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  1. Covered in Dust

    RD400 restorod project

    I’ve had my eye out for an RD400 for awhile. I raced one back in the day in production road race. The price of them has gone way up in the last few years. Can’t go wrong any way you restore it. CiD
  2. Covered in Dust

    WTB KTM950 Adventure OEM front fender

    I just took an orange front off an 06 .We could make an easy deal.
  3. Covered in Dust

    CNC work needed

    Lathe or mill?
  4. Covered in Dust

    RIP Schwinn

    Sorry to say Schwinn lost his battle with cancer yesterday. He will be missed.
  5. Covered in Dust

    Garmin inreach deal

    Yes it’s worldwide. I was texting my wife from the top of Kilimanjaro in Africa. CiD
  6. Covered in Dust

    Speeding ticket

    Yes and a few burglar alarms
  7. Covered in Dust

    Speeding ticket

    My radar detector has saved me dozens of times. Doesn’t always work around town but outon the freeways and backroads it helps a bunch.
  8. I’m out this week. Enjoy
  9. I’m a possible maybe.
  10. four of us meet for breakfast then had a nice ride in the park. Cool morning temps gave way to a nice warm afternoon. 107 miles and the only incident was me running out of gas about a mile short of the trucks. A quick splash of gas from van's bike and all was good. Van, Chris, Paul and Brian Paul in the squeeze Van on Heart Attack Brian showing us the smooth line down Heart Attack The flowers and butterflies are still in full swing. Covered in Smiles
  11. Covered in Dust

    Breakfast Club 3/28

    Sorry for late response, but yes you can make it home by 3
  12. Covered in Dust

    Breakfast Club 3/28

    We don’t use tracks because we ride this often, but yes the Desert Dash does go on part of our route. CiD
  13. Covered in Dust

    Breakfast Club 3/28

    Yes, are time in the desert is getting short. Thursday looks like the best weather of the week at 80 degrees. Get out there while you can.
  14. Don't really know why but I haven't been posting any pictures from our rides lately. Downloaded some from the camera and there were pics from last year still on the camera. Here are a few from this ride. And a couple from my flight today just because it was cool.