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  1. Very nice. Love the old relics in your pics above!
  2. Zubb


    They kinda do have it . . . but you gotta stop the bike and switch the setting from 2 up w luggage, to single rider. She settles right down. 😉 Different application though.
  3. Zubb


    BTW, that whole "lower the bike when it comes to a stop" thing . . . well that scares the crap out of me. Can you imagine picking your way through ledges, ruts and babyheads, then needing to put a foot down and meanwhile the bike is changing height? Hopefully you can turn that sh*t off!
  4. Zubb


    Kudo's and good luck! Please report back with conditions on your return. I've been wondering about it's condition as I haven't ridden it in probably a year and a half.
  5. Yeh, I like Big Bikes, I cannot Lie, but I am inclusive, and woke in the moto world and embrace all brands and styles. I'm just picky about the one I want sitting in my garage. Wait. Correction. I'm picky about the one I want sitting under my arse. I haven't ridden the T7 yet but would love to. A respected friend of mine bought one last year and says it's "the one" in the middleweight category. So you should absolutely ride one. I've had a few of these join on group rides and come through class in Borrego. Sadly, they fall over just like the 790's, KLR's, 1290's and Boxers. But I've been unlucky as I haven't yet gotten to the bike in time to help pick it up! Someone always beat me there to lend a hand. I'll probably get to ride one for a day or two in Colorado this summer. I hope so and will report back if I do.
  6. Zubb


    I finally took the time last night to watch through that whole video. I like the 'updated' image they are projecting. To me, it feels more inclusive of motorcyclists in general. And I loved the historical pics and story, as I always have. But . . . . Remember that time you snuck back into the house at 5 a.m. after being out all night only to find your mom and dad sitting at the kitchen table waiting for you? And they asked where you'd been all night? And you blurted out this long and convoluted 'explanation' which was mostly lies built on a little truth, and they stared at you silently while you continued to dig the hole deeper and deeper . . . .? If HD were to ask me what I thought of this marketing piece (the vid) I'd tell them to stop pretending they were there all the time and I just hadn't noticed. My parents didn't believe me either. I think their story would have felt more honest had they proudly embraced their road warrior heritage of pretty much my lifetime and sold it as returning to their roots and roaring into today's ADV/heavy enduro category. All of my bloviating though has nothing to do with the bike and I'm going to actively seek an opportunity to ride one as soon as it's available. HD is the bedrock on which modern-day motorcycling was built and it's amazing they are still here, alive and breathing with a dealer network second to none. That's pretty amazing and I hope they sell the hell-outa this bike. The bike world keeps evolving. Ducati just made a massive leap forward in the ADV world (heavy enduro) with the new Multi and I think BMW will lose a few riders who are heavy on sport and light on dirt. Give the Italians another year or two to figure out how to haul real-world torture proof luggage and they'll probably take a bigger chunk of B'mer lovers still. All this and 5 bucks will getcha through the Starbucks drive-thru.
  7. Yeh, first time off-road on mine I bent the shifter. Replaced it with a stupid expensive Tourtech folding shifter (and worth every penny). I was thinking he might have been dead-clutching the bike down that hill. If you have the clearance and appropriate tires you can get down (almost) anything if you can pick a line, apply some courage, and have a friend to help pick up the beast if things go wrong. You guys win the Heros of the Day award for that! And the vid gets best picture.
  8. GREAT edit on this vid! Thanks for creating that and sharing.
  9. Zubb

    Free Android Apps for smart phone mileage tracking

    I’m a Rever fan. It’s free. It tracks really well and is dead simple to use. It will store each ride so you can easily review stats at a later date. I use it every week for route creation, which I then upload to my Garmin (because I hate navigation on a small phone screen). It’s great for ADV rides including truck trails and remote routes to include BDR’s. Bonus: I really really like the Pro version. Normally $49/yr. Rever has given me a half-off discount code for our Meetup Group “Motorcyclists of San Diego” If anyone here wants the Pro version code just PM me. Rever also has a YouTube channel with a couple dozen 1 - 2 minute videos on how to use it’s features. Below is an example. I’m also starting to use the Community set up for my group. To show each other routes and share tracks for others to download. This isn’t meant to be a commercial. I like it because it works and is very simple to use.
  10. Zubb


    I’m with you. I want to ride one. But I have no illusions that it will fit my bike needs. I truly hope HD makes some progress into ADV riding and more so with their electrics. This world is plenty big enough for all of us.
  11. Zubb

    1290 SAR

    You’re supposed to wait til I ask first.
  12. Zubb

    1290 SAR

    Gorgeous bike !! I’ve had quite a few come through class and go home with broken windscreens. You may want to preemptively start shopping for something smaller and less “shatterey” to bolt on. Man that bike is a dream on the road though! Holy cow is it fun.