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  1. Wintyfresh

    Knee braces or guards?

    Seconding the Mobius X8s!
  2. Wintyfresh

    Looking for 2003 KTM

    Just sent ya details and contact info for all parties involved.
  3. I had a blast, thanks to all of those who showed up and to all of those who made the questionable decision to follow me around Ocotillo Wells! Definitely looking forward to the next one, here's the few pics I managed to take while out riding.
  4. I'll have the Orange Longbed Tundra (I've never actually seen another one), Imagine travel trailer, a Yamaha and a Kawi. Will be arriving Friday evening.
  5. Occasionally there's a a few ruts or gravel on the last section of Quarry Road before you turn left to get behind Blowsand. Don't be afraid of the loud pedal and you'll be just fine.
  6. I agree ADV and Dirt Bike levels are going to diverge quite a bit, but dual sport adds confusion imho. Are we talking 500EXC? CRF450L? DRZ400? F650GS? KLR650? Wee-Strom? I feel like there's some fairly significant differences in those options, particularly when it comes to our local deserts. Just my $0.02.
  7. XR650 seems like the right choice to me.
  8. Barring bad weather the wife and I are in!
  9. I struggle with staying cool in armor and have found Leatt's AirFit and AirFlex lines to be a great compromise. The armor you're willing to wear is always better than the armor you left in the closet.
  10. That would be great! My plan is to make it out for this one, just need a few other things to line up before I can confirm.
  11. Are you heading out Friday (the 18th) or Saturday (the 19th)?
  12. Wintyfresh

    Another One Gone - RIP Gary LaPlante

    RIP. He was a great guy, I took several dirt bike and trials classes from him and have regularly attended El Trial out at Motoventures. He lived a good life, but I am saddened for all of us that knew him.
  13. Wintyfresh

    Who here has DS/MX bikes?

    I had a DRZ400 and still sort of miss it. I used to refer to it as a "spork bike" because it absolutely embodies the 'Jack of all trades, master of none' ethic. The bike does not do anything particularly well, but will do nearly anything you ask it to, whether that is a road trip to Alaska, desert singletrack, or supermoto on a kart track. The bikes are incredibly reliable and while not nearly as powerful as others are much more forgiving when it comes to deferred maintenance. Ultimately once I figured out riding dirt was what primarily interested me the better power, suspension, and lighter weight of the WR450 won me over but I still think fondly of my and my wife's DRZs.
  14. Absolutely beautiful evening for it. Great to meet some of you and see others again, it had certainly been too long. Special thanks to Udo for the tacos, man did those ever hit the spot!! I'm definitely looking forward to the next one!
  15. Sorry for the late notice but I'll be there!

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