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  1. Bubbagums

    Serious discussion... get in here

    The Stone Fox on El Cajon Blvd. near Hoover High had the real carne.
  2. Thank you to all who served. My dad entered WW-2 at age 17 and served in the South Pacific. He served 26 years making him a vet of WW-2, Korea and Viet Nam. He is 92 and still goes to Barona weekly. My son is a P-3 pilot in his 10th year in the Navy.
  3. I waited at the junction until around 8:50.   Didn't see  the op.   2 guys on  bikes new to the area were there when I left.   I went east and exited at Marron Valley Road, hooked back around and entered the mountain at pio pico and exited at the prison.

  4. Probably leave home by 7:30. I think it takes about 40 minutes to the junction. I'm 99% in but don't wait for me at the junction if I'm not there.
  5. Tentatively catch up with you at doghouse junction as I would be coming up from the prison. bob
  6. I have ridden with a cane strapped to my pack.
  7. I would like to tag along if you let old guys join up.
  8. Bubbagums

    NOT Another Oil Thread

    Another vote for Rotella.
  9. Bubbagums

    Boulder creek water flow?

    My son and I both went swimming in the creek several years ago. His entry on foot was spectacular. Not the kind of creek you want to wheelie across when wet.
  10. You doing any local rides?

    1. tvscum


      I just discovered a transmission problem.  A guy on ThumperTalk suggested it might be a broken return spring... #10 here:



      Check out my video... Any suggestions?