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  1. SpaceCowboy

    An (un)holy union

    Now that I know it rides great, time to replace the subframe and exhaust and shock. All got bent in the crash. All are expensive.
  2. SpaceCowboy

    An (un)holy union

    Damn this bike sucks, there’s no power. Got back to the shed underwhelmed. I realized I didn’t tighten the throttle tube on the handle bars, so when I twisted the go tube, it was spinning on the bars and not actuating the go cables. Tightened those two 8mm and tried again. GODDAMN we have power. This bike runs great. Starts right up and did I mention the power? Kinda sketchy riding all that power around with no rear brake. also, apparently if the shock has no goo inside, then shock has no damping. at all. really sketchy riding a rocket ship around with no rear brake and a pogo rear end.
  3. SpaceCowboy

    An (un)holy union

    Back wheel, spacers, axle and brake caliper swap over. Brake pedal is different bike is complete and ready for test ride (minus rear brake) clutch master swapped over and works great. Shifter fits but isn’t perfect
  4. SpaceCowboy

    An (un)holy union

    Progress Close up of the damage from the t bone. Subframe and exhaust bent in, touching the spring. Shock body broke leaking all the goo out. New(used) subframe and exhaust on the way. Hoping to rebuild shock, replacements are tough to find (expensive) for the pdf katoom:
  5. SpaceCowboy

    An (un)holy union

    My brain don't work good enough to balance on two wheels and pedal at the same time. My brain do work good enough to never ride a 3 wheeler. The uber thing dont sound too bad, at least I'd be making money instead of always spending on dirt bikes. WINNER WINNER hoping to end up with at least one running motorcycle. May end up with a couple of boat anchors... Only one way to find out
  6. SpaceCowboy

    An (un)holy union

    A few of you know my 2009 400 xcw that I’ve been ragging on for a while. Keeping alive with rotella and clean air filters. Drinks oil like a two stroke: A few weeks ago I picked up a salvaged 2017 450 exc that had been t boned, then stripped of the wheels, brakes, triples, some other stuff any guesses what the plan is?
  7. SpaceCowboy

    WTB Small dual sport

  8. SpaceCowboy

    Help needed! 2005 ktm 250 smoker

    This has been a drawn out saga. I checked and cleaned the ground, cleaned and lubed all wire connections that I could find. Tried 2 CDIs from Ebay. It would fire one time for probably every 20 kicks. Sometimes stay running, sometimes not. I have a multimeter and checked resistance of all of the components but everything measured within spec (according to the internet). Finally gave up and took it to Outrider in Bonsall. They tested all components and confirmed everything was in spec. They were stumped, but agreed to continue messing with it over the next few weeks. Turns out the wires inside the main harness plug into the ECU were loose. He pulled the plug off and squeezed each wire connector just a little tighter with pliers. That did the trick. Bike fires first kick hot or cold, runs crisp. They were great about the entire process. Talked me through everything they were trying and were honest when their knowledge ran out, but kept troubleshooting at my request. Ended up charging me 2.5 hours of time. Fantastic people over there. I appreciate all the input guys. One more thing to check in the future.
  9. SpaceCowboy

    Help needed! 2005 ktm 250 smoker

    2005 ktm 250 exc two stroke with no spark. The mechanic said it needs a cdi but they’re not available new so he sent me home and told me to go on eBay. So far, 2 separate cdis from eBay don’t work. I’m wondering if it’s a connector issue or something else. Does someone have a running 2005 ktm 250 that I can swap a cdi into to test mine? furthermore, I know some of you are better mechanics than I am. Anyone have time to help trouble shoot? I’ll pay fair market rates, plus beer if wanted
  10. I’m in with a tw200! When we thinking?
  11. Great info, thank you both!
  12. I’m coming from north county SD, so I might just do that. Ideally I’d like to stay off the highway as much as possible once I’m up there. Looks like dirt trails are possible from glider port
  13. Anyone want to explore Thomas mountain this weekend? I've got a tw200 I'd like to truck out there, put around for a day. All skill levels welcome. This won't be ripping around on a full suspension enduro, much more mellow than that. Additionally, has anyone ridden around out there? Can you provide some feedback on the riding? I saw a couple posts on here from a few years back, but I don't know what we're looking at now. Thanks, SC

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