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  1. simicrintz

    1993 Jeep Cherokee xj 124k mi

    Hmmmmmm-us Jeep guys beg to differ 🤣🤣
  2. I don't see him as complaining, more like stating a fact. I have a great online relationship with a lot of guys on this page, but I never went on a ride while there because I felt the same way. I have my own group that I rode with so it really did not matter, but it would have been nice to have another group that I could hook up with. I love the page (one reason I check in multiple times a day still, even from Utah!). I don't hold the clique aspect in contempt, but his reply is pretty dang accurate!
  3. simicrintz

    1993 Jeep Cherokee xj 124k mi

    It wouldn't be a Jeep then-it would be a Kia!
  4. You need to get to know thumper and then post
  5. simicrintz

    Look Ma, I'm famous

    Well done, Kelly! Teaching my son to ride (at 8 yo) and being able to ride with him still today (he and I bombed around Sand Hollow a few weeks ago) is something that I cherish as well. Congrats to you and your son!!!
  6. simicrintz

    Tech Day October 23rd

    I made a couple of these and it is well worth the time. Too far to ride from Hurricane, Utah I am afraid though so I will not be making it
  7. simicrintz

    Husaberg FE570-450-390

    Thank you for the reply; I agree with a lot of it I basically grew up on XR's (never had anything else for a dirt bike since 1982, when I bought my first 500). Since I hadn't ridden anything else I had no idea how heavy they are! Wife bought me an XR650L for my 50th in '09, and I rode that at Ocotillo primarily, with a few stints in Big Bear. A buddy of mine had the suspension worked for me as a favor at Precision Concepts (before I knew of George-more on that to come) and it changed the dynamic considerably. The weight of that bike and the power allows me to push through a lot of stuff, but as I get older (62 next month) the weight gets harder to manage. The KTM came to me as a disappointment, for most all of the reasons you mentioned. I de-smogged it, pulled the reed valve, changed tires (the stock ones dang near killed me-hated them!) and took it to George for his Gobblers and some work-1,000 times different bike. I am still learning how to ride such a light bike and one that does not seem to tractor through stuff like my XR. With a bit of a cheap streak myself, it bothers me how much $$$$ needs to be thrown at a bike that supposedly is "Ready to Race". My son and his wife came out this weekend (they got married last weekend, hit some national parks for their honeymoon and finished off in Zion, 30 minutes from us). On Saturday he grabbed the KTM, I took the XR and we put the girls in the SXS and ripped around some BLM land down the street from us; that was a lot of fun. Yesterday we suited up the same and hit Sand Hollow; that big bike and the sand kicked my butt! My son did well but was pretty sore as well; not sure if I will take the orange bike out in that sand and try to redeem myself or not, but glad I have it and will not take the red bike out there again! Thank you again for the reply; I appreciate the input. Good luck with your search!
  8. simicrintz

    Husaberg FE570-450-390

    Wondering what trouble you had with your 500? I have the same bike and while I was disappointed as it came, some tweaks made it a bike I really like now. Just wondering what your thoughts are.
  9. simicrintz

    The latest.....

    Heal fully and quickly, Mike!
  10. simicrintz

    The latest.....

    Good on you, Mimi! I'll stay reading from Utah and wish you all the best! I've been fortunate to meet and chat with Mike on a handful of occasions and have always enjoyed those conversations; thank you also, Mike, for all you did, and best wishes as you focus on other things!
  11. It is a bit of a travel and is probably still a little hot, but Ocotillo is always a great spot to teach kids (or anyone). It is wide open, has a diverse landscape (dirt, rocks, sand, etc.) and is patrolled. I have taught lots of kids and even my wife out there.
  12. simicrintz

    Noob trailer question

    Great ending and story!
  13. simicrintz

    Hand signals for off road riding

    I do the fist like cj54x shows. Great question! We all need to stay safe out there and enjoy our sport!