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  1. PbdBlue

    Garmin Montana 680t won't load past 'Loading Maps'

    Hmmm...... it sounds like one of your map files may be corrupted. If the maps are loaded into the main memory there's probably no way to delete them since it won't connect. I've been keeping all of my map files on the sd card so I can just remove it if something happens to them. Then create a new sd card image offline. A coupe of possible causes come to mind. One is disconnecting the GPS usb cable without unmounting the device in windows first. The other is too many map segments are loaded. Not only is there a limit on memory but more importantly there's a limit on the number of map segments stored. For instance City Navigator contains ~190 map segments while Topo 100k has ~550. The Topo24K series maps contain many more and you can easily exceed the max which is around 4000 map segments. Once you do weird thing happen. Most often it starts truncating the maps but I suspect it may also cause loading issues. In your case not sure what happened or what can be done. Did you ever try completely removing the SD card? It doesn't need one installed to boot up.
  2. PbdBlue

    Garmin Montana 680t won't load past 'Loading Maps'

    Interesting. What routable map are you trying?
  3. PbdBlue

    Garmin Montana 680t won't load past 'Loading Maps'

    I had something similar happen to my 610 last year. It mysteriously cleared itself up after I set it aside for a couple of weeks. It's been fine ever since. Who knows??? Have you tried connecting to it on a different PC? Does it show up in Device Manager\Portable Devices with an error? You should see a device called "GARMIN". I'm guessing since it won't boot that it probably won't show in DM. Maybe try removing the SD card and leaving the battery out of it overnight?
  4. PbdBlue

    Garmin Montana 680t won't load past 'Loading Maps'

    So is there a micro sd card in it or not at this point? You don't need to have a micro sd card in it to boot up so if there's one in it take it out. Second remove the battery and let it sit for like 30 minutes. Then reinsert the battery and try to boot it up.
  5. You have to go around the Yuma Proving Grounds. You can take Cibola Road from the river to 95. You’re supposed to phone in to the military to let them know you’re driving through. At least there are signs to that effect but I don’t know if anyone actually does. Download the Arizona Peace Trail tracks. It goes from Quartzsite along the river to Martinez Lake.
  6. Yeah. Many times. It's really the only way to get through without going around the north\south ends of the mountains. Lot's of good riding east of the mountains.
  7. Going east past American Girl up the wash is pretty rocky. Not recommended for the faint of heart or those on big bikes:)
  8. Just an FYI for those interested in riding this route the gate will be locked Jan 1 as it is every year. It will re-open June 30th.
  9. Wow. I like the before shot!
  10. PbdBlue

    Garmin zūmo® XT anyone using this?

    Not for everyone but for those electrically handy replacing the brick with something more convenient is not a big issue. Some comments in reviews on the Zumo XT that the motorcycle mount is kind of weak. A few have reported it breaking and the gps coming loose. I have to say with close to 10K miles (some of it pretty rough terrain) the Montana 6xx mount has never caused me an issue. I'd have to put my hands on a Zumo XT to see if it fits my needs. I currently own a 276Csx that I use in the 4 wheelers. Great unit with a great screen but the form factor is a bit large for a dirt bike. Montana 610 serves me quite well on the bike.
  11. PbdBlue

    Garmin zūmo® XT anyone using this?

    I see that now. Yeah that is a bit inconvenient though I understand why they did it that way. Moving to 5 volt usb is pretty much the standard currently. They could have done a better job on the packaging. With the Moto Minded Super Mount I'm running it's not an issue. One could probably make a bracket behind the GPS to hold the brick.
  12. PbdBlue

    Garmin zūmo® XT anyone using this?

    Looking at the install instructions for the mount I don't see a power brick. Where did you see that?
  13. PbdBlue

    Garmin zūmo® XT anyone using this?

    Hmm,.... maybe? Interesting that they don't list in the specs. Wonder what the capacity is or can you only transfer 1 gpx file at a time? Need to put my hands one to check it out.
  14. PbdBlue

    Garmin zūmo® XT anyone using this?

    When I look at the specs and the manual there's no mention of track storage\management. The Montana 700 series for example lists: In the Zumo XT Specs there's no listing for track capacity so I'm assuming it's like every other Zumo in that regard. The Zumo series is not traditionally off-road oriented.