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  1. Reximus

    Desert Season

    Plated XR600- I'm in for Wednesday
  2. I need to see George at suspension 101
  3. Somewhere there's a photo of you riding a PHAT weelie down Canyon Sin Nombre. Same day I believe.
  4. Like I know the wrinkles of my scrotum! Quite well Jimmy 😄
  5. Who's down for a rip before second round of rain comes? Border roads/trails? Open to suggestions. Moderate-fast paced. Plated XR600
  6. Reximus

    Sin nombre

    What kind of range? - XR600 plated stock tank.
  7. Reximus

    XR600 time machine

    Headed down the 16-19th on the XR time machine...have a mate tagging along with a new 300L. I'll be looking for captain zero around san quitin or maybe el Rosario.
  8. Reximus

    Member Reximus Cannot Log In

    I tend to always find the hard way to do things, life, tire changes, etc 🙂
  9. Reximus

    Member Reximus Cannot Log In

    Thank Ken! I have to reset my password everytime I get logged out. Its me, not the forum 😎. Let's go rip some border roads one of these evenings.
  10. Reximus

    Member Reximus Cannot Log In

    I finally have returned, but I still haven't found Captain Zero.
  11. Reximus

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    I passed Bobby Saturday on my dashcam. As the search went on, I reviewed my footage. About 30 mins after passing him near Ridge Road, I turned around and went back up the mountain. I followed the dirtbike tracks in the gravel- someone was roosting on the exit of every corner- looked to me like the rider was having an absolute blast- classic entry brake/apex/acceleration skid marks. Whoever it was, they were clearly having a blast. Hope it was Bobby. Have dashcam footage, but decided not to post. If you are family and want it, PM me.
  12. Reximus

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    Otay TT, there is a split that runs to the SE, eventually to the border road. Visible on google Earth
  13. Reximus

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    Looks like you're standing on Otay TT near the "BLM gate" sign.
  14. Reximus

    Otay rider missing search area data only

    Thanks to everyone who searched and provided support. I think there are some takeaways from this, regarding the SDAR effort: Perhaps have one SDAR point of contact to relay info between agencies and SDAR riders. Manage the flow of information, with the intent for open sharing of intel, but respect for privacy and overwhelming loads of data. Ride with a mate. Have an honest ego/ risk check when you ride.

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