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  1. Wintyfresh

    SDAR First Aid Training May 31st

    Great training, very informative and you could tell it was coming from a place of experience. It was nice to see some of you again and meet others for the first time!!
  2. Wintyfresh

    SDAR First Aid Training May 31st

    My wife (and fellow rider) Liz will be joining us as well.
  3. I do, and Liz still has hers as well!
  4. Wintyfresh

    SDAR First Aid Training May 31st

    I'm in!
  5. Wintyfresh

    2020 Gas Gas 300 TXT RACING

    No worries re: hours, where are you located?
  6. Wintyfresh

    2020 Gas Gas 300 TXT RACING

    I'm very interested, any idea how many hours are on it?
  7. Wintyfresh

    Advice on riding areas

    If you're willing to come up to Ramona there's a decent amount of relatively easy to ride fire roads. I'd be happy to show you around if you'd like.
  8. Wintyfresh

    Noob Clothing advice

    I went to buy a set of Crossfires and found them totally incompatible with my feet. This is not in any way to say they are bad boots, just that much like helmets the right boots are the ones that fit you. But as someone who had a lisfranc injury (shattered all five metatarsals) in a pair of steel-toe Doc Martens in my early twenties, I'll absolutely agree that boots are not the place to compromise on safety.
  9. Wintyfresh

    Noob Clothing advice

    Knee pads are pretty necessary, elbows, back protection or armored jacket, and padded shorts aren't a bad idea. If you're dual sporting textiles with some abrasion resistance are best, but if you're riding dirt it's hard to argue with motocross gear.
  10. Wintyfresh

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!
  11. Wintyfresh

    Follow Me Drones

    For that budget your best bet is going to be to to find an older Litchi compatible DJI drone, imho. With that said, I never found the follow me performance very acceptable until I got a Skydio 2+ which starts at $1,099.
  12. Wintyfresh

    Knee braces or guards?

    Seconding the Mobius X8s!
  13. Wintyfresh

    Looking for 2003 KTM

    Just sent ya details and contact info for all parties involved.
  14. I had a blast, thanks to all of those who showed up and to all of those who made the questionable decision to follow me around Ocotillo Wells! Definitely looking forward to the next one, here's the few pics I managed to take while out riding.
  15. I'll have the Orange Longbed Tundra (I've never actually seen another one), Imagine travel trailer, a Yamaha and a Kawi. Will be arriving Friday evening.

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