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  1. I’m going to give the Earl’s filter a tentative thumbs up. Rode 75 miles today and noticed no difference in the performance of the bike compared to the Mahle. I’m only giving a tentative because I think I need more time on it to determine the longevity. Also if I had to do it over again I think I’d go with the 30 micron version. 10 micron is kind of overkill and the 30 micron might have a longer service interval. https://www.holley.com/products/plumbing_an_fittings_and_hose/vapor_guard/vapor_guard_fuel_filters/parts/730155ERL
  2. I had an excellent time. I enjoyed the collaborative route. A little of Dave’s and a little of mine. I thought it worked out nicely. And good to see you and the rest of the crew again Mr. Mule. And great meeting Van and Kevin👍
  3. Edit: It looks like they got moved to Chino and not Norcal. Here's an interesting read on the history: https://www.aerotrader.net/hist.html
  4. Years ago he had a fleet of vintage planes there but I heard that he moved them to Norcal. Anyway they haven't been in Socal for some years. Nothing but parts now. Also heard that he routinely flew them in movies, tv commercials, etc back in the day.
  5. It's south of 78 and just a little west of San Felipe Wash at the south end of Old Mine Rd. N33.1050, W116.0452
  6. PbdBlue

    Garmin 60 CSx

    The 60csx is an older unit and apparently requires the sd card to be set up. Take a look at page 28 in the manual. http://static.garmin.com/pumac/GPSMAP60CSx_OwnersManual.pdf
  7. PbdBlue

    Garmin 60 CSx

    I would create a Garmin folder and then a GPX folder inside it. Put the track files in that folder and they should appear on your list of tracks on the gps. Most of the newer Garmins load the track files as disabled. This is because they can hold so many tracks now that it would be confusing if they all showed by default. Once loaded you need to go into track manager and enable each one by selecting "View on Map"
  8. PbdBlue

    Garmin 60 CSx

    Where on the Sd card? They need to be in the \Garmin\GPX folder.
  9. PbdBlue

    new gps help

    Sorry. I thought you were talking about loading gpx files to phone apps.
  10. PbdBlue

    new gps help

    You don’t need basecamp to load pre made gpx files into a Garmin gps.
  11. PbdBlue

    new gps help

    You still need Basecamp or some other application to create the GPX file so the only real advantage is really just price.
  12. PbdBlue

    new gps help

    If Basecamp scares you there are several other simple options if you just want to load tracks\waypoints. Heck you can just copy GPX files right to the Montana's SD card in Windows Explorer.
  13. PbdBlue

    new gps help

    That ones on Google. They changed GE so that third party apps can't access it. However it's very easy to export tracks in Basecamp in KML format and then open them in GE and vice versa. I have my home desktop pc set up with two screens - one with Basecamp and the other with GE and routinely move files back and forth between them. Basecamp is a little intimidating at first for some but once mastered it's has some very powerful features. As for using cell phones I've been down that route and my preference is still the Montana and the 276Cx. Most cell phones use either a mini\micro usb or a lightning connector. Neither is very robust off road.
  14. Received the Earls filter today. It's 1/2" longer and slightly slimmer than the stock Mahle. Installed it in my 3 gal Acerbis tank and it went right into the tank with no difficulty. Hoses and standard 10.9 Oetiker clamps went on snug and sealed well. Subsequent pressure check showed pump holding pressure >40 psi for 5+ minutes after shutting off which is comparable to the results I routinely get with the stock Mahle filter so it would seem there are no significant leaks at the clamps. Time for a test ride:)
  15. I think I drove by you guys in the motorhome Thursday on the way to the desert. If I recall correctly 4 bikes pulled over on the south side of 78 near the entrance to Grapevine. I was busy watching the road and didn't get a good look but suspected it might be the clan. What a great weekend in the desert. It was virtually empty. Guess everyone stayed home for the Superbowl.