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  1. I special ordered it at BMWMC of SD. None to be found anywhere so I placed the order and hoped for the best.
  2. Yes. The fully darkened state isn't really that dark from inside looking out. I always rode my Arai with a smoke lens. And even though it looks really dark from the outside . . . it's not very dark from the inside. I rode it all the time at night too, which sounds a little crazy until you try it. The only time it bothered me was out in the pitch black night time desert in nasty rainy weather. THEN, it's too dark to ride safely (for me) and the only time I longed for a clear lens. The KLIM Transition lens isn't quite as dark as the Arai. When I flip it up under the visor and ride wide open (stop signs, small towns, etc) and then flip it back down, there is a mottled look to it where some parts are dark and others clear. It's not a problem as it re-adjusts quickly. Maybe 5-7 seconds. Even if it didn't, the effect on the eyes is minimal. It's my guess KLIMs recommendation to not use it with the visor was written by a city slick lawyer, and is probably laughed at inside the corporate walls. As always, YMMV, but I doubt it. Of note: I prefer the shape of the Klim lens VASTLY over the Arai. There is just enough additional space that it feels wonderful spacious instead of like it's about to hit my face. When bee's bounce off the Klim, the lens makes a distinct CRACK. Sounds like a pretty good rock just hit your lens. After the third bee I realized it couldn't be rocks as I have never encountered that many on the road. On those roads. Plus rocks don't leave yellow guts on your lens. I thought that was odd, but it for dang sure encouraged me to ride lens down and avoid the temptation to just depend on my spectacles for eye protection. Speaking of eyes . . . I wear glasses. Tri focals. Thus sunglasses do not work for me unless I want to start buying $700 sunglasses. Therefore the Transition lens on the helmet is an automatic "absolutely must have" now that I've experienced it. This alone makes the Pro model worth the extra money. Time will tell though how scratch resistant that $150 lens is. Venting is A+, better than the XD4. Comfort - feels like my head is in a nice soft sofa! Very spacious around my ears. The Arai is super snug around the ears to the point of pain near the end of a 600-700 mile day. So yeh, I love the lid. Plus the dizzy color scheme makes me feel like I'm a bad ass MX rider. So I got that going for me.
  3. Ya know it’s only a couple times a year Mrs Zubb says hey why don’t we go for a ride today. So when I discarded her old lid last week because it had aged out, we went to Cyclegear to get a new one ‘just in case’ she ever wanted to ride again. So this morning she noticed I was particularly grumpy (about the state of the union) and said let’s go. God bless our mates that help us get both feet back on the ground. I took almost no pics. But we had a great time. besides, I needed to scrub in the new RallZ in prep for fall/winter shenanigans. and I needed to do an actual ride in the new KKP. if you’re wondering... the Transitions lens is the F’n bomb. The lightness and comfort is unparalleled. Doubt I’ll ever put the XD4 on my head again. And that chin strap. Friggen brilliant. and while we’re at it. ... the Cardo pacTalk bold just might be a Sena killer. More testing needed to confirm. Extremely cool software. Voice control everything! We left La Mesa via 8 East to 67 north and funny thing is, after the first two motorcyclists and I exchanged waves.... I started to feel a lot better about the world around me. So we rode up through Ramona, old Julian Highway and turned left at Santa Ysabel. Decided to finally check out the Hideout because ... why not. decided to have lunch as it wasn’t too crowded yet and quit enjoyed the pirate show as about 100 or so bikes rolled in and started ordering buckets of Coronas definitely not our scene but it was fun to check it out. From there we headed up Palomar to the observatory. Barb doesn’t enjoy it when things get too spirited so I took it easy and put it in sight seeing mode. sidebar: hey do you and your buddies a favor. If anyone wants to take a full on frontal picture like this, just slap them This is the dumbest photo pose ever. Good news Mothers is finally open. A much better lunch venue in my opinion. We continued up to the observatory in spite of the closed signs along the way, and to my shock and horror it was actually closed. we popped over to Boucher fire tower for a bit of scenic overlooking. But found no joy. Smoke everywhere. Boucher tower is cool regardless of the air quality. Spent a good half hour talking with the volunteer ranger in the tower. Discussed numerous dirty routes throughout the area and came away with a few ideas. we grabbed a couple Gatorades on the way back through Ramona and headed home via a quick stop at a friends in Lakeside. About 150 mile spin today with my bride. Good times.
  4. Sold.
  5. $150 local pickup (La Mesa) Selling my approximately 9 month old Sena/w video/camera. Still under the 2 year warranty. It's awesome. Works as described. Nothing wrong with it. Better sound volume than older Sena models. Always there to snap a picture of shoot some video. Currently $321 - $349 new. It's pretty darn handy to just push the button and film your buddy trying to pull his KTM out of a pit. I used it once to roll video of an A**hole trying to run me off the road once. Nice to have his actions and license plate on video. It's a great unit at a give-a-way price. Would like to sell it to a club member at that price.
  6. Definitions are open to interpretation. 😅
  7. I was on anakee3’s and didn’t have the slightest problem. Road condition is quite good. Personally I prefer to let a little air out as it really softens up the ride and fairly doubles the traction and control for these tires. If you’re gonna run 80/20 tires up there now is the time to do it. I agree with Tom, an intermediate level rider can pretty much run slicks to the top. It’s not a difficult road.
  8. Otay truck trail has been graded and is novice friendly. Last night was gorgeous and about 10* cooler with a nice steady breeze and low humidity at the towers. Have fun today roosting the corners. It’s very dusty.
  9. Hey 3'fiddy . . . . an ADV bike Barstow to Vegas sounds freekin' amazing. Do keep us posted as I would really like to participate. And yes, camp-n-ride is the way to go!
  10. Love how it was all just a bunch of lightly modded bikes and cars. The ambulance with race numbers was LOL fantastic. That was the kind of race that made you want to just grab your helmet and join in the fun.
  11. Guzzi owns what a motorcycle should sound like. if you want a bike for mostly road riding, this one is a hoot!! Come to think of it, if I wasn’t a GS man I’d have this bike and a 500 in the garage and be done with it.
  12. Zubb

    butler BDR paper maps

    I just did the WABDR with downloaded tracks from Butler (and the paper map). while I’d never go without the paper map and compass, I never pulled it out of the bag. I ran the gpx tracks on my Garmin NavV and whenever I got off Route I just twisted that amazing wonderwheel near the clutch lever and zoomed out until I saw the purple line and headed back towards it. pretty amazing to think I rode 600 miles from OR to Canada on remote trails and never checked a map. Though I’d never do that without being completely self contained and having the tools onboard to find my way out if needed.
  13. Zubb

    Hand signals for off road riding

    Watch and learn JaJa. There will be a test tomorrow.
  14. Zubb

    Hand signals for off road riding

    I can’t do left handed sign language that fast.