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  1. Wintyfresh

    Riding In Sand

    Ah yes, everyone knows the 1290 Super Adventure is the best bike for sand.
  2. I'm no Luddite, just someone who has had to use (and been grateful for) the kickstarter on his electric start equipped WR450.
  3. Ugh, I just don't trust a dirt bike that doesn't have a kickstarter.
  4. The class itself sounds pretty awesome, but Anza in August may be brutal for slow speed training.
  5. Wintyfresh

    RIP Schwinn

    Gregarious and welcoming, I feel like our lives are all better for having known Schwinn. You will be missed and fondly remembered, rest in peace.
  6. Wintyfresh

    Super Cross at PETCO

    The lime mixed into the soil didn't do the bikes or the riders any favors.
  7. Try this. https://goo.gl/maps/4RBatBBy3652
  8. Agua Caliente's a county park, it shouldn't be affected by the shutdown.
  9. Wintyfresh

    Old Anvil

    The forge seemed conspicuously absent! Just give me a phone number or email address you're comfortable giving out to potential buyers and I'm happy to post (especially with a forge picture), I'd expect you could clear $1000-1250 pretty easily for the lot and still give somebody a good deal. [Edit: I've taken blacksmithing classes at the Vista Antique Gas and Steam Engine museum, definitely a great bunch over there!]
  10. Wintyfresh

    Eyeing Yamaha WR250R and Honda CRF250L

    Absolutely this. The DRZ400 does nothing particularly well, but it will do absolutely anything you ask of it.
  11. Wintyfresh

    Eyeing Yamaha WR250R and Honda CRF250L

    I just can't love the CRF250L; 24 horsepower and 318 lbs just isn't a good combination in my book. I'm more willing to accept 28 hp and 295 lbs, but I also have a garage full of blue bikes.
  12. Wintyfresh

    Old Anvil

    I'm an amateur blacksmith and happy to help. Right now there's a huge surge in interest in the hobby (mostly due to the show Forged in Fire) and any sort of blacksmithing tool is commanding a big price. You are correct that that is a 174 lbs Hay Budden anvil, I suspect you could see somewhere in the neighborhood of $700 for it. The tongs and hammer should be fairly obvious, those tools along the bottom are called Hardys and go into the Hardy hole on the anvil (it looks like there's also a punch or similar in the anvil's pritchel hole that can be removed). I'm in a buy/sell blacksmithing facebook group and would be happy to post these for you if you want to give me contact info to pass along.
  13. Wintyfresh

    Neck Brace Study

    https://www.cyclenews.com/2018/12/article/neck-brace-effectiveness-study/ Some actual numbers about the effectiveness of wearing a neck brace.
  14. I run a Rotopax on the back of my WR450f. Typically 1 gallon, I can fit a 2 gallon but I'm afraid it might crack the subframe if I'm having too much fun (and it looks like I'm delivering a pizza).
  15. Wintyfresh

    GPS maps

    I've been very happy with http://www.californiatrailmap.com/. The maps are very accurate, very easy to load onto a Garmin device (I also keep a copy on my Android phone and tablet), and the creator even posts on SDAR.