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  1. Huntndogs

    Nice trailside repair by TacoMoto

    Good dude to ride with!
  2. Huntndogs


    Did you find your friend?
  3. Huntndogs

    Fire in Japatul / Alpine area.

    Ugh, will do what I can.
  4. I will visit again some day. Too much going on with the house right now.
  5. I would sell my WR250R, but it is not old nor cheap. Great trail bike however.
  6. Awesome Ladies! There is substantially less water in that river now.
  7. Excellent Mimi! Cool you did that river crossing too
  8. Watching this... https://www.thedesertreview.com/news/federal-and-state-recreational-areas-and-activities-under-question/article_b6af3858-d696-11ea-80ea-572773498231.html?fbclid=IwAR2C34wyiAHx2d7XCyN6ChW46KFKdYpVBlnB7IJAtovFYSvHLbvSvJ6JVrw
  9. Huntndogs

    Any welder/fabricators here?

    Thanks Gents, I will get the pieces bent into shape and hit one of you up for a quick weld.
  10. Huntndogs

    Any welder/fabricators here?

    Great idea...
  11. Huntndogs

    Any welder/fabricators here?

    I am looking to have a bracket made to mount a fairly heavy bell on a 6x6 post. Like two brackets made of 1ā€ wide flat bar steel (1/4ā€) bent to form a ā€œVā€ and welded to the existing steel bracket the bell hangs on now. Want the bell to hang from corner of the post and not the flat face. I can bend and shape brackets, I just don't weld.
  12. Happens so quick....Glad your okay. Things will turn around for you soon...
  13. You could say that, these rocks were already broken but needed to be moved...Sore now, but done.
  14. looks like a swell time Mimi. I raked rocks in the backyard.
  15. Just throwing this out there...I may attend and represent SDAR. Post up if you are going. Hey Team SDORC, We have applied for a new Adopt-A-Highway permit and will also be getting new signs installed for our section of Interstate 8 at Buckman Springs. We will have a highway clean-up this Saturday, July 25, rain or shine. We will meet at the Buckman Springs / Corral Canyon OHV exit off of I-8 at 7:30 a.m. We should be finished around 10:30 or 11:00. Face masks are required, and long pants and closed-toe shoes recommended. Donuts, sandwiches, Gatorade and water will be provided, along with pickers and the required vests and hardhats. Please RSVP so I can get a head count: Audrey Mason, Vice President SDORC sdacg4@gmail.com or 619-992-4180 Hope to see you there!