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  1. Huntndogs

    How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

    The hills are alive....
  2. Huntndogs

    Air pump

    Same, MTN bike hand pump and CO2 kit.
  3. Huntndogs

    T700 Yamaha Adventure

    Car related, but this article kind of explains it.. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/04/15/lawsuit-alleges-vw-sold-pre-production-cars-to-public
  4. Huntndogs

    T700 Yamaha Adventure

    I would like to see it when its back together George...BTW, Dave and I did 100+ miles yesterday and the trip into Bear Valley was great. The compression adjustment seemed to do the trick and I did not lose any more pinch bolts.
  5. Huntndogs

    In Recovery

    Dang, hang in there and here’s to a speedy and full recovery!
  6. That was tough to read, but a reminder to my old bones I don't need to go race speeds. Hope you have a speedy and complete recovery!
  7. Huntndogs

    River Run

    Campground is Squaw Lake next to Senators Wash. Great place
  8. Huntndogs

    River Run

    I don’t for a second believe I am the only consumer of Silver Bullets in this group. Maybe they are just closeted.
  9. Rode a couple days around Yuma and Winterhaven. Did 180 miles and only about 20 slab. Great weather and nobody else around. Had one minor mishap at the top of a rocky hill. We found a cool place in the desert called Valley of Names. People have been writing names in the sand with rocks for years. It goes on for about a mile. Of course I memorialized the wife..
  10. Huntndogs

    Info on where TO and NOT TO ride

    Not sure how good this is... https://sites.google.com/site/gpskevin/san-diego-county-adventure-motorcycle-gps-map
  11. Huntndogs

    New Rider in Del Cerro

    Welcome Eric! I grew up in Allied Gardens and also currently ride a WR250R...Now in Santee
  12. Huntndogs

    TT600 E work in progress

    Oh my, thats nice!
  13. Huntndogs

    New KTM vs Husqvarna

  14. Wow, that beats 7-11 jerky and a melted snickers bar?