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  1. I have my bike apart right now but the parts should be in tomorrow, if so I'm game.
  2. I got a couple friends to help for Tomorrow. I will be leaving the Cul-Da-Sac at 8 and meeting them at the Crossroads about 8:30 in case anyone wants to tag along. I don't think the painting will take an hour.
  3. I gave up on the maintenance plan because there was no interest. The connector is the hardest trail there I believe.
  4. I'm planning to ride out of Pine Valley ( Bear Valley rd) to Corral Canyon tomorrow morning at 8:00
  5. I just meet with the Forest Service to pick up some paint for the Ranger trail. I am looking for some help to paint the line on the rocks on Ranger tomorrow. We would meet at 8:00 at the Bear Valley trailhead (the Cul-Da-Sac) and ride out there, it should take about 3 or 4 hours mostly riding time. This is a black diamond trail so I don't want to do it by myself. If I don't get at least one other rider I might go Sunday or take my Jeep and hike in. Sorry about the late notice. Ken
  6. cj54x

    Found A Plate

    Anyone lose a license plate near Pine Valley? It looked as if it came off a duel sport because it was beat up looking like it had been crashed a few times.
  7. It's the Pine Valley exit. If coming from San Diego take 8 east to Pine Valley rd. and turn right. It's right there, you cant miss it.
  8. cj54x

    Checking in!

    Prospecting huh? I ride/hike to our local gold mines but so far I've only taken pics. I'll post up next time if Pine Valley isn't far to drive/ride.
  9. I need to practice this. On Ranger last week I walked my bike down a drop off cause I knew I didn't have the skills. Guess I'll watch Gram on U tube today.
  10. Some of you might have noticed a bulldozer out on Bear Valley rd the past couple of weeks, well he did a fantastic job, it is completely smooth. Now there are jumps (water diverters) to keep peoples speed down. If you haven't been there in a while you should check it out.
  11. We rode trail #4 (Greenhorn) today and it was worse than I've ever seen it. While talking with ranger Gabe today I mentioned that we got a little lost on trail #12( Ranger) and I would like to repaint the line on the slab rocks. He said he would supply the paint so I am going to get that taken care of in the next couple weeks. Next weekend it should be too hot.
  12. no kidding, luckily I live 3 minutes from the trailhead
  13. ya, I think I can make this