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  1. What an awesome vacation, truly envious.
  2. Beautiful! Thomas, or Santa Rosa?
  3. Wierdrider

    Xplor Forks - DIY 15min revalve ! Testers needed.

    Thanks for the reply George👍
  4. Wierdrider

    Friday Hooky

    That was fun👍👍
  5. Here’s a few from recent rides👍Thanks for the help Riggerdan, and SANRider!!!Back on the trail exploring 👍Sköl
  6. Wierdrider

    Xplor Forks - DIY 15min revalve ! Testers needed.

    Are these applicable to KTM 690 forks?
  7. Have a great trip/adventure Randy, you take care of that dog of yours. I’m sorry he got into that barbed wire fence.
  8. Wierdrider

    2000 Ducati Monster750

    I just had to see that engine a bit👍
  9. Wierdrider

    2013 Honda CBR250R - SOLD!!

    You did aTB sync on mine.
  10. Wierdrider

    Memorial Day 2021

    Thanks to all who serve(d)! 🙏🏻
  11. I’d like to go look at them
  12. Wierdrider

    Anyone using HaulBikes right now?

    Glad it finally made it, I saw on ADVrider he has the scooter for sale 👍
  13. Sounds like an excellent ride👍👍
  14. Wierdrider

    Life is Good

    I wanted to tell my story about Roamin’ Joe, who considered himself a Moto, Photo, Foodie. I found his Facebook page, but can’t seem to paste it here. You should check it out, and see how involved and passionate he was about motorcycling. I had the privilege to go on two rides with him with the San Diego Moto Campers Meetup. The first one he led the ride to Idyllwild ( my first Campout on the WeeStrom), where we took Wilson rd, to Sage rd ( lot to explore up there) up to Hemet and then to Idyllwild.Joe had been asked to show off his cooking skills at an Overland Expo later that year, and he wanted to practice for us ( how lucky we were )! He cooked for us Saturday evening, and Sunday morning. I sure wish this old brain could tell you exactly what we had, but it was Damn Good! He led a ride on Saturday from Idyllwild, up and over Big Bear where we ended up at Pioneer Town for lunch. I’d never heard of Pioneer Town. My eyes were really opened up to camping and longer rides on this trip thanks to Roamin’ Joe.This was on July 22, 2017, and the temps down in the desert, if I remember was 104*ish No ATGATT for this guy This is one of my favorite photos, and I was riding behind him catching some of his ash! Very cool dude though 👍 This was a wonderful trip, and I really wish I could thank Joe again for his cooking, and his knowledge and experience. I’m disappointed I wasn’t able to make his memorial, but his memory will stay with me a lifetime! Thank You Roamin’ Joe, you are missed!