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  1. Well, now that News 8 is reporting that Fang Jin's remains have been found and her family notified, hats off to San Diego Search and Rescue for locating her and our own Oracle/LB for participating in the search on Saturday October 28, 2023 that located her.
  2. Nice write up and great pics!
  3. Mikey777

    Military plane crashes in Ocotillo

    Mike, you did not see the parachutes because of the altitude they were at the time of the collision. Although objects should fall at the same rate regardless of weight, the impact of the wind on a parachute will keep it elevated for a much longer period of time. It also appeared that the jet was still under power as it came down which may bring it down faster. You can guarentee the pilot watched the aircraft all the way in hoping/praying it did not land in a populated area.
  4. Mikey777

    Military plane crashes in Ocotillo

    Wow that is some insane video.
  5. You forgot to mention how light that helmet is also. I tried one on at GP motorcycles and was almost could not put it down.
  6. You crash like I do. Hard and quick. Glad you are okay.
  7. Nice to see such a big group of riders!
  8. Mikey777

    Trackside Aluminum MX Lift Stand-No Go

    My failure occurred because I was not standing directly in front of the lifting arm when lifting a 350. My body was turned just a bit, which can happen when you are trying to hold the bike at two points and manipulate your foot around foot pegs, etc. That was just enough to input some sideways force which bent the lifting bar. I was able to bend it back in the vice but noticed the mounting points are also bent a little. Just bought a new steel one. Much sturdier. User error? Maybe...probably...could be, but I prefer something sturdier.
  9. I picked this junk up from Cycle Gear a few years back. Because it is made of aluminum it is really light, but also the lifting arm and mounting points are very weak and susceptible to bending. Get a nice steel one instead. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/trackside-aluminum-mx-lift-stand?gclid=Cj0KCQjwmpb0BRCBARIsAG7y4zbLKFuN03rcb-Y3B98uxU7OXEAgwYqfbH1_EehA-zIpx5Cj_r-0zEUaAop5EALw_wcB
  10. Mikey777

    Phone based gps help!

    I have not tried it, but it looks like it relies on a single point attachment on the back of the phone. I can see that getting compromised under heavy vibration. A clamping device is likely more secure.
  11. Mikey777

    Phone based gps help!

    I have not delved into building routes yet on that app. It looks like that function is available on the XE version. https://www.bcnavxe.com/#/
  12. Mikey777

    Phone based gps help!

    For the AZ Peace Trail ride, I used my Montana and also my Samsung S9 in a RAM mount using their rubberband thing. Will probably use a stand alone phone in the future due to possible risk of vibration damage to the camera. For my GPS app, I used BackCountry Navigator Pro. The GPS tracks for the AZ Peace trail route are very poorly organized and going through them on the Montana was difficult to say the least. It was much easier to sort through the tracks on the phone. I could easily pull up, remove, or delete the tracks I wanted from the phone based App. The only dilemma for me was the RAM mount interfering with the Samsung buttons and constantly either turning my phone off or bringing up an App that I did not want. Going to give the Mob Armor mount a try. Good deal for the money. https://www.backcountrynavigator.com/backcountry-navigator-pro Having two GPS systems actually worked out well and that is what I will probably do in the future. I used the Montana in the "Auto" driving mode and then used BackCountry Navigator Pro more for pulling up the map and searching around when we were looking for alternate roads, routes, etc. My App provided a lot more detail than the Montana based on the maps I pre-downloaded for the ride.
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    You lost on style points.
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