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  1. royboyz

    Just a heads up on Crawdaddy

    Heal well and speedy Crawdaddy
  2. I did it last year on my V-strom (yeah I know) and it was awesome but I couldn't imagine doing it 2 up, Props to you and good report
  3. I had an absolute blast , it was good riding with you also Ken and sorry about the mix up down there by the diving board but we thought you had taken a bypass. We had a good group of us riding on the way back from the old mill Sunday
  4. royboyz

    Unpaid Tab at SDAR Meeting 7/17

    The only thing I had there was one beer and she didn't have it listed but I paid her anyways so she was definitely able to make a mistake. But I know I would have made about 30 mistakes if I had her job.
  5. Happy B-Day, don't celebrate 2 hard.

  6. Good write up but next time you will need more than 3 days.
  7. I won't be able to make it. Ran into some bike problems
  8. I'm in contigent on getting the ole ktm 525 back together tonight, Just some wiring and plastics mounted. Were are meeting?
  9. Looks like a good time
  10. royboyz

    New SDAR shirt - Looking for quick input

    They look good and I will take a blue XL
  11. royboyz

    2019 Ca, Or, Nv

    I'm Jealous, that looks like a good time
  12. royboyz

    KTM Adventure windscreens

    I'm not sure if they make a givi airflow for your bike but its adjustable on the fly up or down with one hand. I have one one my v-strom but it looks a little funky though
  13. Wow that's pretty cool, It looks like you can take everything and the kitchen sink on that rig
  14. Crap I’m out just found a bad shock bushing