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  1. Edit: This is sold. 2013 Polaris RZR 570 w/ 1080 miles, current CA green sticker and South Dakota license plate It's nicely set up with a soft top, rearview mirror, and Zbroz ergo grab handle. For night rides and OHV legality it has a 22" curved light bar and an LED whip. A tusk UTV rear bumper and cargo rack holds a spare tire and UTV scissor jack, and a rotopax mount carries a few more gallons of fuel. It has heat shields under the bed and a tusk modular storage system w/ coolers to hold your gear and keep your drinks frosty. Tusk 30mm aluminum wheel spacers add stability and a hitch mounted d-ring lets you pull out your stuck friends. It's even got a carpeted platform in case you want to take your dog along for a ride. Asking $6900, free delivery within San Diego County w/ full asking price. It runs and drives great, my wife has just decided she prefers her KLX140L so we don't really use it any more.
  2. Wintyfresh

    Clutch Me This

    Yep, the property's full of boulders so great for trials practice. I've been to Barona, Fox/Pala, and 212 before it closed but haven't made it up to Cahuilla yet. Ridden across the street a few times tho.
  3. Wintyfresh

    Clutch Me This

    Still just five speeds, I'm sad to report. It's just the 250 that got the six speed. I run the ASV F1 Unbreakable shorty clutch lever & perch and haven't had any issues with it. Yeah, I've seen the changes to Butterfield but haven't really spent any time there since moving to Ramona (which space to store my trailer); we tend to camp Ocotillo Wells, Superstition, or the BLM land in between to ride our non-plated toys. I did spring for a stay at Blu-In last year and will say the place was clean and well-maintained; kind of a bummer tents are only allowed when accompanied by an RV tho.
  4. Wintyfresh

    Clutch Me This

    First off, I think your plan of attack sounds like a smart one. I might still have my stock clutch perch; if you find you need one let me know and I'll dig through my box of spares. I'd love to get a ride in! My '12 is still going strong, I'm strongly considering converting it over to a Supermoto again. With CARB sounding like they're pulling the plug on the red sticker program (and eventually grandfathering all red sticker bikes to green sticker) I figured it was about time to pick up another bike. Originally I was considering a YZ450FX, but they were pretty hard to find and the '21 WR450F was only 6 lbs heavier. I figure the headlight and a South Dakota plate should make it pass at least cursory inspection on the trails outside of OHV/BLM land.
  5. Wintyfresh

    Clutch Me This

    Looks about like mine, I wouldn't think it's causing any issues. As others have suggested trying a different oil might be worth a shot, can you describe the clutch issues you're having?
  6. Wintyfresh

    Riding In Sand

    Ah yes, everyone knows the 1290 Super Adventure is the best bike for sand.
  7. I'm no Luddite, just someone who has had to use (and been grateful for) the kickstarter on his electric start equipped WR450.
  8. Ugh, I just don't trust a dirt bike that doesn't have a kickstarter.
  9. The class itself sounds pretty awesome, but Anza in August may be brutal for slow speed training.
  10. Wintyfresh

    RIP Schwinn

    Gregarious and welcoming, I feel like our lives are all better for having known Schwinn. You will be missed and fondly remembered, rest in peace.
  11. Wintyfresh

    Super Cross at PETCO

    The lime mixed into the soil didn't do the bikes or the riders any favors.
  12. Try this. https://goo.gl/maps/4RBatBBy3652
  13. Agua Caliente's a county park, it shouldn't be affected by the shutdown.
  14. Wintyfresh

    Old Anvil

    The forge seemed conspicuously absent! Just give me a phone number or email address you're comfortable giving out to potential buyers and I'm happy to post (especially with a forge picture), I'd expect you could clear $1000-1250 pretty easily for the lot and still give somebody a good deal. [Edit: I've taken blacksmithing classes at the Vista Antique Gas and Steam Engine museum, definitely a great bunch over there!]
  15. Wintyfresh

    Eyeing Yamaha WR250R and Honda CRF250L

    Absolutely this. The DRZ400 does nothing particularly well, but it will do absolutely anything you ask of it.