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  1. Zubb

    FS: Kugerator

    Suppose I should update this ad. Unit is sold.
  2. Zubb

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    Exactly. It's all good up until D->E The Map Mgr launches but does not find any unlocked maps, therefore E is not possible. Wait . . . . . This just in. response just landed from CTM. I will attempt his workaround and report back.
  3. Zubb

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    Failure is getting the map file to basecamp. I also tried loading directly to garmen unit but that went nowhere. step 1 is to click on the downloaded map file then map installer opens to get it to basecamp. Map installer don’t like it.
  4. .... that time 4 years ago @danrider and I followed his friend Felix across the border for a little taco ride and ended up at the Solo Angelos clubhouse and then rode the whole day with them. . . . getting back home quite late, safe and sound, and in a bit of disbelief at what just happened.
  5. Zubb

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    After the first failure, I uninstalled MapInstall and Map manager for Mac. then clicked the install (for Mac) button on Garmens site to insure I had the latest greatest version. Uninstalled the CTM files, reinstalled per instructions on CTM site. When I click the map file (any of the 3 files) MapInstall and MapManager pop up with the "no compatible maps" window. I emailed CTM Friday. Hopefully will get a response today Monday.
  6. Zubb

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    Yes and yes. When I double click on any of the 3 map files, the map installer opens and says ‘no unlocked maps found’. So I can’t open them to get it to Basecamp.
  7. Wish I could join you but I'm out of pocket this weekend. Are you past the break-in period on that thing yet?
  8. Grrrrr! I hate it when this happens. Based on generally positive reviews here, I bought the maps with lifetime upgrades. Watched all the vids from CATM on YouTube. I can't get the maps to be recognized by MapInstall or MapManager. "no unlocked maps found" is the response on my desktop. I haven't received any email response to my question from CATM so am reaching out to my moto family here. I have an Apple desktop running the latest OS. This is where the problem starts. If I can get past this, then I'll load it to the Garmin NavV (similar to Garmin Zumo). Can anyone using CATM give me a walk through on what I'm missing here?
  9. Zubb

    1st gen KLR650 tank slapper at 80

    Now THAT is freakin awesome!
  10. Zubb

    1st gen KLR650 tank slapper at 80

    ... I'm sorry. . . . forgive me? 🙏
  11. Zubb

    1st gen KLR650 tank slapper at 80

    🛴The only way I know to get a KLR up to 80mph is to put it in neutral and have your buddy on his GS stick his foot on your left pannier and roll the gas on. Works a treat except for the expected headshake at 80. . . . . . 🙊 (dang it. my darn tongue got loose again)
  12. Bummer. That was the new model KLR that ---- the bed?
  13. Zubb

    Anyone using HaulBikes right now?

    Yes they have a strong history of slow but reliable service. I’ll elaborate more in a month or two but just wanted to give a heads up to any of our friends here that they can PM me if they are thinking of shipping with them right now. My intent is not to rant, or publicly shame them. Just to hopefully spare our community from harm.
  14. Zubb

    Anyone using HaulBikes right now?

    You might want to call me before you contract with them. I’m not ready to go too public until I see our issue resolved but just want to give a heads up to our community to maybe let them get both feet back on the ground before trusting your bike and money there.