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  1. We can always use a little help unloading the trailer and moving furniture around in the rec room before we fire up the grill
  2. Cosmo

    New member-N. San Diego

    Welcome to the club. Join us for the Desert Dash in a couple weeks. Plenty of us in this group camp off of our bikes regularly.
  3. Cosmo

    Malcolm Smith

    "Considered" by "many" to be a legend??? More like "Known by everybody"
  4. Wont be there. I'm still in with my normal stuff so no worries. Hit me up if anything changes.
  5. Cosmo

    CPR First Aid/ Responder class Sun Feb 10-2019

    definitely interested
  6. I'm a little busy that weekend! https://www.northcoastchurch.com/the-desert-rat-experience/
  7. Cosmo


  8. Cosmo

    Ride tracker

    That's worthy!
  9. Thanks Kug's for putting on another great Mystery ride. The sunrise was amazing A highlight was riding back through Box Canyon and seeing the carnage from the recent flood. It was cool and eerie at the same time.
  10. In with the usual fare. I may jump in and sweep if needed.
  11. That's the guy. Ben. He worked at Baja Designs for years and knows his stuff. 760 695 7260