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  1. Reximus

    2019 New California Motor Vehicle Law

    20 khz+ cycles. Can tune it above human audibility. It would annoy anything that can hear it. Range, 100 ft? PM me and I can send you plans, or swing by and i can build you one.
  2. Reximus

    Thoughtful and interesting.

  3. Reximus

    2019 New California Motor Vehicle Law

    I manufacture "ultrasonic dog cannons" that will work on your neighborhood canines... 70$ PM me
  4. Yes, the primitive suspension, and archaic styling...its like riding a time machine made of lead.
  5. Shane, I might be out in that area Monday- plated xr650 and buddy on plates WR 250.
  6. No bikes over 500cc....so the would NOT be a good ride for the Big Red Pig? (Xr650R)
  7. Reximus

    2019 CRF 450 L

    This is the best thing I have read in a long time. Well said. Long live the BRP.
  8. Reximus

    2019 CRF 450 L

    Hell yes to a EFI BRP!!
  9. Sounds like a XR650R type of gig
  10. Reximus

    Ubco Electric Bike

    Stopped by Eugene to see friends and family. One of my buddies is ab Ubco distributor. He let me take one out for a spin. Here is what I think: Easy to ride. Stable. Appears easy to maintain. Outstanding customer service. I took the bike on a 1/2 mile jaunt down the train tracks, over some gravel piles, and off a few curbs. I rode the bike at its limits. It reminded me of a TTR125. I think it it would be great for EMS use in crowded areas. I look forward to new user adjustable power maps. Thanks for the demo Ethan!
  11. Reximus

    Babes on sport bikes

    Last Saturday I was working a section between Dulzura and Campo. I pulled over near Barrett to make a phone call. About 20 girls on sportbikes zoomed by at a high rate of speed. They all had nice lines and almost all of them had full riding gear. Behind them were for douchebags wearing athletic shorts and tennis shoes. They did not have nice lines and were making sloppy turns. After about 10 minutes I continue down the road. Just before Campo I see a cloud of dissipating dust and a man laying on the pavement smoking a cigarette. He was bleeding and his helmet was smashed up. He had ground down about half of his elbow and half of his knee. I rendered some first aid until the paramedics showed up. And when I showed up the rest of his friends split and left him there. He is lucky his bike didnt start a fire.
  12. Reximus

    The Wave

    -1 for the retracto cop! Ha!
  13. Reximus

    New member in Clairemont

    Glad to have another 2 wheeled maniac aboard!