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  1. Bluhdow

    Saturday 1/18

    I assume this is the place: Blu-In RV Park, 2189 CA-78, Borrego Springs, CA 92004 2 hour drive for me. I can be there by 9:30. I'll send you a PM with my phone number so we can connect easier on Sat. Thanks Ken!
  2. Bluhdow

    San Felipe

    Getting tracks now. I think it would be a great trip!
  3. Bluhdow

    Saturday 1/18

    Hey Ken, I'm game for Ocotillo. Looks like I'm about 1.75 hours from Ocotillo Wells. Easy. Let me know when/where you'd like to meet and I'm there! As long as I'm back at my truck by like 2/2:30 I'm gold. Looking forward to riding with you again! Joe
  4. Anyone have any experience/knowledge/tracks for a ride to San Felipe and back from Tecate? I haven't been there in a long time, but it sounds like a fun trip. One day in, hang a couple days, one day out. As much dirt as possible in both directions. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Bluhdow

    Saturday 1/18

    Still looking for day ride! 😃
  6. Bluhdow

    Saturday 1/18

    And staying in Glamis I presume? Looking to end up back at my truck after the ride. Can't miss the McGregor fight Saturday night! 😃 Thank you though!
  7. Anyone looking to get out this weekend? Would love to take the new(ish) 500 exc out for a rip. Based out of Bonsall. Down to go as far as Pine Valley/McCain, but closer is always nice and it's an easy shot to Anza for me.
  8. Bluhdow

    KTM/Husky 500(ish) Questions

    All set on the skid plate. Thank you! 😃
  9. Bluhdow

    KTM/Husky 500(ish) Questions

    Scooped up a 2013 KTM 500 EXC: 75 hours, 1600 miles, great condition, $6,200. It's mostly stock, so it's going in for some of the essentials (headlight, seat, etc.). Back in the enduro game! Looking forward to joining a ride soon. I'm in Bonsall and have already hit a few of the local spots (SMH is still a nightmare of slippery, rutted, slow, nasty riding). Definitely open to exploring more if anyone is local and knows that area better than I do. I live off of Gopher Canyon. Thanks all!
  10. Bluhdow

    KTM/Husky 500(ish) Questions

    I've also seen a few of the 450 EXC-F Six Days around. Anyone have any experience with those? Looks like they come with some of the upgrades baked in. Would it be pretty comparable to a KTM/Husky 500(ish)? Or are they a different animal? Thanks!
  11. Bluhdow

    KTM/Husky 500(ish) Questions

    Thanks! I saw that bike. If it's still around in a few months (it won't be, I'm sure) I'll scoop it up. For now I'm still exploring. Got a few life items to sort our first. 😃 250 hours is a good benchmark. Give's me supreme confidence that anything in the 75 - 100 hour range is rock solid. I also toyed with the idea of a 350 exc, but it's a little too close to my 250 two stroke, which I can pull out any time for technical OHV areas. I think the 500 is a better compliment to the track bike.
  12. Been out of the dual sport game for a bit while I focused my riding efforts on the track. But thinking about getting back into DS with a nicer machine than my previous DRZ. Ideally I could find a KTM/Husky 500(ish) that's already built and ready for the desert. Looks like that's about an 8k ask for something decent, and used. Just wondering about the engine life on these bikes. Initial looks suggest that anything under 100 hours and 5000 miles should be pretty fresh, but I'm curious to know what kind of shelf lives these engines have before serious work ($1k+, at a shop) needs to be invested. Looks like there's a ton of bikes out there. Any years/makes/models/mods to be cautious of? Hoping to get back on a plated bike in 2020. Thanks!
  13. I recently moved to the Bonsall area (Little Gopher Canyon). I've ridden around here before (SM Hills) but it's been a couple of years so I'm not sure how that situation may have changed. Wondering what's in the area. I know about SMH but that's about it. I would appreciate any PMs about that area if someone is in the know. Any other posts about my options out here would be much appreciated. Grazie!