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  1. Huntndogs

    Picked up a new leftover 19 CRF450L

    Excellent, Congrats!
  2. That is the plan Ken, been talking with Steve....End of Feb.
  3. Video of above crash https://youtu.be/7VbvgaahEsM
  4. Was not much opportunity to open it up, actually none. My only gripe with the whole affair....This fella tried to gas it and look what happened. Dislocated shoulder and wind knocked out, but OK.
  5. What a great way to spend the day!
  6. A couple buddies and I did the Beta demo day in Anza on Saturday and had a blast. I have to say I think I am in love with the 390 RR-S. Much a do all desert and single track with a luggable long stroke motor. Also checked out their EVO 300 trials bike. That little thing is awesome and would be a skills builder for sure. Here is a short vid of the 390 if interested, I forgot to turn on the camera otherwise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6y4zlDkRAg
  7. Kerosene might be my ticket for low compression dualsport putting around...
  8. Huntndogs


    Done, Thanks for the reminder!
  9. Huntndogs

    Happy New Year

    Hope you all have a splendid 2020! Did my last ride of 2019, rode Plaster City to Ocotillo Wells. 101 miles on the day, perfect weather..
  10. Huntndogs

    Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and thanks for letting me hang around here...
  11. Huntndogs


    How I picture Uncle Champ in the next few days...
  12. Huntndogs


    Wells or? I may shoot down... Retirement for me was most gratifying and terrifying all the same. As time went on, it’s all good!