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  1. Planning on joining up for a little sunset happy hour on the mountain top tonight. I'll probably take the long way round and meet at the secret spot. Remind me though . . . just where is the secret spot? Not Pio Pico, but the drinking spot. Are we going to the Towers at the tippy top? Or that saddle down below the towers SW of it ( towards Tijuana)?
  2. ride the boder as much as possible to Tucson. Head north up ol 666 (devils highway). Visit Monument Valley and then on to Escalante UT. Lot's of big bike off road to explore. Then To Moab and on to Denver. Countless miles of Jeep roads up down all around the rockies. My latest curiosity is to explore northern central CA, but there's still a lot of snow up high this year. The good news for you is that you can do anything you want without your friends pushing or hindering you. Bon Apetite you lucky dog.
  3. Zubb

    Serious discussion... get in here

    Thread killer right there Randy. 🤐 I suggest you repent and apologize by planning and hosting a Taco Tuesday ride to one of these fine establishments. And don't bring up oil. . . ever again.
  4. Zubb

    Suzuki Big

    I'll take one, but let's drop in the old 2valve Ducati 944 first. Or maybe the old '96 BMW 850R boxer motor. Yeh, let's do that one.
  5. Zubb

    Serious discussion... get in here

    Wonder what the 'regs' are for bringing 10 lbs of shrimp back across the border ? . . ? . . ? I could see doing this for a huge strategy planning meeting in my back yard by the beer fridge.
  6. Zubb

    Serious discussion... get in here

    You want authentic? Taqueria Los Amigos . . . . . in Tecate. Bonus - it comes with a built in awesome ride out the 94. What could be better!? I can't ride by it without stopping in. Even if I just ate a couple hours beforehand. Not to be missed in my book. And "NO", you don't need a passport to get back home.
  7. Look! It's a lucky green Leprechaun!
  8. That's what I'm talking about brother. Good pics (stop using my app - you'll make me look bad).
  9. Secret spot ? ? ? ? I'll never tell. 8-)
  10. Zubb

    Thinking maybe...

    Dsm8’s Moto Guzzi Stelvio. 45 mpg or more. Inexpensive but very fun. I’d buy it in a heartbeat for the task laid out above.
  11. That's perty dam funny right there.
  12. would love to, but I'm heading north that weekend to meet up with son in Pahrump for a few days of motorcycles, firearms and whiskey. What could go wrong?!