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  1. Wintyfresh

    Who here has DS/MX bikes?

    I had a DRZ400 and still sort of miss it. I used to refer to it as a "spork bike" because it absolutely embodies the 'Jack of all trades, master of none' ethic. The bike does not do anything particularly well, but will do nearly anything you ask it to, whether that is a road trip to Alaska, desert singletrack, or supermoto on a kart track. The bikes are incredibly reliable and while not nearly as powerful as others are much more forgiving when it comes to deferred maintenance. Ultimately once I figured out riding dirt was what primarily interested me the better power, suspension, and lighter weight of the WR450 won me over but I still think fondly of my and my wife's DRZs.
  2. Absolutely beautiful evening for it. Great to meet some of you and see others again, it had certainly been too long. Special thanks to Udo for the tacos, man did those ever hit the spot!! I'm definitely looking forward to the next one!
  3. Sorry for the late notice but I'll be there!
  4. So with the understanding the tradition was made long before I attended my first twofer I believe it was easier for newer riders/bigger bikes to not navigate that last section towards the top, especially in the dark. The last time I was up there it wasn't too bad, but ~5 years ago there were a lot of baby heads in that uppermost section.
  5. Yeah, party point (rather than the peak) is the traditional destination.
  6. My first time riding a trials bike was the test ride of my '04 TXT280. If you can ride a dirt bike you'll have no problems, just a smile from ear to ear!
  7. Wintyfresh

    NEW RULE - Please NO MEMES or GIF's

    Typically it's text over an image, usually humorous, and often but not always with the 'Impact' font.
  8. Naw, I usually just go up on Saturday to watch the Pros. Local events are fun, but those guys are on a whole other level.
  9. Wintyfresh

    Small bike trail recommendations

    California Trail Map is a fantastic product for this made by our own SDAR member 00yz250.
  10. Wintyfresh

    Craiglist or?

    Sites like Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp seem to have stolen a lot of Craigslist's thunder.
  11. I do, we're in Sec 217, Row 1, Seat 18 & 19.
  12. Supercross? Yep, we'll be there!
  13. Wintyfresh


    Sorry to hear it, heal up fast man!
  14. My 2021 Large (5'10 or taller) Husqvarna Mountain Cross 5 e-bike with 153 miles can be yours for just $3900 (SDAR price). This bike is in great shape and just has a few small scratches/dings in the paint typical with use as a mountain bike. It has the new Shimano EP8 motor, a 630Wh battery, Rockshox 35 Gold RL forks and Deluxe Select+ shock. I'll throw in a set of Raceface Chesters pedals and, depending on your height, either the stock Husqvarna dropper post or the OneUp 180mm that's currently installed. I don't believe there is another full suspension eMTB that comes anywhere near this one in this price range. This bike was purchased new on 9/21/21 from Moto Forza.

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