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  1. Over the last few years Marty was losing his passion for motorcycles. After his racing career he rode track two times a week training till he was in his sixties. That is a lot of years, and God knows how many hours. Sent me a picture last year hucking a 120 foot jump at Pala. He and Nancy loved going to the dunes on uncrowded week days and playing in their buggy. That was their passion. Kept the buggy spotless like he did pretty much all his toys. He told me recently that he has truly had a blessed life. That statement in my eyes revealed two things. 1. That he truly did have a blessed life. A great career doing what he loved doing every day. 2. It was a reflection of his belief, and his attitude on life, always with that smile. They took care of his parents at their home until they passed with his mom passing just a few weeks ago. Simply good people. I probably was not much of a fan of Marty till I got to know him. I soon became a big fan and now with a heavy heart I miss him very much. I have a bottle of tequila they gave me in the freezer. Myself and a very good friend of his are going to partake in your honor Marty and Nancy. Blessed to the end I would say. Leaving while doing what they loved, together. That picture tells a story. See you on the rebound my friends.
  2. Suspenders

    Forgot to lock my trailer. Ouch!

    Ya the police told me tweakers rome the neighborhoods at night looking for anything they can get their hands on.
  3. Suspenders

    Forgot to lock my trailer. Ouch!

    Last Saturday night forgot to lock up. Got up in the morning to find two sets of KYB SSS forks and a set of Cone Valve forks with custom lugs gone, gone gone. The KYBs are YZ forks and the cone valves are for KTM. Cone valves all oem stickers as new, one of the KYBs had Suspension101 stickers. If you see anything please give me a call. Thanks all, George 619 997-5193
  4. Suspenders

    T700 Yamaha Adventure

    Cory pulled the bars off the 790 and was riding the Yamaha couple days later.
  5. Happy Birthday old man.

  6. Suspenders

    KTM 790R or Yamaha T7 or

    So I like the T7 lots but I like to be a hooligan once in a while. The KTM 790R has the power to do just that. I sent an email to the same guy in Latvia that cut open my 990 Ecu and took out the immobilizer and all the nanny crap to see if he can do it to the 790. I see what KTM is doing with the 790R warranty program. Deny for any reason possible. Clutches go bad and ruin a motor they put it down for owner abuse and deny. Customer in Vegas put hand guards on his bike and cut the clutch and brake handles shorter. KTM will not warranty the leaking shock. Been in the shop for about a month. Owner finally gave up and bought the upgrade shock from WP. Another bike at GP, immobilizer allows the bike to start sometimes and KTM stated the bike has too many modifications. Deny. I figure if I buy either bike the mods will come fast. If I buy the KTM I might as well assume no warranty and the immobilizer is my biggest worry, and clutches. I know hundreds of shocks are blowing on the R model. I already know how to fix that. So if I was keeping the bike totally stock I would not worry so much. The 790 has a 48mm fork. That is good bones. T7 likely would install new forks, increase power output and ride the hell out of it. New forks means custom fork lugs or maybe a KTM front end? Hmm a T790 Yaktmaha might be in my future!
  7. Suspenders

    Received a call from a Friend Saturday

    I have never looked at a CB500x. Are there any adjusters on the forks and shock? And does the shock have a reservoir? If yes on those points I can make it work.
  8. Suspenders

    Received a call from a Friend Saturday

    I went to Pine Valley road for a ride right before Bagstr came by. Had to test the suspension mods and see if I had to go back in for fine tuning. About half way up Pine Valley road I found myself riding at a pretty aggressive pace. Actually a faster pace than on my 990 of many years. I was jumping the bike I would guess 4 to 10 feet distances. The bike does everything better than my 990 except two areas. The 990 is way faster. I truly thought the T7 had traction control as I could get but a little bit of slide at speed in the wet on Viejas grade. I must say the traction was really good front and back. The power is just smooth as butter and even at 80mph very little vibration. My 990 has more travel so it is a bit more plush. But even with 210mm of travel I found myself doing cross ups like Roger DeCoster in the olden days. (well almost) Want to take an inside line? Simply tap the front brake and take it. I had to jump into the face of a whoop to get the front end to clank. Never did bottom the rear. I set it up pretty aggressive as its doing Barstow to Vegas next week. The Yamaha simply handles better than the 990. I would want more power even though I believe I am faster on the Yamaha than my KTM. Just 10hp, so the front lofts without the clutch. I have never ridden a smoother powerband, ever. Yamaha did a great job and I am thankful for the opportunity. By the way I went into the house for a moment and heard the T700 running. I ran outside aghast and there was Bagstr riding off down the road. Good on ya! Gave me a dollar for gas when he got back, so all good Now what bike the T7 or the 790R. To hell with the new Knees.
  9. Suspenders

    T700 Yamaha Adventure

    Although some want the bike yesterday, the fact that it is released elsewhere in advance does get us a better bike here. Well sorted. Silver lining!
  10. Suspenders

    T700 Yamaha Adventure

    The T700 Seating position is quite open compared to the 790 and do not think it would need risers for those that use them. Couple of the reasons I am even looking at this bike as a possible purchase is Yamaha seems to make bikes that are more dependable through more models than the other manufacturers. Like Honda used to be. Do not know if it is the testing they do or the engineers they employ. The T7 also has fewer electronics. Had a 790R here last week that is now at GP due to anti theft device malfunction. Randomly will not start. Some have same issue with 1090 and I had same issue with 990. Yes for hard core the suspension is still an unknown until after this T700 does the Barsow to Vegas run. That should give us some feedback. This is a rush job so the springs I have to provide for this rider will be soft for his weight but still will get some feedback. Internally this suspension is nearly identical to the WR250R forks except 43mm instead of 46mm and the Africa twin specs are almost identical as well. But the tubes on this bike were not trashed internally upon inspection. The Africa Twin, earlier models anyhow would have been worn already. Lots of info to gain in the next few months.
  11. Suspenders

    T700 Yamaha Adventure

    If it was mine I would let you ride it no problem. It is not mine.
  12. Suspenders

    T700 Yamaha Adventure

    Yes out of Canada. And I think Huntndogs article nailed it. Likely a certification issue and that is big money. Follow the money. Bike is pretty good right out of the box though, as I took a small ride before taking it apart.
  13. Cody from Camel Adv told me he has the only T700 in North America. I am doing the suspension and it is on my rack for another week or so. If you are considering one and want to take a look just let me know. Going to test it out at Corral to see how she handles soon as I am done. In about 9 months the bike will be crushed. Dang. Vin number shows it as the 15th bike off the assembly line.
  14. Suspenders

    Need local fork seals!

    Ya I tried K&L or is it K&S, yes K&S some years ago and had to re-seal several bikes, on me because they did not last. Lots of seal tidbits make a difference. Yamaha seals for instance the seals off the older Yamaha's last longer than their newer seals. They are going after reduced friction. Glad you got it sorted, and if ever in need I am here to serve.