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  1. Famous_Amos

    Forma Adv tourer Size 47EU, 13US

    You got it. PM. With my contact info incoming.
  2. Free Forma ADV Tourer boots. Loved for maybe 3 rides. Needs a clean
  3. Famous_Amos

    Tools clean out

    I'll include this box of tools for free to anyone who buys something from Mr. JAJA
  4. Famous_Amos

    Tools clean out

    Can I add a tupperware tub of sockets to your ad?
  5. Famous_Amos

    Tech Day Escondido (7-15-2023) 9:30am

    I feel like I'm missing something... Where is this held?
  6. Famous_Amos

    Howdy from East County

    Hey all, thanks for the welcome! For the DR650, it would probably be easier to talk about what is "not" on it... Which would be a big-bore kit. That is about the extent to which it is not modified. hahaha. I did, however, invite another into my life, as @nostep has pointed out. really looking forward to developing skills on a super capable machine.
  7. Famous_Amos

    Howdy from East County

    Hello there SDAR! My name is Kenton, and I've lived around San Diego all my life. I've only very recently gotten into motorcycles as the fix for my quarter-life crisis. I tend to not have much time to ride, but short(er)-local rides are a favorite way to get some throttle therapy. If you see a big guy rolling by on a tricked-out DR, give me a hey howdy hey!

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