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    Saturday 6/26 Quicky!

    Let's get those lights hooked up on dad's sled and let the real riding begin! Is the '09 uncorked yet?


    Yep, saw you guys at the crossroad after a morning ride and was checking out your rig.......what a beast! That and the long trailer, was wondering where you were going to turn that around if you didn't go up to Four Corners.

    KOA North Glamis

    Great photos, love the canyons. But I see lots of sand, without much in the way of whoops. What kind of god-forsaken place has sand and no whoops?

    riding this saturday

    Have not ridden that area in a long, long time. Did lots of rides in there back in the day exploring and whatnot. Anything new as far as access? I had heard that they either have the mountain closed off to non-plated bikes or just closed off at different times.
  5. Seems like that palm tree has been the same size for as long as I can remember. Artesian Well is probably not the best place to refill your Camelbak huh?

    Troy Meadows 09

    Wow, that's a great looking area to ride. I saw a couple non plated bikes in the pics, does a green sticker still give you decent access?
  7. Nice meeting you guys. I was one of the last to roll in, but we knew you were up there somewhere and just wanted to check in and say hi. It cooled down nicely, but the almost absolute lack of wind did make the dust hang for quite some time so it was probably better we did not tag along with you all. We expected to cross paths later on, but never saw you again. Definitely a lot of critters out there, which is always cool. As to the led helmet light, I'm a very big fan of those now. There is kind of a lengthy discussion about helmet lights on Thumpertalk here if you want to check it out: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=795330. I'm trying the Cyclops unit and the output is just amazing for only 10 watts. It may not have a super deep throw (true of most hid helmet lights as well), but it puts out a lot of light, more than a Niterider and a much brighter color (closer to white). I rode for some time with helmet light only and it was no issue, especially when I got into some clean air with no dust lingering. I'm almost always up for a night ride, mountains or desert. It all gets better in the dark.
  8. A few of us will be out there as well and may run into you (not literally of course!.........it's much safer at night). Probably stage at the bottom of the hill to ride both areas.
  9. ....and seemed a bit warmer than that after trying to push start a 450x in the sand! Heat is overrated, that's what sweat is there for right?
  10. I'd be willing to bet there is some "fun" singletrack dropping down to the desert somewhere thereabouts your 3rd pic. Just sayin'
  11. I'm wondering if you guys stayed in the wash beyond Kane Springs Rd. Looks very similar to a wash I took at night one time (the one just east of the wash that runs to the trestle). We missed the exit and began to approach San Sebastian Marsh area and the thing quickly closed up on us with thick brush on both sides. That was in the summer, but it would have been nasty in the rainy season long before hitting the marsh. It just looks very similar.
  12. "Horsepower chain". That's a 525 trying to hang with a 650 Berg. A no-no in Baja. Funny thing about o'ring chains, the good ones almost don't stretch at all.
  13. Nice ride report Morgan. As I know you always take lots of pics on your rides, give 'em up.
  14. Boat440, your first post reads as "another" rider being shot in Baja. Do you mean just another shooting in general down there or do you know of another rider that was shot? Just curious as this is the first one I've heard about.
  15. Here is the real story straight from the horse's mouth. Starts with post #16 by Aaron Cooper who was one of the three riders: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=708840 Definitely not a hunter and definitely not an accident. Unfortunately, this was in an area where riders pass through all the time. Who knows what was being defended, it really doesn't matter. Whatever the caliber of bullet, he was aiming to kill and took aim at another after the first shot brought a rider down. I don't think there is any doubt in Aaron's mind that had he and the other guy not ducked for cover, they would have been next. You can't be too careful down there anymore.

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