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  1. Mikey777

    KTM Adventure windscreens

    I also prefer the shorty windshield set up. Moose Racing has a nice one for the 990. Like Paul, I don't like the idea of a hitting a screen during a crash and the stock one caused a lot of buffeting at the helmet line for me.
  2. Mikey777

    Bought radios

    Paul: Where did you get the helmet attachment thingys?
  3. Good viddy..Thanks for posting.
  4. No pic no proof. Anyway, I installed one of these on my bike yesterday. It is in the power parts catalog. I swear.
  5. Thank goodness. None of me picking up my bike.😥
  6. Temps were in the 40's at night. Not to bad. I had a 30 degree bag and was warm enough with layering some clothes.
  7. Great ride! Every once in a while you encounter a freak of nature thing when outdoors. There was a swarm of lady bugs that showed up in the Palm Desert area that made national news. The swarm was so big it showed up on weather radar. Well, we found them. They were everywhere on the mountain and I am sure I brought a few home with me in my gear. The place I threw down my tent was covered in lady bugs. As far as laying the bike down, I lost my fender bag on a rough section of trail and when I stopped to get it I slid the bike into a cholla cactus and then fell over. Still picking the barbs out of my left hand. Dropped the bike when trying to mount up also. Ya know, the typical short leg to tall of a bike stuff. Me getting on and off the bike is always a spectacle. For mechanicals, my back tire hit the fender and ripped up my tail light wiring, so some fixing to do there...Nothing else. My paltry pics.. The loadout. The Lady bugs! Lots of em. 5:30 a.m. sunrise while LB was still sawing logs.
  8. You will probably need a decent saddle bag or pannier set up to carry your gear...small single tent, sleeping bag, pad, warm set of clothes, food/beverage, misc. tools, parts, water, etc. No bungee cording stuff to your bike....it will not survive the trip and will end up in your rear sprocket.
  9. There is fuel in Anza before we head up into the mountains. Also, a place to stop for camp "refreshments".
  10. We should be seeing this in the US in 3Q 2020. Looks like a good dirt machine.
  11. Lots of rain this year makes for dirty, grimy chains...
  12. This is an interesting video and worth the watch.
  13. Mikey777

    thoughts on hitch haulers...

    Third recommendation for Joe Haulers. Beefy enough that the USMC uses them. Avoid the Cycle gear knock offs. They are total junk and bend.
  14. Nice pics Jim! I liked it when the rain was blowing up hill in my face.