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  1. Would not make for a nice roost..
  2. Hmmm. Nature it is then!
  3. Bathrooms were open a few weeks ago. Maybe they are just full of sh*t.
  4. Huntndogs

    How would you handle this?

    Sounds like you handled it the best way possible given the circumstances. Being outnumbered is not the time to become confrontational, yet you cannot show any weakness. You went about your business and they probably decided you were not going to be a push over and decided to move on. However, in todays climate, had you said one wrong word they likely would have used that as an excuse....
  5. My head hurts...If you want to read what the law will say (you can practice riding said competition vehicle outside a sanctioned event) blah blah blah http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=201920200SB1024
  6. If I understood correctly at the San Diego OffRoad Coalition meeting, being a member of AMA District 38 etc. would suffice as a competition card. I also do not have a Green/Red sticker bike, but if I know this state what will be next is a sticker to drive your plated machine off road. Kinda of like the adventure pass...I am sure the AMA did not fight this very hard as it means bolstered memberships.
  7. Great deal here...Great boot for wide feet.
  8. https://californiaglobe.com/section-2/off-road-vehicle-regulation-bill-passed-in-senate/?fbclid=IwAR1nSyxg2JilwrtZSyOerpDfnQQOZgMQsYgLCsRcSpk2yiBI0NkdH3M8S0w
  9. All the racing yesterday was pretty darn good. Several bad get off’s are always exciting as long as they walk away.
  10. Not buying it...Tomac for the win!
  11. Okay, Sunday no matter what...
  12. Huntndogs

    Garmin sale

  13. One of these times I will get all six picks right..Tune in this evening NBC Sports at 4pm. Tomac will clinch tonight!
  14. Big jump after last night...Making space in the garage for the possibility of winning a new KTM...Lol (I can have hope right?) Roczen seems to be back....Have to put him back in my top 5 now.
  15. Huntndogs

    Dainese Body Armor "Safety Jacket"

    But can he sing in Dianese?