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  1. trcooperone

    Keihin carb

    I have a perfectly working carb from an 05 wr450 it is a keihin carb comes with throttle cables $200
  2. trcooperone

    Wanted FCR carb

    Thanks for the link, I will check it out!
  3. trcooperone

    Wanted FCR carb

    I am in the hunt for an FCR carb, my 04 husky has a mikuni that is not great and in 05 they change to an FCR carb. I do not need it to be specifically from a husky but looking for one in the 39-41 range. From the research I have done one from a yamaha is a great fit, Honda not so much. At this point I am open to all options. Send me a message if you have one and what you want for it. Thanks!!
  4. trcooperone

    1 bike one atv for sale

  5. trcooperone

    2018 desert dash skill level

    Right on, thanks. Don't want to scare him away before he even gets started!
  6. trcooperone

    2018 desert dash skill level

    I would like to take a friend of mine on essentially the 2018 desert dash route. He is just getting back into riding and bought himself a brand new 2018 ktm 500 exc-f. He is anxious to get some riding in and has had somef smaller trips but this would be his first big adventure. I did not ride last year and was curious what you all thought. Can a new guy ride it? It is hard for me to judge for myself. I am by know means an expert but hard for me to judge the level needed. I think he will be ok
  7. trcooperone

    Radios or Bluetooth?

    I have the rugged radio moto kit but used the baofeng uv-5r radio from amazon with an upgraded antenna. I love the kit and it works really well. Right now Rugged is selling the kit with a radio for $180, that is a great deal. https://www.ruggedradios.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1083_1101&products_id=1911 I do have my HAM license and have for a few years but it was not difficult to get and nice to be "legal" anyway.
  8. trcooperone

    McCain two-stroke day

    pm sent, I have a rim that will fit you bike for sale.
  9. trcooperone

    Rim swap

    I bought this rim/hub off a guy in Craigslist and he claimed it was off an early 2000s KTM. I want to go with an 18” rim instead of my 19” for a few different reasons. Main reason is trail side tube replacement or patch Anyway, can anyone shed some light on this rim? It looks like it has two rim bead locks on it also. my stock axles spaces fit right in so I can run it with my stock axle. It should “work” just curios about the rim itself
  10. trcooperone

    The next step (what moto to get)

    Been riding the bikes as much as possible and we are having a blast!! I have made a few changes and upgrades which have helped! Would like to get the GP’S track for the 2017 desert dash so we can try and conquer what defeated us!!
  11. trcooperone

    2017 desert dash track

    or if someone can pm me and ill send my email over. We didn't have gps at the time. We attempted to use the roll chart...
  12. trcooperone

    2017 desert dash track

    Sorry!! I’ll ask in the private section.
  13. trcooperone

    2017 desert dash track

    Does anyone have the 2017 desert dash file they can share? My dad and I attempted it back in 2017 and now we have more capable bikes and a lot more seat time and would like to return and actually complete it!!! Thanks in advance!
  14. trcooperone

    husky rear rim

    I have been contemplating switching out my stock 19" rear rim on my 04 husky tc450 to an 18" Mainly because I want more side wall that the 19" rim and easier to change a tube on the trail. Can anyone tell me either a good source for a strong 18" hoop or maybe a bike that shares the same hub/axle etc that I can just swap in. Maybe find something on craigslist. Thanks!!
  15. trcooperone

    GPS maps

    I bought California trails map, thank you for the recommendation!!! Thank you for the other options, I am stoked to get started and explore!