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  1. ktm-licious

    4-27-19 Pine Valley

    I’m in see you at the cul de sac at 9 black tundra
  2. ktm-licious

    4-27-19 Pine Valley

    9:00 am that’s right up my alley I’m 90% in, I’ll confirm later today.
  3. ktm-licious

    Kids desert trip

    Ken, Is that where we went once, when we started on Mount laguna?
  4. ktm-licious

    Kids desert trip

    between work and kids activities dirt biking always takes a back seat, I'm trying hard to change that
  5. ktm-licious

    Kids desert trip

    I think superstition is closer to my home, I might try that first. Not sure if we are camping or just ride for the day. I'll post it when we decide which weekend. Thank you
  6. ktm-licious

    Kids desert trip

    That is exactly what I’m looking for, they got burned out riding just tracks. Hoping to get them excited about riding again. Thank you.
  7. I want to take my kids riding to the desert for their first time, they both have motocross bikes and are only used to moto tracks. So they will not do well on sand, any suggestions where it would be good for them to ride.
  8. ktm-licious

    Big Bear 6-16

    Thanks for the pics, glad you got perfect weather up there I’m stuck at home doing chores! definitely need to ride up there this summer.
  9. I’ve been wanting to go to tecate, but once again work keeps getting in the way
  10. Pavgen, If it does not rain I was thinking of riding out to McCain (lark), its all fun single track as long as I can find it
  11. I'm 90% in, keep missing out on rides, to many chores! Can you be more specific on meet up time and location. Thanks
  12. ktm-licious

    Sunday Feb 4

    Hi Bob, I’m in for corral or lark both are fun! just not at 7, maybe 8
  13. Ok I'm 90% in, I'll confirm tomorrow evening.
  14. I did some carb changes to my husky i want to give it a spin. That one is not plated.