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  1. All that's left is some kids gear: helmet, goggles, boots, pants, jersey. All very lightly used and was being worn by 5-6 year old. If you've got a young rider in your life, I'd be willing to part with this stuff super cheap. Just looking to get it out at this point. Anyone willing to drive to me in San Marcos can get some good stuff for cheap! 😃
  2. Updated. Everything has sold except an older adult street helmet and some lightly used kids gear. Corey's son is 5 years old; and I've got his helmet, chest protector, goggles, gloves, moto pants, and boots in great shape if anyone has a son/grandson that needs fresh gear. Thanks all! Jarnagan Moto Equipment.pdf
  3. Please see the updated spreadsheet. At this point, most everything has been sold except for the Husky 300 and the Youth Moto gear. The purchase price on the Husky is negotiable. Feel free to reach out with offers. At this point we just want to help get his wife out from under the loan and move as much of the other gear as possible. Thanks all! Jarnagan Moto Equipment.pdf
  4. Last Sunday my friend and I were riding the Vet track at Cahuilla when he took what appeared to be a relatively minor spill. Unfortunately he came down in a manner that resulted in a broken neck. After a life flight and hard fought couple of days in ICU, he eventually succumbed to his injuries and passed away on Tuesday (5/5/20). His family has asked me to sell all of his moto gear: bikes included. Please see the attached PDF spreadsheet of what's sitting in my garage. Some of it has been sold already, but if you see anything of interest please let me know. The bikes include Corey's brand new, 2.8 hour, 2020 TX 300i. Even after his fall, the bike is mint. A couple of scratches on the plastics, but you'd never know it was involved in such an incident. I have bikes that look worse after a parking lot tip over. His son's 2002 XR50R is also for sale. Prices, condition, and general notes are listed in the PDF. Please take a look and reach out to me with questions. I can be called at 760-401-1083 if that's easiest for you. With all due respect, this is not a time to try and strike a deal. These prices are set fairly, and with the hopes that we can return as much money as possible to his wife and three kids (ages 5, 4, and 2). If you're interested in picking up a bike and/or some gear at a fair price and helping a young family in distress at the same time, let's chat. In addition to the aforementioned sales, we’re raising money at the GoFundMe link below to help Allison and the kids manage through this time. If you’re keen; any and all proceeds are needed, and appreciated, and going to a good place. https://www.gofundme.com/f/jarnagan-family Thank you for reading. Joe Jarnagan Moto Equipment.pdf
  5. Bluhdow

    Hey 2 smoke guys, what's the bike to get?

    I have a 2001 YZ 250 that's built for the track. The entire bike (motor top + bottom, suspension, controls, plastics, seat, everything) was rebuilt about 8 (engine) hours ago. I had the chance to ride it back-to-back with a 2020 Husky 300 with fuel and oil injection last weekend. The bikes are world's apart. The new 300 has a MUCH smoother power delivery, and almost didn't feel like a 2 stroke with the lack of a wild, surging powerband. It had plenty of power for sure...it was just a lot more linear. It rode well in lower RPMs and everything about it just felt...lovely. Plus the injection runs it nice and lean so you don't spit oil everywhere. I still love my 250 for laps at Fox, but I'll never look at it the same way out in the open desert. If you want a plate, I think your best option is likely an older (already plated?) out of state 250 that's been tuned for trails. Brian mentioned above a 350 EXC, which is the direction I would go if I really needed a plate and wanted something as light as possible. Maybe you can find a used one and throw a Vortex box (or similar) on it to really wind it out.
  6. Bluhdow

    What's Open?

    Copy. Thanks all!
  7. Bluhdow

    What's Open?

    Is “Superstition” basically the riding north of the town of Ocotillo?
  8. Bluhdow

    What's Open?

    Digging deeper I can see that Lark is closed. So how's Superstition looking these days?
  9. Looking to get out for a ride this coming weekend. Anyone know what's still open? I heard that Ocotillo Wells was closed even to OHV traffic. Is that the case anywhere else? Thinking Superstition or McCain, and interested to hear if anyone knows the status out there. Looking to ride in a sticker area, without a plate requirement. Thanks!
  10. Also wondering if this is a day trip, or an over night. I'm keen.
  11. Inside of 2 hours I only know Ocatillo, Anza, and I think there's some OHV a little north in the Temecula corridor. In in Bonsall, if anyone else knows the area well.
  12. Little too long of a haul to be there by 7:00 AM. Enjoy fellas!
  13. It's a track bike. Setup for MX. KTM it is! 😃