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  1. Mikey777

    Tire suggestions

    Like Brian said, Desert Maxxis IT is a really good, long lasting rear tire. I use their front also.
  2. Mikey777

    Just a heads up on Crawdaddy

    My crash was further up the trail just as you turn onto it, but in a similar rut system. They will get you.
  3. Mikey777

    Just a heads up on Crawdaddy

    That spot were he crashed is a mess. Easy place to get caught out. Speedy recovery!
  4. Two up. Freakin' awesome! The few dirt'ish rides I have done with the GF/now wifey two up were really challenging. You did stuff two up most guys would balk at riding solo.
  5. My 2006 Honda CRF150f is way better.
  6. Some of the tech discussions, Throttle Out Garage, are pretty good. The bike reviews, Throttle Out Commute, are excellent.
  7. Enjoy....Ensenada to La Paz on bikes making single digit hp. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efpajlbY2lE p.s. Motortrend on Demand has some great shows...my only online paid subscription because I refuse to pay for the garbage on cable TV these days.
  8. That motorcyclist is traveling so fast for that particular road that during the driver's initial look left or even last look he may not have been visible. The speed reduces the perception and reaction time for the motorcyclist and leaves him essentially no options... Even hard front braking at that point will not slow you down enough to avoid the impact.
  9. Mikey777

    My New Moped - 1970 Honda CB100

    Cool little ride.
  10. I ride two up quite often with Jenny. Stories like this really bother me. Some idiot kills his wife/girlfriend and two other motorcyclists (rider & passenger) by being a total idiot. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/4-killed-when-2-motorcycles-collide-on-southern-california-canyon-road/
  11. Mikey777

    No Toil Filter Treatment

    I switched to No Toil this last year. Now I can stop creating a mini toxic waste dump along the side of my house. It is funny how I dump my gas/oil and piss in the same spot (when I am working in the garage). Nothing grows there and never will.
  12. Mikey777

    Just got a 2007 KTM450exc

    Step one: disassemble entire motorcycle. Step two: slap forehead and ask why I decided to do this myself.
  13. Mikey777

    Whose Fault Is It?

    Another note is that when you lock up your brakes, front or rear, your bike is generally going to "stand up" and go in a straight line from that point onward (either standing up or sliding sideways in this case). Because he was in a slight curve, that straightforward momentum is going to carry you right into the path of the truck. The combination of panic braking and target fixation can be lethal.
  14. Mikey777

    What size tank?

    I put the big tank on my lil bike and found no reason to ever take it off again...other than it doesn't look as cool, but I don't care about that.
  15. Mikey777

    Whose Fault Is It?

    Regarding perception and reaction time (from sight to actually doing something) some accident reconstruction specialists use 1.5 seconds as an average. A controlled study in 2000 (IEA2000_ABS51.pdf) found average driver reaction brake time to be 2.3 seconds! This guy's foot went down in less than one second, about .37-.40 seconds, which is a fast reaction time. However, this guy hits the truck in 1.5 seconds from when he comes into view, which is within the realm it takes most people to react. Giving yourself 1.5 seconds to avoid an accident....is giving yourself very little opportunity. His speed is the primary factor in my opinion.