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  1. Great, two o’clock okay to arrive on Friday?
  2. I will be there early on Friday to help set up for dinner and registration. Would a two o'clock arrival Friday be okay? On a side note... I won't be able to help on Sunday due to an unforeseen situation.
  3. What time will the volunteers meet? I will be trailering my bike from Borrego. Planning to ride sweep with a radio if that’s okay. Have a med kit and training.if needed.
  4. SoCalMule

    What is up with this?

    Sure could use some advise guys... I have found fiberglass muffler packing "plugs" collecting right behind the spark arrester screen on my 450 exc, way too many times. I even road the bike for a few weeks without the screen, thinking that it will just blow out the residual fiberglass (from the fresh repack that was completed 10-15 hours ago). Did I somehow pack the muffler wrong? Maybe I put too much masking tape on to hold the packing in place for ease of reassembling it? I would take the muffler apart... but man, I did such a good job of sealing the muffler with heat rated silicone! Anyone else have had this kind of issue? Is it normal for a fresh repack to shed for a bit? My previous bikes did not have a spark arrester screen system like this one has. The photos show a collection of fiber after an 80 mile desert ride. Thanks for any help, The Plugged Mule
  5. SoCalMule

    What is up with this?

    That sounds possible Dave. I will dive in to it in the morning. I have a new packing kit that has a separate sock that goes over the screen pipe inside before I wrap it. This should fix it! Thanks so much! I'll post pics of what I find.
  6. SoCalMule

    What is up with this?

    Thanks Jim, I agree with you. Was hoping it would just stop on it’s own; that someone had it happen and would say “no problem Mark, just ride it!”
  7. SoCalMule

    What is up with this?

    Thanks kkug, i don’t think that’s it... I was very carfull not to force anything during assembly. This seems to be more like the exhaust gas is creating a resonance and it’s just blasting the insides of the packing out of the muffler and the fibers end up collecting fiber by fiber at the screen.
  8. SoCalMule

    What is up with this?

    It’s been my experience that to keep optimum performance for the engine that occasionally we should re-pack our mufflers. When a muffler becomes too loud it’s usually a sign that the packing is in need of replacement. One interesting thing is that even with my muffler partially blocked my KTM still puts out a lot of horsepower. I just noticed a performance drop during high demand throttle positions.
  9. SoCalMule

    Bought a new (to me) KTM from a sketchy dude...

    Just in case tape doesn't stick or if your wallet is too fat... https://www.ebay.com/p/Akrapovic-V-EC17-Replacement-End-Cap/171257256?iid=183589644606&chn=ps
  10. SoCalMule

    Changing a tire

    Bruce it is my recommendation to heat. The tire with a hair dryer if there is one in the home. Start on the opposite side of the rim lock. Spray the bead full circle with windex if you don’t have pool guy magic lube; if you do use it! Make sure that the rim lock is completely lose just thread the nut on a few turns. Remove you bead buddy. Start a few bites on the tire and hold with your knees (using your knees to keep the bead deep in the rim will make the job easier) have about a good 14 inches on the rim but push the bead into the center of the rim. Know you can place the bead buddy holding what you installed so far. Now take your small bites always keeping the bead as far in to the center of the rim. This provide more room to continue installing the tire. When you get the tire to the rim lock push up on the rim lock so.the bead will slip in below the rim lock. If necessary you can use a tire iron on the back side of the tier to lift the tire over the depressed (up) rim lock. I forgot to mention that the tube should have a little pressure in it and placed in the tire befor you start any work. I also rub the tube with the magic lube which is silicone grease (safe for tubes and tires, no swelling) which helps limit pinch flats in my opinion. Once you get one side of the tire on feed the valve stem through the rim and place the nut on so it doesn’t slip back through. Just be patient and after a few times you will have the confidence necessary to do it on the trail. I’m writing this from my baby screen on my phone so I hop it makes sense . Good luck! I have faith in you! Did I mention it’s a tiny screan and I don’t have my glasses on?
  11. SoCalMule

    Coyote Canyon

    Love the present moment Jim! Awesome color! Thanks for sharing your experience.
  12. SoCalMule

    Helmet rack

    What a great idea!
  13. SoCalMule

    Helmet rack

    My friend bought one of the first CR250's to reach San Diego. It was the first Bulltaco Persang eater from Japan.
  14. SoCalMule

    Bought a new (to me) KTM from a sketchy dude...

    On your skid plate, I recommend safety wiring the quick release thumb fastener to your frame in the tightening position; it can vibrate loose sometimes...ask me how I know? Congratulations! it seems the heavens are definitely smiling on you.
  15. Hey Scott! Long time! Wishing you and your family well.
  16. Dave and Van, it sure was beautiful! Having been a long time resident of Borrego Springs, I do not recall seeing such a bloom of Lupine in the Ocotillo Wells area before! Waist high! This was a great ride! Happy to have been able to show some of the areas that we don't normally traverse. Cheers, The Lead Mule
  17. SoCalMule

    Snow to desert dash

    Oh Boy! I'm cold, tired, and sore! Great write-up! Felt like I was there. Cheers, the Chilly Mule
  18. Perfect!!!! Thanks Jim!!!!
  19. SoCalMule

    CPR First Aid/ Responder class Sun Feb 10-2019

    Very good class. Thanks Phill, Mike, and everyone else involved! May we never need this training, but if we do, I feel that all in attendance will have the confidence gained by this training to make a positive difference! Cheers! The First Aid Mule
  20. SoCalMule

    New Boot

    Welcome elmike 🗝️
  21. I m feeling so grounded right now.
  22. I won't be able to attend unfortunately. I love the color of these soft corals! Snorkeling or Diving Rigger? I love the Coral Canyon Reference! Poor Paul...