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  1. Rained most of the night with thunder and lighting. Today will be a mud fest...A few more pics before we ride.
  2. Followed by this...What the heck, were on Holiday right?
  3. Hahaha, no thanks we forgot about the locks an hour ago... Would you like me to send this to you? Oh My Goodness!
  4. Carry on? I won’t be buying a padlock here Holy Smokes!
  5. Not really and adventure bike but the mail is delivered all over Australia on these Honda Trail bikes called Posties. They ride them rain or shine with big yellow bags on the rack. Retired Posties get rebuilt and raced in Cessnock. This was in the bar we were in last night in Cessnock and our host has one he is building.
  6. A quick update on my trip to Australia. After a grueling 15 hr flight to Sydney, we were met by our host Greg Yager who operates AdvWorx in Dural AUS. We have been stayin in a cabin near the shop the last couple days and partaking in many frosty beverages while prepping rented bikes for the rally. The locals here are super friendly and can put away some brews. My liver will suffer for it. Yesterday we made a trip to Lithgow AUS. to pick up some moto parts at another shop. It was a 3 hour drive through the countryside. It’s gorgeous and much like California. Today (its Thursday here) we are headed to Cessnock to do final prerunningof route and set up for the rally. It’s has been raining a lot and conditions will be challenging but fun. More to follow...
  7. Good plan, just sent mine as well!
  8. That looks like a lot of fun, well done gents!
  9. Huntndogs

    Cool off time in NT

    Thanks for the spider warning...I leave for Australia on Sunday.
  10. Huntndogs

    Kawasaki KDX

    Pm sent
  11. Huntndogs

    Kawasaki KDX

    Nice find, I want one!
  12. Huntndogs

    Broken levers then this

    Broken lever trail fix...Lol. Not mine but funny pic, maybe not so funny if it worked