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  1. Wierdrider

    Arizona Registration?

    Jim Wierdrider
  2. Wierdrider

    Arizona Registration?

    PM me please
  3. Wierdrider


    Not any more 🏍️
  4. Wierdrider

    Happy Thanksgiving 2023

    You too Mimi
  5. Thanks for cracking me up, I needed that 👍 Im way too slow to go anyways, but I have very fond memories of our couple of rides 👍
  6. Do you know the area at all?
  7. Beautiful Mimi, that third photo of the reflection is stunning! I like the one with you by your bike too👍
  8. All of the world’s problems go away after 4 PBR’s👍
  9. Fun ride out to Mesa Grande and back with Udo and Dave. We rode Santa Ysabel TT on the way back, and then I rode Lusardi TT. Have fun camping boys.
  10. Wierdrider

    Happy Easter 2023

    And to you to Mimi
  11. Beautiful country you’ve got up there. What’s your range on the. Beta?
  12. Glad you’re out there getting dirty again👍👍

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