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  1. royboyz

    2019 Ca, Or, Nv

    I'm Jealous, that looks like a good time
  2. royboyz

    KTM Adventure windscreens

    I'm not sure if they make a givi airflow for your bike but its adjustable on the fly up or down with one hand. I have one one my v-strom but it looks a little funky though
  3. Wow that's pretty cool, It looks like you can take everything and the kitchen sink on that rig
  4. Crap I’m out just found a bad shock bushing
  5. I would like to join in and just ride up from Ocotillo if anyone will have a gas can that I could purchase a half gallon from to compensate for the extra mileage from Ocotillo and back( not a newbie)
  6. royboyz

    Devil's Creek

    Darren, are you thinking of the trail from Inkopah down thru mountain springs then through devils canyon to the desert floor ? That ones a doosy
  7. royboyz

    2009 KTM 300 XC/W - SOLD!!!

    I want it so if these guys bail I need it.
  8. royboyz

    Destination questions

    I have done it many times in the last few years and tried to go from the bottom up but could not as the new owners have installed steel gates on the tunnels and the route around would be trials bike material ,maybe. Don't know about the top though but would imagine it would be more of the same.
  9. royboyz

    Coyote Canyon

    Nice, yes very nice
  10. royboyz

    Toni Bau =WOW

  11. royboyz

    SDAR DS Evolution shirts- sale/ input

    I will take 2 X-larges
  12. royboyz

    Carrying your radio

    Does all that just mean to mount upright?
  13. Thanks for putting on the ride Kug and it was good riding with all you guys. I’m all about fun rides
  14. From what I've read on the site Mr JaJa I would say the frequency would be 146.505 but may be wrong