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  1. I’m actually riding Corral Canyon on Tuesday the 19th with a friend. I’m riding my 1290 and he his 990. Wednesday will be rainy.
  2. I don’t know. Took riverside dr when I heard a bike around but didn’t see anybody. If I had, I would’ve probably pulled over just to say hi and make it up to my riding all the way up there for nothing. I got there at 6:45 and left at around 7:20. Would’ve been nice to at least say hi to a few of you. Anyhow....next time.
  3. Alright then, I am at the junction right now and don’t see anybody. I have looked up Pinyon Trail and the squeeze + the heart attack hill definitely looked challenging. I was hoping to meet with a few of you guys to give me a little more details and then see if I was gonna follow or turn around. I guess I’ll just turn around.
  4. Well I’m at the junction right now. By the real estate place.
  5. I may be able to make it as I may have the day off tomorrow! How steep and severe are we talking? Does it require some serious skills on a 1290? Any route, plan or trails I can look up to see how hard they are?
  6. SaMaKi

    Friday 27th.

    I am working this weekend. About to get ready for my ride, I'll head to Palomar Divide, haven't ridden that trail in a while.
  7. I will be riding tomorrow the 27th for sure. Not sure where, how long or what time but if anybody wants to join, hit me up even if it's in the middle of the day. Open to suggestions.
  8. Very....very short notice but who’s up for a sunset ride tonight to the top of Black Mountain? We can meet at 5:30PM at the duck farm in Ramona.
  9. I’ll try and create an FTP or a Dropbox account to upload GPX’s.
  10. The Tractionator Adventure was my previous set, the rear was amazing but the front had the well known weird wear pattern. Not sure what to think about the front RallZ as it felt a little loose compared to the Adventure. We’ll see as it wears out.
  11. Sure.....if you aren’t planning on going any faster than 40mph cause that’s the drone’s max speed.
  12. Because the ride is over. Check out the report.
  13. We can do Thomas Mountain or Santa Rosa for the next ride. Keep an eye on the local rides section, I’ll post up something soon for this week. And speaking of new shoes.......this ride was my first ride on brand new MotoZ RallZ tires.
  14. Since no one contacted me I figured I didn't have to be at Starbucks at 9AM so left the house around 9:45AM, lots of break stops and slow pace, got back home at around 7:30PM. Full day relaxing ride.
  15. I feel you brother! I brought mine along multiple times but used it only on a few rides because of the hassle of getting it out, plugging the phone to the remote etc... The risk of breaking it as well was concerning especially when you know how “expensive” those are. I got it tangled once in power or phone lines in one of those “follow” me riding sessions. Hehe. I sticked a velcro to my gas tank to hold the remote, phone is connected on the mount and I try not to worry about it. If it crashes, it crashes. I learned to trust the sensors and use it only in complete open areas.