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  1. Zenosan

    Bike Tech day Escondido - Sat Dec 22

    I am a maybe. Depends on my wife's hair appointment.😎
  2. Zenosan

    Bike Tech day Escondido - Sat Dec 22

    I live close by so I should be able to make it.
  3. Done Randy Thanks for the years of enjoyment. Don Husky Monument, X Plane Ride, Photo by Fakename. 2008.
  4. Zenosan

    Zenosan - Happy Birthday !!

    Thanks for the BD wishes guys. But when you are on the down side to 80 you don't celebrate birthdays...you mourn them. Air cooled all the way! Don
  5. Hi Chris I like your Honda collection. We really should get together to trade Honda info. As you know I have my share. I am back in Escondido until the end of the month then back up to Page to entertain guests. Hope your Grand Canyon trip went well. Don
  6. Hi Paul Yup, I am still around but just just a passive spectator on it all.
  7. XR400 is a great bike. My friend in Page Az owns the Honda dealership there and could ride any bike on his showroom floor. But his personal bike is an XR400.
  8. Zenosan

    CID Birthday?

    Hi Cosmo Seems North County has a fair number of SDAR members. A good gathering should be the maintenance day this Saturday in Escondido. I will try to get back in time to attend. Always nice to see old friends struggle with their equipment over a beer. Zenosan
  9. Zenosan

    CID Birthday?

    I will be in Escondido Monday through Thursday. Heading back to Page on Friday. Send me a PM with your phone number. I will send you a text.
  10. Zenosan

    CID Birthday?

    Hi Chris Welcome back to the Honda XL. You know my collection of XL's. I think I currently have 9, XL185 through XL600. Let me know if you need any manuals or parts. I have plenty. I even have some NOS parts, speedometer, Super Trapp etc.. Don Esclante Grand Staircase near Page AZ.
  11. Zenosan


    I did have a beard once back in the seventies Dave when Wolfman Jack's beard was the fashion of the day. But I gave it up when I couldn't do it justice or look like Wolfman Jack. My blond hair and careless eating habits made it look ridiculous. That was when I I decided to no longer be a slave to fashion in Beards or Boots since I haven't come across any real improvement over the a good pair of leather Alpinestars .
  12. Zenosan


    This is my brother on one of our Vintage Huskys wearing the same boots on a desert Hare and Hound.
  13. Zenosan


    These are my Malcolm Smith's for dressy rides.
  14. Zenosan


    By the way, real leather boots are always black.
  15. Zenosan


    As the resident Luddite I am still wearing these same leather Alpinestars I wore in 1979. Probably the same dirty sox and under ware too.

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