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  1. PbdBlue

    SOLD - 14” Bandsaw

    Those old Delta tools were really well made. My dad had a Delta table saw about that vintage and the thing was a beast. Wish I still had it but like Bags just don't have the room.
  2. PbdBlue

    Costco Deal - Jump Starter Pack

    $40. Pretty good deal right now. I have one of these and it has served well https://www.costco.com/type-s-lithium-jump-starter-portable-power-bank-with-led-flashlight.product.100425276.html
  3. PbdBlue

    Truck tires

    Only run them on my Xterra. Seem to wear on par with the gen 1 BFG's. The truck gets truck tires so I can't comment on how they wear on a heavier vehicle.
  4. PbdBlue

    Truck tires

    Never have needed a warranty. Rotation at Discount many locations - 45 minutes. At 4WP one location 2+ hours even though they only had one other customer👎
  5. PbdBlue

    Truck tires

    Bought my last set of BFG AT's at 4WP. Great price but I regret it. It's a major hassle to get routine rotation and balance with them. Spend a few bucks more and go to Discount Tire.
  6. I had a fuel pump go out on my XP1000. It turned out that it was just an oring in the housing that became dislodged allowing the outlet flow of the pump to return back to the tank. I don't know if the 570 uses a similar pump but if you determine it's a pump issue you might want to disassemble it and inspect before replacing the entire pump assembly.
  7. What model Polaris?
  8. PbdBlue

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    If you look at the image that he texted on Saturday the shroud was already missing so it appears he removed them intentionally.
  9. PbdBlue


    That doesn't look anything like Canyon of the Ancients. Those are Ancients In A Canyon!
  10. PbdBlue


    Email sent. There are a limited number of legal routes through the area making it tough to make a loop ride without doing significant pavement. https://www.blm.gov/sites/blm.gov/files/2018_ Canyons of the Ancients Transportation Map_proof.pdf As a side note it's right adjacent to Tomac's ranch...
  11. PbdBlue


    Rode there last fall. I'll email you a track.
  12. PbdBlue

    Montana 610T

  13. PbdBlue

    Montana 610T

    Your almost there:)