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  1. Don't let the heat stop you. We had some great night rides last year with Darren leading the pack. I was surprised to learn that even when it was over 100 degrees at night, when you don't have direct sunlight hitting you it's really not too bad.
  2. Ptkatoomer

    Free Books

    If no takers, you might consider donating them to a local prison.
  3. Ptkatoomer

    F/S '20 KTM 250 XC-F

    Good buddy of mine just brought in his bike to C&D cycles (where I now work) and put it on consignment. It's only got 3.2 hours on it and he's tricked it out with a bunch of stuff: -RaceTech spring conversion for the AER fork, sprung for 190lb rider (he also brought in the original internals). I met him at the track in Lake Elsinore and got to compare it to my '17 300 XC with the air forks-I was very impressed with how much better his forks were. -TM designs rear shark fin -ProMoto billit spark arrestor endcap -Acerbis front disc guard and hand shields -Skidplate (I believe TM designs) -P3 pipe guard Owner is a 62 yr-old, Novice level rider that has three bikes and decided he likes the 150tpi better. It's better then new and not even broken in yet! Asking $8400 obo PS: All his personal vehicles are like this, including his car and truck. Anything he puts up for sale is ALWAYS a great deal.
  4. Sounds like you would like the Sprint Enduro series that Isde97 is talking about. I haven't really raced in years but that's one series I'm interested in.
  5. I've got the same bike as you ('20 model). I WAS running tubliss and really liked the way you can adjust pressures for different conditions. I'd go to 4psi for McCain, Tecate, etc. in the rear and then 10-12 for everywhere else. But I HATE flats and had a bladder failure in Colorado. After that I went with the Nittro mousse. I tried the softer "plushy" in the rear but it's too limiting (meaning soft) to use anywhere else. Now I'm running their standard mousse (10-12psi) and love that you can go anywhere and not worry about flatting. I've not had any issues with dinging the rims. One downside, they say, with the mousse is that they only last a couple of tire changes. Since I don't get to ride all that much they should last me a good while! Never running mousse before, the Nittro's are supposed to offer a more "lively" feel but I definitely noticed the "deader" feeling right away, but you soon forget all about it. I even preferred that feeling in the really rocky stuff. AXP skidplate, folding levers and mounted the burly SXS hand shields that I attached to the KTM full-wrap extensions that are designed to work with the stock shields for lightweight full coverage. Also added a carbon fiber pipe guard. Note: I tend to fall over alot.
  6. Ptkatoomer

    Hey 2 smoke guys, what's the bike to get?

    This is old news, but interesting..... https://www.ktmforum.co.uk/threads/interesting-things-about-jarvis-romans-bikes.1238049/
  7. Ptkatoomer

    Check out this cruise control device!

    Wow, super cheap. I liked this one becuase I saw it being mounted on a 500exc like mine. Doesn't affect your hand on the grip or interfere with the levers.
  8. https://www.atlasthrottlelock.com/pages/motorcycle-brands
  9. Ptkatoomer

    Hey 2 smoke guys, what's the bike to get?

    But, did you ever try the different colored springs for the valve? Isn't that basically the same as changing the preload?
  10. Ptkatoomer

    Sycamore Valley

    I've been interested reading up on some of these Adventure bike posts here on SDAR. Thought this was kinda neat (for a guy who's never ridden an Adventure bike) and it was filmed in our local desert. Think I'd go with that Tenere if I ever bought one.
  11. Ptkatoomer

    SOLD: 2017 F800GS Adventure (Premium)

    Sweet looking ride.
  12. Ptkatoomer


    For us vertically challanged folk, the way that thing drops down automatically when you stop sounds pretty cool. They need to figure out a light-weight way to do that on my dirt bike!
  13. Ptkatoomer


    Really enjoyed the Harley back story.