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  1. Also wondering if this is a day trip, or an over night. I'm keen.
  2. Inside of 2 hours I only know Ocatillo, Anza, and I think there's some OHV a little north in the Temecula corridor. In in Bonsall, if anyone else knows the area well.
  3. Little too long of a haul to be there by 7:00 AM. Enjoy fellas!
  4. It's a track bike. Setup for MX. KTM it is! 😃
  5. Strongly considering it! Is this a better fit for the YZ250 or KTM 500?
  6. I'm watching this one...
  7. Anyone up for a ride on 1/25? I'm considering heading out to Plaster City with Kenny & Co., but keen for something a little closer if possible. Thanks! Joe
  8. Bluhdow

    San Felipe

    I've just learned about basecamp, seems like a good way to explore. From there, I can use Gaia to navigate. Do these apps hold up even when out of service? Thanks everyone for the help! Once I learn a little more about leading/navigating then perhaps I can organize rides, instead of always tagging along. 😃
  9. Bluhdow

    San Felipe

    Anyone familiar with Leadnav? It's an iPhone app (subscription service) which was recommended to me for GPS.
  10. Bluhdow

    San Felipe

    I could be up for that! In the meantime, I'm going to tinker with these GPS tracks. I would really love to get that figured out. Thanks all!
  11. Bluhdow

    San Felipe

    I've got some tracks. Who has a device that can read .GPX files? I would like to see the tracks and then compare them to Google Earth to get a sense of the route. Thanks!
  12. Bluhdow

    Saturday 1/18

    I assume this is the place: Blu-In RV Park, 2189 CA-78, Borrego Springs, CA 92004 2 hour drive for me. I can be there by 9:30. I'll send you a PM with my phone number so we can connect easier on Sat. Thanks Ken!
  13. Bluhdow

    San Felipe

    Getting tracks now. I think it would be a great trip!
  14. Bluhdow

    Saturday 1/18

    Hey Ken, I'm game for Ocotillo. Looks like I'm about 1.75 hours from Ocotillo Wells. Easy. Let me know when/where you'd like to meet and I'm there! As long as I'm back at my truck by like 2/2:30 I'm gold. Looking forward to riding with you again! Joe