrived right at 2pm, all famished, all heat battled, all thirsty! We didn't have to ask, they just offered. I wish I'd thought to photo the burger plates. You'll have to be happy with just the fries and toasted cheese sandwich. Hand cut. Mmmmm.
  9. No. This is the bottom. Have been told there's one at the top of the landowner's land as well. CNF has asked me (us) to stand by and see what develops as talks with the landowner continue.
  10. Kitchen creek, Fred Canyon, La posta will be my new suspension test track when I get them installed next week on my 1200gsa. Endless whoops that are ‘my’ size. I’m not gonna fly that thing 100’ but I’m happy to airplay all those water bars. I’m going up 2 clicks on spring weight and will finally have manual control of the compression/ rebound. And a top temp of 104 out there was brutal yesterday.
  11. Zubb

    Rally in the gorge

    Love that area. And Hood River is the perfect little hippy town with wind surfers, hikers bikers, and the good coffee and beer pubs that come with them. I’d go in a heart beat but would finally have to quiet my job and pause my marriage. And both of those are bad options for me. It’s my busiest riding year yet and Barb still likes me. So I better not push it.
  12. GREAT idea kkug! We all should do more of this. Alas, I won't be able to make this one.
  13. Would love to join you on this but am committed elsewhere. It's been a while since I've looped Big Bear.
  14. Zubb

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    8:15 / 8:30ish at Sheldons. Kick stands up at 9.
  15. Zubb

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    Awesome. Maybe we can meet up a little early Sunday so I can see it on the XT?