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  1. bboyle9

    Your Next Big Ride

    I'd make a trip down for something like this.
  2. Currently in truth or consequence,NM Haven’t figured out if not having heated grips is a truth or a consequence yet. Hit plenty of dirt today and some twisties I hoped would never end. only like 2200 more miles!
  3. i feel as confident as one could feel about my gear, i may be regretting no heated grips. worst case i get over it and leave the bike with a buddy in texas and fly. About 90% ready to go!
  4. InReach will be going, I'll post the link up here. Due to limited time will likely be hitting lots of backroads and slab but will mix in dirt as much as possible to break the monotony. I heard hondas will run on french fry oil in a pinch so i shouldnt have any trouble with that riding through the midwest.
  5. Well bags are mostly packed. Still waiting on GPS routes from GPSkevin. Apparently stuck in transit between Santa Monica and Escondido. Feel pretty good about my gear, will probably need to swap tires midway through. Also will need to do many oil changes. Other than that what could go wrong!?
  6. As a LA resident I only post on this site in most needed times. Here's the skinny... Currently having a 4x4 van built in Ashville, NC - should be ready by 1/7. I have from 12/20 -1/3 off from work. The plan 1. Load up my 450l with Mosko 80L bags and camping gear 2. Wear really warm and waterproof clothes 3. Take some fishing gear and see if i can catch any fish 4. Take a modified TAT route from LA to Ashville. What am i missing? Bowers dont tell my mom...
  7. bboyle9

    AZBDR 2021

    Talked to Goofy this morning. Cold night but bike thawed out and he's on his way!
  8. bboyle9

    Xplor Forks - DIY 15min revalve ! Testers needed.

    I have no idea what anyone is talking about nor do I think i am nearly fast enough to need this but I am an interested and for some in explicable reason feeling like i need these.
  9. I've been wanting to learn how to weld! Feels like a perfect, "i learn better by failing" project.
  10. bboyle9

    CABDR 2021

    congrats man! not only completed but road all the way home. Beast ride. I raise tntmo and will offer $351 for that fine machine.
  11. bboyle9

    CABDR 2021

    Just talked to Goofy, he did sections 3 and 4 today and is camping in Tecopah hot springs.
  12. I had a similar mystery flat thing happen on my 525. 3 rear flats within probably 5 weeks of eachother. Turns out the little metal washer that goes over the valve stem was just rubbing its way through tubes! To your point, should probably check those more than every 10 yrs.
  13. @Goofy Footer when is this ride happening!?!

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