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  1. Cosmo

    Happy Birthday CID

    Happy Birthday!
  2. Cosmo

    Free stuff

    You got em,,, lets grab a beer this week
  3. Cosmo

    Free stuff

    Come on man,,, I know you want this stuff!
  4. Cosmo

    Free stuff

    Hey Kato, yeah its here and COLD!
  5. These are the parts left over from my 01 KTM 400 part out. I need them gone this weekend. What's left goes in the trash on Monday. The rear wheel is a 19".
  6. Cosmo

    We Have 2 Members Who Share a Birthday

    Thanks Randy, i got to spend my birthday in Prescott. Sure wish I had my bike with me!
  7. Cosmo

    O1 KTM Parts

    I'm parting out my old dirtbike and thought I'd throw the parts up here first. This started out as an 01 KTM 400 SX. I added the E start and put the 525 piston and cylinder making it a 453. The only issue with the motor is the dreaded water pump seal seepage. If you see anything your interested in shoot me a PM or a text and I'll make you a deal.
  8. Cosmo

    SDAR DS Evolution shirts- sale/ input

    I'm good for another XL if you have one Mike! I pretty much wore my old one out I wore it so much
  9. Cosmo

    RV hitch/bike mount recommendation.

    Another throw out to Joe Hauler. I picked up a used Joehauler cheap at the Dash a few years back that was needing some repairs. I dropped by his shop in San Marcos with a 12 pack and he rebuilt the whole damn thing. He remembered it because its kinda custom. I tried to pay him but he wouldn't take my money. I went down the street and bought another 12 pack and some Carne Asada and we made tacos at his shop for his guys. Solid guy who loves helping people out.
  10. Cosmo

    Adventure bike tent

    Saw this on Facebook, laughed at all the people that fell for it!
  11. Cosmo

    COVID - Picture Contest

    Working on a jobsite in SD last week, I came across this dilemma! Do I leave it for fellow co-workers or take it home to the wife!
  12. I'll contribute to the minimum bar tab
  13. Was dinking around on the internet today and found these deals. Check it out Small Large
  14. In with my usual and can ride sweep on Saturday

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