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  1. Zubb

    First Aid 2023

    pretty much any first aid class is likely a good start. Finding one that's focused on OEC (outdoor emergency care) would be much better, IMO as we can easily be dealing with speed related trauma. Calling @Goofy Footer to the white phone please . . . . #RadnDoc are on hold for you.
  2. Zubb

    First Aid 2023

    Yes. But I haven't researched where. Aside from standard stuff (insert your own definition here), I carry a sam splint, suture kit, super glue, and perhaps most import, an inReach with the magic red button that delivers a helicopter on demand. Top 2 items of importance here is the inReach and then the knowledge/training to handle the medical situation. It also helps to have Goofy's phone number and a little cell signal. His number starts with 911.
  3. Zubb

    Back home after 30 years away

    Welcome back! and I hope mom and dad are well. Many of us are going through this chapter in life with you, with our own parents. That T7 is such a good looking bike. I moved here from Silverthorne about 17 years ago and while I often wish I was living there again to ride those spectacular mountains... I prefer waking up to palm trees everyday now. What's great is that it's really not too far still to get to when you want. For this chapter of my life I am digging being right across the border from Baja and all it's wonders. Looking forward to riding with you sometime.
  4. Zubb

    Slowpoke Shorty Joining In

    Sweet!! Ian sure seems to like his.
  5. Zubb

    Breakfast at Majors & ADV ride

    Yes, leaving 8:30 from gas station in front of Brodies to Honey Springs and beyond. Might be just Jimmer and I on BMW's for the ride out. Don't know if others will show up there or meet at Majors. Looking forward to seeing you Mike.
  6. There’s always Uber. And I’m not gonna ride you b*tch unless you are injured. 😉
  7. Attention: Please note, if you didn't read the actual event calendar... leaving Jamul at 8:30 to arrive at Majors about 9:30 via Honey Springs.
  8. Starting that early, it's gonna get a bit nippy going up over the pass.
  9. ^^^^^ I think you missed the point. But, yeh we should all get together more and become actual friends and not just keyboard buddies. Nothing like a good coffee and donut, or icey cold beer face to face to get to know your community. Great suggestion 3fiddy.
  10. Doh! IRC tire guy is who I was thinking of when I replied (I should know better than to multi task). These two channels are among my most enjoyed channels right now.
  11. I should clarify. That pic is not on the noob friendly route I have planned for tomorrow.
  12. And I know you have time, you'll have to google your own pics of those sinful delights.
  13. I should have known you'd know that spot!!
  14. Zubb

    Coral Canyon / Campo?

    Definitely one of my favorite routes!! Glad you made lemonade out of your day.
  15. It appears I didn't put a "who's going" button on the calendar event. Here's the post. Just chime in here or on the event above as to whether you are going. I'm going regardless of the number, Randy is too I believe. It's always fun to ride up Pine creek rd and down Boulder creek too.

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