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  1. sounds good, let me know
  2. no one committed to this ride and my friends won't text back so this trip will likely get canceled
  3. I saw a mine on an old topo map but I've never been to it
  4. I'm not sure that Table Top and Table Mountain are the same place
  5. I'm going to haul my bike to Jacumba with my 4 runner so I won't be anywhere near S2, Julian or 94. This is a pretty difficult trail with almost no highway.
  6. Yep, big respect for the nutjobs that take big bikes on trails like this... not me
  7. That's why I said "recommended" 'cause I know there are some nut jobs on here that take big bikes to difficult places.
  8. Anyone interested in riding the Stagecoach Trail on Sunday 3-26? Meet across the street from the Jacumba gas station in the empty parking lot with enough time to prep your bike for a 10:00 departure. We will ride the Stagecoach Trail to Mountain Spring and then do a little exploring behind Table Mountain. This is a historic wagon road with good photo ops. This ride is recommended for intermediate riders on skinny bikes. I will cross post to Facebook.
  9. cj54x


    Nice pics, was this the lower end?
  10. cj54x


    Pine Creek also, it was axle deep and flowing really fast
  11. cj54x

    Anza Borrego Route

    Dude, I ride red now... It's an Italian thing, you might not understand
  12. cj54x

    Coral Canyon / Campo?

    cool, looks like there will be 5 of us
  13. cj54x

    Coral Canyon / Campo?

    Your post on Facebook kinda went off the rails. I am going to meet some guys in Pine Valley at 10. I'll keep an eye out for you!
  14. cj54x

    Imperial County Map Recommendations

    I hope we do the Desert Dash this year!
  15. cj54x

    Imperial County Map Recommendations

    I like to use the Desert Dash maps. I use them to plan my two day overland Jeep trips and they are nice to carry in your backpack when you are on a bike.

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