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  1. Wierdrider

    New SDAR Member from Ramona, CA

    Welcome to all the asylums 👍👍
  2. I’m real sorry, my dad had dementia also. It is horrible! If there’s anything I can do, please feel free to reach out. 🙏🏻
  3. Hey Huntdogs, if you need anything bigger than your day tippers, I have a few options you could borrow 👍
  4. Here’s a link to the winery, https://www.doffowines.com/
  5. https://www.doffowines.com/event/6th-annual-kurt-caselli-foundation-benefit/ If I go, I’ll probably do an overnighter ( camping) at a place fairly close by.
  6. See what you guys are missing!
  7. This doesn’t sound like a knoob ride🤔
  8. You’re still confusing us, Saturday the 25th, or Sunday the 26th?🤔
  9. Wierdrider

    Devil's Creek

    Excellent photo Darren, nice use of b&w👍👍 Who took it?🤣
  10. Wierdrider

    Ride to Flagstaff

    I think he’s on the John?
  11. Wierdrider

    Photos from the trail

    I’m reviving this thread so I can just post photos from day rides. I took a nice ride after Schwinn’s celebration. I meandered from Encinitas through Rancho Santa Fe to Del Dios Highway up to Ramona via Highland Valley road, Santa Ysabel tt, past Sutherland Lake to my secret spot. Down Old Julian Highway and then wildcat Canyon Road to Willow Road to Oma’s dirt road to El Monte road👍These are taken " from the trail " too!
  12. Wierdrider

    Moonrise over MyOtay

    I don’t have hwy pegs, I kinda wanted some, but didn’t ever feel the need. Enduro Gaurdian used to sell hwy pegs, but they might not be around? Happy trails maybe, or fab some on. I’m pretty sure my rear tire is a Shinko 805. Tkc80 up front PS Good call on the PS, I rented a boom truck to come out there and hold me up!🤣