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  1. Wierdrider

    Wanted: Baofang radio(s)

    I’ve been thinking of selling my Baofang setup, with larger antenna, and the push to talk button.
  2. Wierdrider

    Happy Easter 2023

    And to you to Mimi
  3. Beautiful country you’ve got up there. What’s your range on the. Beta?
  4. Glad you’re out there getting dirty again👍👍
  5. Happy Birthday, Friend.....


    Many Many More

    1. Wierdrider


      Thanks Dan, 😁

  6. I might try camping off the TTR if the stars all align up 👍
  7. Gorgeous photos Mimi, I wish you well on life’s adventures.
  8. Wierdrider

    Current CA reg rules for out of state bike

    California registration in El Cajon👍
  9. Wierdrider

    Pine Creek Road

    What about Deerpark TT?
  10. Wierdrider

    Newish Member in IB

    Welcome back, nice selection of bikes👍👍
  11. Wierdrider

    Who here has DS/MX bikes?

    I have a Yamaha 2002 TTR 250 that’s plated and enjoy it thoroughly. My 2004 KTM 525 that has been down for way too long, but it’s a whole lot better at freeway speed.. The Yamaha does 65 mph, but feels real comfortable cruising at 50-55 much better. I always say that the Yamaha puts a smile on my face, and the KTM keeps it there😁 Comparing the DRZ, and Exc I’ll presume, you’re gonna have less weight and maybe a kick starter, 6 speeds, but shorter maintenance intervals with the KTM. Good luck with your quest👍
  12. Wierdrider

    Total noob!

    Welcome Angela, you’ve got yourself a very capable, and nice bike there👍 Check out this epic trip👇
  13. Wierdrider

    Happy Birthday royboyz

    Hope you’re having a great Birthday Roy🍻 Ride on👍👍

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