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Covered in Dust

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  1. Covered in Dust

    The Hideout is opening 9/11-15

    I’m probably going to ride up for a burger on opening day around lunch time. Leaving from Escondido area. CiD
  2. Covered in Dust

    Ride tomorrow? 8/6

  3. Covered in Dust

    Ride tomorrow? 8/6

    Flying Monkeys put on a ride almost every Wednesday evening out of Temecula. CiD
  4. Covered in Dust

    Folks who have/know about rzr's (or side by side)

    Crawdaddy had a smaller UTV then went to a RZR two seater then to a four seat RZR. Maybe he will chime in soon. I have a Polaris Ranger that I’ve taken to the desert and it was fun but now I have the turbo RZR so the Ranger just gets used as a utility vehicle around the house. I’m sure there are 50” trails but the only time I’ve ever seen any were in Mammoth and one in Idaho. So I wouldn’t make that a deciding factor. CiD
  5. My tires are at about 65% on my 500. Everyday I’ve been riding it around the hood pulling a few wheelies. That’s my way of getting it ready for a major maintenance. Once the tires get below 50% it’s time for everything. Covered in Zen
  6. Covered in Dust

    2019 Ca, Or, Nv

    We had 5 easy days on the trail
  7. Covered in Dust

    Unpaid Tab at SDAR Meeting 7/17

    I agree and the food came out quickly and I thought the prices were reasonable.
  8. Covered in Dust

    How to Fly n Ride

    I’m looking for a pontoon boat right now, prices in Texas are about 40% lower than Ca or Az. Just not sure I want to drive to Texas to pick one up. I’ll pay zero sales tax registering it in AZ and keeping it at our house there. CiD
  9. Covered in Dust

    Just joined....

    Kug and I picked this up on our last ride in northern Ca. Covered in Gold
  10. Covered in Dust

    2019 500 EXC-F Jamulian Edition

  11. Covered in Dust

    Whose Fault Is It?

  12. Covered in Dust

    3 of My Friends Got the 790 Adventure R

    I don’t care what bike it is, I’d never even pay list price for a bike. Covered in Frugal
  13. Covered in Dust

    3 of My Friends Got the 790 Adventure R

    No I didn’t even get a chance to look at it. It was upstairs, so I assumed it was already sold and waiting to be picked up.
  14. Covered in Dust

    3 of My Friends Got the 790 Adventure R

    There was one at NCY yesterday.
  15. Covered in Dust

    Around Dolores, Colorado

    I recognize that area.