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  1. No personal connection.. just got this via email.
  2. Maybe it's the size. My front is a 80/90-21 on the left on this photo. FYI, the bike in the center with no rider has a fatty GoldenTyre.
  3. tvscum

    Wanted: XR400R stock exhaust

    You mean this insert?
  4. I met up with some new friends, not members here, but they took me on a Kelly Ride in Ocotillo. Has anybody heard of this route? Supposedly named after a deceased desert racer? Lots of sand through a long wash and then back to the highway along a power line road. Man, I missed my old GoldenTyre fatty front tire in all that sand. I currently am running a Motoz Tractionator RallZ on the front and it sucks for sand. Ran 12 lbs air up front. Anyway, it was fairly fun ride of you like sand. I needed the practice.
  5. No snow on Tecate Peak apparently:
  6. tvscum

    Wanted: XR400R stock exhaust

    I think these are the stock headers and exhaust pipe that came on my 97XR400. They came with the bike when I bought it and the exhaust pipe was already off of it but I assume it works fine.
  7. Sorry for the delay in responding. It runs much better than a stock carb. Pumpers work great on XRs, especially big bores. I don’t think I ever really had it dialed in right, though. Still, there are lots of different jets so I’m sure if you’re good with carbs you can dial it in. The needles & jets themselves are worth more than $50!.
  8. tvscum

    Keep an eye out pls

  9. Selling my FCR39 set up for a XR400/XR440, asking $50 for SDAR members. If no interest, will post on craigslist for more $. I ran this for years but decided to go with a new Mikuni that has a choke. This is not the MX carb, which will not fit on the XR. This is a so-called "racing" slant carb that used to be installed on big bore XRs and DRZs. It has no choke and no hot start knob. I have LOTS of needles and jets so you can adjust to your liking. Exploded view is: https://www.jetsrus.com/carburetor/carb_keihin_FCR_SINGLE_carb_exploded_view_parts.html
  10. tvscum

    Pio Pico fatalities

    CITY NEWS SERVICE SD Collision Fatalities, 1st Ld Motorcyclist, Bicyclist Killed in Collision at Campground EAST COUNTY (CNS) - A motorcyclist and a bicyclist were killed todaywhen they collided at an RV resort and campground near Jamul, authorities said. The collision happened just before 9:30 a.m. at the Pio Pico RV Resortand Campground at 14615 Otay Lakes Rd., according to Cal Fire San Diegospokesman Thomas Shoots. Firefighters performed CPR on both adults, but about 10 minutes laterthe victims were declared dead, Shoots said. The cause of the accident was under investigation, he said. The genderof the crash victims was not released.
  11. tvscum

    Local Fatties

    Clairemont Cycle Supply may have them in stock, or they will order for you.
  12. Very nice! Man, there were a lot of vehicle out there by the graffiti bridge!