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  1. Zubb

    2 WD

    If I recall correctly it wasn't any fun to go for a ride on. But it was amazing what it could climb. Think of it more as a winch with wheels on it, than a motorcycle.
  2. Zubb

    2 WD

    My friend had one while I was a teenager in Idaho. 1- there is nothing too steep for it to climb. 2-it handles like ---- 3- when any of us shot elk in a river bottom a thousand vertical feet below the trail home..... it was Rokon to the rescue.
  3. Zubb

    HBD KKug - No Way, another Birthday

    Happy Birthday World Reknown Kug! May your likeness continue to litter the globes' furthest corners. And by the way, I'm out of stickers. Cheers!
  4. Zubb

    Motorcyclist-1, Deer-0

    Thanks for sharing this as we don't see a lot of deer down here. Having killed a whitetail in Montana awhile back, I'm a little sensitive to 'the feeding hours' and night riding. Totaled the BMW, killed the deer and destroyed $1500 worth of very functional clothing and helmet. I walked away with a tiny bruise on my hip, no hospital bill and a fat check from my insurance company. ATGATT- it's amazing what a little clothing technology can get you through.
  5. Zubb

    Speeding ticket

    a few years back I got a similar 82 in a 65 up on the 101 in Mendocino county. $600 or so. What pissed me off is I was riding in a very conservative safe manner with no cars around... just normal san diego left land speeds pretty much in the middle of nowhere. And I got a lecture about unsafe riding. I'd have felt much better if he'd just said "gotcha sukku!" and left it at that. At least he didn't insult your intelligence. By the way,, I love our police officers. Local and otherwise.
  6. Zubb

    Cool off time in NT

    I love it! Well done Udo.
  7. pick a day - I'll see if I can do it.
  8. ... and a good time was had by all. Thanks for throwing a great party!
  9. They sho' do make a mess on the face shield though don't they.
  10. Great story and pics. It's great to have both of your perspectives on the ride report. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Zubb

    Cool off time in NT

    I've been wondering how you're doing over there. Cool stuff Udo!
  12. ^^^ me too. Hope to make it if I can keep the relatives out of the hospital.
  13. Zubb


    Thanks for the link, looking forward to reading your report. It was Dave 6***'s report there that got me all fired up to do this. I downloaded his trax a long time ago but have done nothing with them. My Garmin Zumo is just deck fluff. It just sits there on the handlebar in a vain attempt to make me look like a real adventurer. I'm going to give preplanned routing a try in a couple months when I drag @danrider up to Utah and back. He says he knows how to navigate, but I think he lies since he's a BMW rider. Thanks again for the tip. I'll look for the RR.
  14. Happy B-Day with some beer and a nice chocolate cake.🏍️

    1. Zubb


      Thanks JaJa!!