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  1. royboyz

    Coyote Canyon

    Nice, yes very nice
  2. royboyz

    Toni Bau =WOW

  3. royboyz

    SDAR DS Evolution shirts- sale/ input

    I will take 2 X-larges
  4. royboyz

    Carrying your radio

    Does all that just mean to mount upright?
  5. Thanks for putting on the ride Kug and it was good riding with all you guys. I’m all about fun rides
  6. From what I've read on the site Mr JaJa I would say the frequency would be 146.505 but may be wrong
  7. I was thinking about riding from my place in the town of Ocotillo about 30 miles to the ranger station, will the Salton Sea fuel stop be within another 70 miles or so ? I know it is as the crow flys but just depends on if we are crows or not and Is anyone going to have radios ?
  8. Kug, I was assuming this is a small bike ride but correct me if I’m wrong
  9. Here's a link for you to Baja Racing gear witch is where I ordered my 8 watt Baefong radio a couple of years ago with every thing you need but they are now it looks like a Rugged Radios dealer also. However I don't think it is the ultimate set up but works for me for a good price. Had it as a spare at the district 38 race last weekend and used it because something was wrong with the kenwood in my truck and could communicate with the main pits about 5 miles away no problem. https://shop.bajaracinggear.net/8-watt-race-radio-with-helmet-kit.html
  10. I'm going to try and make it if the planets align
  11. royboyz

    Radios or Bluetooth?

    Is this frequency of 146.505 a ham type to were technically you need the Ham license ?
  12. royboyz

    What 30k can get you

    WOW, I guess I'll have to buy 2 so I have a spare. LOL
  13. I cant plan anything more than a few days in advance so I will for sure maybe possibly be in
  14. It was good to meet you guys, Charlie, John and Bob. Also, finally got to meet "the man, the myth, the legend" KKug of whom I've only seen the legendary photo of just about everywhere and that was awfully nice to bring up the camper and cook dinner for us and good seeing Jim and Darren again, Good ride guys.