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  1. simicrintz

    GoPro Hero 4 setup - SOLD!

    Can you PM me some info Tom?
  2. simicrintz

    Military plane crashes in Ocotillo

    71 at Torrey is impressive!
  3. simicrintz

    KTM head work rec sought

    This might help you: https://dualsport-sd.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24757-ktm-service-in-north-county/
  4. simicrintz

    Xplor Forks - DIY 15min revalve ! Testers needed.

    Just got back home; thank you, George! I'm gonna give it a rip up the street and see if I can find a little dirt to get into nearby; I am excited! Thank you again for everything!
  5. simicrintz

    new guy in chula vista

    Hmmm; just like it says in your title post 😳 I ain't real bright!
  6. simicrintz

    new guy in chula vista

    Welcome to the page! Where are you located?
  7. simicrintz

    Electronic Genius' Here

    That looks awesome, Tom! They are a money pit (but what toy isn't?!) and have got extremely popular during the shutdown. On the golf cart page that I am on the flippers say they used to be able to buy carts coming off lease on the golf course by the dozens, and now they can't seem to find any anywhere (even CL) that are reasonable; just crazy. I worked on mine a little bit more yesterday and decided to put all the parts/pieces back on (I'll work around it to finish the wiring). I'm just trying to stay motivated
  8. simicrintz

    Electronic Genius' Here

    I remember you working on that, Tom. I contemplated putting in a gas engine that I have (spare for my 185S) but ended up with the Chevy Volt batteries cuz it seemed easier 😳 With the controller, bigger motor and Lithium I should be able to hit 30 MPH and do wheelies
  9. I hope to have a SXS one day when we get to Utah, but I do agree that they are ruining "our" sport. Just like (my opinion) quads had a negative impact. I'm gonna sound like an old man here, but it ain't like it was when we were kids.....
  10. simicrintz

    Electronic Genius' Here

    It was a pretty roached out cart when I got it. I've been working on it slowly (money is one issue, some virus affecting getting parts is another). Here's a pic of when I got it and how it is sitting in the garage currently. The top and rest of the cart is sitting under a tarp until I get this %^$* wiring figured out!
  11. simicrintz

    Electronic Genius' Here

    My son dropped off an old golf cart some months ago and I've been putting it back together. These usually use a mess of lead batteries, which off gas, leak and generally make a mess and require a bunch of attention while giving a short usable life (3-5 years). With all of that in mind I have decided to go Lithium, and I currently have 2 packs from a 2015 Chevy Volt in the cart (48V, 100 aH, hooked up in parallel). My question: I cannot exceed 50.4 amps when charging, and my charger wants to finish charging around 65 amps. I do have a BMS on each battery and I am told that it will shut the charger off but I would like to find a way to limit the charger and have it shut down on its own without relying on the BMS; is this possible? The charger folks are reputable but these installations are not common, so I am trying to see if someone much smarter than me might have any suggestions. I've attached a couple of pics if it might help. Thanks gang. I know it is not motorcycle related but since we are from all walks of life and are mostly local I thought I would ask.
  12. simicrintz

    Xplor Forks - DIY 15min revalve ! Testers needed.

    Thank you, George. I should be able to bring the bike down one day next week. Would you please send me your address and/or contact info?
  13. simicrintz

    Xplor Forks - DIY 15min revalve ! Testers needed.

    Congrats on getting a new teammate! I am not a guy that rides enough to test (but what a great offer!). I do appear to have blown forks (204 miles) in my 2019 and would prefer to have you look at them instead of having the shop look. Can you give me an idea of what these "Gobblers" would cost (PM if you prefer)? Thank you, and congrats again on the new addition!
  14. simicrintz

    Finding Spark CRF 450X

    I hate electrical and wiring the most! That said, I am putting 2 Chevy Volt Lithium batteries in a golf cart; WTH was I thinking?! Good for you for finding the culprit!
  15. simicrintz

    June Lake

    It appears that a good time was had by all; congrats on your anniversary!!