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  1. Looks fun... you driving?
  2. I did that route the other way a couple of weeks ago. Late Friday afternoon start, took Tapiado instead Vallecito by mistake. It turned into a nice desert nite ride, didn't get back to the truck at Pinyon till 10 PM.
  3. I think some nite riding would be fun. I might come by and see how you're doin.
  4. Would like to join you guys but gotta work. I was out that way Saturday. Have fun and try not to run over the fat caterpillars.
  5. radwor

    forma predator boot sale

    Wow That is a great deal. Just got the Terrain TX, excellent boot.
  6. http://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/dam/sdc/parks/OVRP/Documents/ovrpconceptplan.pdf
  7. This is a ride Iv'e been looking to do for a while but can't make Saturday. So since I had the day off I went today. I started from Ramona but took Pamo to 12S07, Sutherland, 78 to 79 then up to the look out. From the look out I saw the early stages of the fire about 5 PM. By the time I got to the end of the divide trail at 79 the gate was locked. I had to lower some 4 strand to get to the road.
  8. radwor

    Who's ready for Mexico?

    Cute, what's the plan?