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  1. Very nice what is the local fishing like?
  2. Corpic

    KTM 950 Starting

    Thanks for the reply's I sent Kug a text
  3. Corpic

    KTM 950 Starting

    I have not taken it apart yet waiting for the part but it looks like it would work I am relying on info from the KTM HOW
  4. Corpic

    KTM 950 Starting

    Hello I am replacing a starter sprag / freewheel on my KTM 950 adv 2005 . I believe a m20 bolt is needed to remove the flywheel I know some of you have /had these bikes and may have this bolt . If I could borrow or purchase said bolt that would be great . Any other wisdom on what to check would be appreciated. I have checked voltage ,the relay clicks, connections are clean and tight and the starter spins without engaging. Thanks I am in North County
  5. It was a great weekend perfect weather not to windy. I was a dummy for leaving the spot I saw Tom and Kato up on the ridge sorry guys hindsight is 20/20 . Working my way back to camp while keeping and eye out Tom and Kato I got a rear flat and slowed considerably.As I got to camp my riding partners were leaving to look for me thanks for your concern and sorry to make you worry. All in all I had a great time met some fine people and got to ride my old KTM 300 in the open dessert Thanks everyone
  6. I was not sure who it was sorry MacDuncan for the mishap I rode with the group as far as the Hideout and then ran home. Big thanks to Tom for a fun easy route.
  7. I have 2 ct 90 bikes 1966 and a 1970 both with Lifan 125 engines . The 66 motor is getting rebuilt soon and put back to original .I am in for a ride
  8. Corpic

    Say Retro Sport

    Let the good times roll ,nice bike👌
  9. Corpic

    Ram mirror help

    Look up Double Take mirrors on Amazon , Also Rocky Mountain Atv has them
  10. Beniflas is correct , my truck has a bed mounted tool box and would not pass I also believe campers and camper shells are not allowed You pay a fee for each vehicle you have in the program and if you are traveling W/ people without sentri you can get inline have them get out and walk across and pick them up state side .You can go to the GOES website and get all the info you need . I go to the house in Ensenada alot and it saves time.
  11. I will be looking to get about 1300 for it , I need to get up there and do maintenance on the place when I can get a burn permit . I will pick it up then and give it some love. I am going in for knee surgery next Tues. and after that one heals then the other one . Getting older with worn out body parts is so much fun
  12. I have a 1988 Honda CR 500 it is in good shape probably needs carb cleen to run,sorry no pics. It is up north at my place in Squaw Valley off Hwy 180 if interested I could meet up there......Corey 760 598-0434
  13. I am in Ensenada for the baja 500 race on Sat 4th if anyone needs a secure a place to stage from or would like to go for a pre run ride or come by for a beer hit me up. No phone for me down here but email works corpic@yahoo.com
  14. Great ride , I met some new folks and had a blast . Many thanks to Tom for his hospitality and guiding us around He knows that area very well and is fun to ride with , also very tough riding at a good pace being so close to his back operation . The Bradshaw trail you were describing sounds like a good trip , get some rest and ease into it . Thanks again
  15. I will see you all in the morning in a white Ranger and KTM in the back

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