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  1. I love you too man. I need to stop by after my next ride.
  2. PastaPilot

    Smog removal-500 EXC

    Now you're getting it.
  3. PastaPilot

    2019 New California Motor Vehicle Law

    If I ever get out and ride again and we happen to be out in the same day I'd be glad to bring the sound tester.
  4. PastaPilot

    2019 New California Motor Vehicle Law

    Comments redacted I have a sound pressure meter and would be happy to test anyone's bike as per the AMA testing guidelines for their sanctioned events. However, you can download an app for your phone and get a pretty accurate measurement from your driveway without an actual test meter.
  5. PastaPilot

    KTM Polisport Ignition Case Cover

    Rocky Mountain ATVMC is a Polisport distributor. I bought my clutch cover through them. Check out their inventory before spending $45 on shipping alone. They have the stator cover for my YZ for $32.99. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/955/69666/Polisport-Ignition-Cover-Protection
  6. PastaPilot

    New bike - ALTA EXR

    You are right. I checked my source and it is body shops not touching cars with physical damage due to fear of fire or electrical shock due to damaged battery packs.
  7. PastaPilot

    New bike - ALTA EXR

    Welcome to the revolution Dave. Hybrid drive and electric vehicles are the future and the future requires 400V of power. I've been hearing that average mechanics won't work on hybrid cars because of the high voltage of the battery packs and electric motors. Why risk a stray wrench that arcs across a lethal dose of electricity?
  8. Good first effort Duncan. Showing up and riding hard. The next race will seem easier. Now, get out there and practice practice practice.
  9. He was already looking pretty big on the bike this summer. Maybe you should look for a new one for you and hand-me-down yours to him? I wish I could've gotten out to ride more this summer but a home remodel project ate up all my time.
  10. PastaPilot

    Neck Brace Study

    Hah. I just got on here to share the same study. Well compiled data in easy to read formats. If I ever go riding again I'll bring the neck piece along.
  11. So it has been 5 months since his first ride weekend. Good to hear he's feeling the competitive drive on the bike. Best of luck to him.
  12. PastaPilot

    Military Enduro Training

    I guess you should be issued "punishment press-ups" for your failures.
  13. PastaPilot

    GP Motorcycles Grand Re-Opening 12/1

    You must've been right behind me in the food line. I went through with my girlfriend and we both left just enough of the meat pasta for the person behind us to have a "serving". Great place, real nice shop. I used to be in there all the time when I was riding the Aprilia every weekend. It was good to see the crew there again. Still love those pastarockets but don't think I'll ever buy another. The best part of the day was the Ural test drive. Good times for me and Anna really enjoyed it but would take up too much space in the garage to own.