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  1. Wintyfresh

    Small bike trail recommendations

    California Trail Map is a fantastic product for this made by our own SDAR member 00yz250.
  2. Wintyfresh

    Craiglist or?

    Sites like Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp seem to have stolen a lot of Craigslist's thunder.
  3. I do, we're in Sec 217, Row 1, Seat 18 & 19.
  4. Supercross? Yep, we'll be there!
  5. Wintyfresh


    Sorry to hear it, heal up fast man!
  6. My 2021 Large (5'10 or taller) Husqvarna Mountain Cross 5 e-bike with 153 miles can be yours for just $3900 (SDAR price). This bike is in great shape and just has a few small scratches/dings in the paint typical with use as a mountain bike. It has the new Shimano EP8 motor, a 630Wh battery, Rockshox 35 Gold RL forks and Deluxe Select+ shock. I'll throw in a set of Raceface Chesters pedals and, depending on your height, either the stock Husqvarna dropper post or the OneUp 180mm that's currently installed. I don't believe there is another full suspension eMTB that comes anywhere near this one in this price range. This bike was purchased new on 9/21/21 from Moto Forza.
  7. Riding on the trails in the campground is fine and there's quite a few of them (it's an old Boy Scout camp). My friends all had a blast riding our 110s around them, I suspect your kids would enjoy the same. There's also a number of OHV trails in the area (https://www.californiatrailmap.com/TrailFinder/San-Bernardino-National-Forest-Big-Bear/) which vary from gentle fire roads to pretty gnarly.
  8. We just spent four days up at Holcomb Valley Ranch, 400 private acres on the north side of Big Bear. The sites are quite pricey but rather large (1-5 acres each) and the owners are OHV friendly. It may not have been our original plan, but at least we got to go camping and spend some time on two wheels.
  9. Wintyfresh

    Looking for an Electrician

    Just wanted to recommend simicrintz's son, he installed a transfer switch for me and did a great job!
  10. Awesome, if my current work project isn't completely off the rails on Tuesday I'll be there!
  11. Wintyfresh

    Looking for an Electrician

    I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I'm up in Ramona and need a transfer switch installed if he's interested.
  12. Wintyfresh

    Sold my YZ450f and bought this instead!

    Fun Bike, I was kind of surprised when the OTD price they agreed to was less than a lot of used ones are selling for right now. It was a toss up between this and the KLX (w/ more suspension travel and a clutch), but ultimately fuel injection won me over.
  13. 2021 Honda CRF110f. Got it farkled today, just gotta install my BBR springs and damping rods and it's ready to rip! Gotta say this thing is ridiculously fun to ride around the yard and my wife (who has her own '20 KLX140L) has been stealing it to do chores.
  14. Wintyfresh

    Clutch Me This

    Yep, the property's full of boulders so great for trials practice. I've been to Barona, Fox/Pala, and 212 before it closed but haven't made it up to Cahuilla yet. Ridden across the street a few times tho.