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  1. simicrintz

    Just a heads up on Crawdaddy

    Glad you're home and starting the mending process. Been there, done that (both of what you've done but not 8 ribs at once!) so take is slow and easy!
  2. simicrintz

    Tire suggestions

    Dunlop D606 front and rear on my XR650 and I like them for dirt/street. Switched to a Shinko 505 on the rear of my 500EXC and love it. Still have not pulled the trigger on the front yet but the 216 seems like the go to.
  3. simicrintz

    Just a heads up on Crawdaddy

    Hate to hear this. Thoughts, prayers, good vibes-whatever it takes-to Chris for quick healing.
  4. simicrintz

    Peter Fonda - Easy Rider 1940-2019

    Such a bummer. Not much of a fan of his sister, but he was a cool dude. RIP Peter.
  5. Loving it; keep it coming!!!
  6. Probably got like 3' of air!
  7. simicrintz

    New test track??

    So you remember his Pinto wagon Went to grade school with Debbie and have known Dave since the 70's; solid people. He just had the info and is not part of it, is he?
  8. simicrintz


    Great video and great end comments; good for you, Chris!
  9. simicrintz

    New test track??

    Dave Mason from Valley Center?
  10. simicrintz

    Hog Electrics - New York Times Moto Intro

    I'm kinda torn on this. I guess it is somewhat of a natural evolution as we take better care of the planet, but it is hard for me (probably cuz I'm old!) to let go of certain things. I have two old classic cars, and they make noise and smell; part of me tells me they are supposed to do this. They are uncomfortable, rattle, and have no AC. When I drive them they take me back to a different time when we didn't have all of the comforts (and maybe distractions) that vehicles have now. Bikes are supposed to make noise to me. I am still coming to grips with quieter dirt bikes, but I am learning to appreciate them. One of my first mods to a bike in the past was to add a louder muffler; it was just what you did. Quieter bikes, and perhaps electric bikes, are probably something that I need to get used to. Interesting to see where this goes. The trend of electric bicycles and scooters seems to be all the rage (although it seems that I read almost daily of someone getting hurt on one of these!) and I doubt it will pass anytime soon, if at all.
  11. simicrintz

    Props to Suspension 101

    Good for you! It's on my list as well, especially since I am seeing some weeping on the front right side fork.....
  12. Go to Idyllwild at least once a year. You'll have a great time; enjoy!!!
  13. simicrintz

    1000 miles in Baja on Honda Monkeys

    My wife is a field inspector for AAA and is in a lot of yards. She knows to ask to look under tarps if there may be an old Mini Trail under there. One day I will find one! Cool viddy!!
  14. simicrintz

    The Cafe is closed...Cafe Husky

    Good for you, Mimi!!!
  15. simicrintz

    Folks who have/know about rzr's (or side by side)

    Currently looking at property in Utah with that same option; so cool!!