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  1. Bubbagums

    June Lake

    https://youtu.be/UiFzxu3KDKU My son put together a short clip. Forgot to say the fish were not biting but I did get bit by two dogs on a ride near Tioga Pass.
  2. We honeymooned in June Lake 45 years ago and try to go back every year whether it be for skiing, hiking, boating, fishing, camping, shooting and riding. We extended our riding area this year thanks to Google Earth which showed a two track continuing past a previous stopping point. The pic next to Silver Lake (road pic) shows the ridge in the distance we scouted out. The route which starts east of Grant Lake has great views of Grant and Mono Lakes (pic) and at the highest point a pretty cool view of Silver Lake with June Mountain Ski area in the distance (pic). Google Earth shows the trail continues but it is a one way trip that ends at the horse coral in Silver Lake. Way too steep and traction is non existent. We lucked out and missed most of the smokey days.
  3. A couple of stills taken off the go pro. Lots of BP out. Really nice day on the mountain.
  4. Bubbagums

    New guy

    Welcome. Coastal north or coastal south?
  5. Got a rare ride in with my son early in the year. 13 minutes of poking around. Went up and over Painted Gorge but didn't see a way out to the west. Probably boring for most viewers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AGRJtzkkQk&list=WL&index=66&t=0s
  6. Bubbagums

    KKug Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday!. Enjoy the cheaper insurance.
  7. Bubbagums

    COVID - Picture Contest

    Otay Mountain today. My house is a speck in the background.
  8. Bubbagums

    Serious discussion... get in here

    The Stone Fox on El Cajon Blvd. near Hoover High had the real carne.
  9. Thank you to all who served. My dad entered WW-2 at age 17 and served in the South Pacific. He served 26 years making him a vet of WW-2, Korea and Viet Nam. He is 92 and still goes to Barona weekly. My son is a P-3 pilot in his 10th year in the Navy.
  10. I waited at the junction until around 8:50.   Didn't see  the op.   2 guys on  bikes new to the area were there when I left.   I went east and exited at Marron Valley Road, hooked back around and entered the mountain at pio pico and exited at the prison.