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  1. simicrintz

    Mountain tour.

    The BRP pulls through again!!
  2. Excellent write up; good for you for getting to do this!!
  3. simicrintz

    Suspension 101 Gobbler Report

    I will second; made my bike a whole new animal!
  4. simicrintz

    Memorial Day 2022

    Seconded; never forget those who laid down their lives so that we could have the freedoms that we all enjoy.
  5. simicrintz

    10 Days in Thailand

    Looks a little tight at the end
  6. simicrintz

    10 Days in Thailand

    What is the leafy stuff on the left side at 0:48
  7. I like kwanzaa hut better; makes me think of Christmas.........
  8. simicrintz

    Up The 395

    Great pics!!
  9. simicrintz

    I need a truck.

    Hurricane to La Mesa may prove to be a bit of a challenge!! Seriously; if you look at the older trucks and find one that has been well cared for (and documented) they really will go a long time. Mrs simicrintz's vehicle is diesel as well and uses DEF; try to avoid a vehicle that uses DEF if you find a diesel. I could replace my truck with a new one for around $80K, or I could spend the occasional few dollars on it as needed to keep the old gal running-I choose the latter! Good luck in your search!!
  10. simicrintz

    I need a truck.

    2005 Duramax 2500. Bought it new, sold it to friend that last time diesel went crazy ('07 as I recall) and bought it back from him about 7 years ago; won't ever sell it again. Turned 285,000 miles today. Chipped (450 HP) and lifted and it will pull anything I throw at it (and I pull a lot of trailers). This is pre DEF. Put in an alternator and just finally had the trans rebuilt; other than that nothing but oil changes (and one set of brakes). May be more than you want/need but will be the last truck you'll need to buy and you won't regret having the power (side note; filled up today-282 miles on the odo and it took 16 gallons; not bad for a 6,000 pound vehicle!).
  11. simicrintz

    New Member in Escondido

    Welcome to the page from Hurricane, Utah; enjoy!!
  12. simicrintz

    How to "like" a post or pic?

    My view; hovering over icon for emphasis of options.
  13. Love the tracks in the 4th from the end pic!!

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