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  1. Zubb

    2024 KTM TW450 - TW200 Killer

    I’m going to guess, based on a couple aquintences I know that the wide trials tire on front makes sand considerably easier. waiting to hear your experiences.
  2. Zubb

    Gortex Jacket or Cordura with Rain Suit

    Old enough that when it came out I saved every penny in hopes of escaping misery every fall/ winter in Idaho.
  3. Zubb

    Gore-Tex is a Marketing Gimmick

    I’m from the northwest. Mucho rain and cold. And I sweat a lot more than the average Joe. Goretex is good. Helly Tech is better. E-vent is best by a LONG shot. I have torture tested Mosko’s Event shells for days of nonstop apocalyptic rain. Bone. Dry. Goretex is better than nothing but if you’re going to suffer through days and weeks of downpour, give me Event please.
  4. Oh no Padu. I am so sorry to hear that.
  5. Sounds more like a SDAR rally!! Great pics and sounds like it was a great event as always.
  6. Dec or Jan trip would be cool. I’ll ping you with a different camp spot idea too.
  7. Yeh, I have a baja thing. Sad to miss this though.
  8. Ushuaia is on my dream list. But might need to go back to work to make some dough to retire again so I have time to go. Thats f*^#k up isn’t it?
  9. Just got word today I may be required in Baja. Will have to go on the pending list. Dang it.
  10. Great photo dump. Am stoked to hear more detail and your final thoughts. Awesome that you didn’t get snowed out too!
  11. Zubb

    Hosting Moto Travelers

    I’m really enjoying this thread.
  12. Great report! I totally agree with your assessment. Californias Sierra Nevadas are as epic or more than anywhere in the US. Death Valley, Tahoe region, Yosemite, Kings Canyon National park, … oh, wait, the list just keeps going on. what’s cool is the roads back and forth across the Sierras are spectacular as well as the dirt. we live in Adventure bike heaven. Thanks for posting!
  13. That’s an Awesome big bike track! wish I could hit it. Will be coaching this weekend in Borrego.
  14. It’s paved single lane to the campground. If you go north after camping it is rutty and rocky stage coach trail to a paved cross road. It’s very cool and kind of short. Everyone loves this little track for the scenery and fun factor. Dave, you can return back after the campground or venture north on dirt. For reference I take my level 1 class grads on that route so it’s not too rough. But you can turn around at any point. it’s a very cool track. I’ve never ridden dirt with you but assume you’ll be fine on street tires for the dirt portion. For noob riders I recommend 50/50 tires.

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