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  1. someone remind me why we don't do this a little more often? For my southern neighbors, the 15N commuter lane was 75-85 pretty much the whole way. Not a bad commute at all outside of the 52/15 choke point for about 4 minutes. I had a great time guys, thanks for the camaraderie.
  2. Thats what it's all about. Nothing better than having your kids embrace the sport you love. Even if they only enjoy it for a couple years and move on, you'll still all have the memories and talk about those days for the rest of their lives. It's what we are supposed to be doing with our kids! My daughter and I talk regularly about the ski patrol days from 20 years ago. My son and I talk and ride motorcycles to this day. We never talk about the homework they did, the family vacations . . . . it's always about the 'hard' stuff, the ADVENTURES we had together. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.
  3. ....... I forgot. You have a big box on the side of yours. Not so split friendly. Looking forward to seeing folks t'night.
  4. um. . . . . . that's what motorcycles are for.
  5. For us Uni-lingual's. . . "no such thing as no can do"
  6. If you didn't go . . . and want to do this tomorrow . . . I'll join you. Text me tonight if you want to go. 619-792-4368 (Kelly)
  7. I had planned to do this but ran out of calendar. Glad you posted pics for us.
  8. A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. And when I find myself saying no over and over to ride invitations because of ‘obligations’... well eventually somethings gotta give. So earlier this week I decided to take the long way into work. Which meant leaving earlier than normal. It was nothing exotic and nothing new. I just decided the best route to go from La Mesa to Mission Valley was over Otay Mtn. And I convinced Yoni from BMW motorcycles of San Diego to join me. Sometimes I just sit and stare at my bike. And take pictures cause I like it. It makes me happy. Baja below, still asleep under it’s foggy blanket. We dumped out somewhere down below in a south westerly direction and beat it for Imperial Beach for a quick breakfast. Then off to work. The End. And I still got my work done. (Note to self)
  9. South/East county checking in. I'll be there with bells on. Well, maybe just a gremlin bell on the bike, but I'll be there.
  10. Zubb

    Husky 901 Concept Adventure Bike

    I'll ask him about it. I'm pretty sure it was an 1190, it was not a 950 or 990. My brain isn't always turned up to 10 anymore.
  11. Zubb

    Husky 901 Concept Adventure Bike

    I rode a friends 1190 and was quite disappointed. but to be fair, it was a 10 years old, so I would assume they've improved. And of course it's not smart to ride one bike and judge the whole breed by it.
  12. Zubb

    Husky 901 Concept Adventure Bike

    Now that’s what I’m talking about big bikes at friggen awesome. I would love to see more options against the BMW. While I love the 1200 to pieces, it won’t get better until someone kicked their ass a little. the big GS ADV is so much more capable than most realize. in my opinion the big advantage is the boxer engine. Your bike is going to fall. And the boxer does not fall flat. That’s why several folks I know sold their 800’s and went back to the 1200 as it was just as easy or easier to pick up than the smaller bike. no one buys a 1200 to ride off-road. It’s to tour “to” the off-road and continue on. That’s the genre I love and embrace.
  13. Zubb

    My SPOT Renewal

    Thanks for sharing Paul.
  14. Costco Chula Vista. Used to be known for best exchange rate. I go there on rare occasion and buy what I think is going to be my annual supply of peso's. And because it's Costco, I know I'm not getting charged the gringo tax.