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    You lost on style points.
  2. Mikey777


  3. Mikey777

    CT125 - Tokyo Motor Show

    That Honda 125 is cool. Would be fun to have one for zipping around on.
  4. I felt like dying down in Mexico after consuming some contaminated veggies that had been washed in water. Montezuma's revenge is probably more of a risk than corona virus.
  5. Mikey777

    Another tire thread

    I have road set of wheels and a dirt set of wheels for the big bike. The road set is wrapped front and rear with Pirelli MT 90 A/T's which is a 80/20 tire, maybe 60/40 if you push your luck. The tread pattern is very similar to the Shinko 705. You can carve up the twisties like a hooligan street bike with these. They are usually in stock at Cycle Gear in Claremont.
  6. This bike is just sick...
  7. Mikey777

    Oh the pain!

    After watching the video, this was my take which I shared with Mike on FB. I am editing it a little for better reading. A couple seconds before the crash, Mike stood up on his new to him bike. Standing up on the bike loads the front suspension and puts more downward force on the front wheel/tire. It looks like he was also going slightly downhill which increases gravitational forces. When standing, for riders without a ton of experience and especially on a new bike, it is easy to have your right foot placed incorrectly on the foot peg so you are not able to hit the rear brake lever with your foot when needed. As Mike came around the corner on the outside, he saw the rocks, target fixated momentarily, and decided to brake/go around the obstacle. He may have realized he could not hit the rear brake/or missed the rear brake and then grabbed too much front brake while turning to the right to compensate for missing the rear brake. That immediately washed out the loaded front tire which caused the bike to instantly go down and highside the rider. Over the years, I have had to practice my right foot placement and rear braking while standing. Getting on the front brake on hard surfaces, with loose top material, while going downhill and standing can be hazardous.
  8. Mikey777

    Oh the pain!

    Ouch....I stay off the front brake as much as possible in the dirt. It is rarely my friend.
  9. Mikey777

    30 days

    I am going to steal your KTM mat and chair. If they turn up missing, LB took them.
  10. Mikey777

    Tires get old, ....Right?

    General consensus for tire life is 3-5 years after the manf. date code. After that, you are pushing your luck.
  11. Mikey777

    Wolfman Beta Plus On Sale

    With this bag, you have to be careful where you position it on the bike due to its "legs" that hang down on either side. As long as you have a heat shield on your exhaust and strap it down forward of the exhaust tip, you should be good. I was actually thinking about making an extra heat shield from some flashing and duct taping it onto the bottom of the leg just to be on the safe side.
  12. Was checking the Wolfman site and saw this. The beta plus rear bag is on sale for $124.99 which is probably a close out. I had bag envy when CID used this on the Utah BDR. Packs a lot easier than the Giant Loop Coyote bag and is the roughly the same volume (45 liters v. 40 l). https://wolfmanluggage.com/collections/tail-bags/products/beta-plus-rear-bag
  13. Mikey777

    You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda

    In many countries, motorcycles are a tool of necessity....these girls are pretty good and have probably been riding since they were little around the farm. I would like to send them some helmets thought, even plastic ProTechs.
  14. Mikey777

    Amazon Prime Adventure Ride Series

    What was the purpose of his show? That is what I want to know. To make money (possible succeed)? Spread the experience and joy of motorcycling (fail), to spread faith (fail) or to satisfy this guy's ego (succeed)?
  15. Is this thru? You are getting older to? Happy B-Day

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      Ha... scary huh.