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  1. BriKman

    What's Open?

    Is McCain/Lark back to normal access? Anyone been up recently? Are there typically professionals around to assist in confirming sticker color on bikes?
  2. Did anyone venture out there today? I would like to take the kids riding tomorrow, don't mind parking along the road near or beyond the day camp area if needed.
  3. BriKman

    Breakfast Club 3/28

    Last second notice but would like to join you guys, challenge for me is I need to be back to Hidden Meadows by about 3PM. What time do you guys normally get back to the trucks and start heading home?
  4. Clutch has gone out 100 miles into Baja on my buddies brand new husky fe501. Tried filling reservoir and losses fluid after a couple pulls. Lower slave cylinder seal has failed. Staying at Cal’s tonight, Mike’s tomorrow. Free beer for anyone that can figure out Baja fix or better yet if anyone is packing up and coming to Mikes tomorrow bring part along. Muchas Gracias!
  5. Will be running nearly identical route tomorrow through Sunday. Dust will certainly not be an issue, although expecting mud, ditches and puddles a-plenty! Feel free to follow along. https://us0-share.inreach.garmin.com/brikman
  6. BriKman

    Soboba Invitational Trail Ride

    I prepaid for the Soboba ride this Sunday Feb 18 and can’t make it, PM me if you’d like it.
  7. Bringing my 12 yo son out to lark for the first time, will be out about 8:30, wave if you see us on YZ450FX and TTR125. Looking forward to a great day.
  8. BriKman

    Lake Isabella

    I have riden through Keysville a few times during the Alpine trails ride, awesome stuff around there. I’d also like to take the family up for RV camping and riding, will watch for updates from you guys and hit you up for best spots when I make plans to go.
  9. Very nice. What was the route from MSR to the observatory, west via Meling or did you go SE out of the front/left side of Mikes? Its been many years since we went up and out to the left so curious if anyone has recent experience.
  10. Go see Joe Hauler in San Marcos and he can fab you up a custom rack. Joe built a custom carrier off the back of my 32 Southwind, he added I-Beams to reinforce rack to chassis so I can load it and flat tow off it. Setup gets me 5 bikes and a Jeep! Two bikes (TTR125 and CRF150RB) on RV rack, flat tow Jeep with two bikes inside of it (TTR110 and CRF50), YZ450FX on Joe Hauler behind Jeep. Rack is also super handy for non-dirt bike trips to carry things like coolers, firewood, bicycles, etc.
  11. BriKman

    New bike ready to ride - 2018 YZ450FX

    Thanks for the comments guys. I got a couple hours on the bike in Ocotillo last weekend but mainly just sweeping kid rides and taking it somewhat easy to "break her in". I have always had motocross bikes prior to this (08 YZ450, 10 CRF450, 13 KX450) so she certainly feels a bit soft (I am 240ish geared up) but power feels good and e-start is fantastic, especially sweeping kid rides (I have 4 all on bikes). I plan to up the spring rates in the next couple weeks to dial in sag and rebound. We are heading out to Cougar Buttes/Johnson Valley area next week so I will report back once I have had a chance to open her up. Start of typical kid ride. Broke off with the older boys to take them down "Xpert Moto Slot" Nothing on 4 wheels fits here!
  12. BriKman

    Tire Sliced - Run it or not?

    The cautious side of me beat out the cheap and lazy side, I must be getting OLD! New tire mounted and ready to go... hardest part was being careful not to scratch the pretty blue wheels!
  13. Brand new bike, brand new tire. Second day out hit something that sliced it like butter. Hate to throw tire with less than 50 miles in the trash but also don’t want I‎t coming apart on me or tube expanding through. Definitely a weak spot but curious to see what others thing, run it or not?
  14. A few after-hours nights in the garage and my new YZ450FX is ready to go. Heading out to Ocotillo this weekend to break her in before multi-day rides in Mohave and Baja over the next couple months. Quickest of bolt-ons: IMS 3 Gallon Tank Baja Designs XL80 LED Taillight GYTR Radiator Fan Kit Cycra® Factory ProBend CRM Racer Pack Garmin Montana & Amps Rugged Mount GYTR® Pivoting Levers Off-Road Steering Stabilizer by GPR® GYTR® by FMF® Aluminum PowerCore 4 Hex Muffler GYTR® by FMF® QuietCore™ Spark Arrestor Insert STI Ultra Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tubes Twin Air Fuel Filter Doubletake Enduro Mirror Bike feels great on the street, looking forward to opening it up in the desert and trying out a few different tunes with the GYTR® Power Tuner.
  15. Big weekend of dirt bike riders supporting the Baja locals. Los Ancianos also put on a great ride Saturday. We ran into a few of the guys from the other ride at RSV Saturday night, including one that gave everyone in module 1 a very early wakeup call!