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  1. PastaPilot

    McCain Sun 8AM

    Try this one. Lark Canyon OHV Staging Area 2899 Mccain Valley Rd #2829, Boulevard, CA 91905 https://maps.app.goo.gl/CtzPqxtu2f6xPUpT9 There's a big oak tree and toilets in the staging area.
  2. PastaPilot

    McCain Sun 8AM

    Looks like a small group forming up. Good. There's a full spectrum of riding at McCain. Simple dirt roads to highly technical single track. We'll play it by ear and cater to the group's ambition. See you in the morning.
  3. PastaPilot

    McCain Sun 8AM

    McCain Valley/Lark Canyon OHV area. The main parking lot has a large oak tree in the middle. See you there.
  4. PastaPilot

    McCain Sun 8AM

    This will be my 4th ride day this year so I'll take it easy and meet you guys at the oak tree at 8. I'm only going to ride for a couple hours or so then head home. Red van, white YZ 450
  5. PastaPilot

    McCain Sun 8AM

    I'm thinking Sunday too as it is 10 PM and I need to check my bike over.
  6. Anybody riding this weekend at the local trails? I prefer sticker bike single track. PV, McCain or Corral Canyon. Its McCain 8AM
  7. Adventure Harder? Is KTM marketing partnered up with Cialis?
  8. Just got back here and saw the notification. See what I mean? P.m. sent. Glad this bike sold I didn't want another clothes drying rack in my garage.
  9. If I rode 2 stroke bikes I'd be on that deal. Hell if I even rode anything anymore I'd consider it.
  10. PastaPilot

    Harbor Freight Jack Stands Recalled

    Yup, but I know a lot of people here (me included) have shopped there.
  11. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/buying-maintenance/a32600586/harbor-freight-jack-stands-recalled-for-risk-of-collapsing/ Harbor freight jack stands being recalled. Check above for affected serial numbers.
  12. PastaPilot

    Thunderbirds 5/15 1200-1230 Finalized Route Maps

    In case anyone missed the flyby.
  13. PastaPilot

    Thunderbirds 5/15 1200-1230 Finalized Route Maps

    The Air Force has submitted their final flight plan. Looks like Coronado and El Cajon get a flyover. Hopefully they'll be over your house. America, F yeah!
  14. PastaPilot

    Thunderbirds 5/15 1200-1230 Finalized Route Maps

    Image attached
  15. PastaPilot

    Thunderbirds 5/15 1200-1230 Finalized Route Maps

    All of my edits show up in Chrome, but nothing in Edge. Perhaps Chrome is linking to the images in my email. See below for flyover route.

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