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  1. Tntmo May be able to help? Good luck with the trailer
  2. Wierdrider

    RIP Schwinn

    RIP Schwinn 🙏🏻 I’m sorry I didn’t get to know him better, my condolences to the family, and the extended SDAR family.
  3. Wierdrider

    HBD KKug - No Way, another Birthday

    I’m late to the party, Happy Birthday Ken
  4. Wierdrider

    Motorcyclist-1, Deer-0

    I had a deer run across in front of me on Japatul Valley Road a few days ago riding the Wee. It ran across the road, then turned and went back and jumped the fence going down towards Loveland reservoir. I met a guy recently who got taken out on Fuerte Rd. from a truck tire that came off. He was on a GS, he got hurt pretty bad, said he was lucky not to get run over from oncoming traffic! Be careful out there🙏🏻
  5. Probably sometime next week Chris 👍
  6. Wierdrider

    Seat Concepts question?

    I ordered the low slip with orange stitching👍, and I just picked up a Giant Loop Coyote about a mile away from CL/ADVrider for $50! He has some Klim stuff for sale also. Thanks for all the answers, I appreciate your input 👍👍
  7. Wierdrider

    Seat Concepts question?

    While researching, I saw someone say that " they will do that for you, I believe I heard them say they install a different softer material in that area.🤔
  8. Wierdrider

    Seat Concepts question?

    Is that the low slip material on top Kelly?
  9. Wierdrider

    Seat Concepts question?

    Keep’um coming, Thanks👍
  10. What options would you choose for your bike, and why? These are the three options I have for my ktm
  11. Wierdrider

    Western States Historical Locations and Stuffs

    I’ll drink to that 🍻 keep digging up all this good stuff Jon👍👍
  12. Wierdrider

    Non-HD ride 22/23MAR2019

    Very very cool 👍