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  1. Damn, I want to go but fractured an arm 3 weeks ago and not sure it will be healed by then so I'm a maybe
  2. royboyz

    A Beer with Dan Rider

    I've been on 2 of Dan's big bike rides and they were good fun. He needs to plan another
  3. looks like a fun ride
  4. Yes Zubb, its over as I just slabbed it back to Mexican Helmet and drove home
  5. I think I will crash this party also if that’s Ok
  6. Here are a pics from the White Rim Trail the most scenic trail I have ever ridden and highly recomended
  7. Good one CID I carry whiskey for that also and it’s good in case you have to remove a limb that’s stuck under the bike
  8. The next morning pushed through the last 2 sections and finished BDR at Bear Lake which is kind of a tourist resort so couldn’t find a motel and slabbed 70 miles south to Evanston Wyoming in the dark with a stock crappy headlight nervous as hell about deer dashing across the road cause I’m not of fan of hitting deer on a bike after doing it in a motor home years ago. As I spent a night in civilization for the first time in 6 & 1/2 days and decided I was going to do The White Rim trail in Moab as I still had a week left
  9. As I continued towards Stawberry reservoir A teenager Moose came running out of the bushes right in front of me and turned the same direction I was heading so I pulled in the clutch and thought about trying to get out the camera but knew that was unrealistic as he plodded along directly in front and the same speed as l for about 100 feet and then broke left an into the trees. That was fantastic as I had been a little disappointed with the lack of wildlife I’d seen up to this point compared to CoBDR last year and not more than 15 miles later downhill on the twisty paved road course into Strawberry came around a sharp corner and again pulled in the clutch and thought WTF is that in the road? A gigantic Hawk of some sort chewing on a rodent as he went to flight he was 8 feet to my right as I slowed to keep pace he saw me to his left and banked right and over the hill he dove. A go pro that could be activated by voice command in these situations would be great. That is something I will never forget looking directly into his eyes as he or she saw me. Fueled up at the reservoir and continued on not wanting to stay another night at high elevation as I started Section 5 late in the afternoon again. I stopped just before dark at 8200’ elevation next to a babbling brook near hiway 35. Another cold one as you can see from the frost.
  10. royboyz

    That Tunnel

    Hope you didn’t cross that line
  11. Bagstr, I had the route loaded on my phone using as gps and also my on my old Garmin 60csx as back up and that was some of the problem with keeping me pushing forward as I was only a little over 20 miles from hiway 40 as the crow flies anyways. I was also carrying a PLB to only be used in a life or death situation.
  12. Uncle Champ, no I didn’t tell this to the wife because she was already calling me wreckleless for doing this on my own especially since I am a type 1 diabetic but I don’t let that stop me.
  13. You got that right Zubb, after that and with clouds still in the area I would look up every wash as I would pash through. Really wish I would have given those people my email to send me the video cause it was pretty sketchy crossing the river