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  1. Wierdrider

    The El Dorado fire

    Holy crap, that would be scary as s**t to be up there! Someone at dog park showed me a screenshot of the device going off. They were in a field of dry grass/weeds! It’s really a shame.
  2. Wierdrider

    We Have 2 Members Who Share a Birthday

    HBD you two, better late than never.
  3. Wierdrider

    June Lake

    Awesomeness!!! Happy anniversary 👍
  4. Very nice Darren 👍👍
  5. Wierdrider

    Sunday Funday

    Excellent Kelly, I know that’ll put a smile on your face when Barb hops on your steed!
  6. Wierdrider

    Fire in Japatul / Alpine area.

    I just received this on my phone
  7. What bikes are you guys riding ?
  8. Wierdrider

    Sold 2013 Moto Guzzi Stelvio

    Have you put it on ADVrider?
  9. Wierdrider

    maybe its me

    I think it’s just month and day if it’s this year? I see year on older threads
  10. Wierdrider

    Adios California

    Good luck on your journey Bob. Thanks for the great trip up to Santa Rosa Mountain.
  11. That looked like a hard fall Mike, hope you’re ok. That’s a tuff time to see the terrain since there’s no shadows,
  12. Wierdrider

    Paul aka Shooby

    Sorry to hear. How are doing Josh? I watch your videos once in a while 👍👍 I was looking at old RR’s a while back and saw these. Which one is you? Good times🍻
  13. Wierdrider

    A wander to Big Bear

    Excellent, thanks for sharing 👍👍
  14. Wierdrider

    New Destination coming soon, was Lake Murray Cafe

    I stopped by yesterday as I rode around my old stomping grounds. I gave a rev of the engine as I noticed a couple guys working inside.