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  1. I would also like to get a check to you Randy for TFT. Can you PM me address or phone and I will get there.
  2. Yes, still some loose and somewhat sketchy downhill sections, but definitely easier.
  3. was an awesome sunset!
  4. When riding this area, I usually stage at the park next to the Jacumba Library. Large lot and never had any issues.
  5. Thanks Zubb... Some of the Valley of Moons has been closed to vehicular traffic. Still a scenic ride.
  6. GPX Tracks (might need to E Mail Them) 0234_05n6f2hbz_Stage-Coach-Trl.gpx
  7. This is my video starting at the uphill part of the stagecoach loop. Next time I would descend this side and go up the north trail. Rough spot ends about 8:20. Soil is loose and rocky.
  8. Fact, was tough on a small bike. Looks like they went onto the 8.
  9. Good times Mimi! I tinkered around the house while the contractors worked. Boring!
  10. I am pretty sure the trail system will remain as it is. The only improvements will be to the campground areas. I may be wrong though.
  11. I don’t know...Might be cool to camp and ride here with the family as a close to home destination, but could this be the beginning of the end for McCain Valley OHV? I like it, but I am concerned this will lead to riding curfew/hours to maintain quiet in the campground and non motorized users complaining about dust and noise...Just my thoughts, what say you?
  12. Huntndogs

    Nice trailside repair by TacoMoto

    Good dude to ride with!
  13. Huntndogs


    Did you find your friend?