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  1. Beautiful country you’ve got up there. What’s your range on the. Beta?
  2. Glad you’re out there getting dirty again👍👍
  3. Happy Birthday, Friend.....


    Many Many More

    1. Wierdrider


      Thanks Dan, 😁

  4. I’ll take them if Dave doesn’t.
  5. I might try camping off the TTR if the stars all align up 👍
  6. Gorgeous photos Mimi, I wish you well on life’s adventures.
  7. Wierdrider

    Current CA reg rules for out of state bike

    California registration in El Cajon👍
  8. Wierdrider

    Pine Creek Road

    What about Deerpark TT?
  9. I’d like the seat pad, which you could give to Tom for me also. Thanks 👍
  10. Wierdrider

    Newish Member in IB

    Welcome back, nice selection of bikes👍👍
  11. I’d like to try the seat pad

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