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  1. Zubb

    How would you handle this?

    We need to get you all liquored up by a campfire and pull the rest of that movie out of you!
  2. Is that the 900? Great looking bike!
  3. Perfectly so far. It's very easy to control how close I get to others when riding. Less so when I go to the restaurant or any store. Maybe I missed it but I haven't heard any news or personal stories about motorcycle riding induced germ sharing. Not really looking for debate on this, but always looking for information sharing.
  4. Zubb

    How would you handle this?

    I’ve had my most unnerving ride moments in that area too. The best defense is to have a plan. Only you can define what that means.
  5. I don’t see a route going north out of Frazier. Will call you tomorrow.
  6. Yes. I'll leave La Mesa at 3:30 am Saturday morning to get past San Bernadino/ LA before traffic starts. And this will make Corizzo easy enough to get to in one day. Oddly, I've never ridden Angels Crest either so am looking forward to riding that (in spite of it being a Saturday). I have 2 days to cross CA and get to the OR border. Then taking 1 day to find an interesting route to Hood River. Then start Day 4 on the WABDR with my son from Seattle. Should be able to squeeze 5,000 miles out of this trip by the time I'm home. Goal is to make those new Anakee Wilds last the whole trip. I'm quite bummed really that I couldn't join you on this trip but my timeline didn't line up. I've wanted to scout Corizzo lately, and of course, go back in the spring when the colors are there. What I've seen in pics is just amazing. I'm curious if you got to explore any of the dirt roads west of the campground? It looks like there might be some good riding along and in those mountains. I won't have time to look at your tracks today. Hopefully tomorrow.
  7. Zubb

    train tunnels in Anza

    Thanks all who responded.
  8. I’ll see if I can review you spot tracks. I’m likely going to camp on the same picnic table in Corizzo Saturday night. glad you didn’t die. That valve stem replacement would have sucked more if you had TPMS.
  9. Zubb

    train tunnels in Anza

    I'm looking for information on the train tunnels north of Jacumba, north of the 8. Has anyone ridden this? OK to PM me.
  10. Glad you are up and rolling. Looking forward to the stories.
  11. Good luck and good riding.
  12. You’re right. I must be tired today. here, hold my beer next Thursday and then watch this. I’ll have some fresh knobs on the beast. Will probably have To wheelie those cylinders up a bit to clear the rocks. No problem.
  13. Zubb

    Costco Deal - Jump Starter Pack

    Works like a champ. Probably the most used 'on the road' tool I have (for helping others, and for recharging my Sena-as the video camera burns through juice very quickly). When I tour, I use it to recharge stuff overnight if I'm off grid.
  14. There you go. Spoiling all my fun again.
  15. Nice! Not so sure my boxer 1200 would actually fit between some of those rocks in Vid #1. . . . . . but my inner child sure wants to try! 😂🤣 That trail looks like a hoot!