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  1. first d38 race of the season I was getting some suspension packing and the associated tail end swapping through whoops. Ok, I’ll go tune that out before the next race, easy right? Fast forward a couple weekends to oct. 11 and I’m on my way out to ocotillo wells. Just the old 450x on my hitch carrier and me. Planned on tuning that shock and having a nice day of solo desert blasting. Get to a friends property on the south side of the highway close to the blue inn. Camp the night and have a small breakfast. Water and food in my backpack. Take off down pole line and find a nice long section of whoops As my tuning area. Do some Runs, turn some clickers, bike feels more stable. About 45 minutes into my wonderful morning I think I’ve got it pretty dialed. 4th gear is feeling great, I click up into 5th and give it a handful. All is well. I’m flying at least 60 skimming whoops feeling like a god. I feel the back end come out. One side, then the other side. Then back again but further. I let off the gas but it’s too late. My tail is swapping side to side further and further with each successive whoop. I know I’m going down. I try to hold on long enough to slow down a little. Bike makes one last swap to the right. Wheels land what feels like completely sideways. Wheels catch and slingshot me into the ground. Immediate Massive Charlie horse on my right thigh and now I’m rag dolling. Come to a stop on my stomach, leg hurts. Try to move but my right leg feels like it’s only connected with jello. Now the pain starts. I scream out twice hoping someone is around. Third attempt results in a whimper. Im on the street legal only side of of the highway. I’m alone. I pull myself together, I calm myself. I try to roll over but the jello thigh hurts more. I reach down, grab my boot and drag my leg as I roll onto my side. I’m in the middle of the road. I see my bike off to the side 10 yards behind me. I pull my back pack around and grab my phone. First call to 911 is dropped. Now I’m scared. call 2 connects. They have my gps coordinates. Thank god. Agonizing 30 minutes lates I hear something behind me. I’m still on my side in the middle of the road, I twist my neck around and see a fire truck lights flashing. Thank god. I’m elated to see them, I’m grateful. A ranger truck follows and maybe a few more vehicles too. It feels like 10 uniforms are around me. One nostril is flooded with ketamine and then the next is filled by another syringe. I don’t feel any relief. Pants are cut off. They pull me onto a backboard. Ouch. They grab my foot and pull, OUCH! WTF!? and once more! A brace is installed. Ambulance. Ketamine. Helicopter. Hospital. More drugs. xrays show a femur in 3 pieces. Metal put inside the bone. Wake up from surgery sat night and instantly feel a massive relief, my bone is back together! Every day I’m feeling better. physical therapy is painful but gives huge improvement in pain and movement that keeps me motivated. 3.5 weeks in and doc says I’m healing great, everything looks good. Begin Weight bearing at 6 weeks. Back on the bike at 3 months? I’ll let you know! Pics uploaded tomorrow
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    New Ride

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    I’ve never liked ktm...

    ITS A SCREAMER! All top end, very little bottom or mid power compared to my wr400f but damn it pulls in the upper revs. I might be able to jet it better but I see why people say this is a good technical bike, it’s very soft on bottom. By comparison, my wr400f and my brothers crf450x both feel violent in power when first cracking the throttle and up to the mid range while still pulling to the top. I finally understand that “linear” power people talk about. Very little on bottom, builds through the mid range, then explodes in the upper revs and keeps building power all the way to the rev limiter! Suspension works. Super plush, soaks up everything. The rear end is awesome, just sops up everything, never kicks up or sideways. There’s a race tech cap on the shock reseviour so I think there are race tech goodies in both ends. Both forks leak bad, will find out exactly what’s in there when I get them rebuilt. Bike turns better than I though possible. Super easy to turn and keep a line, but i can’t kick the back end out and power slide as easily and consistently as on the wr400. Also, bike is super sketchy at speed, especially skimming woops. On the wr400 I could get up over the bars while standing and just go fast. On this bike if I’m not leaning way back over the rear wheel then it gets gnarly head shake and feels like it wants to jump sideways at speed. It feels like I’m fighting it just to go straight, really exhausting. I have a stabilizer coming and I’ll adjust suspension once I get the fork seals done. Lost some oil on the engine side, will have to measure everything out and see if it’s migrating to the tranny or if it’s burning oil. Bike has 330 hours on the odo so anything is possible. Overall very happy with the bike. I’ll probably keep this and sell the wr400, even if this needs an engine rebuild to fix oil burning or migration issues.
  4. You’re right, Got a little ahead of myself. Count me as a “probably in if no family stuff comes up”
  5. You guys head out today? If it’s the second date, I’m in.
  6. SpaceCowboy

