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  1. Bubbagums

    SDAR First Aid Training

  2. Bubbagums

    SDAR First Aid Training May 31st

    I am a definite possibility.
  3. Bubbagums

    In-koh-pah / Stagecoach

    A friend tried making it to the valley floor but nearly died and had to have his (and 2 other) motorcycles airlifted out by helicopter.
  4. Bubbagums

    Otay Truck Trail / Pink Gate Ride - Noob Friendly

    This ride has been my goal to get back out but I still can't walk unaided. So close. Have fun guys. Daren: You should have drank the beer before lifting the cooler. Get better.
  5. Entry on Alta road is getting more difficult. Someone keeps putting up fences and barriers making stealth entry challenging.
  6. Bubbagums

    Plaster City to the Cove...ER

    Completely unedited. Saw the camera's battery beep off, so I had big hopes of getting the impact. Thanks to Darren and Tom and others whom I don't know their names. Most of my life I have ridden with family and friends. This was a different ride and it was very comforting leaning on the SDAR community for help. I have ridden and met with enough of you guys to know the character of this group. Just class. So many many thanks to everybody. Hope to see you out there in a couple of months. bob
  7. Bubbagums

    Plaster City to the Cove...ER

    I love to ride. Been riding 53 years and this just another setback before I get back on my bike. My regret is not getting video of my foot swinging 180 degrees below my leg. Pretty weird stuff.
  8. Bubbagums

    Plaster City to the Cove...ER

    First and last clips of the day. Sorry about the language. I would post complete ride but my youtube skills need improvement. It was shot in high def.
  9. Bubbagums

    Plaster City to the Cove...ER

  10. Bubbagums

    Looking for 2003 KTM

    Almost a 20 year old bike, but I am kind of fond of it.
  11. Thanks Daren, so much and everybody that jumped in to help.
  12. Spare battery in vest on left side
  13. Thanks for the rescue. Hopefully I got it on video. Spiral fracture of tibia. How did my bike run?

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