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  1. Good ride as always, thinking about sliding around that freshly graded dirt brought some perspective to “turning with the throttle”
  2. DWreck91

    San Felipe

    Gpsvisualizer.com will let you upload and view it on a webpage. Hopefully that helps you out
  3. Great ride, hiking boots next time?
  4. See you guys there, looking forward to it
  5. Good riding with you again Bagstr and nice to meet you KKug. I’m looking forward to the next one
  6. DWreck91

    Honda CRF450L spruced-up

    I like the idea of having a Honda rather than joining the sea of Orange. Where are you seeing used ones for sale? I haven’t found any locally. I think the kits you’re describing sound great but their website only shows the thermostat delete, pro circuit exhaust, and vortex being in the stage 1 kit for $1800.
  7. Just got an email that Rugged is having a 20% off sale today so I’m picking up the whole set up. Now I’ll be sure I have everything and who knows, maybe I’ll even have it in time for the ride. Thanks for the offers Bagstr and Paul
  8. DWreck91

    Rugged Radios 20% Sale Today

    I’ve been waiting for Rugged to have a sale and today I got an email they are doing 20% off today only, no code the discounts are already shown on the website. Only certain items but some UV5R accessories
  9. I can’t pass that deal up, I’d be happy to buy you breakfast for the repaired set up. I don’t trust my skills to repair the other set up. Paul, appreciate the offer, I’ll be set up well enough to just listen on this ride. Once I get Bagstr’s set up I’ll buy the other components to complete it. I just couldn’t stomach the $250 when I knew a discount code would come around if I waited. And I don’t want to fiddle with trying to get the full set up done in the morning before the ride.
  10. I’m in. I’ll have a radio that is hopefully programmed correctly and will have listening capability. Waiting for Rugged to have a sale before I buy the rest of the set up so just some cheap helmet speakers for now. I can pull over to transmit if I get into trouble. I’ll pack my knee pads too
  11. I could make a ride on 1/2 but I’ll be out of town 12/31
  12. Luckily I already own knee pads, I always know I should put them on but it’s just so easy not to. I’ll have to put them with my boots so I get reminded every time. I don’t think the braces are in the cards quite yet, they are just outrageously expensive. Maybe when the knee pads need replacement it’ll be easier to justify
  13. You guys make it too easy, I’ll get everything ordered up and ready to ride in the new year
  14. Thanks for the clarification, sorry to turn this into a radio thread. Back to your regularly scheduled ride report