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  1. Mikey777

    Oh no, a big bike tire thread

    Same as LB. He and I only had one flat the entire AZBDR and it was LB on a nicely groomed road. We went through some really rocky sections. Having HD tubes helps tremendously.
  2. The National Archives have some great motorcycle photos on their website. Just a few. US Army personnel stand behind a scout motorcycle during Operation URGENT FURY A U.S. Army soldier rides a camouflaged motorcycle. A bayonet is attached to his M-16A1 rifle (riding with sharp pointy stabby things not recommended) Members of the 24th Infantry Division operate motorcycles during their participation in Exercise GALLANT EAGLE '84 at the National Training Center Members of the 101st Airborne Division participate in motorcycle operations during the multinational joint service Exercise BRIGHT STAR '85
  3. Mikey777

    Military Enduro Training

    I keep telling LB he needs to open up a school like this.
  4. Anybody know the make and model of the bike? The caption on the photo from the national archives is... "A Marine motorcycle scout leads a jeep patrol across the Mojave Desert during Exercise BRAVE SHIELD XVI Subject Operation/Series: BRAVE SHIELD XVI Base: Twentynine Palms State: California (CA) Country: United States Of America (USA) Scene Camera Operator: SSGT Joe Smith Release Status: Released to Public Combined Military Service Digital Photographic Files
  5. Did that road last year solo on the big bike. That section is way worse.
  6. Nice write up and pics. I ended up with the flu and felt subhuman all week. LB had to inventory the evidence locker for some ladies' panties that went missing. Who would want those?
  7. After reading some reports about groups stuck out into the night due to a downed rider/broken bike, that is when I decided to upgrade my S/R gear. Your Spot/InReach should get them close, but giving them a visual aid will speed up the rescue. Don't forget your daylight visual aid. A signal mirror works great for bringing in a helo. We used them in the Forest Service to help helicopter/air tanker pilots locate us on the fire line either to aid in picking us up, cargo drops, or avoiding getting dropped on with fire retardant.
  8. NVG's can be used to see laser beams. It all depends on the beam wavelength and the particular goggles. Dust particles in the air will also allow you to see naked eye laser illumination with NVG's since they are picking up small amounts of ambient reflected light to create the visible display. You generally do not want to point a flashlight or laser at somebody using NVG's. It creates a "bloom" or white out. It can also damage the equipment. Laser pointers with a visible beam (like CiD's) allow you to point them in the air or at other objects to create a path to your location. This is a good video to show you how this all works. Here is what a flashlight looks like under NVG's
  9. I got mine from CiD. He bought a bunch from China. Green solid beam laser, shoots really far, and would be a great night marker also. Cheap too. Ping him and I am sure he will give you the source.
  10. I keep an IR Firefly strobe in my pack. You can buy them on eBay for less than $20, very small, and they work with a 9 volt battery. For a night rescue using FLIR from a helo or NVG's you are super visible. They are used by the military as markers for night ops. Laser pointers are awesome too (fun for pointing out satellites around the fire too). https://www.adamsindustries.com/Strobes-Beacons/Phoenix-Junior™-Firefly™.html
  11. Mikey777

    Life is fragile!

    Pains me to read this.....
  12. Mikey777

    Tricks for lifting a Big bike

    They need to add 90 degree heat, sharp rocks and loose soil/DG, an incline, and your buddies shaking their head at you to this video.
  13. Mikey777

    Anybody know of a flat dirt lot?

    There is a very really large flat lot down (part dirt and low grass/weeds) by the border fence in Otay. I took my son there to learn how to ride. The Border Patrol stages trucks and trailers with ATV's there. They were very cool about us hanging out there. Not El Cajon or Alpine, but you can ride the border fence when you are done.