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  1. Suspenders

    Riding In Sand

    Lower tire pressures Drop forks in the triple clamps or get proper springs so the front rides at proper height. Stock springs are too soft and exacerbates your steering issues. So to explain further, when you let up on the gas the forks drop weighting the front changing your trail and that is when the bike will usually turn. Essentially your tire is pushing the sand in front and is the contact point instead of riding on top of it. That is what creates the sand wallowing etc. Faster you go the front tire will ride on top of the sand and you will have the trail the manufacturer intended. Also a big help when you are at higher speeds and on the gas if the back end is moving around, apply a bit of back brake. Tried it recently and immediately the rear stabilizes.
  2. Suspenders

    Yamaha Super Tenere 700

    What I really want is a vtwin 2 stroke 600 to 700cc injected at a reasonable 400lbs loaded up. Self righting of course! Pasta pilot has a classic vtwin that is likely to go up in value big time in the future.
  3. Suspenders

    Yamaha Super Tenere 700

    I just fell over and I am not even on my bike? Maybe it is me?
  4. Suspenders

    Yamaha Super Tenere 700

    Leaning towards the 790R in a year maybe. Xplor fork can be modified to perform really well. Think the 990 stays in the stable though. I love my 990. The Yamaha I really like. Less electronics, but the forks are 43mm like the Africa twin and may be an issue. They are KYB and may not have the flex issues but who knows? 43mm worries me. Saw a review saying the brakes were weak, but it's not out yet, so that may be addressed. Had not heard about the Honda 850? Just did UTBDR and AZBDR couple weeks ago with some young guys in there 50s. Took all the expert trails. My 990 is lighter than most at 460lbs with some fuel, but I'm getting too old to pick her up twice a day.
  5. Suspenders

    New ride. My first big bike.

    Have ridden them all and I am still riding the 990. After dial in the 1090R 1190R did surprise me as I did not expect them to be even close to the 990 off road. They are good though. Travel limited on the 1090R but still can be set up to haul ass off road as Ken will confirm. I think the 950 is good because of a lack of electronics that can strand you. World travel definitely the 950 otherwise they are all a blast.
  6. Suspenders

    First Off

    Sounds like you got that out of the way and it is time to, Ride On!
  7. Suspenders

    The People You Meet

    It is broken. Out for a few more weeks.
  8. Suspenders

    The People You Meet

    I would say you are a people person, a gentleman, and proof that there are really good people out there. Just don't tell anyone I said that. K
  9. Suspenders

    CNC work needed

    Mostly lathe as of now. Kenny sent me a name Kurtis and I have done his suspension in the past. Talked to him and I am going to drop by his place on Monday. Thanks all!
  10. Suspenders

    CNC work needed

    Anyone have a cnc machine shop recommendation. Tried a couple shops but they are over booked or just not their cup of tea. I need some parts made. Runs of 50 to 200 units at a time. Mostly aluminum and would be great to use someone close by. Im in Alpine. Thank you, George@suspension101.com
  11. Andy & Fred were there and only 4 get offs lol. Robert, I have them launching 1090's without bottoming. Kenny come by and borrow my 990 for a ride. Here is Freds gopro with Andy in front of him last week on the old set up and its not bad. Last 5 seconds is priceless fun. https://youtu.be/iU60VnmN_0E
  12. Hmm, new project. Building a Baja pre-runner for RJ. Going to have to take it to a modern level and more. Forks won't be a problem, they are nearly the same as the new Xplor. RJ was the first to ride the design that Kenny has in his bikes. That was about 5 years ago and it took till 2019 to make it available for the rest of us. Just because it worked on his Suzuki Showa set up does not mean it will work on a KTM open bath. Completely different build. The question is what do I do with the shock. Going to have to take a hard look at it. It is the smaller 46mm unit and it will overheat quite easily if he puts the hammer down. Wonder if I can squeeze a 50mm shock in there of any brand? Anyone have any helpful info? I know some of you have owned or maybe still own a 640 Adventure. Have not seen the bike yet, he is going to drop it off after the Mint 400. On another note, I love Pasta too! Jon is the one that turned me on to the ARRA Americans for Responsible Recreational Access. I need to make another donation to them sooner rather than later. They really are on top of the land access issues. Thank you Jon.
  13. Sorry for not following up on Progress. We never had the opportunity to go further with the new set up due to a wrist injury Noah sustained at McCain's on test day. We wait and hope Noah heals quickly and well. Initial Xrays show no broken bones but unable to ride.
  14. Been rough lately, have been second guessing my valving design for the SFF forks repeatedly. Same new design that Kenny S has on his new bike but only one damper and could not get enough hold up, repeatedly. That has been the issue all along. It has plenty of bottoming resistance but dips to deep into the stroke during extreme braking or similar events making the front unstable. I changed the design. It is nothing I have ever seen on any suspension. Ordered some parts and sometimes you just gotta feel your way through it and throw some Pasta against the wall and see if it sticks. I love Pasta! I had just about run out of ideas with the design and had to do something. At one point had four sets of cartridges on my bench KYB, Showa and WP open and closed chambers. Husky says WP only but I wanted to cheat. Put them all away, closed the door to the trailer, turned the heater on, and spent hours listening to the rain while fabricating. Duck out once in a while to chip some metal on the lathe. I will be danged if Noah did not call last night and was a happy camper. We are really close and he did almost no adjusting. Just rode it and it was working really well. I have been praying for real. Will go after external dial in today and then there may be some fine tuning. Noah is excited about Lake Havasu. Wow. This is a breakthrough. I guess that is how it works. Challenges create change and change can be good. The design Kenny S has is almost non existent in the industry and now we have a whole new aspect to that with so much adjustability a big door has opened. Thank you God for answering.
  15. 3rd place. Congratulations Noah👍 Came in right behind Andrew Short of MX fame. Passed quite a number of riders to get to 3rd and ran down 2nd place to the tune of over a minute faster lap time, but lappers prevailed. Proud of him! We have some time before Lake Havasu race to get things sorted and come out swinging for the championship. By the way he does not know I am spilling all this info, shhhhhhh.