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  1. skeelo221

    Honda CB 500-4 1972

    Nice! Which coffee shop will you ride to first? So many options!
  2. I'd love to but coming alone the 10 hour drive isn't worth it for me...
  3. Hey PP, Sadly, not looking too good for me anymore. For the 10 hour drive roundtrip to be worth it I'd need at least 3 days riding like you are planning but doesn't look like I'll be able to get away for that long.
  4. skeelo221

    MotoGP 2018 - Last Lap of Qatar

    No flip of the wrist this time from Dovi! Gonna be a good season for sure. Looking forward to next month, going back to COTA to watch the race
  5. @Bp619 was telling me about this one -- I should be able to make it
  6. Chris that was probably my favorite section. Loved riding the alpine goat trails that was rad. The marker was there but it wasn't that obvious it looked like someone had moved the wood slightly so it didn't really catch your attention as you rode by. But the tracks were perfect.
  7. First time riding up in the Mammoth area -- fun times! The tracks were great Chris -- lots of fun "nuggets" in there for sure. Here are some of my pics from Sat & Sun. The rains made for some incredible dirt -- the traction levels were insane and no dust.
  8. Cool sounds good. I'm staying at the Motel 6 for easy walking to the fest Thanks for the offer to ride with y'all I'll likely take you up on that since I'm heading up there solo
  9. Rad I always laugh at the Oxxxo every time I go by there
  10. Who's going this year?
  11. Have fun Dave! I'd like to join you but my bike is out of commission for the next few weeks
  12. I went this year to spectate (for my honeymoon) Everyone add it to their bucket list -- wow what an experience and such a cool little country!
  13. skeelo221

    The Rincon Trail Itch

    Did you make it up yet?
  14. skeelo221

    Do we have any members who are in their 20s and 30s?

    32 but you would never know based on my height
  15. Sounds epic. Consider me wildly interested, maybe.