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  1. Covered in Dust


    I saw all those Chinese post this morning. I have no idea what they said or who posted them. I really thought my iPad had screwed up and was changing everything to Chinese. I just used a translation app to post my message in Chinese. Covered in Confucius
  2. Covered in Dust


  3. Covered in Dust

    Fire in Japatul / Alpine area.

    The guys that fly that are badass.
  4. Covered in Dust

    butler BDR paper maps

    The maps are great in conjunction with the free tracks. I always carry a paper map with me on any long distance ride. You never know when something will go wrong and a paper map is a great way to look at options. I have most of the BDR maps and you’re welcome to look at any of them. CiD
  5. Nice Mimi, you’re doing it right.
  6. Covered in Dust

    A wander to Big Bear

    Great report John, hit me up next time you want to go up. CiD
  7. Covered in Dust

    KDX 200 New Progress 9-22-20

    That’s awesome Kelly, I’m getting ready to start another resto on an Sl350 l need to hit you up on some sources. CiD
  8. Covered in Dust

    Big Bear 6/23

    OK we’re pretty full up. CiD
  9. Heading to Big Bear area Tuesday in the truck. Riding Tuesday afternoon, camping overnight, then riding Wednesday morning and heading home in the afternoon. Chime in if interested for more info. CiD
  10. I think I’m in! Might ride the ct110. edit: I’m already out. The boss says we have plans that night
  11. Dave it looks like you had a good crew. I was there in spirit.
  12. Covered in Dust

    Let's See Your Favorite Photos with Bikes / Mountains

    Still rocking the jersey and pants. The jacket.....
  13. Covered in Dust

    Looking for a used 500 exc f - questions

    1st thing I’d add is a Pro Moto kickstand. Looks great!
  14. Yes it was mine. I had it 4 or 5 years then decided to sell it. Another one of the bikes I regret selling. I tried to buy it back when it went up for sale but Jon beat me to it. He got a good deal on a great bike. Every time I see one of these out it it’s natural environment I get jealous that it’s not me out there. Great write up, glad to see it went to someone who is using it. CiD