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  1. Zubb

    Amazon Prime Adventure Ride Series

    Well Jeeze guys . . . now I guess I gotta give this a few minutes and see if it entertains me. I enjoy most moto flicks about all types of genres. Except that one a couple years ago . . . what was it called?... the one of the coom-bye-yah guys in CO doing a week long camp and ride movie, talking about their wounded inner child's around the campfire . .. . thank goodness I successfully blocked that one from my memory. It was one of only two movies I've ever walked out on in my life.
  2. I'd like a piece of that as well. Should make for a really fun day and possibly some very cool moto-pics!
  3. Does LB stand for Lucky Bastard? I'm pretty sure it does. Keep living the dream LB!
  4. Friday afternoon I threw the camping gear on the GSAdventure and took the 8 to S1 and up to Julien. And then turned right onto my favorite strip of pavement in that area ... Banner Grade. The Nickel Beer Company called my name as I went by but I had a few miles to go and pushed toward camp Borrego. Banner Grade is like candy to me and I get excited every time I'm near it. I LOVE the g-forces working against the tires as the big BMW carves each corner. It's like a dance. Left, right, left right .... brake then twist . . .slinging around the corners, throttling out the back. The throaty Akro pipe singing with each twist of the wrist. Gawd I love this bike. The goal was a 3 day weekend of Moto Play, cleverly disguised as helping out a friend. Dusty of West38Moto asked me to help coach for the weekend so obviously i HAD to go. WooHoo! I hit our campsite around 3:30 and helped with a couple things before we headed into town for dinner with the crew and clients. And the weekend progressed as one would expect for a 2 day class. Tons of laughter, new friendships, embarrassing tip overs, a little sweat and thankfully no tears. Oh, and Mezcal. Smooth smokey delicious Mezcal chased with orange slices, a gift from a friend of a friend in Tecate. Sunday was the deep sand training day, and we found a wonderful variety of depths on the road out to Fonds Point. From 3 inches to about 10 inches. Everyone returned to camp tired and hungry with those grins that just won't wipe off their faces. Sunday night we broke camp and Roaming Joe and I had dinner at the Red Ocotillo before heading up Montezuma grade into the dark. And the rain. And by the time we hit the top it was 46* so we pulled over to add a layer or two for the remaining ride home. Riding in the cold, and the night in the rain isn't really my idea of a great evening but it didn't matter. The Chesire Cat grins were still on our faces when we waved each other off in El Cajon. I didn't get to shoot a lot of pics, but here's a mashup of what I got. Good Times! video to follow . . .
  5. Zubb

    Would you like to know how dumb I am?

    ^^^^^^^ I remember that too.
  6. This would've been fun, free bump for a really good idea ...
  7. In! Thanks for lining up the speakers too. Am looking forward to seeing everyone.
  8. I always felt the big litre bikes were far more capable off-road than people give credit to. I was talking with Randy about this the other night at The Isle of Man Presentation. he was sharing how awesome his 950 performed. I recently took a class and made amazing personal progress... thank you Dusty and Tom at West38Moto. recently TNTMO and I did a day trip into Baja with 70 miles round trip of dirt and what was fun is I realized what previously would have required very close attention, was now easy and playful riding. im riding to Borrego Friday about 2pm for another weekend of their training. Anyone wanting to ride out with me let me know. I’ll probably leave for the return Sunday at 1:00 or 2.
  9. That's pretty funny. Does the Cholla come with a KTM, or is that separate?
  10. It was a happy surprise to turn around and see you and Doc. Had a good time talking with you and look forward to a big bike dirty ride or two with you before you 'head out'.
  11. Zubb


    Thanks JAJA!
  12. Zubb

    2005 BMW GS 1200

    Udo tends to dislike shade tree mechanics who screw things up. If he set it right, then it is right. He took me to task on a few of my own half wit fixes over the last couple years. This bike is the perfect example of what I tell friends and acquaintances to look for. You can buy a ready to rock and roll GS for around $5,000 and go tour the world on it. Cheap entry price for a benchmark ADV bike. Buy it, ride it all over the continent for a couple years then sell it for about what you paid.