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  1. @Goofy Footer I'm keen (and have one or two more guys as well) if you want to put something together. PM me! 😃
  2. Pretty well nailed it. 😃
  3. Waypoints: 1. Lazy Lizard to Iron Door (with a detour into Superstition). This is all dirt except the last couple of miles to Iron Door. 2. Iron Door across Oc Wells to Salton Sea (all dirt). 3. Salton Sea across Mecca to Berdoo Canyon (mostly pavement). 4. Through JTNP and Yucca Valley to Rimrock (mix of dirt and pavement with lots of options if you know the area well). 5. Rimrock to Big Bear (all dirt). We stayed the night in Big Bear and trucked home to SD the next day. We had a drop-off/chase truck so there was no vehicle shuttling. All on KTM EXCs. 450 and 500.
  4. Did this ride with a couple friends over the weekend. 7 hours ride time, 225 miles. Started at the Lazy Lizard and ended up in Big Bear Lake by 5:00 PM. I'm interested in putting together some long rides like this and looking for routes. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks all!
  5. Gotcha. We definitely started off the main (perimeter?) road and entered on the west side. Road all the way up until it merged with Greenhorn. The couple of intersecting trails must have been the aforementioned bail outs. There were some tough sections. I'd be lying if I said I got all the way up without a couple of snags. 😃 I'll let y'all know the next time I'm headed up. Would be nice to put someone else at the front of the group to absorb the head on risk!
  6. Yo Kenny, I would say we were on it an hour or more. That said, let's do it. The next time I'm going to hit up CC I'll ping you. Thanks bud!
  7. Wasn't sure where to post this...(mods) feel free to move if needed. Yesterday I was out at Corral Canyon. Pine Valley exit over the Kernan Cycle trail to Corral. Once I'm into CC my experience/navigation/directional sense is still very green. I'm working on improving that. Is there a decent trail map? A little online digging has turned up some nice 4x4 maps, but they exclude the single track. Once we got to 4 corners I was able to find my way (downhill from the parking lot) over to Peacemaker (short loop) and then onto Ranger. Took ranger the full way up hill until it merged with a "green" trail...can't remember the name. I did have a pretty solid head-on with a YZ 250 (coming opposite on the "green" trail) if that person happens to be on these forums. No harm done. 😃 Anyway, wondering if I covered the entirety of Ranger...if going up or down is the "hard way" and what those handful of intersecting trails were along the way. Anything that will help me get a better grip on the CC layout would be great. Maybe in the coming weeks my buddy and I can sync up with a CC ride and get the lay of the land a little better. Thanks!
  8. Is Corral fully open again? As well as the Pine Valley gate? Haven't been in awhile, but heard it was shut down for a bit. Thanks!
  9. Bluhdow


    I think it looks rad. If I were into the ADV scene I'd personally be more drawn to the midsize bikes...but that's because I come from dirt bikes. If I were on a bagger, the PanAm would likely be a decent option for me tiptoe toward the unpaved side. For now, I'll continue to support Harley by loving my FXBB.
  10. A good friend of mine rides with Sedlak (Moto and Enduro) and has only wonderful things to say. I look forward to joining a camp soon.
  11. Alright, last markdown to $3,000 flat. This price is firm. I already bought myself a 450F, and if I can't get $3,000 for the bike I'd rather keep it. I was pretty sure I'd end up missing the two stroke anyway! 😃
  12. Bike's gotta go this week. I need a new 450F! $3,250 - accepting offers.
  13. Down to $3,500. I haven't loved any of the incoming trade offers (thanks Craigslist!), so I'm lowering the cash price with my eyes on a down payment for a 2020/2021 450f. Looking to move it in the next week or so. Open to offers. Thanks all!
  14. Tons of inquiries, and people willing to trade for like 2013+ 450s. Still available though, I'm holding strong-ish. 😃