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  1. Just out. Looks like all the OHV parks are also included. No vehicular access allowed. https://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=30350
  2. Yep. Been that way for awhile. Does seem like the failures correlate with the change. Before 2017 failures didn't seem to be a big issue. I now have about 300 miles on the Earl's 10 micron filter. So far so good.
  3. It was yesterday. As of this morning they've got another .2" at Fish Creek.
  4. Not sure who Robert is but I've been called worse I guess
  5. PbdBlue

    Seattle Supercross Cancelled\Re-scheduled.

    Latest rumor is they will run Indianapolis without fans. Or they will cancel it. Indiana has banned gatherings over 250 people. The rest of the season is up in the air but guessing this will be the last race if it happens.
  6. PbdBlue

    Seattle Supercross Cancelled\Re-scheduled.

    If they scrap the season I'll feel bad for Tomac. The year he finally get's his sh*t together and the season gets cancelled. Even if they award him the title it will come with a big asterisk. The same for Roczen too.
  7. I suspect they'll probably scrap the rest of the season in the upcoming days. https://www.supercrosslive.com/news/seattle-supercross-statement
  8. PbdBlue

    Was it you?

    Yep. Snow there tomorrow but only a few inches expected.
  9. PbdBlue

    Was it you?

    So what's the snowpack look like around Mammoth? Thinking of riding trails up there early May. In a heavy snowpack year that probably wouldn't be possible but I hear the snow is pretty light in the surrounding mountains?
  10. PbdBlue

    Montana 610T

    Let me know if you have any questions. I'm pretty well versed in "Montana"eze It's a great GPS . Very versatile but comes with a learning curve.
  11. PbdBlue

    Montana 610T

    It will do routing. You just need the appropriate maps. Garmin City Navigator North America NT microSD / SD Card https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004JRNY4O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_-uZyEbH0VE69P
  12. PbdBlue

    Montana 610T

    Wrong tool for the job. The Montana is really intended to be a trail gps. If your intended use is mostly road/adventure riding a Garmin Zumo might have been a better choice.
  13. PbdBlue

    Montana 610T

    Unfortunately you need to have a "routeable" map installed in the Montana. Topo100K is not a routeable map and is intended for point to point cross country travel. It will not route using roads. You need City Navigator or one of the Topo 24K series maps in order to plot a route using roads. There are also a number of free maps that are routeable on the GPS file Depot. https://www.gpsfiledepot.com/maps/state/all
  14. haven't been down it in some time. Is it my imagination or it easier than it used to be? Maybe just the video. They never look as bad on video as in real life.