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  1. Looks great. Wish I could have made it but not in the cards this time. Just checked the Fish Creek weather station. They got another .6" today. Ought to be really saturated now.
  2. PbdBlue

    Thimble Trail “one way” signage?

    I think they would be interested in all "no-motorcycle" trails if they could. Thank god for the license plate!:}
  3. PbdBlue

    Thimble Trail “one way” signage?

    No worries. Just wanted to clear up any confusion.
  4. PbdBlue

    Thimble Trail “one way” signage?

    I believe that’s Truckhaven not Thimble. N
  5. PbdBlue

    GPSMAP 66i - Here we go Again

    To be honest I just got it. Sitting here in the office it looks perhaps slightly better but that just may due to the fact that my 600 has been through hell. I don't have too much difficulty with the sun but I do have it mounted more horizontal than most. Perhaps that's why but I don't know. Also I use maps more than tracks these days (for reasons I won't elaborate on here). I convert my gpx tracks into custom maps. The conversion program adds a black outline to the trackline which enhances it's visibility substantially.
  6. PbdBlue

    GPSMAP 66i - Here we go Again

    It's interesting but I think I prefer a separate GPS. I have my Inreach paired to my old Iphone which resides on my chest protector in an Otterbox case plus I use the phone for taking pictures as well. Very convenient and if the Iphone gets damaged or goes dead I can still work from the Inreach directly. As you mentioned though the price seems high you will have more money invested in a separate gps and Inreach. I just bought a Montana 610 since my 600 is getting long in the tooth. Montana = bigger screen for my old eyes and I like the form factor of the Montana better.
  7. PbdBlue

    My SPOT Renewal

    I get it. If it makes you comfortable then by all means...
  8. PbdBlue

    My SPOT Renewal

    I've never had an issue using Inreach. Iridium network is pretty solid.
  9. PbdBlue

    My SPOT Renewal

    Not to be rude but why?
  10. PbdBlue

    Sicass in ABSP

    Some are cool some are not. I’ve had mostly positive experiences but ABSP has a reputatIon of always having one or two rogue rangers with an attitude. I had one bad experience not on the bike but in my 4wd with a ranger who was clearly out of line. Sorry Bags but I have to disagree. Citing for non-dot tires, license plate holders is nothing short of harassment. It has nothing to do with the ohv park. The bottom line is that with the advent of street legal dirt bikes there has been a big increase in their presence in park.
  11. PbdBlue

    Sicass in ABSP

    It's a fixit ticket not a felony. No reason to get your panties in a wad. Just some overzealous park ranger pissed off because you're riding a legal dirt bike in his park and he doesn't like it. . For whatever reason ABSP seems to attract these types.
  12. May or may not be a problem. Not sure where you have in mind to park but be aware that the 58 bypass in Kramer Junction is now open. As a result of the construction the layout of the area has changed significantly.
  13. Great day. I was almost cold when we left the trucks. Blown away how little sand was in many of the washes. Way different than at the end of last season. Thanks Dave for having me.
  14. Looks like Santa Clause and his twin brother!
  15. PbdBlue

    Rugged Radios 30% off Sale

    Ends tonight @ midnight. Promo code: zombie