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  1. Covered in Dust

    Daily pics of good times

    Today we bring you Tracy! AKA Cosmo,TLKing etc. Tracy and I started riding together back in 2007 shortly before I retired and again we've covered thousands of miles together all over the western US and Baja. Tracy heading south out of San Felipe Over looking the Salton Sea Somewhere Just above the Diablo Drop off with the Kug and I don't remember and yours truly This was a great story, ask him about 4 guys in the front of a U-haul heading to the start of the UTBDR. Somewhere in Mexico I think. Tracy is a great cook and loves to make tacos for everyone. San Francisquito, Baja Cooking again Holding court in front of 400 guys in the desert
  2. Covered in Dust

    Daily pics of good times

    Today we have the Kug! I first met Ken back in 89 when I was his chase driver for the Baja 1000. Since then we’ve ridden at least 10,000 miles together on off rode adventures. If you’re ever fortunate enough to get invited on a Kug ride don’t miss it. I have hundreds of pics of the Kug from dozens of rides over the years.
  3. Covered in Dust

    Daily pics of good times

    I asked Mimi to break up my post into memorial and good times post. They are both good post and I thought they deserved there on post. Thanks Mimi. CiD
  4. Covered in Dust

    Fallen riders post

    I rode with Dana a few times in Baja. Another good one gone way to early. Dana and Kug in Baja the turn out for Dana’s memorial
  5. Covered in Dust

    Daily pics of good times

    RiggerDan day because yesterday was his Birthday or the day before. Not sure, I did hit my head in my crash. Dan showing the proper way to secure your load. Rigger living life on the edge Rigger being Rigger PMB and Dan arguing about the proper way to resurrect a dead bike. While the Governor keeps things civil It takes a special person to smile while changing a flat in the dirt in bad weather.
  6. Covered in Dust

    Fallen riders post

    Gone but not forgotten
  7. Covered in Dust

    Craiglist or?

    I’m really happy with Facebook Marketplace. Listed 2 cars on Saturday and they both sold for asking price over the weekend.
  8. Covered in Dust


    I was unconscious so I’ll wait for LB or PMB to chime in with details. CiD
  9. Covered in Dust


    Not a close look yet. I did call George and scheduled to drop the bike off in a couple weeks.
  10. Covered in Dust


    Now might be a good time to do the top end. Are you interested in doing it?
  11. Covered in Dust

    Knee Replacement

    Hi Kelly, no experience with the knees just my hip. The hip was a piece of cake and held up in my recent crash. My understanding is that knees are much harder. My only advice is to find the best person in the area for it. You’re fortunate to have an inside on finding out who that is. I had Dr. Cohen out of Pomerado hospital and he was excellent. Big ego but if you’re good it’s not bragging. Good luck CiD
  12. Covered in Dust


    Well it happened. I was out riding with some of my regular riding crew in an area we ride through all the time. The terrain must have changed a little from the last time I rode through there because of some of the winter storms. This is usually a 50 mph area and I was probably riding about that speed when I hit something, not sure what. The next thing I remember is laying facedown with LB holding me still and telling me to try and not move. I can’t thank my riding partners enough LB, PMB and Randy for how they handled the situation from that point on. It’s super important that you trust your crew to be able to handle a situation and very fortunate to ride with some of the best. Nice helicopter ride to Palomar Hospital and 4 days in the Trauma unit with 7 broken ribs most with multiple breaks and a collapsed lung. This all happened on 12/22 so I got to spend Christmas in the hospital. I’m home and recovering well. I’m up and about and taking short walks in my neighborhood (very short). I’ll probably be back on the bike in March. Don’t know how this will effect my riding, time will tell. All photos by PMB
  13. Covered in Dust


    Great job Kelly and congratulations
  14. Covered in Dust

    97 KTM 360 EXC For Sale

    I have a 97 360 and might be interested. But I’m out of commission until sometime in January. Chris