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  1. Ptkatoomer

    Dual Sport Nite Ride

    I'll be there.
  2. Ptkatoomer

    Xplor Forks - DIY 15min revalve ! Testers needed.

    George, you did the suspension on my '15 500Exc and it was amazing. I just traded it in for a '20 model that comes with new valving. With all this heat, and now a new job starting in a week I don't know when I'll get the chance to ride again. If you'd like , you're welcome to ride my bike for a bit so you can compare stock to your set-up.
  3. Ptkatoomer

    Dual Sport Nite Ride

    Hmmmm, think I've been called out. Ok, I'm gonna try and make it .
  4. Ptkatoomer

    Dual Sport Nite Ride

    Hmmmm, looks like it's going to be about 103 at 6pm tomorrow .....
  5. Ptkatoomer

    1999 Husqvarna TE610 (DS)

    Is that really the law? I'm thinking they would want the plate to be horizontal for easy legibility.
  6. Ptkatoomer

    Dual Sport Nite Ride

    does the bike need to be plated?
  7. Ok, but I'll bet if you ride my Ktm and I rode your Honda, the Ktm would win!
  8. https://enduro21.com/en/videos/latest/david-knight-s-ktm-500-exc-f-pro-bike-build What's really impressive is that the guy was the top rider for factory Ktm for years, yet he can completely tear down a four stroke engine and do complete suspension service like its just another day at the office...
  9. Ptkatoomer

    Sunday Funday

    Sweet looking lid. Does the transitions lens change fast enough as you're going in and out of shade though?
  10. Ptkatoomer

    1999 Husqvarna TE610 (DS)

    Robert, I've got the perfect shirt for you to wear when you're dual-sporting that thing. Davide gave it to me back in my Acerbis days. It's too big for me. I'll try to get it to you next time we meet up.
  11. Happy birthday , Rory !

    Are you officially gonna retire now?

    1. crfxer


      Thanks Paul!  I wish!  Not till the end of 2021

  12. Ptkatoomer

    Side panel repair

    "Here's the fit from the backside under the fender. I wanted it to stick out barely. But still come off when I want to do maintenance." I didn't think you ever did any maintenance 🙂
  13. Best chance before the heat - wish I could go !
  14. Mike, Sorry I didn't see this, but it was good to at least meet afterwards. Hopefully we'll get to do some riding together. Did 32 miles and didn't see a soul till I got back to the car and Mike pulled in from doing his own loop. Not too hot and the wind was picking up which was nice.