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  1. I've got a '16 KTM 350 EXC-F that I got virtually new less then a year ago. Since then I've put about 600 miles on it. I was draining the coolant to install some radiator guards and the coolant was dark, almost like coffee. Is this from engine oil getting in there? I must confess I only ever check the level by taking off the radiator cap, but I've never noticed any significant drop or weird color just looking in there. I then changed the engine oil and it was very dirty and somewhat low but not milky or anything like that. Are the 2 seals to the waterpump impellor the only way that something foreign could get into the coolant system? Does coolant get "dirty" like engine oil over time?
  2. To top it off, the resuarant near McCains where you could get pizza and sandwiches just burned down.
  3. Ptkatoomer

    Adventure packing - interesting video

    I don't have an adventure bike, but maybe one day...... I like watching all these vids because it gets me fired up about wanting to try it. Maybe I relate more to him becuase my background is all off-road and liking the technical stuff. This was another one of his videos I really enjoyed:
  4. Ptkatoomer

    Sur-Ron Storm Bee

    https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0587/6947/3715/files/HOME-2X2ADV-mobile_2000x.jpg?v=1635209333 These look even better for something like that. 2 wheel drive, no chain. Ubco electric bikes
  5. Ptkatoomer

    KTM shop recommendations

    The shop I work at, C&D cycles in San Diego could certainly handle that. As well as NCY, Poway powersports and Motoworld of El Cajon (they're all KTM Dealers,C&D isn't) As mentioned above, there's definitely SDAR members who could do this for sure.
  6. So, I have the Rekluse in my 300, whichis a game-changer for a short-legged guy like me in the technical stuff. I don't have one in the 500 and I tell myself that this helps me keep what little clutch skills I have.
  7. Ptkatoomer


    When you dial 911 from your phone, are they able to see exactly where you are like they do with a Spot?
  8. Ptkatoomer


    Glad it wasn't worse. Get well soon! Curious: was this one of those situations where you sent an SOS thru a Spot or some such? Like to know the details on the immeadiate plan of action and rescue.
  9. Every time I read one of your amazing stories I think I'd like to get a "Real" Adventure bike , but then I go and look at one and realize just how BIG these things really are (compared to my little 500exc) and that intimidates the heck out of me. Being a life-long dirt-bike only guy for 48years I can't imagine taking those bikes on some of those trails that I would want to. I really think I'd get myself in over my head really quick. It'd be tough to know when to scale back,
  10. Ptkatoomer

    Electric: Maybe they've finally figured it out

    The thought of going to a Supercross race and watching the bikes ride around in silence just depresses me......

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