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  1. Mikey777

    Amazon Prime Adventure Ride Series

    I watched it and have to agree with CID. He took people, some with no more experience than riding a freakin' scooter, on some trails that require a higher skill level. It was a pretty severe endangerment in my opinion. Some were so unskilled that they could not safely ride on the road. One crashed on the road in a group ride scenario due to pure lack of skill and ended up in the hospital. This guy, as a pastor, thinks way to highly of himself. I don't like people like that.
  2. Last time I was there, I was eyeing an engine cowling that with some glass on top would make a really cool table.
  3. Mikey777

    New Patriotic SDAR Logo

    Mikey Likes It.
  4. Mikey777

    Yamaha XSR 900

    Cool bikes. You should buy one.
  5. Mikey777

    tire changing

    Feeling your pain. The Maxxcross Desert IT rear is an bitch to put on. The sidewalls are very stiff and inevitably your rim is going to get scratched up. I find it easier just to go slow, use a bead buddy, and take small bites with the irons when you get to the last part of getting the last 8 - 10" of lip of the tire under the rim. Changing a tube in the field is not nearly as bad has having to mount the tire.
  6. Mikey777

    Steel Wheel Repair?

    Bruce...can you pm me his contact information?
  7. Mikey777

    Steel Wheel Repair?

    Bruce, if you can find another one that would be cool.
  8. Mikey777

    Steel Wheel Repair?

    Can anybody recommend a shop for some repairs to a steel wheel? The lip is folded over pretty badly in one spot. It is a fairly rare wheel off a military trailer so it is worth fixing. It is the same type of wheel off a USMC Mighty Mite which are ultra lite jeeps made in the 60's.
  9. Mikey777

    "Thinstrom" Project Help

    Looks cool already.
  10. Good video showing the helmet manufacturing process. Approximately 100 people will touch that helmet before it leaves the factory in Japan.
  11. On Saturday I did a solo dez ride in Anza Borrego and ended up with a flat front tire. Fortunately, I was prepared and had everything to fix the flat...tools, extra tube, CO2, and a hand pump as a backup. (It is kind of nice changing a tire without your buddies giving you that look to hurry up). When I got home I was planning on torquing everything to spec and noticed the bead looked a little off. So I removed the wheel and deflated to reset the bead....and out came a decent amount of sand from when I replaced the tube. Not quite a handful, but not enough for me to say I had a lot of sand in there. Anyway, I dumped out what I could, cleaned the remaining sand off the wheel seals, axle shaft, and fork and reassembled to spec. So lets say I didn't do this and I was still riding around with some sand inside the tire. Bad thing? No big deal? Self balancing tire? Abrasive and asking for trouble? Kind of a stupid question, but I feel like asking it.
  12. Mikey777

    Who here rides a 350?

    I pretend to ride a '13 KTM EXC 350f. After spending a decent amount of time with other riders, I wish I had the 500. They are less finicky, the weight difference is nominal, and there is just more there when you need it (and you will need it). Did a BDR on the 350f and got dogged on the long climbs. In the tight twisty single track it is nice to have a light bike, but that is really more about controlling your rear brake and having good clutch control.
  13. Mikey777

    KTM/Husky 500(ish) Questions

    Vanjoosten is a good rider, so that bike has not spent a lot of time getting slammed into the dirt. Hard to fine one that is as clean and set up as nicely as that.
  14. Great write up on a shitty injury.
  15. Mikey777

    Stripped front axle nut-help please

    LB's suggesting of making some flat spaces and using a pipe wrench has worked for me on many stripped heads. Works like a charm. You can also grind a small notch on the high left side and hit down with a hammer/screwdriver which will drive the head down and starting turning it counterclockwise. Left loosey....I would not put any WD4-0 or any lube on it before doing this since you are just making the surface harder to grip.