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  1. Zubb

    Trails bike as a training tool

    If I My schedule allows, I’ll join you.
  2. Zubb

    Tech Day October 23rd

    He’s good like that.
  3. Zubb

    Tech Day October 23rd

    Got’cha covered. Will bring the big wrench.
  4. Zubb

    Trails bike as a training tool

    Andre from MotoV took 3rd place at the Trophy qualifier. I have no doubt competing in trials helped him immensely.
  5. Zubb

    Trails bike as a training tool

    @padu, I also am looking for a relatively inexpensive trials bike. Most of the top tier GS riders I know have a strong trials background. My friend Jim (who just took 2nd place in the GS Trophy qualifier) tells me that no style of riding will make you a better trials rider. But trials riding will make you better at every other type of riding. Jim was at my place a couple weeks ago and couldn't stop staring at my side yard and back yard. Said I could get all the quiet training I would ever need without ever leaving my yard. Has me thinking about taking out the grass and moving in a few boulders and "creative landscaping". Even though most Trials bikes are whisper quiet at idle.... would be fun to have an electric with a "clutch". The only sound my neighbors would hear is some occasional cursing. If anyone has an old beater lying around, I'd be interested in picking one up. Just so I can practice at home and in small areas.
  6. Zubb

    Look Ma, I'm famous

    I've been hoping/waiting to see if you were going to write it up. I should just get off my butt and start piecing one together. A one post report is just too much work for one sitting! 8-) I'm sure you criminals left your mark on the state. Would love to see the pics and story.
  7. Zubb

    Look Ma, I'm famous

    https://advrider.com/potw-inmate-photos-of-the-week-29-21/ In today's headlines, local yokel makes good on a promise he made to his mom 50 years ago. Hires a Medium to let her know he made the top story on a world-renowned website for motorcyclists. - seriously though folks, I still hope to ride report this summer's 'big trip' when I get a little down time to reminisce.
  8. I agree. Hope to see you at the tech day!
  9. Zubb

    Vstrom 650

    I wish you would buy a new 1250 GS, ride it for a season and then sell it to me. Your lightly used bikes are all a bargain.
  10. Zubb

    Hello Again!

    Welcome back!
  11. Dang! Wish I’d have known about this. Registration is now closed. I think we could a’ made a bit of a club event out of this ? . ? .
  12. Say it ain’t so! Bummer Padu. If you need someone to ride the Ducati so the battery doesn’t go dead just hit me up. Heal fast my friend.
  13. Too much fun my friend. maybe it’s time for a 2fer Tuesday on Black?
  14. Zubb


    You’re home? Welcome back.
  15. Sorry I couldn’t make it tonight. Hope you guys had a good ride and good times afterward. I should be back in town for the next one.