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  1. Happy birthday! :)

  2. Anteak

    Carb, rich or lean?

    Also, check your air cleaner. If that's clean, then pull the side cover off the air cleaner and see if it runs better or worse. Something I learned from this site. ??
  3. Anteak

    First Bike

    Update; Looks like she wants to stick to a plated bike so we are not forced to truck it everywhere. Trying to look at a plated 91 Suzuki DR 250 this weekend (currently asking 1,500). Registration overdue by one year. Also is a kick-start only (no magic button). Any feedback for this bike? Also, she sat on a Kaw KLX250 and didn't seem so bothered of the height. Problem there is the price they go for. Feedback on performance from these? Issues? dsfox ?? Now if somebody would talk to Crawdaddy about thinning his herd and letting his daughter ride his 300, then I could graciously take his CRF230 off his hands.... :coolio:/>/> :drinks:/> I'm still no further ahead on trying to figure out how to plate one of these 150/230cc small bikes.
  4. Anteak

    First Bike

    Crawdaddy - Wouldn't mind an "L" if they would come down to my price range. tntmo - Good advice. I bought big for myself and am regretting it now because of the height and weight. Zoot - Looking, but I'm lacking the proper knowledge to make it legal. dsfox - Thank you for the offer, She is 5'6", She wants to start on a lower bike (from testing them at the dealers), maybe in the future you could help hone her stills, she would appreciate it. Unfortunately, we will not be attending the Desert Dash. Hayseed - Didn't know they changed production sites. Will watch that when looking at used bikes, thanks. All good advice. Next will be safety gear. :wacko:/> Great, more $$ :mellow:/>
  5. Anteak

    First Bike

    My 18yo daughter said she wants to learn how to ride a bike. Great I think to myself. So I explain the controls on my bike (XR650L), have her sit on it, then have her hold it upright. Response, Dad, It's too tall and too heavy for me. Dang, now to look for a bike ($$$). We go to dealerships to try other bikes and what she felt comfortable on was the Honda CRF 150F or the Kaw 140. I'd like to move her up to a CRF230. Be nice for me to practice on too. But now while searching CraigsList, there seems to be a lot of TTR125s. So not knowing anything about these bikes, could someone explain the good, any drawbacks (I.E. suspension for 150 - 175lb., smoothness of engines,) or maintenance issues of these bikes when looking at them used? TTR125 TTR230 TTR250 CRF150F CRF230F She fits the Yamaha 250 Dual sport also, but, "Dad, I don't like the looks". :wacko:/> Anybody have something tucked in the back of their garage that they might want to get rid of??
  6. Anteak

    SDAR crew future Moto Preferences

    I've used surveymonkey.com at work for questionnaires. Try their basic plan. It's free. Once set-up post the link.
  7. Anteak

    XR650L Suspension Help

    Let me know what you find out. I've set my sag, but never dug into the forks. Also installed a lowering link and adjusted height of forks to match.
  8. Anteak

    Sprocket maintenance

    Hopefully that is a softer metal gear and didn't affect your counter shaft. Mine is toast. Went with the 15t XR650R and it feels a lot tighter. My keeper was about 50% worn thur also. Still need to replace that too.
  9. Anteak

    I need a little help, have a moment?

    OK, more feedback. Where is the info about the materials of the covers? I saw it on some models in the Options buy button, but not all. Also, How about a section on how to care for the seat, clean/maintain? Bundy's not behind the golf course anymore?
  10. Anteak

    I need a little help, have a moment?

    Nice... Spelling is not my strong point, but didn't spot anything wrong. Maybe add in the FAQ section about tall or shaved, lowered options (for us height challanged)
  11. Glad you made it.. Bravo.. Still looking for open discussion as a noob, now that Goofy made his 'goal', how do you prep him for the ride back? Wanting a safe return also.
  12. Way too much info. when you left out "car" from the subject line, then you talk about 'huge' event and 'we had a small group'........ And I thought this was a family forum..... j/k since nobody knows me yet.
  13. Anteak

    CORE to become AMA D37 Promoter

    Slow, Old, Fat, Team. SOFT SOFT CORE That's just not right.
  14. Won't be able to make it Friday. But I sure wish someone will have a GPS on this ride for possible coordinates later. Have a safe and fun ride everyone.
  15. Anteak

    first ride back

    OR....... you could tell your Daughter that there is a full tank of gas for her if she downloads your pictures to the computer and then attach any photos to your posts. :beach:

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