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  1. simicrintz

    COVID - Picture Contest

    I don't get out much but think this is a cool idea; good for you for creating a distraction from the craziness, Mike!
  2. simicrintz

    ATC 185S or 110-any of you guys hiding one?

    With no paperwork I am not interested I'm afraid. Parts are worth what you suggest, Chris, but it still scares me
  3. I am not allowing myself to be sucked into the media cluster that this has become, and I refuse to read/watch/listen to every update and talking head. Practice common sense, wash your hands and stay calm. Life is dangerous; keep a level head and look out for others. Stay safe all.
  4. simicrintz

    ATC 185S or 110-any of you guys hiding one?

    I will check it out; thank you, Udo!
  5. Thanks, mctrails and Van; the higher the schedule the thicker the walls-you are correct. I fatted fingered that and meant to say schedule 20 🤦‍♂️ Back to our regularly scheduled discussion......
  6. From years of pool plumbing, use at least schedule 40 for the PVC setup! Some guys use schedule 120 pipe and it is very thin walled; not sure it would hold up a bike for long!
  7. Perfect way to escape the craziness; stay safe and healthy!
  8. simicrintz

    New rider from Del Cerro

    Welcome to the page, Kevin!
  9. simicrintz

    ATC 185S or 110-any of you guys hiding one?

    Very cool; thank you! Let me know where you are and what you're thinking; you can email me at simicrintz@yahoo.com if you like. Thank you!
  10. simicrintz

    ATC 185S or 110-any of you guys hiding one?

    Just trying to sweeten the pot (pun intended!)
  11. I went to work yesterday and my guys are out this morning; we will all be out next week unless someone forces us home. I've spoken to several folks that have some insight and many of them feel that this has been here since November of last year. Many people were very sick over the holidays (myself included) with something that felt different than anything before (Dr Oz spoke about this at a conference yesterday). I'm not saying I had it, but I do think there is a very good chance this has gone through already/before. I believe the key is to stay aware, use common sense and do not panic (panic has never solved anything in any occasion). I am considered an essential as swimming pools can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which create other issues; I am not just out there breaking a directive to be a jerk. Stay safe and healthy; we will get through this!
  12. simicrintz

    ATC 185S or 110-any of you guys hiding one?

    Thank you, Tom; much appreciated! A full, unopened package of Costco TP to you if you can pull this off!
  13. Almost done with my 185S rebuild, and mrs simicrintz still wants one. I told her that I had run this past you guys and was thinking about a quad for her, but that I had been pointed in the right direction and told to buy a SXS and be done with it (thank you guys again for that! I have not bought one but will one day, and now I didn't waste any of that money that I would have spent on a quad and will put it towards the SXS at some point). But now she wants a 3 wheeler to ride around the property in Utah and just little fun putts in the dunes there, so I am on the hunt. The 185S has honestly been a blast putting back together and I wouldn't mind doing another 3 wheeler. If any of you have one for sale (either size, she will never need speed) or know of one for sale I would sure appreciate you letting me know. Thank you; stay safe and healthy out there!
  14. simicrintz

    Helping Others During This Madness

    People helping people-that's what it is all about. Perhaps this will make us a little more compassionate for our fellow man, even if only for a little while (and then it seems we always go back to our selfish ways 😡). Stay safe and healthy everyone 🤒😷🤭🍻🍻