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  1. Great write up on a shitty injury.
  2. Mikey777

    Stripped front axle nut-help please

    LB's suggesting of making some flat spaces and using a pipe wrench has worked for me on many stripped heads. Works like a charm. You can also grind a small notch on the high left side and hit down with a hammer/screwdriver which will drive the head down and starting turning it counterclockwise. Left loosey....I would not put any WD4-0 or any lube on it before doing this since you are just making the surface harder to grip.
  3. Mikey777

    Military Dog Helps Eliminate Leader of ISIS

    Covered in Sarcasm.
  4. Mikey777

    CA and NV BDR Loop

    Nice write up and photos...
  5. Mikey777

    Big bike off road training.

    Corral Canyon is big bike friendly if you stick to the perimeter roads. It is very similar to riding in baja with some sand, ruts, and rocks here and there and is a great place to practice big bike dirt road skills if getting ready for a BDR. I have a sneaking suspicion Randy is thinking about veering off into one of the smaller trails, which some are "big bike doable" with skills but not necessarily big bike friendly. Like Randy said, be prepared to drop, pickup and repeat.
  6. Mikey777

    Big bike off road training.

    Nice vid. I especially like the low and slow parts through the trees and rocks. I often find those more challenging than sand/jumps/up and down obstacles. Another big challenge is off-camber turns on a big bike. Big pucker factor for me. It has helped riding with LB over the last couple years. I've put any pride aside (there is no pride when you are splayed out in the dirt under your big bike) and flat out ask about techniques. Mastering rear brake and feathering the clutch is key in most of these low and slow scenarios.
  7. Mikey777

    Had my first flat tire today.

    Nice field expedient bike stand.
  8. Mikey777

    950 SE

    SOLD! for $10,500. That is a good deal for a bad ass bike with loooooow miles and some nice mods.
  9. I might also recommend changing your profile pic from hippy axe murderer to something....well something less hippy axe murderer.
  10. The group came together at the Pine Valley Gas Station. Eleven riders in all. 3 big bikes (two 990's and a 1090R) and a mish mash of little bikes. Mostly SDAR regulars and a couple new guys. Derek aka DWreck91 was the newest noob, shiny new rider with a shiny new DRZ400. He did fine. The route was Pine Creek Road to Sunrise Highway and then down Thing Valley Road, to La Posta, to the 8 Freeway. Somebody went down on Thing in front of me but it wasn't anything gloryful that needed to be photographed. A rider also lost his gas cap on Thing and our fearless leader, Darren aka 350Thumper , went back to help look for it. The group waited about 20 minutes or so for the missing gas cap down near the 8. (I lost a gas cap on a SDAR baja ride a couple years ago, it happens.) While waiting for the gas cap, LB said the word BBQ and my mind wandered from riding to food. LB and I busted out of the ride and grabbed some lunch at Grand Ole BBQ. We then hit the 8 over to Wild Cat Canyon to Ramona. LB has been missing his PD riding days so I kept making siren noises (woo, wooo, wooo) all day to keep his spirits up. No pictures from me.
  11. Mikey777

    New guy from Carmel Valley

    Derek: Nice to meet you today on the noob ride. I am in the Scripps Ranch area, so pretty close. Next time I jump out to Ramona for a little bike ride I will hit you up. Lots of good riding close by.
  12. Mikey777

    2011 KTM 990 *Withdrawn from sale*

    I think you should throw in a Mrs. Bowers' baked good item. Sure to sell.
  13. Loved this area when we did the AZ BDR. The chocolate baby N.F. is fantastic.
  14. Mikey777

    2010 Yamaha FJR 1300 for sale

    Really good sport cruisers that will run forever.
  15. Clearly a bypass line and ball bearing failure.