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  1. Zubb


    I got the opportunity to play test dummy for Klim on their airbag vest a few months before it went to market. While demonstrating to the group, standing on the ground, The Klim rep stuck a helmet on me, put the vest on and hit the trigger button. BOOM! and instantly I was wrapped up tight as a drum in the fully inflated airbag. My helmet was firmly locked into a non movable position as the air collar wouldn't let my head roll in any direction. Amazing experience really. Would I want one on the road... absolutely would / should. Offroad? . . . it's complicated. I'm happy to ride my GSAdventure in places I should probably not go. Which means I'll drop it once and awhile. If the vest deployed on every drop ... deal breaker. But... if I were launching my bike 40' over a cliff, like I watched a member of our group do recently . . . I would gladly pay whatever it cost to have one. I think a Leatte neck brace would be a good compromise. You won't get the torso protection, but you might save yer neck.
  2. I think "they" can do whatever they are in the mood for at the moment and let the courts sort it out in July. I'm not suggesting law enforcement is abusive. Just that people are uptight right now, and LEO's are people. I was ticketed a few days ago for talking while driving. the phone was in my lap on speaker as I was in my car that doesn't connect to the phone. Talking with an elderly relative I'd spent days trying to check on. Officer flat out stated I had a clean record. I was the only moving car in several blocks downtown. In my opinion it was a poor judgment call on the officers part. But I'll pay it without grumbling too much. My point is . . . I'd guess you could be camped in BFE and get ticketed right now based on the mood of the officer.
  3. I should note that my definition of best.... means best traction. Not best mileage. But I have a stack of good rubber in the garage so don't really care how far they go. I much prefer good traction over longevity. It allows me to be much more stupid and yet live to tell about it. I expect to get 2500 miles out of the tkc80 rear. double for the front unless I keep up the hard braking on pavement. And I probably will. Superb grip, on and off road. They do move around a bit at speed on pavement but ............ *sh*t* , I just got sucked into a tire thread....
  4. Kinda makes you want a pair, doesn't it.
  5. TKC80's Shinko 804/805, 704/705
  6. Almost 20 years ago I was moto-biking in the Utah desert on a beautiful sunny day to come around a corner seeing a river of trees and brush and mud and water and dirt and rocks flowing across the desert floor. Because it rained a hundred miles away in the La Sal mountains the day before. One of the weirdest things I've ever seen. Strangely terrifying to witness. Made me want to turn around and get the hell outa there. Which I did with much gusto.
  7. ^^^^^^ Fonts Point was an axle deep mess! Was awful glad I had fresh TKC80's to help out a bit.
  8. Thursday Boulder creek weekend in Borrego.
  9. Zubb

    The ultimate 500Exc Adventure bike?

    He's talked about pushing the oil change intervals out a bit beyond factory recommended. He knows what he's doing. As he's been at this for 7 years now IIRC. Rode 2 up on a super Ten around Europe, did a lot of south America with Egle` on a pair or DR650's. Probably the most experienced world traveler I know of /have read of. His success is due in no small part to his ability to take magazine quality photo's and is an exceptional writer. As is evident now by his continual publication in many various online bike mags. Search RTWPaul on ADV for some fantastic world travel reading.
  10. Zubb

    Site upgrades

    Cool. Looking forward to seeing the end product.