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  1. Huntndogs

    Tent for trade / sale

    That’s a great deal...
  2. Huntndogs

    Ride to Flagstaff

    Great pics and looked like a good time.
  3. Huntndogs

    Tent for trade / sale

    Dang, I just bought a tent just like this off Amazon. What are you looking for $$?
  4. Huntndogs

    Moonrise over MyOtay

    Nice, would have joined you u but had other issues to deal with.
  5. PB is leading the next night ride..
  6. Shell casing looks like a .50 cal machine gun round the other looks to me like a 20mm cannon round. These are Depleted Uranium and will make you sterile...hahaha J/K on the Sterile part. I have no idea what that bullet is but some do have an explosive in them...Should use caution handling these.... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/20_mm_caliber
  7. Huntndogs

    Mini Fridge - pay it forward

    Thanks, thought I was having a stroke...
  8. Huntndogs

    I had a funny dream last night...

    That was some dream
  9. Huntndogs

    Nomadic Racks and Wolfman

    Went back to see Justin at Nomadic Racks and picked up this nice top rack..Quality is first rate at a decent price...
  10. Huntndogs

    Happy Mule Day

    Will do
  11. Huntndogs

    Happy Mule Day

    Well the contact from Australia will be out here in Feb. 2020 to pre run a route with me from Yuma to Vegas...
  12. Huntndogs

    Happy Mule Day

    Happy Birthday Mule
  13. Huntndogs

    First Off

    As they say, dress for the slide not the ride...Glad your OK
  14. To Vey’s El Cajon and the SDAR discount. Dropped a small heap on some new KLIM gear this evening and it hurt a lot less with the discount. Thank You SDAR! Great group and a well stocked store.