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  1. PastaPilot

    Royal Enfield of San Diego 6/30

    Interceptor 650
  2. PastaPilot

    Royal Enfield of San Diego 6/30

    Continental GT
  3. https://www.royalenfield.com/us/en/ Royal Enfield had chosen San Diego as the final stop on their North American tour as they debut their new 650s to the world. Triumph of San Diego (formerly known as Rocket Motorcycles) will be hosting the event at 5171 Morena Pl. Hit the link up there for more info and to RSVP. I'm going they'll have a copy of the Himalayan for test ride also.
  4. PastaPilot

    Yamaha Super Tenere 700

    I've never heard a review of the MT7 as being underpowered and it is the same engine. The only price I've heard was 7k POUNDS.
  5. PastaPilot

    Best Selling Vehicle Ever?

    And won't run right with the standard tune, will need $1k in work to get the suspension fixed, the turn signals will fall off as you ride it off the dealer lot.... But within 6 months it's sure to have as many aftermarket options to fix it all.
  6. PastaPilot

    Serious discussion... get in here

    Adalberto's on Rosecrans in Point Loma. It was my go to place for 5 years of Naval service and still my favorite. El Fuente on Aero Drive is really good stuff. The new go to place at my house. Super Sergio's - It is just a couple miles from my house and I haven't been there in many years. I do remember going there the first time and enjoying it and making it my go to place for lunch way back when. Later I learned that all the Mexicans around the airport loved it. I'll have to try it again. I used to stand by my allegiance the standard carne asada burrito until I had a California burrito and loved that too. Now I usually order a Cali burrito because I enjoy the steak and potato flavors together. Go figure. Baja Sonora makes a great California burrito that I get with carnitas, but they are in Long Beach. I worked up there for a year and now I'll stop in on my drives on 405. Speaking of Sonora, they are known for seafood. I've also had some really good barbacoa in Obregon, Hermasillo, and Nogales (AZ). Having said that, I wasn't a big fan of Mex food and burritos until I moved to San Diego. Now I love it, but when I leave here I find things showing up in my rolled tortilla meals that have no place. The number one is beans. I like refried beans, but they destroy the flavor of a good burrito. The second is rice. Same reason as beans. Keep the sides on the side.
  7. PastaPilot

    Need a LEO

    Here we are six years later and I need a little help from a friend. I bought a used car before the DMV started issuing the temporary paper plates. The DMV never sent the new plates to me but I got a fix-it ticket for no plates and window tint. Similar options apply to my law enforcement friends, lunch, brew, your choice.
  8. PastaPilot

    Celebration of Life for Schwinn 5/17

    Just an update, the Facebook invite has the times listed as 11:30 - 2:00. I'm sure you'll be welcome at 11:00 if you do show up then. I won't have the bike with me.
  9. PastaPilot

    Celebration of Life for Schwinn 5/17

    I'll be there. I'll bring the YZ and try to find some way to park close by and ride there.
  10. I bulged a disc and had sciatic pain a few years ago. In fact it seemed to be a recurring problem. It crushed my hopes and dreams. I couldn't train and riding was hard to imagine. It took awhile and I got over it through a heavily modified and revised training routine. Warm ups are now mandatory before every physical activity and sometimes seem longer than my workouts but I'm back lifting as heavy or heavier weights than I was prior to the injury. I'd be more than pleased to offer any help I can. First and foremost is find a competent personal trainer and don't waste your time and money at physical therapy.
  11. I love Georgetown. I spent a weekend up there a few years back. Next year I'm in.
  12. I love you too man. I need to stop by after my next ride.
  13. PastaPilot

    Smog removal-500 EXC

    Now you're getting it.