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  1. simicrintz

    2007 KTM 525 EXC

    Methinks you are gonna love the results!!
  2. simicrintz

    2007 KTM 525 EXC

    Well done indeed; very nice!!
  3. simicrintz

    Looking for an Electrician

    I'll PM you his info. Seems I picked up an RV cover from you some time ago; he is not too far from your place as I recall.
  4. simicrintz

    Trail riding (and finding limits) on KLR650

    The good thing about the heavier bikes (like my XR) is that they plow right through stuff (still learning how to understand the lightweight KTM as all I ever rode before that was XR's). The bad part is that they do take a bit of man handling sometimes! Good for you for hanging with it and getting turned around; a rum drink (I think Jimmy Buffett calls them "boat drinks") sounds like a nice reward!
  5. simicrintz

    Looking for an Electrician

    And where you are located. My son is an electrician out of Ramona and may be able to help.
  6. simicrintz

    4th of July

    Happy 4th, Mike!!
  7. simicrintz

    Iron Butt Rally

    He's an imposter!!!! FYI-six trips back and forth from CA to UT with a 30' cargo trailer hauling all my junk over the course of May to get moved here. My Kug sticker protected me every mile (had a blow out on the SXS trailer but that was the only issue)! Proudly carrying on the tradition in Hurricane, Utah!
  8. simicrintz

    Let’s eat, … but where?

    Sorry to hear about the deaths, Kelly
  9. FLD (fatty liver disease) here as well, so says the ultrasound (but I can see my feet). I read that 10% of the population has it. Not sure if it is the latest "scare" to get people on some medication (I am not-I hate pills!) or how serious it really is. So far I have done nothing different (for good or bad). Good for you on the 11 pounds lost!
  10. simicrintz

    A day at KM 06/27/21

    Well done, Mimi!
  11. simicrintz

    Iron Butt Rally

    Kinda looks like the Kug in that picture!
  12. simicrintz

    On Any Sunday: 50 Years of Greatness

    Very cool!!
  13. simicrintz

    Big Bear Recommendations

    Screenshot is much better! I did not ride that with George; that was with a few of my usual suspects. It was shortly after George redid my suspension and was a great run to try things out. I rode sweep (usually do) and was able to goof off a bit in the back and got a pretty good feel for the new setup