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  1. Was dinking around on the internet today and found these deals. Check it out Small Large
  2. In with my usual and can ride sweep on Saturday
  3. Thanks everyone! Wife and I took two weeks in Cabo to celebrate so have been off grid. Had a blast!
  4. Wife and I did a timeshare trade thing in Cabo a while back. Two weeks in September for a two bedroom at a top of the line resort. The other couple bailed on us and we have other options that have come up for the time window, so were trying to unload it for what we have in to it. Its a pretty smoking deal. You can get the details on my Craigslist ad here: Basically it comes out to under $300 a person, a week, for two weeks. Cabo Timeshare If we cant unload it were still going to go. Anybody want in for the second bedroom for one or both weeks? You'll have to put up with excessive partying in the suite and local delicacy's deliciously cooked on the grill.
  5. Cosmo

    New SDAR shirt - Looking for quick input

    I like the brown. I'll take an XL
  6. Cosmo

    Celebration of Life for Schwinn 5/17

    Bummed I couldn't make it. Couldn't get out of work.
  7. I wanted to go badly but today is the only day I had to prepare for Mojave next weekend. Cooking for 60. Lets do a Rock Lobster run soon before it gets too hot!
  8. Cosmo

    RIP Schwinn

    The SDAR flag will be at half mast for a while for sure. Schwinny was a true fighter. Chemo knocks the crap out of most people but on his Chemo days he would unload his beach cruiser by the pier and ride the strand down to Tony's at the harbor and woof down a big burger and make everyone laugh, as usual. I ran into him several times on those days and was amazed. RIP Brother
  9. Cosmo

    Spot SOS doesn’t work?

    I just got off the phone with Spot. I ended up cancelling my existing plan. I found the Spot X on sale for $209 delivered. When I get it this week I will start there basic flex plan which will work for me. Initially, to buy the Spot X and start the new plan is about $100 more than if I had done nothing but from here on out its going to be way cheaper to go month to month and I'll have the ability to text.
  10. Cosmo

    Spot SOS doesn’t work?

    Does in reach offer insurance? I believe my spot account, the way I have it set up covers the first 50k if I have to take a ride in a copter
  11. Cosmo

    Spot SOS doesn’t work?

    Did they raise your rate this year? My account is due in a couple weeks and they recently sent me an email saying its going up $25 a year.
  12. Good times everyone! Conditions were definitely epic! I came around a turn and found this Weird guy looking for mini hieroglyphics on the wash wall. Snow in the desert is always a rare treat!