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  1. I got a couple friends to help for Tomorrow. I will be leaving the Cul-Da-Sac at 8 and meeting them at the Crossroads about 8:30 in case anyone wants to tag along. I don't think the painting will take an hour.
  2. I gave up on the maintenance plan because there was no interest. The connector is the hardest trail there I believe.
  3. I'm planning to ride out of Pine Valley ( Bear Valley rd) to Corral Canyon tomorrow morning at 8:00
  4. I just meet with the Forest Service to pick up some paint for the Ranger trail. I am looking for some help to paint the line on the rocks on Ranger tomorrow. We would meet at 8:00 at the Bear Valley trailhead (the Cul-Da-Sac) and ride out there, it should take about 3 or 4 hours mostly riding time. This is a black diamond trail so I don't want to do it by myself. If I don't get at least one other rider I might go Sunday or take my Jeep and hike in. Sorry about the late notice. Ken
  5. cj54x

    Found A Plate

    Anyone lose a license plate near Pine Valley? It looked as if it came off a duel sport because it was beat up looking like it had been crashed a few times.
  6. It's the Pine Valley exit. If coming from San Diego take 8 east to Pine Valley rd. and turn right. It's right there, you cant miss it.
  7. cj54x

    Checking in!

    Prospecting huh? I ride/hike to our local gold mines but so far I've only taken pics. I'll post up next time if Pine Valley isn't far to drive/ride.
  8. I need to practice this. On Ranger last week I walked my bike down a drop off cause I knew I didn't have the skills. Guess I'll watch Gram on U tube today.
  9. Some of you might have noticed a bulldozer out on Bear Valley rd the past couple of weeks, well he did a fantastic job, it is completely smooth. Now there are jumps (water diverters) to keep peoples speed down. If you haven't been there in a while you should check it out.
  10. We rode trail #4 (Greenhorn) today and it was worse than I've ever seen it. While talking with ranger Gabe today I mentioned that we got a little lost on trail #12( Ranger) and I would like to repaint the line on the slab rocks. He said he would supply the paint so I am going to get that taken care of in the next couple weeks. Next weekend it should be too hot.
  11. no kidding, luckily I live 3 minutes from the trailhead
  12. ya, I think I can make this
  13. I was lurking Darrin's ride this morning and about 1 mile from my house I had a front blowout, it sucked up so much power that I thought my motor blew. Once I found out what the problem was I limped home. I decided to use only the tools and tube that I had with me to make sure I had everything I needed. I had it all except baby power so I pre-powdered my new tube before I put it in the finder pack and now my bike smells as good as a babies butt. Sense it was too late for the ride I just went to Pine Valley. I wound up meeting some new people and had a great ride. See you guys next time
  14. I was out there last month with the 4-wheelers and did a lot of trimming on Espinoza rd, I will be out there again with SDAR. I noticed trail 6 (Bobcat) needs trimming and 5 (Bronco flats) needs some rock work, these aren't the trails that we sponsor but they need help worse than Kernan and Ranger. I'll see you there. Ken
  15. This Sunday we will be at Corral Canyon to do some trail cleanup and 4 wheeling. While this is not a motorcycle event, anyone can come help us clean up our park. The government pays the park for volunteers, last year we got almost $40.000 and used it to buy a new trail machine. hope to see you there, Ken Orman here is the details Sunday 5-5-19 at 8:30 AM - 12 PM Trail Clean Up and Wheelin. We need a few people to run each of the popular trails out there. These can be wheeled, hiked or both. Trail for every level. Meeting at Four Corners parking area. 8:30am Plan on heading out to the trails at 9am sharp. I would like to cover Sidewinder, Bronco Peak, Gunslinger, Diamond Back, Winchester, Peacemaker and The Connector needs some brush clearing. Bring Glasses, gloves and lopper for trimming would be good. They will provide some trash bags and haul the garbage out Directions to Corral Canyon OHV Area: I8 East to Buckman Springs Road. Go South on Buckman Springs Road about 3.25 miles look for right hand turn and Signs for Corral Canyon OHV area. Follow this road for about 2.5 mile to 4 Corner Staging area. Plan to roll out to different trails at 9am sharp. Lets keep this place looking clean. Maybe careless folks will get it someday. Thanks,