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  1. standarche

    How would you handle this?

    Maybe he just wanted to talk to you about your bike?
  2. standarche

    "Thinstrom" Project Help

    update: don't look TOO closely 😁 Are these super blurry to you too???
  3. standarche

    "Thinstrom" Project Help

    I'll see what I can do about a drawing, and I'll get pictures up soon...even though I'm embarrassed at the current state I'm riding it in now. With an SV tank I'd lose a gallon, which for me is okay for range. I can always do a rotopax gallon if I need it. Current state is just with the front fairing removed, new headlight and flyscreen installed, and rear racks removed Future plans include a slimmer gas tank, a reduced length seat (I do not ride with passengers), and a reworking of the plastics under the seat and in the tail. I am new at all fabrication, but plan on doing abs plastics with a heat gun until it works and incorporating a tail tidy. I prefer soft bags, and mostly pillion duffel bags, for storage over the aluminum panniers I have. Plus, with two young kids at home my several day trips are behind, and way ahead, of me. So far with just a ride today, the strom feels like a new bike with the fairing and rear rack removed. It feels like riding a motorcycle again instead of a big couch.
  4. standarche

    "Thinstrom" Project Help

    Hello gentle people! I have recently started a "Thinstrom" conversion for my 2014 DL650 and would appreciate any help or suggestions when it comes to the gas tank. I have a "vision" of a tank that does not extend past the frame, instead of the bulbous monstrosity of the stock tank. My question is does anyone know of a shop that could reshape the stock tank or custom make a new tank, since my fabrication skills are limited to super glue and duct tape. My other option is to find a 2nd gen SV650 tank, but it does not sit flush with the bottom of the frame, a minor inconvenience I suppose. I have decided that undertaking this project is more fun and purposeful than just buying a different bike, but rather making my current bike more of what I have come to enjoy. I appreciate any help or direction!
  5. I will do my best to make this journey with you!
  6. standarche

    A Good Day Visiting Locals

    I went into GP for my first time a couple weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of the staff, and the non pressure attitude of the sales team. I was looking at bikes for a buddy, as well as that Ducati Desert Sled with gold rims which will be my next bike, and they entertained my musings and stories. That's how you earn someone's business in my opinion, so good on them.
  7. standarche

    Bike Tech - Maintenance Day Sat Aug 24

    I plan on stopping by just to meet and greet and then I plan on hitting up those dealers near you since I don't often get up to north county much.
  8. Sadly...I think none of us will be here for this ride in 2091 😂
  9. standarche

    Bike Tech - Maintenance Day Sat Aug 24

    Thank you for the info. I will try to make it just to meet and greet and looks like maybe pick up some garb.
  10. standarche

    Bike Tech - Maintenance Day Sat Aug 24

    New here, so what time and where is DSM8's house?
  11. I'm already committed to the Padre game with my own padre or else this is something I'd jump all over...for future reference 👍
  12. standarche


    FJ...it's the blue one
  13. standarche


    Sadly I only own one bike...the wife has a heavy influence in that matter 😥
  14. standarche


    You will be cool if you get one @Uncle Champ 😎. @Van The Fj did good. It's a super easy trail, with the only tough spot being the water crossing near the end if it's been raining. When we crossed it was up past my bumper, but I took a stock FJ. Water came in the cabin, but its all rubber inside so drying out was no issue. However, the starter goes out if you submerge it in water so starting the FJ was give and take until it dried out 😂🤣 @socalhodaka That sounds great, I will definitely look into it!
  15. standarche


    New member introduction commencing: My name is Jared and I'm a 36 year old middle school History teacher. I grew up riding in Ocotillo Wells on thumpers, but now have relegated myself to "ADV" bikes. I'm on my second V-Strom 650 and I'm down for casual rides on the street and/or dirt. I'm slow and don't take many risks. My ultimate goal is a coast to coast to coast ride in about 2023 years with two of my buddies, and in the more immediate future to do the Mojave Road on my Strom ( I did it in my FJ last year). I'm mostly a lurker on the forums, but I'l chime in every now and then. Thanks for having me!