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  1. Q U A D R O P H E N I A Nice show!
  2. tvscum

    1927 farm truck project

    This one is going to remain unrestored but we will get it running and in mechanical order. The Motor Transport Museum is going to be it's home.
  3. tvscum

    1927 farm truck project

    Got it ... thanks! And yes I mean I got it!
  4. Oh yeah! Looks like an adventure!
  5. Why isn't youtube video viewable on the forum? Here is a good shootout! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGbM3CW5rFE
  6. Sorry I missed it. Were they actually giving demo rides on the 1200 Scrambler XE?
  7. The rain has finally let up! Join us this Saturday March 16th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm as we present Triumph Demo day. See and test ride the all new Scrambler XE, the Speed Twin 1200, Street Scrambler, Street Twin, plus all the Bobber series. Enjoy free hot dogs on the deck! Demo rides are open to experienced, licensed and insured riders 21 & up(min 1 year riding experience) www.triumphsandiego.com Company Name | Website ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌
  8. tvscum

    New test track??

    Yep, that parcel is 2951700600 and it belongs to LLC individual La Mesa Mike said above. 320 acres assessed at errrr...... $430 per acre? Can that be right? I know it's desert land but...
  9. tvscum

    New test track??

    Can you drop a Google map marker and link it? I could find out who owns the parcel.
  10. That guy brings a drone out to follow him on his solo runs in some of the other videos. That's a lot of work but nice shooting!
  11. tvscum

    New Boot

    Welcome to the forum! Looks for noob rides posted here occasionally.