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  1. Rikker

    Rod and Gun

    That's a relief! We were concerned something may have happened.
  2. Rikker

    Rod and Gun

    Hey Darren any possibility of doing this ride on saturday? I know a couple of old guys that could make it.
  3. Good ride on tough terrain!👍
  4. That was the old Italian favorite, pasta de Beta!
  5. Can and will do. And don't forget, the L is for ladies version.
  6. Rikker

    8:00am Saturday

    Maybe finish that trail we started last week?
  7. Rikker

    Saturday, 1/25

    Expect a great big corona virus kiss!
  8. Rikker

    Saturday, 1/25

    Let's do Mt. Laguna area, staging at PV 9:00 AM.
  9. Rikker

    Local Area

    Count me in...what time?
  10. I was out riding Corral Canyon today and came across this 990 abandoned on Espinoza trail. It doesn't appear to be stolen, since there was no damage to the ignition and the handlebars were locked. Anybody recognize this beast?
  11. Does this ride require a plated bike?
  12. I'm riding pine valley to corral canyon around 7:00 am if your interested. I have a non plated 501.