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  1. Zubb

    Resistance was futile...

    Well there’s 3 but only 1 takes air. If we added a couple more rim locks there probably wouldn’t be need for air, or mousse! Kidding aside now, 13lbs each front and rear w 2 rim locks per wheel. This thing is a hoot.
  2. I guess it was the Sinaloa Cartel that turned in the murderers.
  3. Zubb

    Resistance was futile...

    Tube's I believe. I haven't looked inside those tires yet, LOL! I hope to take it to AZ this weekend for a few days of squirreling around. Will then jump on the 1250 for a week of AZ/UT BDR camping. Geeze, 2 bikes in the truck.... I'm starting to look like @MacDuncan
  4. Zubb

    Rally Club

    I'd love to do this. But likely won't have the time for until about a year from now. No one told me retirement would flood my calendar this way
  5. When you think about Mexico being the #1 world wide destination for US tourists, and that 1.6M US citizens live there, I think it brings some perspective to this. It's pretty horrible though no matter what country it happens in. I've spent considerable time both where it happened and where they were dumped (as many of you have), and have never seen or felt the slightest sense of danger. I hope that never changes. It sure helps when you travel in groups.
  6. I am too. I suppose we can have a do over soon?
  7. Friday night I posted up a quickie call for anyone to join Jim and me on a Saturday morning Otay ride. Bill and Mike answered the call and the 4 of us dove in at the Pink Gate. it’s been years since I ride there so it all felt new to me. I’d forgotten how much good trail there is in there. Jim was in classic form, ever ready with an eye for a good pic here and there. Thanks Jim. This was my first ride on the 450, and it did not disappoint. Amazing machine, and quite the adjustment from the 1250. . . . Ya THINK?!?! What a hoot. It’s gonna take a minute to calibrate myself to this little rocket. Gotta say, it’s a treat to fly it over “stuff” and land on a cloud. And pull the throttle to effortlessly lift the front over trouble. … and a good time was had by all! Especially when you end with those incredible street tacos in Dulzura. until next time!
  8. Thanks for joining Bill. I had a great time and it’s awesome that 4 of us came together on such short notice.
  9. Awesome. Because this is so last minute, you do what’s best for you. I’ll leave the gas station at 8:05 and head to the pink gate. You can meet me at either place. glad you are up for it. See you out there.
  10. https://maps.app.goo.gl/Jj5gMuQcPJ2wgoSz9?g_st=ic
  11. I’m gonna spin up a half day tomorrow/ Saturday on the new to me skinny bike. It’s close and easy at Otay Mtn. Im on a 450 and looking to just get aquainted with the bike. My prior ride buddies have fallen back to “maybe “ status so I thought I’d throw out an invite. I’ll be at the Jamul gas station at 8am tomorrow for an approximate half day ride. I don’t know the single track trails at Otay, so am open to ideas and suggestions. current plan is to hop in at the pink gate and see what happens from there. Might go past Marron Valley and over the top to 94. Don’t really care as I’m just looking to make friends with the KTM. If you want to join me and spin up a few miles just reply here or be at the gas station by 8 am. Cheers. If you come and have trail suggestions, I’m all ears.
  12. Hadn’t heard about this. Ugh, pretty sad.
  13. OK ok ok already. I'll give it a go. I don't know if the 1250 GS is pouting, or just relieved. Maybe a little of both. But I put a splash of orange in the garage. Like a salmon swimming upstream to it's first home, a certain members KTM returned to La Mesa and took refuge in my garage. Am looking forward to exploring desert and single track with a more appropriate machine. Am looking forward to getting familiar with this thing!

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