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  1. Ptkatoomer

    McCain Sun 8AM

    The CRF would be the better choice. It's mostly singletrack and flowy two track stuff. You can get in to some pretty rocky stuff if you wanted to.
  2. Ptkatoomer

    Bee Canyon 11/8/20

    Definitely looked a little chilly! Not sureI have the right kind ofgear for that. What was that last song-sounded pretty cool.
  3. Nice! Any chance you'd be available to ride Thursday or Friday?
  4. Ptkatoomer

    McCain Thursday?

    Meeting space cowboy at 9. Meeting at the big tree.
  5. Anybody up for some singletrack?
  6. Ptkatoomer

    1999 Husqvarna redo

    Looking good! I'm jealous of that cushy looking seat
  7. Nitro pn is NMS18-285. Says this fits an 110/100 - 18. Rim size 1.85. This is a narrower rim, probably a 125 size bike. NO WONDER my bike felt really squirrelly at anything over 25! I totally screwed up an bought this for my 300. It's practically brand new. I thought it was just the low psi feeling that I didn't like so I got the standard psi mousse and that's when I saw my mistake. If you're interested, be sure and DOUBLE check Nittro's fitment guide to see that it fits your tire and bike. $50
  8. Ptkatoomer

    1999 Husqvarna redo

    Saturday night Rob!
  9. 350 thumper has a night ride Saturday in the Dez.
  10. Ptkatoomer

    DS Dezert Nights

    i say Chevron at 7
  11. Ptkatoomer

    DS Dezert Nights

    What time?
  12. I don't want to know that! Ignorance is bliss .....
  13. Ptkatoomer

    KDX 200 New Progress 9-22-20

    "Just added the Fredette kick lever. Shorter stroke and tucks in better." Back in the late 70's the Team Husky desert racers used to shorten the kick-start lever in order to get the engine to spin over faster for those dead engine starts.