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  1. Rally Fairing with mount and low fender. Originally ordered from Italy $2000 Used on my KTM 530, don't know if it would fit your bike that's for you to work out. Needs a little repair and paint on fender. $500 Steve 619-654-6475
  2. KTM Rally fairing and low fender. Used on my KTM 530 2008. Ordered from Italy cost over $2000 needs a little repair on the fender. Maybe you want to build a rally bike? $500 Steve 619-654-6475
  3. We are heading to Big Bear for a last riding weekend of the season and will be camping at Big Pine. Family affair with wife and nine year old daughter anyone with kids interested in joining us is welcome. Riding will be beginner level mostly forest service roads etc. as my duaghter just started this year. Probably also could get in a grown ups ride if there is interest. Looks like the weather will be really nice for riding so we are are going to take advantage before the snow comes.
  4. A reminder that the Dakar Rally starts Jan. 4th, always love to keep up with this as it is the coolest rally. Check out there website for more info, videos etc.
  5. Hello all, some of us are heading up to Utah and Colorado again this year and I just wanted to invite everyone as it is the best riding you could every ask for. We will be attending the "Flying Monkey rally" in Utah July 18-20 and then I will be taking the family down to Colorado. We are staying at the Ridge Way State park in Ouray Co. for five days and riding some of the most scenic areas. If you have never been than seriously consider it, beautiful scenery and trails for every skill level. If anyone is interested in getting together there for some riding let me know as I will be looking for a riding buddy. Just do what I do, load your wife, 4 yr old daughter, mother in law and dog in the truck and head out Chevy Chase style across the West. Cheers
  6. Hoping to get back up to Big Bear , campground reservations are full so probably camping at Holcomb Valley campground as it is first come first serve. Wanted to see if anyone was interested in coming up and riding Saturday. Last trip up the gate was open over on the south side so it is possible to do a long loop all around the area probably 100+ miles. I'll be bringing the family up so If anyone else is interested chime in. If coming up and camping I would think we could find space on Friday? Weather should be nice, lets go riding.
  7. I should be on the road after lunch and be in camp for sunset. Looking forward to being back on the scooter after two months. If your on the fence and have never rode Big Bear than get off ya duff and come ride, it really is the best riding in So Cal, and bears only seem to like Johnny Bags tent. Cheers
  8. I will be in on this, looking forward to getting back on the bike and riding in one of favorite places.
  9. Thanks for the invite, heads up on the resort there it also offers an RV park if anyone is like me and would rather camp. Looks really nice and you are able to use all the facilities of the resort. Hope to make it out for the ride.
  10. Thought some of you might be interested so here is my KTM 530 Rally build up. Got the Fairing, Tower and low fender from Alberto Dottori in Italy. Google for his web site he builds lots of different models for various bikes and was easy to deal with. After having the 2006 KTM 640 Adventure I always liked the fairing idea and have wanted it for years for my 2008 530EXCR, finally got around to getting it and so here it goes. First step is to weld the two bolts onto the head tube so the Tower can be bolted on. Next attach the tower to the mounts, Next mount up the fairing and lots of bending and fine tuning, The fairing comes rough finished and the tower takes some fitting, etc. Low fender mounts fairly easy some drilling and fitting but not the end of the world. Test ran it in Death Valley last weekend and really like it. Gas Tank is Acerbis 3.4 gallon, but you can also get the fairing for the 6.6 gallon tank also I just don't like that much weight up front. Cost was about $900 delivered to San Diego and was about half what the others cost. Still needs paint so I'll be designing a color scheme and painting it soon. It does require lots of other stuff like redoing the electrical so it stays out of the way etc. And adjusting the steering stops so the bars don't hit the fairing. I have developed the opinion that this is the best small adventure bike so I justified doing this to that end, I've got over 13K miles on this bike and still love every minute of it.
  11. Thanks all for inviting me, as usual we had a good time even though I was suffering from a hernia. Finally bit the bullet and ordered the rally fairing for the 530 from Alberto Dottori in Italy. Hope to get it painted soon. Link to Rally Build here,
  12. I'm in and getting ready to head out Wednesday. As far as snacks I would bring everything you need for the day including lunch and water etc. some of the loops are long and there ain't no resuppling along the trail for the most part. I would also plan to carry more water than usual and any extra supplies, I like to carry a space blanket in case I got stuck out on the trail, helps to keep the coyotes warm when you snuggle. Seriously though best to be a Boy Scout out there, I.e. come prepared.
  13. captcham

    Garmin Montana- Anyone using it?

    OK thanks for the info it really did look like the next dual sport GPS to me when I saw it. REI has them at a good price if you figure in the 10percent return you get. Will be adding this to my wish list.
  14. captcham

    Garmin Montana- Anyone using it?

    Anyone using the new Garmin Montana? Looks nice with the 4" screen, getting hard to see the little screen on the 60. Comments, reviews anyone?