    I’ve never liked ktm...

    Right? Screaming deal!!! Not plated, but I might get an out of state plate. Haven’t decided yet.
  7. SpaceCowboy

    I’ve never liked ktm...

    But I just bought one! Price was too good to pass up. $1490 from Craigslist. Bike wouldn’t run without the choke out and even then wouldn’t idle. But the bike is clean and has a bunch of goodies including a rekluse, protection, and a big tank! picked it up Sunday night. Checked valves on wed. Picking up a couple o-rings for the carb today, I’ll let you guys know if I can get it running well! Here are the first pics of my brand new-ish 2009 400 xcw Notice the dust on the WRONG side of the filter? I hope it didn’t cause too much damage. I’ll be getting a leak down test done by my local shop to check on the engine. Valves were all perfect, so I’m optimistic. Also notice the dual sport kit that’s installed. It’s still green sticker but I might go with an SD plate... we’ll see. When I first brought it home I could keep it running if I kept the revs way up, but it would bog and power felt like a 250f. Hoping to cure all that today with the clean carb and a few small replacement carb parts along with some tuning. Starting this thread mainly for my own records of what I’ve done to the bike. If this bikes engine turns out to be solid it might replace my 98 wr400. I’ll keep you guys posted.
  8. SpaceCowboy

    Big Bear 9-6 -18

    I apologize for how late this is, but I had a great time with everyone coming up to ride. Thank you Kenny, Brian, and Pete! Pete killed me on Friday when he showed me Redonda Ridge Trail, we rode it East to West. Can't imagine going the opposite way Saturday Brian and Kenny took me around John Bull and White Mountain and had a great time. Looking forward to future rides with everyone!
  9. I'm definitely up for a ride Friday as long or as short as you want.
  10. Absolutely down for the hard stuff! Brian that was an awesome day. Still the most pumped my clutch arm has ever been I actually went up gold mountain again this weekend, much easier than a couple years ago when we went up! Haven't gotten to any of the other hard trails yet though I want to Saturday long ride sounds great to me
  11. All good, I'm moving to Oceanside so I'll be back in town. You definitely need to get out riding! for the rest of you, I have some motivation from this last week:
  12. I'm in Big Bear until Oct. 11. Staying in my grandparent's cabin, plenty of beds, full kitchen, garage, the whole 9 yards. Come stay and ride with me! Riding a plated wr400f, intermediate rider. I've been up here a week already and there are plenty of trails left to explore. Bp619, bring your wife and child and let them relax at the cabin while we ride!
  13. Is this a green sticker bike? I'm definitely up to truck the bikes to a staging area and get into some gnarly trails, but it looks like these are ''no red sticker" from May 1 to Sep 30. If your 200 has a green sticker than we're good to go. Ya Brian can't wait until you can make it out again! And Danrider, you're welcome to join at the cabin but we might be tackling some tough terrain for a big bike. Last time I went up with Bp619 we were both struggling on some sections; he was on his husky 350 and I was on my wr400.
  14. Was really pumped to ride today but just woke up to a flat on the wr. Really bummed that I didn't check last night, I would have had enough time for a patch. Have fun out there.
  15. That's all the encouragement I need. See you tomorrow.